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Long Term Survival after Combined Liver- and Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): M. Oppert | U. Neumann | A. Pascher | Ch. Storm | T. Lang | R. Neuhaus | U. Frei | P. Neuhaus | A. Kahl
Liver transplantation for polycystic liver with massive hepatomegaly: A case report

Author(s): Wei-Wei Jiang, Feng Zhang, Li-Yong Pu, Xue-Hao Wang, Lian-Bao Kong
A Descriptive Analysis of 1251 Solid Organ Transplant Visits to the Emergency Department

Author(s): Unterman, Sarah | Zimmerman, Michael | Tyo, Carissa | Sterk, Ethan | Gehm, Lisa | Edison, Marcia

Author(s): Andreea Brumaru | Catalina Mihai | Cristina Cijevschi Prelipcean
Adenoviral-mediated correction of methylmalonyl-CoA mutase deficiency in murine fibroblasts and human hepatocytes

Author(s): Chandler Randy | Tsai Matthew | Dorko Kenneth | Sloan Jennifer | Korson Mark | Freeman Richard | Strom Stephen | Venditti Charles
Metabolic phenotype of methylmalonic acidemia in mice and humans: the role of skeletal muscle

Author(s): Chandler Randy | Sloan Jennifer | Fu Hong | Tsai Matthew | Stabler Sally | Allen Robert | Kaestner Klaus | Kazazian Haig | Venditti Charles
Prophylaxis of chronic kidney disease after liver transplantation - experience from west China

Author(s): Zhen-Yong Shao | Lu-Nan Yan | Wen-Tao Wang | Bo Li | Tian-Fu Wen | Jia-Yin Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Ji-Chun Zhao | Yong-Gang Wei
Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

Author(s): Loirat Chantal | Frémeaux-Bacchi Véronique
Glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency

Author(s): Froissart Roseline | Piraud Monique | Boudjemline Alix | Vianey-Saban Christine | Petit François | Hubert-Buron Aurélie | Eberschweiler Pascale | Gajdos Vincent | Labrune Philippe
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