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Public health education: A report from Mosul and a plan for change

Author(s): Hughes Gail | Mack Ally | Golden Kathie
Diffusing a Research-based Physical Activity Promotion Program for Seniors Into Diverse Communities: CHAMPS III

Author(s): Anita L. Stewart, PhD | Dawn Gillis, MS | Melanie Grossman, PhD | Martha Castrillo | Leslie Pruitt, PhD | Barbara McLellan, MPH | Nina Sperber, MA
Overcoming obstacles to implementing a primary care research framework

Author(s): Cardarelli Roberto | Seater Margaret | Palmarozzi Elizabeth
Evidence for Environmental Contamination in Residential Neighborhoods Surrounding the Defense Depot of Memphis, Tennessee

Author(s): Natasha A. Greene | Jason D. White | Vernon R. Morris | Stephanie Roberts | Kimberly L. Jones | Cynthia Warrick
Disaster Readiness: A Community - University Partnership

Author(s): Lavonne M. Adams | Sharon B. Canclini
Establishing an implementation network: lessons learned from community-based participatory research

Author(s): Lindamer Laurie | Lebowitz Barry | Hough Richard | Garcia Piedad | Aguirre Alfredo | Halpain Maureen | Depp Colin | Jeste Dilip
Security and privacy requirements for a multi-institutional cancer research data grid: an interview-based study

Author(s): Manion Frank | Robbins Robert | Weems William | Crowley Rebecca
Participatory testing and reporting in an environmental-justice community of Worcester, Massachusetts: a pilot project

Author(s): Downs Timothy | Ross Laurie | Mucciarone Danielle | Calvache Maria-Camila | Taylor Octavia | Goble Robert
Institutional review board challenges related to community-based participatory research on human exposure to environmental toxins: A case study

Author(s): Brown Phil | Morello-Frosch Rachel | Brody J | Altman Rebecca | Rudel Ruthann | Senier Laura | Pérez Carla | Simpson Ruth
The production and dissemination of knowledge scientific by nurses clinicians

Author(s): Ana Maria Dyniewicz, Maria Helena Dantas de Menezes Guariente
Protecting children: a survey of caregivers’ knowledge of Georgia’s child restraint laws

Author(s): Sheryl Strasser | Laurie Whorton | Amanda J Walpole | et al
Medical education and research environment in Qatar: a new epoch for translational research in the Middle East

Author(s): Chouchane Lotfi | Mamtani Ravinder | Al-Thani Mohammed | Al-Thani Al-Anoud | Ameduri Marco | Sheikh Javaid
The impact on nurses and nurse managers of introducing PEPFAR clinical services in urban government clinics in Uganda

Author(s): Nankumbi Joyce | Groves Sara | Leontsini Elli | Kyegombe Nambusi | Coutinho Alex | Manabe Yuka
"Harnessing genomics to improve health in Africa" – an executive course to support genomics policy

Author(s): Smith Alyna | Mugabe John | Singer Peter | Daar Abdallah
From the Editor Vol: 6 number 2

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Projeto de minimização de resíduos sólidos no restaurante central do campus de São Carlos da Universidade de São Paulo

Author(s): Raquel de Luca Menezes | Fernando César Almada Santos | Patrícia Cristina Silva Leme
Archon: A Unified Information Storage and Retrieval System for Lone Archivists, Special Collections Librarians and Curators

Author(s): Scott W. Schwartz | Christopher J. Prom | Christopher A. Rishel | Kyle J. Fox
UK community health visiting: challenges faced during lean implementation

Author(s): Carr SM | Pearson P | Young-Murphy L | Cleghorn B
Patient-centered professionalism

Author(s): Hutchings HA | Rapport F
Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or an Opportunity?

Author(s): Diane Granfield | Mary Kandiuk | Harriet Sonne de Torrens
Comparing antiretroviral treatment outcomes between a prospective community-based and hospital-based cohort of HIV patients in rural Uganda

Author(s): Kipp Walter | Konde-Lule Joseph | Rubaale Tom | Okech-Ojony Joa | Alibhai Arif | Saunders Duncan
Establishing a community of practice of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and communities to sustainably manage environmental health risks in Ecuador

Author(s): Spiegel Jerry | Breilh Jaime | Beltran Efrain | Parra Jorge | Solis Fernanda | Yassi Annalee | Rojas Alejandro | Orrego Elena | Henry Bonnie | Bowie William | Pearce Laurie | Gaibor Juan | Velasquez Patricio | Concepcion Miriam | Parkes Margot
An Experience of Peer Education Model among Medical Science University Students in Iran

Author(s): N Peykari | F Ramezani Tehrani | H Malekafzali | Z Hashemi | Sh Djalalinia
Internal audience: A key to success

Author(s): Mirna Heruc
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