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Is the Comorbidity of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder with Bipolar I Disorder Less than Major Depressive Disorder?

Author(s): Amir Shabani | Vandad Sharifi | Javad Alaghband-rad | Zahra Shahrivar | Homayun Amini | Hossein Kaviani | Mitra Hakim Shooshtari | Elham Shirazi | Rozita Davari-ashtiani | Fariba Arabgol
Comorbidity of Psychiatric Disorders in Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic

Author(s): M. Eftekhar | M. Dadfar | E. Karimi Kaisami
Comorbidity of Tourette’s and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders in Children

Author(s): J. Alaghband-rad | M. Haji Azim | M. Hakim shooshtary | Z. Shahrivar
Substance abuse in patients admitted voluntarily and involuntarily to acute psychiatric wards: a national cross-sectional study

Author(s): Anne Opsal | Øistein Kristensen | Torleif Ruud | Tor K. Larsen | Rolf W. Gråwe | Thomas Clausen
Some comorbidities of benzodiazepine addicted patients

Author(s): Irina Dobrin | Roxana Chirita | Aurelian Olimp Straulea | Alin Ciobica | Romeo Dobrin
Impulse Control Disorders in a Group of University Exam Preparatory Course Students

Author(s): Gonca | Lut | Zehra | Meliha | Kayhan | Melike | Nedim | Soner
Differential diagnostic of the burnout syndrome

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Kister, Christine
Effectiveness of pharmaceutical therapy of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in adults – health technology assessment

Author(s): Benkert, Diana | Krause, Klaus-Henning | Wasem, Jürgen | Aidelsburger, Pamela
Riboflavin alleviates cardiac failure in Type I diabetic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Guoguang Wang | Wei Li | Xiaohua Lu | Xue Zhao
Diagnoses, Requests and Timing of 503 Psychiatric Consultations in Two General Hospitals

Author(s): Mohammad Arbabi | Reza Laghayeepoor | Banafshe Golestan | Abolfazl Mahdanian | Aliakbar Nejatisafa | Amir Tavakkoli | Elahe Sahimi Izadian | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi
Health care costs in US patients with and without a diagnosis of osteoarthritis

Author(s): Le TK | Montejano LB | Cao Z | Zhao Y | Ang D
Trauma reactivation under the influence of propranolol: an examination of clinical predictors

Author(s): Joaquin Poundja | Steven Sanche | Jacques Tremblay | Alain Brunet
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Comparison of Clinical Features and Affective Temperaments between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with and without Comorbid Bipolar Disorder

Author(s): Nurhan FISTIKCI | Münevver HACIOĞLU | Şakire EREK | Abdulkadir TABO | Ömer SAATÇİOĞLU
Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: Is it Common in Multiple Sclerosis?

Author(s): Amir Shabani | Somaieh Nikravesh | Leili Panaghi
Evaluation of latent links between irritable bowel syndrome and sleep quality

Author(s): Massimo Bellini | Angelo Gemignani | Dario Gambaccini | Simona Toti | Danilo Menicucci | Cristina Stasi | Francesco Costa | Maria Gloria Mumolo | Angelo Ricchiuti | Remo Bedini | Nicola de Bortoli | Santino Marchi
Epidemiology of Schizophrenia in Bandarabbass in 2009

Author(s): Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi | Javad Golmirzaei | Yaghoub Hamedi | Forough Mahmoudi | Hamidreza Mahboobi | Mohammad Esmaeil Shahrzad | Fatemeh Hafezipour | Maryam Tashk | Samaneh Bavaghari
Comparative prospective randomized trial: laparoscopic versus open common bile duct exploration

Author(s): Vladimir Grubnik | Aleksandr Tkachenko | Ksenia Vorotyntseva
Clinical Presentation and Outcome in Patients of over 75 Years Old with Malignant Lymphoma—Clinical Presentation and Outcome in Elderly Lymphoma Patients

