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Digital Divides and the 'First Mile': Framing First Nations Broadband Development in Canada

Author(s): Rob McMahon | Susan O'Donnell | Richard Smith | Brian Walmark | Brian Beaton | Rob McMahon | Susan O'Donnell | Richard Smith | Brian Walmark | Brian Beaton | Jason Simmonds
Leading dental journals availability through academic network of Serbia

Author(s): Jaćimović Jelena | Živković Slavoljub
Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation – rehabilitation models and shortcomings in outpatient aftercare

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
Improvement of the Accounting Legislation of Ukraine

Author(s): V. Lukin | Yu. Maliarevskii
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
The Method for Semantic Service Substitution in Ubiquitous Computing

Author(s): Yun-Young Hwang | Yun-Sub Kim | Kyu-Chul Lee
Urban Mental Health Service: Primary Health Care Model with Community Participation

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Ali Zojaji | Issa Karimi-Kisomi | Mahboobeh Nazari-Jeirani | Sakineh Tabaee
Identification of community needs and prioritization of problemsbased on community assessment in Azerbaijan Borough, Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Sima Zaeri | Saba Asgharzadeh | Shiva Khoshnevis | Mehrnoush Mohammadi | Kourosh Holakouie Naeini
The Importance of Social Media for Commerce. A Case Study in Madeira (Portugal)

Author(s): Irene Garcia Medina | Pedro Alvaro Correia Pereira
Specialization in FCM and the challenge of medical qualification for the Family Health Strategy: a proposal for large-scale specialization through distance education A especialização em MFC e o desafio da qualificação médica para a Estratégia Saúde da Família: proposta de especialização, em larga escala, via educação à distância

Author(s): Eno Dias de Castro Filho | Gustavo Diniz Ferreira Gusso | Marcelo Marcos Piva Demarzo | Airton Stein | João Carlos Schneider | Marcello Dala Bernardina Dalla | Maria Inez Padula Anderson | Mário Roberto Garcia Tavares | Ricardo Donato Rodrigues | José de Almeida Castro Filho | Raphael Augusto Teixeira de Aguiar
Community participation and participative management in a community of Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain Participação Comunitária e Gestão Participativa em uma comunidade de Badajoz, Extremadura, Espanha

Author(s): Ana Carolina Diniz Oliveira | Ignacio Maynar Mariño | Maria Dolores Fernandez | Carmen Mata Benito | Jesús Cobaleda Gallardo
UK community health visiting: challenges faced during lean implementation

Author(s): Carr SM | Pearson P | Young-Murphy L | Cleghorn B
An Assessment of Knowledge and Practices Regarding Tuberculosis in the Context of RNTCP Among Non Allopathic Practitioners in Gwalior District

Author(s): Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava | Ashok Mishra | Neeraj Gour | Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh | Shraddha Mishra | Parharam Adhikari
The Research on WO3 Nano-Materials' Gas-Sensing

Author(s): ZHANG Xue-zhon | YANG Xiao-hong | HU Ya-ping | DENG Quan

Author(s): P R Sodani, Kalpa Sharma

Author(s): Purvi Parikh, Kavita Sharma

Author(s): P R Sodani, Kalpa Sharma
Profile of Oral Health in Iran

Author(s): T Malek Mohammadi | A Hajizamani
Access to Maternal Health Care Services in the Cape Coast Metropolitan Area, Ghana

Author(s): D. Adei | Y.B. Fiscian | L. Ephraim | S.K. Diko
Formal Forest Management System in the Sudan and the Sustainability Issue

Author(s): Amani A. Kobbail | Mahir S. Suleiman | Abdelhai M. Elmadina
Social Forestry Stakeholders in the Sudan: Case from Gedaref State

Author(s): Abdelhai M. Elmadina | Mahir S. Suleiman | Amani A. Kobbail
Effect of physical training on urinary incontinence: a randomized parallel group trial in nursing homes

Author(s): Vinsnes AG | Helbostad JL | Nyrønning S | Harkless GE | Granbo R | Seim A
Intention To Halal Products In The World Markets

Author(s): Kambiz Heidarzadeh Hanzaee | Mohammad Reza Ramezani
Managing your eye unit's supplies

