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New Strategies for Alzheimer Disease and Cognitive Impairment

Author(s): Kenneth Maiese | Zhao Zhong Chong | Jinling Hou | Yan Chen Shang
Análise das estratégias de efeito no filme Koyaanisqatsi

Author(s): Paolo Bruni | e Cristiano Canguçu
Implementing Autonomy Support: Insights from a Montessori Classroom

Author(s): Joyce Hwee Ling Koh | Theodore W. Frick
Coping em Situações Específicas, Bem-estar Subjetivo e Autoestima em Adolescentes

Author(s): Adriane S. Antoniazzi | Luciana Karine de Souza | Claudio Simon Hutz
Clinical features and multidisciplinary approaches to dementia care

Author(s): Gr | JHG | Caspar S | MacDonald SWS
Inference making ability and the function of inferences in reading comprehension

Author(s): Salih Özenici | Mustafa Kınsız | Hümset Seçkin
La música en las campañas y su efecto en la conducta de los electores. El Caso de la campaña presidencial de Barack Obama

Author(s): Andrés Va ldez Zepeda | Delia A. Huerta Franco | Arturo Aguilar Aldrete
Social Organization of Crop Genetic Diversity. The G × E × S Interaction Model

Author(s): Christian Leclerc | Geo Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge
Same coping styles related to reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms among myocardial infarction patients

Author(s): Reza Bagherian Sararoudi | Mohsen Maroofi | Gholam Reza kheirabadi | Maryam Fatolah | Fatemeh Zare
Vocabulary Levels and Vocabulary learning strategies of Iranian Undergraduate students

Author(s): Reza Kafipour | Mehdi Yazdi | Afshin Soori | Nasrin Shokrpour
Cognitive mapping applied to Brazilian aerospace decision problems

Author(s): Paloma Ribeiro dos Santos | Rocio Soledad Gutierrez Curo | Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain
Gender Differences in the Attitude and Strategy Towards Weight Control Among Government Employees in Penang, Malaysia

Author(s): B Aina Mardiah | AS Hazizi | MT Mohd Nasir | Y Zaitun | JM Hamid Jan
Self-esteem and Academic Success as Influenced by Reading Strategies

Author(s): Eghbal Zarei | Nasrin Shokrpour | Elham Nasiri | Reza Kafipour
Personality: Description, Classification and Evaluation

Author(s): Ibrahim Taymur | M. Hakan Turkcapar
Emotion-Cognition Interactions; A Study on Coping Responses of Methamphetamine Dependent Women

Author(s): Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Farbod Tasnim | Linda Farahani
Use of audiovisual resources in a FlexQuest strategy on Radioactivity

Author(s): Flávia Cristina Gomes Catunda de Vasconcelos | Marcelo Brito Carneiro Leão
Essential Oil and Methanolic Extract of Zataria multiflora Boiss with Anticholinesterase Effect

Author(s): Fariba Sharififar | Mansour Mirtajadini | Mohammad Jaber Azampour | Ehsan Zamani
Desarrollo de habilidades cognitivas con aprendizaje móvil: un estudio de casos Developing Cognitive Skills with Mobile Learning: a Case Study

Author(s): Ana Isabel Ramos Elizondo | José Alberto Herrera Bernal | María Soledad Ramírez Montoya
Decision Making Styles and Adaptive Algorithms for Human Action

Author(s): Mauro Maldonato | Silvia Dell’ Orco
Functional neural correlates of reduced physiological falls risk

Author(s): Nagamatsu Lindsay | Hsu Chun | Handy Todd | Liu-Ambrose Teresa
Mediators of physical activity change in a behavioral modification program for type 2 diabetes patients

Author(s): Van Dyck Delfien | De Greef Karlijn | Deforche Benedicte | Ruige Johannes | Tudor-Locke Catrine | Kaufman Jean-Marc | Owen Neville | De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse
Cognitive and memory training in adults at risk of dementia: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Gates Nicola | Sachdev Perminder | Fiatarone Singh Maria | Valenzuela Michael
Novel Radio Architectures for UWB, 60 GHz, and Cognitive Wireless Systems

Author(s): Cabric Danijela | Chen Mike SW | Sobel David A | Wang Stanley | Yang Jing | Brodersen Robert W
Interventions to improve work outcomes in work-related PTSD: a systematic review

Author(s): Stergiopoulos Erene | Cimo Adriana | Cheng Chiachen | Bonato Sarah | Dewa Carolyn
Comparison among Cognitive Radio Architectures for Spectrum Sensing

Author(s): Bixio Luca | Ottonello Marina | Raffetto Mirco | Regazzoni CarloS
Treatment of complicated grief

Author(s): Rita Rosner | Gabriele Pfoh | Michaela Kotoučová
La metacognición como estrategia para detectar procesos cognitivos en niños con retraso mental

Author(s): Ana Patricia Vázquez Chaves | María Suzanne León Rodríguez | María Judith Rodríguez Ramírez
Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia: Ploypharmacy Approaches

Author(s): Fatemeh Rahiminejad | Shahin Akhondzadeh
Vocabulary – semantics – consciousness: scientific-analitical review

