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Author(s): Silvana FILIPOVA | Ana POPOVSKA | Darinka SHOSTER | Laura GJURCHINOVSKA
Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to differentiate between Healthy Aging subjects, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimer’s Patients

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Oghabian | Seyed Amir Hossein Batouli | Maryam Noroozian | Maryam Ziaei | Hajir Sikaroodi
The effects of sex and hormonal status on restraint-stress-induced working memory impairment

Author(s): Shansky Rebecca | Rubinow Katya | Brennan Avis | Arnsten Amy
Performance of the EQ-5D and the EQ-5D+C in elderly patients with cognitive impairments

Author(s): Wolfs Claire | Dirksen Carmen | Kessels Alfons | Willems Daniëlle | Verhey Frans | Severens Johan
Deletion of PEA-15 in mice is associated with specific impairments of spatial learning abilities

Author(s): Ramos Joe | Townsend David | Piarulli Dawn | Kolata Stefan | Light Kenneth | Hale Gregory | Matzel Louis
Diagnosis and treatment of mild cognitive impairment: a review

Author(s): Prabhavalkar KS* and Meena Chintamaneni
The Conselice Study of Brain Ageing

Author(s): Ravaglia Giovanni | Forti Paola
Analysis of Acoustic Features in Speakers with Cognitive Disorders and Speech Impairments

Author(s): Oscar Saz | Javier Simón | W.-Ricardo Rodríguez | Eduardo Lleida | Carlos Vaquero
Preliminary investigation of plasma levels of sex hormones and human growth factor(s), and P300 latency as correlates to cognitive decline as a function of gender

Author(s): Braverman Eric | Chen Thomas | Chen Amanda | Kerner Mallory | Tung Howard | Waite Roger | Schoolfield John | Blum Kenneth
Do neurooncological patients and their significant others agree on quality of life ratings?

Author(s): Giesinger Johannes | Golser Miriam | Erharter Astrid | Kemmler Georg | Schauer-Maurer Gabriele | Stockhammer Guenter | Muigg Armin | Hutterer Markus | Rumpold Gerhard | Holzner Bernhard
Improving the outcome of infants born at

Author(s): Spittle Alicia | Ferretti Carmel | Anderson Peter | Orton Jane | Eeles Abbey | Bates Lisa | Boyd Roslyn | Inder Terrie | Doyle Lex
Impaired everyday memory associated with encephalopathy of severe malaria: the role of seizures and hippocampal damage

Author(s): Kihara Michael | Carter Julie | Holding Penny | Vargha-Khadem Faraneh | Scott Rod | Idro Richard | Fegan Greg | de Haan Michelle | Neville Brian | Newton Charles

Author(s): Manuel F. CASANOVA | Meghan MOTT
Emotion Processing for Arousal and Neutral Content in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Corina Satler | Carlos Uribe | Carlos Conde | Sergio Leme Da-Silva | Carlos Tomaz
Approach to Fall in Elderly Population

Author(s): Mehmet Ilkin Naharci | Huseyin Doruk
Communication Impairments in Patients with Right Hemisphere Damage

Author(s): Abusamra, Valeria | Côté, Hélène | Joanette, Yves | Ferreres, Aldo

Author(s): Maximiliano A. Wilson, Macarena Martínez-Cuitiño and Yves Joanette
Poorer sustained attention in bipolar I than bipolar II disorder

Author(s): Kung Chian-Huei | Lee Sheng-Yu | Chang Yun-Hsuan | Wu Jo | Chen Shiou-Lan | Chen Shih-Heng | Chu Chun-Hsien | Lee I-Hui | Yeh Tzung-Lieh | Yang Yen-Kuang | Lu Ru-Band
Multimodal surface-based morphometry reveals diffuse cortical atrophy in traumatic brain injury.