Author(s): Noriyasu Fukushima | Fukushima Itamura | Chisako Urata | Mariko Tanaka | Takashi Hisatomi | Yasushi Kubota | Eisaburo Sueoka | Shinya Kimura
Hybrid Aortic Arch Replacement: A Novel Surgical Technique for a Difficult Problem

Author(s): Ravi de Silva | Simon Messer | Vimal Raj | Stephen Large
Combat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain

Author(s): Braš Marijana | Ana Havelka Meštrović | Mladen Havelka | Morana Bilić | Zoran Lončar
Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Levels and Mortality of Chronic Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Tetsuri Yamashita | Junichi Shizuku | Takashi Ohba | Takashi Kabaya | Kosaku Nitta
Patient satisfaction after scoliosis surgery

Author(s): E. Ameri | H. Behtash | B. Mobini | B. Bouzari | V. Tari
Assessing socioeconomic health care utilization inequity in Israel: impact of alternative approaches to morbidity adjustment

Author(s): Shadmi Efrat | Balicer Ran | Kinder Karen | Abrams Chad | Weiner Jonathan
Older People's Quality of Life (OPQOL) scores and adverse health outcomes at a one-year follow-up. A prospective cohort study on older outpatients living in the community in Italy

Author(s): Bilotta Claudio | Bowling Ann | Nicolini Paola | Casè Alessandra | Pina Gloria | Rossi Silvia | Vergani Carlo
Co-occurrence of diabetes, myocardial infarction, stroke, and cancer: quantifying age patterns in the Dutch population using health survey data

Author(s): van Baal Pieter | Engelfriet Peter | Boshuizen Hendriek | van de Kassteele Jan | Schellevis Francois | Hoogenveen Rudolf
Psychopathological features of irritable bowel syndrome patients with and without functional dyspepsia: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Piacentino Daria | Cantarini Rosanna | Alfonsi Marianna | Badiali Danilo | Pallotta Nadia | Biondi Massimo | Corazziari Enrico
Rationale and methods of the multicenter randomised trial of a heart failure management programme among geriatric patients (HF-Geriatrics)

Author(s): Pascual Carlos | Galán Emilio | Guerrero Jose | Colino Rocio | Soler Pedro | Calvo Mercedes | Jaurieta Juan | Arambarri Jorge | Casado Jose | Rodríguez-Artalejo Fernando
Non-nosocomial healthcare-associated infective endocarditis in Taiwan: an underrecognized disease with poor outcome

Author(s): Wu Kuan-Sheng | Lee Susan | Tsai Hung-Chin | Wann Shue-Ren | Chen Jui-Kuang | Sy Cheng-Len | Wang Yung-Hsin | Tseng Yu-Ting | Chen Yao-Shen
A prospective study of mental health care for comorbid depressed mood in older adults with painful osteoarthritis

Author(s): Gleicher Yehoshua | Croxford Ruth | Hochman Jacqueline | Hawker Gillian
The impact of surgical outcome after pancreaticoduodenectomy in elderly patients

Author(s): Ito Yasuhiro | Kenmochi Takeshi | Irino Tomoyuki | Egawa Tomohisa | Hayashi Shinobu | Nagashima Atsushi | Kitagawa Yuko
Incidence and outcome of first syncope in primary care: A retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Vanbrabant Peter | Gillet Jean | Buntinx Frank | Bartholomeeusen Stefaan | Aertgeerts Bert
Reduction of surgical site infection using a novel intervention (ROSSINI): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Pinkney Thomas | Bartlett David | Hawkins William | Mak Tony | Youssef Haney | Futaba Kaori | Harrison Gareth | Gheorghe Adrian | Bradbury Jennifer | Calvert Melanie | Dowswell George | Magill Laura | Redman Val | Wilson Sue | Leaper David | Morton Dion
Quality of life and functionality after total hip arthroplasty: a long-term follow-up study

Author(s): Mariconda Massimo | Galasso Olimpio | Costa Giovan Giuseppe | Recano Pasquale | Cerbasi Simone
Sub-threshold depression and antidepressants use in a community sample: searching anxiety and finding bipolar disorder