Author(s): RD Thulsiraj
Optical products for refractive error and low vision

Author(s): Kovin S Naidoo | Yashika I Maharaj | Vivasan Pillay | Sebastian Fellhauer
School Health Services and Millennium Development Goals

Author(s): Mininim Oseji | Anthony Okolo
School Health Services and Millennium Development Goals

Author(s): Mininim Oseji | Anthony Okolo
National Strategies of Ophthalmic Education in Iran

Author(s): A Entezari | MA Javadi | B Einollahi
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing
Health service seeking behavior and factors associated with under utilization of public health care facilities in a rural area of Bangladesh

Author(s): Mahbubur Rahman | Mofakkharul Islam | Md. Rafiqul Islam | Gautam Sadhya | Md. Abdul Latif
266 Nutritional status of older adults on national financial assistance in an urban Asian country

Author(s): Koh HXF | Au Yong PS | Hoe KM, Kang ML | Koo YX | Liau ZQG | Long M | Koh G
Volunteering in dementia care – a Norwegian phenomenological study

Author(s): Söderhamn U | Landmark B | Aasgaard L | Eide H | Söderhamn O
A 16-year longitudinal study of hearing in very old Australians

Author(s): L. Sanchez | J. Scott | N. Esterman | M. Luszcz
Investigating Rural Library Usage among Rural Youth in Malaysia: Its Corresponding Determinants and Impacts

Author(s): Siti Zobidah Omar | Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril | Jusang Bolong | Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva
UK Policing and Change: Reflections for Policing Worldwide

Author(s): Colin Rogers | James Gravelle
A Generic Service Architecture for Secure Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Author(s): Richard Verhoeven | Johan Lukkien | Shudong Chen
It takes a community to raise a hydrologist: the Modular Curriculum for Hydrologic Advancement (MOCHA)

Author(s): T. Wagener | C. Kelleher | M. Weiler | B. McGlynn | M. Gooseff | L. Marshall | T. Meixner | K. McGuire | S. Gregg | P. Sharma | S. Zappe
Atuação psicológica e dispositivos grupais nos centros de atenção psicossocial

Author(s): Vládia Jamile dos Santos Jucá | Ana Carolina Medrado | Leonardo Safira | Lorena Pereira Mascarenhas Gomes | Verônica Gomes Nascimento
Intervenção Comunitária com Grupo de Adolescentes: Relato de Experiência do Projeto EBA

Author(s): Karla Rafaela Haack | Roberta Salvador Silva | Laíssa Eschiletti Prati | Mariana Gonçalves Boeckel
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
IntellectCloud cloud application's mÉnage

Author(s): Deepti Ghuge | Girish Tere
Traditional Fertility Regulation Methods among Remote Ethiopian Communities: The Case of Hamer District

Author(s): Tadesse Alemu Zerfu | Mulumebet Abera | Henok Tadesse | Tizita Tilahun
An exploratory study on medications in Qatar homes

Author(s): Kheir N | El Hajj MS | Wilbur K | Kaissi RML | Yousif A
Is advertising ethical for dentists? An insight into the Indian scenario

Author(s): Dable RA | Prasanth MA | Singh SB | Nazirkar GS
Perceptions of Heat-Susceptibility in Older Persons: Barriers to Adaptation

Author(s): Alana Hansen | Peng Bi | Monika Nitschke | Dino Pisaniello | Jonathan Newbury | Alison Kitson
A Logical Approach to Supporting Professional Learning Communities

Author(s): Laurie F. Ruberg | Meri Cummings | Debra C. B. Piecka | Chris Ruckman | Ralph Seward
Six Years of Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Evaluating Online Discussion Forums

Author(s): Megan Avila | Kavitha Nallathambi | Catherine Richey | Lisa Mwaikambo
Social marketing in healthcare

Author(s): Radha Aras
Strategy approach for eLearning 2.0 deployment in Universities

Author(s): Oskar Casquero | Javier Portillo | Ramón Ovelar | Jesús Romo | Manuel Benito

Author(s): Veronica JUNJAN | Ioana MICLUŢIA | Codruţa POPESCU | Mugur CIUMĂGEANU | Raluca SFETCU | Dan GHENEA
Implementing and Managing framework for PaaS in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Junaid Qayyum | Faheem Khan | Muhammad LaL | Fayyaz Gul | Muhammad Sohaib | Fahad Masood