Author(s): Turken And | Herron Timothy | Kang Xiaojian | O'Connor Larry | Sorenson Donna | Baldo Juliana | Woods David
Hyperglycaemia and diabetes impair gap junctional communication among astrocytes

Author(s): Gautam K Gandhi | Kelly K Ball | Nancy F Cruz | Gerald A Dienel
Orbitofrontal lobe volume deficits in Antipsychotic-Naive schizophrenia: A 3-Tesla MRI study

Author(s): Behere Rishikesh | Kalmady Sunil | Venkatasubramanian Ganesan | Gangadhar B
Impact of Sleep and Its Disturbances on Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Activity

Author(s): Marcella Balbo | Rachel Leproult | Eve Van Cauter
Enigma Of The Orefrontal Lobe

Author(s): Madhusudanan M
Cognition In Parkinsonian Syndromes : A Review

Author(s): Das Sujata | Kumar Misra Amar | Dutt Aparna | Kumar Das Shyamal
The prevalence and social patterning of chronic diseases among older people in a population undergoing health transition. A 10/66 Group cross-sectional population-based survey in the Dominican Republic

Author(s): Acosta Daisy | Rottbeck Ruth | Rodríguez Juana | González Loida | Almánzar Mary | Minaya Susana | Ortiz Maria del | Ferri Cleusa | Prince Martin
Tics in Children

Author(s): Vesna Suknjaja | Ksenija Bozic | Sonja Knezevic | Ksenija Gebauer Bukurov | Dejan Sakac | Sladjana Sakac | Slobodan Sekulic
A Critical Period for Deleterious Effect of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Working Memory

Author(s): S. Nourizad | M. Anvari | H. Hasani | M. Salami
Memory Process in Demented and Non-Demented Elderly Patients

Author(s): A Mani | T Hashemi | H Haghshenas | MT Garouci Farshi | AH Shariat
Familial vulnerability to an unusual cognitive adverse effect of topiramate: Discussion of mechanisms

Author(s): Andrade Chittaranjan | Bhakta Savita | Fernandes Praveen
Effects of erythropoietin on depressive symptoms and neurocognitive deficits in depression and bipolar disorder

Author(s): Miskowiak Kamilla | Vinberg Maj | Harmer Catherine | Ehrenreich Hannelore | Knudsen Gitte | Macoveanu Julian | Hansen Allan | Paulson Olaf | Siebner Hartwig | Kessing Lars
QEEG characteristics and spectrum weighted frequency for children diagnosed as autistic spectrum disorder

Author(s): Pop-Jordanova Nada | Zorcec Tatjana | Demerdzieva Aneta | Gucev Zoran
Effects of etizolam and ethyl loflazepate on the P300 event-related potential in healthy subjects

Author(s): Fukami Goro | Hashimoto Tasuku | Shirayama Yukihiko | Hasegawa Tadashi | Watanabe Hiroyuki | Fujisaki Mihisa | Hashimoto Kenji | Iyo Masaomi
Modulation Schemes for Cognitive Radio in White Spaces

Author(s): Zs. Kollar | P. Horvath
Functional imaging of hippocampal dysfunction among persons with Alzheimer’s disease: a proof-of-concept study

Author(s): David B Arciniegas | Jason R Tregellas | Donald C Rojas | et al
Present and prospective clinical therapeutic regimens for Alzheimer’s disease

Author(s): Mustafa M Husain | Kenneth Trevino | Haroon Siddique | Shawn M McClintock
Evaluation of semiautonomous navigation assistance system for power wheelchairs with blindfolded nondisabled individuals

Author(s): Vinod Sharma, PhD | Richard Simpson, PhD, ATP | Edmund LoPresti, PhD | Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP
Changes in extratemporal integrity and cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy: A diffusion tensor imaging study

Author(s): Wang Xiang-qing | Lang Sen-yang | Hong L | Lin M | Yan-ling M. A. O. | Yang Fei
Gait stability and variability measures show effects of impaired cognition and dual tasking in frail people

Author(s): Lamoth Claudine | van Deudekom Floor | van Campen Jos | Appels Bregje | de Vries Oscar | Pijnappels Mirjam
The temperament of preterm infant in preschool age

Author(s): Perricone Giovanna | Morales M Regina
Behavioural and psychological symptoms in the older population without dementia - relationship with socio-demographics, health and cognition

Author(s): van der Linde Rianne | Stephan Blossom | Matthews Fiona | Brayne Carol | Savva George
Reaction time in relation to duration of heroin abuse

Author(s): Martinović-Mitrović Slađana | Dickov Aleksandra | Mitrović Dragan | Dickov Veselin | Jovanović Mirjana | Petrović Dušan
Controlling patient participation during robot-assisted gait training