Author(s): Elena N. Ryadchikova | Olga V. Telegina
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Malin Song | Dingding Pan | Jie Wu | Li Yang | Hongping Zhou | Christopher Clemence
The Reading Motivation and Reading Strategies Used by Undergraduates in University Teknologi MARA Dungun, Terengganu

Author(s): Badariah binti Sani | Muhmad Noor bin Wan Chik | Yah binti Awg Nik | Nor Adeena binti Raslee
A cognitive behavioral based group intervention for children with a chronic illness and their parents: a multicentre randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Scholten Linde | Willemen Agnes | Grootenhuis Martha | Maurice-Stam Heleen | Schuengel Carlo | Last Bob
Alertness can be improved by an interaction between orienting attention and alerting attention in schizophrenia

Author(s): Amado Isabelle | Lupiañez Juan | Chirio Marion | Landgraf Steffen | Willard Dominique | Jean-Pierre Olié JP | Krebs Marie
Upregulation of cathepsin D in the caudate nucleus of primates with experimental parkinsonism

Author(s): Yelamanchili Sowmya | Chaudhuri Amrita | Flynn Claudia | Fox Howard
Intrusions of autobiographical memories in individuals reporting childhood emotional maltreatment

Author(s): Anne-Laura van Harmelen | Bernet M. Elzinga | Rogier A. Kievit | Philip Spinhoven
A Study of Lower-order and Higher-order Questions at Secondary Level

Author(s): Wilayat Bibi khan | Hafiz Mohammad Inamullah

Are patients' judgments of health status really different from the general population?

Author(s): Krabbe Paul | Tromp Noor | Ruers Theo | van Riel Piet
Perceived discrimination is associated with severity of positive and depression/anxiety symptoms in immigrants with psychosis: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Berg Akiah | Melle Ingrid | Rossberg Jan | Romm Kristin | Larsson Sara | Lagerberg Trine | Andreassen Ole | Hauff Edvard
Expression of constitutively active erythropoietin receptor in pyramidal neurons of cortex and hippocampus boosts higher cognitive functions in mice

Author(s): Sargin Derya | El-Kordi Ahmed | Agarwal Amit | Müller Michael | Wojcik Sonja | Hassouna Imam | Sperling Swetlana | Nave Klaus-Armin | Ehrenreich Hannelore
Happiness and health behaviours in Chilean college students: A cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Piqueras José | Kuhne Walter | Vera-Villarroel Pablo | van Straten Annemieke | Cuijpers Pim
Momordica charantia (bitter melon) attenuates high-fat diet-associated oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Author(s): Nerurkar Pratibha | Johns Lisa | Buesa Lance | Kipyakwai Gideon | Volper Esther | Sato Ryuei | Shah Pranjal | Feher Domonkos | Williams Philip | Nerurkar Vivek
The importance of measuring psychosocial functioning in schizophrenia

Author(s): Brissos Sofia | Molodynski Andrew | Dias Vasco | Figueira Maria
CHAMP: Cognitive behaviour therapy for health anxiety in medical patients, a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Tyrer Peter | Cooper Sylvia | Tyrer Helen | Salkovskis Paul | Crawford Mike | Green John | Smith Georgina | Reid Steven | Dupont Simon | Murphy David | Byford Sarah | Wang Duolao | Barrett Barbara
Selective sensing and transmission for multi-channel cognitive radio networks

Author(s): Xu You | Li Yunzhou | Zhao Yifei | Zou Hongxing | Vasilakos Athanasios
Relationship between behavioural coping strategies and acceptance in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: Elucidating targets of interventions

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | Casanueva Benigno | Luciano Juan | Gili Margalida | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | García-Campayo Javier
Recognition-based judgments and decisions: What we have learned (so far)

Author(s): Julian N. Marewski | Rudiger F. Pohl | Oliver Vitouch
Factors that influence on the confrontation the spinal cord injury

Author(s): Ana María Sánchez Donaire | María Parro Jiménez | Lorena Fernández Sánchez | Montserrat Melchor Arteaga
Management strategies for fibromyalgia

Author(s): Le Marshall KF | Littlejohn GO
Gesture as a Cognitive Support to SolveMathematical Problems

Author(s): Mauro Francaviglia | Rocco Servidio
Effect of a combined program of physical activity and intellectual activity in the cognitive functioning of the elderly


Author(s): Claudia Mihaela NICOLAU
Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Status of Etiopathogenesis and Therapeutic Strategies

Author(s): Mervat Ibrahim Khairallah | Lobna Abdel Aal Kassem
Selected psychological factors in psoriasis and acne rosacea Wybrane czynniki psychologiczne w łuszczycy i trądziku różowatym

Author(s): Agata Orzechowska | Monika Talarowska | Adam Wysokiński | Wojciech Gruszczyński | Krzysztof Zboralski
Screening Neuropharmacological Activities of Kaempferia parviflora (Krachai Dam) in Healthy Adult Male Rats

Author(s): Thaneeya Hawiset | Supaporn Muchimapura | Jintanaporn Wattanathorn | Bungorn Sripanidkulchai
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