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Temperament and personality: the German version of the Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ)

Author(s): Wiltink, Jörg | Vogelsang, Ute | Beutel, Manfred E.
Estimation of Asian dust aerosol effect on cloud radiation forcing using Fu-Liou radiative model and CERES measurements

Author(s): Jing Su | Jianping Huang | Qiang Fu | P. Minnis | Jinming Ge | Jianrong Bi
A combined particle trap/HTDMA hygroscopicity study of mixed inorganic/organic aerosol particles

Author(s): A. A. Zardini | S. Sjogren | C. Marcolli | U. K. Krieger | M. Gysel | E. Weingartner | U. Baltensperger | T. Peter
In-medium reduction of the η' mass √sNN = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions

Author(s): Vértesi R. | Csörgő T. | Sziklai J.
Hemizygosity for Atm and Brca1 influence the balance between cell transformation and apoptosis

Author(s): Su Fengtao | Smilenov Lubomir | Ludwig Thomas | Zhou Libin | Zhu Jiayun | Zhou Guangming | Hall Eric
Inversion of allosteric effect of arginine on N-acetylglutamate synthase, a molecular marker for evolution of tetrapods

Author(s): Haskins Nantaporn | Panglao Maria | Qu Qiuhao | Majumdar Himani | Cabrera-Luque Juan | Morizono Hiroki | Tuchman Mendel | Caldovic Ljubica
The contribution of anthropogenic bromine emissions to past stratospheric ozone trends: a modelling study

Author(s): B.-M. Sinnhuber | N. Sheode | M. Sinnhuber | M. P. Chipperfield | W. Feng
Microzooplankton grazing and phytoplankton growth in marine mesocosms with increased CO2 levels

Author(s): K. Suffrian | P. Simonelli | J. C. Nejstgaard | S. Putzeys | Y. Carotenuto | A. N. Antia
Reconciling surface ocean productivity, export fluxes and sediment composition in a global biogeochemical ocean model

Author(s): M. Gehlen | L. Bopp | N. Emprin | O. Aumont | C. Heinze | O. Ragueneau
Impact of ship emissions on the microphysical, optical and radiative properties of marine stratus: a case study

Author(s): M. Schreier | A. A. Kokhanovsky | V. Eyring | L. Bugliaro | H. Mannstein | B. Mayer | H. Bovensmann | J. P. Burrows
Epistatic interactions modulate the evolution of mammalian mitochondrial respiratory complex components

Author(s): Azevedo Luísa | Carneiro João | van Asch Barbara | Moleirinho Ana | Pereira Filipe | Amorim António
New incoherent scatter diagnostic methods for the heated D-region ionosphere

Author(s): A. Kero | J. Vierinen | C.-F. Enell | I. Virtanen | E. Turunen
The Influence of Drying Temperature on the Hygroscopicity of Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis)

Author(s): Huei Shing Sik | Kheng Ten Choo | Sarani Zakaria | Sahrim Ahmad | Maisarah Yusoff | Chin Hua Chia
Effectiveness of communication campaign on iron deficiency anemia in Kyzyl-Orda region, Kazakhstan: a pilot study

Author(s): Baizhumanova Ainur | Nishimura Akio | Ito Katsuki | Sakamoto Junichi | Karsybekova Nailya | Tsoi Igor | Hamajima Nobuyuki
Can HIV incidence testing be used for evaluating HIV intervention programs? A reanalysis of the Orange Farm male circumcision trial (ANRS-1265)

Author(s): Fiamma Agnès | Lissouba Pascale | Amy Oliver | Singh Beverley | Laeyendecker Oliver | Quinn Thomas | Taljaard Dirk | Auvert Bertran
District Fiscal Policy and Student Achievement

Author(s): Gary G. Huang | Binbing Yu
High cell density cultivation of Escherichia coli K4 in a microfiltration bioreactor: a step towards improvement of chondroitin precursor production

Author(s): Restaino Odile | Cimini Donatella | De Rosa Mario | Catapano Angela | De Rosa Mario | Schiraldi Chiara
Preservation of rhizobia by lyophilization with trehalose

Author(s): Pereira Pedro Antonio Arraes | Oliver Ann | Bliss Fredrick Allen | Crowe Lois | Crowe John
Family History, Diabetes, and Other Demographic and Risk Factors Among Participants of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999–2002

Author(s): Ann M. Annis, RN, MPH | Mark S. Caulder, MS, MPH | Michelle L. Cook, MPH | Debra Duquette, MS, CGC
The effects of smoking and hypertensive disorders on fetal growth

Author(s): Rasmussen Svein | Irgens Lorentz
Dynamic morphometric characterization of local connective tissue network structure in humans using ultrasound

Author(s): Langevin Helene | Rizzo Donna | Fox James | Badger Gary | Wu Junru | Konofagou Elisa | Stevens-Tuttle Debbie | Bouffard Nicole | Krag Martin
Effect of the addition of rosiglitazone to metformin or sulfonylureas versus metformin/sulfonylurea combination therapy on ambulatory blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial (the RECORD study)

Author(s): Komajda Michel | Curtis Paula | Hanefeld Markolf | Beck-Nielsen Henning | Pocock Stuart | Zambanini Andrew | Jones Nigel | Gomis Ramon | Home Philip
'Systems toxicology' approach identifies coordinated metabolic responses to copper in a terrestrial non-model invertebrate, the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus

Author(s): Bundy Jacob | Sidhu Jasmin | Rana Faisal | Spurgeon David | Svendsen Claus | Wren Jodie | Stürzenbaum Stephen | Morgan A John | Kille Peter
Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid supplementation as an adjunct to Calcium/Vitamin D3 stimulates markers of bone formation in osteopenic females: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Spector Tim | Calomme Mario | Anderson Simon | Clement Gail | Bevan Liisa | Demeester Nathalie | Swaminathan Rami | Jugdaohsingh Ravin | Berghe Dirk | Powell Jonathan
Modelling AIDS epidemic and treatment with difference equations

Author(s): K. M. Tamizhmani | A. Ramani | B. Grammaticos | A. S. Carstea
Effect of fluorides on bioactivity of titania nanotubes in SBF solution – by EIS studies

Author(s): E. Krasicka-Cydzik | K. Białas-Heltowski | I. Głazowska | T. Klekiel | A. Kaczmarek
Numerical Simulation of Methane Production from Hydrates Induced by Different Depressurizing Approaches

Author(s): Xuke Ruan | Yongchen Song | Jiafei Zhao | Haifeng Liang | Mingjun Yang | Yanghui Li
Combination of suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid with heavy ion therapy shows promising effects in infantile sarcoma cell lines

Author(s): Oertel Susanne | Thiemann Markus | Richter Karsten | Weber Klaus-J | Huber Peter | Perez Ramon | Brons Stephan | Bischof Marc | Kulozik Andreas | Ehemann Volker | Debus Jürgen | Blattmann Claudia
Modelling AIDS epidemic and treatment with difference equations

Author(s): Tamizhmani KM | Ramani A | Grammaticos B | Carstea AS
The combined impact of CO2-dependent parameterisations of Redfield and Rain ratios on ocean carbonate saturation

Author(s): K. F. Kvale | K. J. Meissner | M. d'Orgeville | R. J. Matear | B. I. McNeil | M. H. England
Feedback effects of atmospheric CO2-induced warming

Author(s): Julián Adem | René Garduño
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