Author(s): Koenig Alexander | Omlin Ximena | Bergmann Jeannine | Zimmerli Lukas | Bolliger Marc | Müller Friedemann | Riener Robert
EEG complexity as a biomarker for autism spectrum disorder risk

Author(s): Bosl William | Tierney Adrienne | Tager-Flusberg Helen | Nelson Charles

Author(s): Britton, Gabrielle B. | Causadías, José M. | Barb, Genevieve A. | Sánchez, Emelyn Y.
Clinical features and multidisciplinary approaches to dementia care

Author(s): Gr | JHG | Caspar S | MacDonald SWS
Facilitation of task performance and removal of the effects of sleep deprivation by an ampakine (CX717) in nonhuman primates.

Author(s): Porrino Linda J | Daunais James B | Rogers Gary A | Hampson Robert E | Deadwyler Sam A
Dementia and Its Implications for Public Health

Author(s): Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc | Sheree Marshall Williams, PhD, MSc | Tara W. Strine, MPH | Robert F. Anda, MD, MS | Margaret J. Moore, MPH
Cognitive dysfunction in NF1 knock-out mice may result from altered vesicular trafficking of APP/DRD3 complex

Author(s): Donarum Elizabeth | Halperin Rebecca | Stephan Dietrich | Narayanan Vinodh
Cognitive, emotional, and quality of life outcomes in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): White Joanne | Hopkins Ramona | Glissmeyer Eric | Kitterman Natalie | Elliott C Gregory
Association between two distinct executive tasks in schizophrenia: a functional transcranial Doppler sonography study

Author(s): Feldmann Deborah | Schuepbach Daniel | von Rickenbach Bettina | Theodoridou Anastasia | Hell Daniel
Lack of association between COMT gene and deficit/nondeficit schizophrenia

Author(s): Wonodi Ikwunga | Mitchell Braxton | Stine O Colin | Hong L Elliot | Elliott Amie | Kirkpatrick Brian | Carpenter William | Thaker Gunvant | Buchanan Robert

MRX87 family with Aristaless X dup24bp mutation and implication for polyAlanine expansions

Author(s): Laperuta Carmela | Spizzichino Letizia | D'Adamo Pio | Monfregola Jlenia | Maiorino Antonio | D'Eustacchio Angela | Ventruto Valerio | Neri Giovanni | D'Urso Michele | Chiurazzi Pietro | Ursini Matilde | Miano Maria
Novel rat Alzheimer's disease models based on AAV-mediated gene transfer to selectively increase hippocampal Aβ levels

Author(s): Lawlor Patricia | Bland Ross | Das Pritam | Price Robert | Holloway Vallie | Smithson Lisa | Dicker Bridget | During Matthew | Young Deborah | Golde Todd
Chronic administration of R-flurbiprofen attenuates learning impairments in transgenic amyloid precursor protein mice

Author(s): Kukar Thomas | Prescott Sonya | Eriksen Jason | Holloway Vallie | Murphy M Paul | Koo Edward | Golde Todd | Nicolle Michelle
SPECT cerebral y enfermedad de Alzheimer: una revisión

Author(s): Castañeda , Marisol | García , José Antonio | García , Juan Carlos | Gutierrez , Luis Miguel | Ostrosky , Feggy
Inefficient cognitive control in adult ADHD: evidence from trial-by-trial Stroop test and cued task switching performance

Author(s): King Joseph | Colla Michael | Brass Marcel | Heuser Isabella | von Cramon DY
Activity and Life After Survival of a Cardiac Arrest (ALASCA) and the effectiveness of an early intervention service: design of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Moulaert Véronique | Verbunt Jeanine | van Heugten Caroline | Bakx Wilbert | Gorgels Anton | Bekkers Sebastiaan | de Krom Marc | Wade Derick
Silencing Huntington's chorea: Is RNA Interference a Potential Cure?