Author(s): Carta Mauro | Tondo Leonardo | Balestrieri Matteo | Caraci Filippo | dell'Osso Liliana | Di Sciascio Guido | Faravelli Carlo | Hardoy Maria | Lecca Maria | Moro Maria | Bhat Krishna | Casacchia Massimo | Drago Filippo
Improving interMediAte Risk management. MARK study

Author(s): Martí Ruth | Parramon Dídac | García-Ortiz Luís | Rigo Fernando | Gómez-Marcos Manuel | Sempere Irene | García-Regalado Natividad | Recio-Rodriguez Jose | Agudo-Conde Cristina | Feuerbach Natalia | Garcia-Gil Maria | Ponjoan Anna | Quesada Miquel | Ramos Rafel
Development of a tool to improve the quality of decision making in atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Fraenkel Liana | Street Richard | Fried Terri
Functional outcome in older adults with joint pain and comorbidity: design of a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Hermsen Lotte | Leone Stephanie | van der Windt Daniëlle | Smalbrugge Martin | Dekker Joost | van der Horst Henriëtte
Chronic disease and recent addiction treatment utilization among alcohol and drug dependent adults

Author(s): Reif Sharon | Larson Mary Jo | Cheng Debbie | Allensworth-Davies Donald | Samet Jeffrey | Saitz Richard
Epilepsy and Mood Disorders

Author(s): Sermin Kesebir | Sertac Guven | Ismail Koc
Evalution of Clinical and Sociodemograpic Features of Patients with Psoriasis in the Konya Region

Author(s): Caner Aykol | İnci Mevlitoğlu | Mustafa Özdemir | Mehmet Ünal
Hydatid cyst and fungal infection: a case report

Author(s): Haji Nasrollah E | Alavi SH | Mousavian SA
Marital Relationship and Its Associated Factors in Veterans Exposed to High Dose Chemical Warfare Agents

Author(s): Shervin Assari | Mohammad Reza Soroush | Hamid Reza Khoddami Vishteh | Batol Mousavi | Mostafa Ghanei | Sima Karbalaeiesmaeil
Surgery for acute mediastinitis in oesophageal perforations and descending necrotising infection: complications, mortality and protective factors

Author(s): Jon Zabaleta | Borja Aguinagalde | Marta G Fuentes | Nerea Bazterargui | Stephany M. Laguna | José M. Izquierdo
Prevalence Rates of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms and Psychiatric Comorbidity Among Adolescents in Iran

Author(s): Giti Shams | Elham Foroughi | Yaghoob Esmaili | Homayoon Amini | Narges Ebrahimkhani
Post Traumatic stress Disorder and General Symptoms of Anxiety in Adolescent Survivors of Bam Earthquake

Author(s): S. Sajad Mousavi | Javad Mahmoudi-gharaei | Mahdi Bina | Elham Gholampoor | Saeideh Eisar
The Relationship of Personality to Eating Disorders

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Besharat
Psychiatric Characteristics and Quality of Life in Patients with Pathologic Skin Picking

Author(s): Mohammad Arbabi | Vahid Farnia | Kamran Balighi | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Ali Akbar Nejatisafa | katayoon Yazdchi
Changes in Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms during Manic Episodes: A case series

Author(s): Amir Shabani | Mehrdad Eftekhar | Shirin Abedian
Frequency of Psychiatric Comorbidities in Epilepsy in an Iranian Sample

Author(s): Amir Shabani | Behnoosh Dashti | Hadi Teimoori
Psychiatric Comorbidity and Quality of Life in Patients with Dermatologic Diseases

Author(s): Mohammad Arbabi | Naista Zhand | Zahra Samadi | Hayede Ghaninejad | Banafshe Golestan
Comorbidity of Anxiety Disorders and Substance Abusewith Bipolar Mood Disorders and Relationship with ClinicalCourse

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Ghoreishizadeh | Shahrokh Amiri | Salam Bakhshi | Javad Golmirzaei | Ali Reza Shafiee-Kandjani
Premenstrual Syndrome and Psychiatric Co-morbidities.