Author(s): Dr Andrew CARDOW
Congregation Perception towards the Roles and Responsibilities of the Mosque Imams in Terengganu Malaysia

Author(s): Rohaizan bin Baru | Fauzilah Binti Salleh | Jamaluddin Hashim | Wan Fajrul Hisham Wan Abdullah | Rosmalizawati Ab Rashid
Talking about dying and death: a focus group study to explore a local community perspective

Author(s): Marilyn N. Y. Kirshbaum | Ian carey | Brigid Purcell | Seamus Nash
Ethnicity and Fatigue: Expressions of Distress, Causal Attributions and Coping

Author(s): Kamaldeep S Bhui | Sokratis Dinos | Marie-Laure Morelli
The Politics of Data:Uncovering Whiteness in Conventional Social Policy and Social Work Research

Author(s): Ann Curry-Stevens | Amanda Cross-Hemmer | Nichole Maher | Julia Meier
Factors and Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) that Predict Older Adults’ Residential Transitions

Author(s): Ya-Mei Chen | Elaine Adams Thompson | Bobbie Berkowitz | Heather M. Young | Deborah Ward
Improving Business Type Classification from Twitter Posts Based on Topic Model

Author(s): Chanattha Thongsuk | Choochart Haruechaiyasak | Somkid Saelee
Modeling factors influencing the demand for emergency department services in ontario: a comparison of methods

Author(s): Moineddin Rahim | Meaney Christopher | Agha Mohammad | Zagorski Brandon | Glazier Richard Henry
Promoting smoking cessation in Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in the UK: pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of trained community outreach workers

Author(s): Begh Rachna | Aveyard Paul | Upton Penney | Bhopal Raj | White Martin | Amos Amanda | Prescott Robin | Bedi Raman | Barton Pelham | Fletcher Monica | Gill Paramjit | Zaidi Qaim | Sheikh Aziz
Providing web-based mental health services to at-risk women

Author(s): Lipman Ellen | Kenny Meghan | Marziali Elsa
Making a success of providing NHS Health Checks in community pharmacies across the Tees Valley: a qualitative study

Author(s): McNaughton Rebekah | Oswald Nigel | Shucksmith Janet | Heywood Peter | Watson Pat
The cost associated with administering risperidone long-acting injections in the Australian community

Author(s): Dalton Andrew | Lambert Tim | Schrover Rudolf | Hertel Judy | Smith Dell
Implementing knowledge into practice for improved neonatal survival; a cluster-randomised, community-based trial in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

Author(s): Wallin Lars | Målqvist Mats | Nga Nguyen | Eriksson Leif | Persson Lars-Åke | Hoa Dinh | Huy Tran | Duc Duong | Ewald Uwe
Community based service providers' perspectives on frequent and/or avoidable admission of older people with chronic disease in rural NSW: a qualitative study

Author(s): Longman Jo | Singer Judy | Gao Yu | Barclay Lesley | Passey Megan | Pirotta Julie | Heathcote Kathy | Ewald Dan | Saberi Vahid | Corben Paul | Morgan Geoffrey
Factors associated with use of community mental health services by schizophrenia patients using multilevel analysis

Author(s): Moreno-Küstner Berta | Mayoral Fermín | Rivas Fabio | Angona Pedro | Requena Javier | García-Herrera José | Navas Desiree | Moreno Patricia | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | Bellón Juan
Comparing antiretroviral treatment outcomes between a prospective community-based and hospital-based cohort of HIV patients in rural Uganda

Author(s): Kipp Walter | Konde-Lule Joseph | Rubaale Tom | Okech-Ojony Joa | Alibhai Arif | Saunders Duncan
Inputs to quality: supervision, management, and community involvement in health facilities in Egypt in 2004

Author(s): Cherlin Emily | Allam Adel | Linnander Erika | Wong Rex | El-Toukhy Essam | Sipsma Heather | Krumholz Harlan | Curry Leslie | Bradley Elizabeth
Effective Factors on Behavior Tendency in the Acceptance of Electronic Banking Based on Planned Behavior Model (TPB)

Author(s): Shahram Gilaninia | Hamidreaza Alipour | Peyman Rahpeyma | Seyyed Javad Mousavian
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