Author(s): Nafisa M. Jadavji | Afra Foroud | Ian Q. Whishaw | Gerlinde A. Metz
Dicholine salt of succinic acid, a neuronal insulin sensitizer, ameliorates cognitive deficits in rodent models of normal aging, chronic cerebral hypoperfusion, and beta-amyloid peptide-(25–35)-induced amnesia

Author(s): Storozheva Zinaida | Proshin Andrey | Sherstnev Vladimir | Storozhevykh Tatiana | Senilova Yana | Persiyantseva Nadezhda | Pinelis Vsevolod | Semenova Natalia | Zakharova Elena | Pomytkin Igor
Detection of Early Morning Daily Activities with Static Home and Wearable Wireless Sensors

Author(s): Nuri Firat Ince | Cheol-Hong Min | Ahmed Tewfik | David Vanderpool
Atypical cortical connectivity and visuospatial cognitive impairments are related in children with chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Author(s): Simon Tony | Wu Zhongle | Avants Brian | Zhang Hui | Gee James | Stebbins Glenn
The Role of the Entorhinal Cortex in Extinction: Influences of Aging

Author(s): Lia R. M. Bevilaqua | Janine I. Rossato | Juliana S. Bonini | Jociane C. Myskiw | Julia R. Clarke | Siomara Monteiro | Ramón H. Lima | Jorge H. Medina | Martín Cammarota | Iván Izquierdo
Cognitive development in children with chronic protein energy malnutrition

Author(s): Kar Bhoomika | Rao Shobini | Chandramouli B
The deficit of executive functions in early stages of Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Camelia Căpuşan | Doina Cosman | Doina Cosman
A positive effect of intranasal insulin on spatial memory in rats with neonatal diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Oxana V. Chistyakova | Vera M. Bondareva | Valery N. Shipilov | Ivan B. Sukhov | Alexander O. Shpakov
The Impact of Hydrochloride Heroin on Mental Flexibility, Abstract Reasoning, Impulsivity, and Attention

Author(s): Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Sara Bakhshi | Siavash Jafari | Afsaneh Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari
Cognitive Flexibility, Attention and Speed of Mental Processing in Opioid and Methamphetamine Addicts in Comparison with Non-Addicts

Author(s): Suzan Hekmat | Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Afsane Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Bakhshi
5-HT3 antagonist for cognition improvement in schizophrenia: a double blind, placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Neyousha Mohammadi | Maryam Noroozian | Naregs Karamghadiri | Shahin Akhondzadeh
Thalamic alexia with agraphia

Author(s): Fábio Henrique de Gobbi Porto | Maria Isabel d’Ávila Freitas | Maira Okada de Oliveira | Leandro Tavares Lucato | Marco Orsini | Sara Lúcia Silveira de Menezes | Regina Miksian Magaldi | Cláudia Sellitto Porto | Sonia Maria Dozzi Brucki | Ricardo Nitrini
Working Memory Impairments in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Neda Nazarboland | Hengameh Farzaneh
Prenatal alcohol exposure did not affect impulsivity in rats that performed delay or probability discounting tasks

Author(s): Stefano Pupe | Ivani Brys | Philip J. E. Asherson | Lisiane Bizarro
Evaluation of communication behavior in persons with dementia during caregivers’ singing

Author(s): Gabriella Engström | Lena Marmstål | Christine Williams | Eva Götell
Driving after Brain Injury: A Clinical Model Based on a Quality Improvement Project

Author(s): Anna Lundqvist | Johan Alinder | Ingalill Modig-Arding | Kersti Samuelsson
Zaburzenia funkcji poznawczych po usunięciu oponiaka rynienki węchowej – opis przypadku

Author(s): Monika Talarowska | Krzysztof Zboralski | Dominika Berent | Piotr Gałecki
Hearing impairment and cognitive function among a community-dwelling population in Japan

Author(s): Sugawara Norio | Sasaki Akira | Yasui-Furukori Norio | Kakehata Seiji | Umeda Takashi | Namba Atsushi | Nakaji Shigeyuki | Shinkawa Hideichi | Kaneko Sunao
Cognitive flexibility in verbal and nonverbal domains and decision making in anorexia nervosa patients: a pilot study

Author(s): Abbate-Daga Giovanni | Buzzichelli Sara | Amianto Federico | Rocca Giuseppe | Marzola Enrica | McClintock Shawn | Fassino Secondo
ADHD in adolescents with borderline personality disorder

Author(s): Speranza Mario | Revah-Levy Anne | Cortese Samuele | Falissard Bruno | Pham-Scottez Alexandra | Corcos Maurice
Meeting the home-care needs of disabled older persons living in the community: does integrated services delivery make a difference?

Author(s): Dubuc Nicole | Dubois Marie-France | Raîche Michel | Gueye N'Deye | Hébert Réjean
Category-semantic memory deficit in Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Khatoonabadi ARS | Ghaffarpour M | Hadian MR | Kahlaoui K | Hasanzadeh A
The Effect of Aging on Resting-State Brain Function: An fMRI Study

Author(s): A. H. Batouli | A. Boroomand | M. Fakhri | H. Sikaroodi | M. A. Oghabian | k. Firouznia
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and cognitive impairment: effects of CPAP

Author(s): Alessandra Giordano | Alessandro Cicolin | Roberto Mutani
Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) in First Episode of Psychosis

Author(s): Faezeh Tatari | Vahid Farnia | Fariborz Kazemi
Protective Effect of Curcumin in behavioral impairment induced by Pentylenetetrazol in rats

Author(s): Vandana Sharma1, Bimla Nehru 2, Anjana Munshi1*, Sanjeev Sharma3, Pooja Khanna2
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
Cognitive behaviour therapy in medication-treated adults with ADHD and persistent Symptoms: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Emilsson Brynjar | Gudjonsson Gisli | Sigurdsson Jon | Baldursson Gisli | Einarsson Emil | Olafsdottir Halldora | Young Susan
Living with myotonic dystrophy; what can be learned from couples? a qualitative study

Author(s): Cup Edith | Kinébanian Astrid | Satink Ton | Pieterse Allan | Hendricks Henk | Oostendorp Rob | van der Wilt Gert | van Engelen Baziel
Executive function impairments in high IQ children and adolescents with ADHD

Author(s): Thomas Edwards Brown | Philipp Christian Reichel | Donald Michael Quinlan
Social capital and life satisfaction: a cross-sectional study on persons with musculoskeletal impairments in Hanoi, Vietnam

Author(s): Takahashi Kyo | Thuy Nguyen | Poudel Krishna | Sakisaka Kayako | Jimba Masamine | Yasuoka Junko
Combinations of motor measures more strongly predict adverse health outcomes in old age: the rush memory and aging project, a community-based cohort study

Author(s): Buchman Aron | Leurgans, Sue | Boyle, Patricia | Schneider, Julie | Arnold Steven | Bennett David
Cognitive performance in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: A longitudinal study in daily practice using a brief computerized cognitive battery

Author(s): Edgar Chris | Jongen Peter | Sanders Evert | Sindic Christian | Goffette Sophie | Dupuis Michel | Jacquerye Philippe | Guillaume Daniel | Reznik Regine | Wesnes Keith
Progressive dementia associated with ataxia or obesity in patients with Tropheryma whipplei encephalitis

Author(s): Fenollar Florence | Nicoli François | Paquet Claire | Lepidi Hubert | Cozzone Patrick | Antoine Jean-Christophe | Pouget Jean | Raoult Didier
Cognitive and cognitive-motor interventions affecting physical functioning: A systematic review

Author(s): Pichierri Giuseppe | Wolf Peter | Murer Kurt | de Bruin Eling
Dyscirculatory Angiopathy of Alzheimer's Type

Author(s): Ivan V. Maksimovich
The Cerebral Blood Flow Correlates of Emotional Facial Processing in Mild Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Roger T. Staff | Trevor S. Ahearn | Louise H. Phillips | Clare Scott | Donald Mowat | Claude Wischik | Lawrence J. Whalley | Alison D. Murray
Performance testing of collision-avoidance system for power wheelchairs

Author(s): Edmund F. LoPresti, PhD | Vinod Sharma, PhD | Richard C. Simpson, PhD | L. Casimir Mostowy
Remembering and forgetting: directed forgetting effect in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Author(s): Konishi M | Shishikura K | Nakaaki S | Komatsu S | Mimura M
Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors as New Targets for Amphetamine-Induced Oxidative Damage and Neurotoxicity

Author(s): David Pubill | Sara Garcia-Ratés | Jordi Camarasa | Elena Escubedo
Porcine Brain Extract Attenuates Memory Impairments Induced by Focal Cerebral Ischemia

Author(s): Jinatta Jittiwat | Jintanaporn Wattanathorn | Terdthai T.S. Muchimapura | Chuleeratana Bunchonglikitkul
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