Author(s): Maryam Shirmohammadi | Mohammad Arbabi | Ziba Taghizadeh | Hamid Haghanni
Suicidal Attempt in Bipolar Disorder:Low Significance of Comorbidity with Opioid Dependence

Author(s): Amir Shabani | Atefeh Ghanbari Jolfaei | Hajar Ahmadi Vazmalaei | Azizeh Afkham Ebrahimi | Morteza Naserbakht
Hsp10, Hsp70, and Hsp90 immunohistochemical levels change in ulcerative colitis after therapy

Author(s): G. Tomasello | C. Sciumé | F. Rappa | V. Rodolico | M. Zerilli | A. Martorana | G. Cicero | R. De Luca | P. Damiani | F.M. Accardo | M. Romeo | F. Farina | G. Bonaventura | G. Modica | G. Zummo | E. Conway de Macario | A.J.L. Macario | F. Cappello
Incidence and impact of pain conditions and comorbid illnesses

Author(s): Davis JA | Robinson RL | Le TK | Xie J
The Association of Binge Eating Disorder with Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Fatih Canan | Adem Gungor | Elif Onder | Gokhan Celbek | Yusuf Aydin | Aytekin Alcelik
Social Anxiety Disorder and Mood Disorders Comorbidity

Author(s): Zerrin Binbay | Ahmet Koyuncu
A systems biological study on the comorbidity of autism spectrum disorders and bipolar disorder

Author(s): PK Ragunath | Shiek Mohammad | PA Abhinand* | R Chitra
Current management of obsessive and phobic states

Author(s): Goljevscek S | Carvalho LA
Incidence of depression in chronic low-back pain – A hospital based study

Author(s): Sandip H Shah | Lakhan R Kataria | Dipti Joshi
The effects of childhood trauma on sexual function in panic disorder patients

Author(s): Bahadır Bakım | Oğuz Karamustafalıoğlu | Abdullah Akpınar | Onur Tankaya | Başak Özçelik | Yasemin Cengiz Ceylan | Burcu Göksan Yavuz | Sibel Bozkurt | Gökay Alpak | Sinem Gönenli
Quantification of the healthy worker effect: a nationwide cohort study among electricians in Denmark

Author(s): Thygesen Lau | Hvidtfeldt Ulla | Mikkelsen Sigurd | Brønnum-Hansen Henrik
Pathways leading to coronary revascularisation among patients with diabetes in Finland: a longitudinal register-based study

Author(s): Vehko Tuulikki | Sund Reijo | Manderbacka Kristiina | Häkkinen Unto | Keskimäki Ilmo
Risk factors of hospitalization and readmission of patients with COPD in Hong Kong population: Analysis of hospital admission records

Author(s): Chan Frank | Wong Fiona | Yam Carrie | Cheung Wai-ling | Wong Eliza | Leung Michael | Goggins William | Yeoh Eng-kiong
Is cardiac venous anatomy a crucial factor in maximizing the response to cardiac resynchronisation therapy?

Author(s): Putnik S. | Savić D. | Matković M. | Gluvić Z. | Lačković Milena | Ilić G. | Milašinović G.
Childhood Asthma and its Comorbidities

Author(s): Sanja Dimitrijević | Snežana Živanović | Ljiljana Šaranac
Dementia as a determinant of social and health service use in the last two years of life 1996-2003

Author(s): Forma Leena | Rissanen Pekka | Aaltonen Mari | Raitanen Jani | Jylhä Marja
Does comorbidity explain the ethnic inequalities in cervical cancer survival in New Zealand? A retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Brewer Naomi | Borman Barry | Sarfati Diana | Jeffreys Mona | Fleming Steven | Cheng Soo | Pearce Neil
ESPECTRA: Searching the Bipolar Spectrum in Eating Disorder patients

Author(s): Campos Rodolfo | Angst Jules | Cordas Taki | Moreno Ricardo
Psychiatric and medical admissions observed among elderly patients with new-onset epilepsy

Author(s): Copeland Laurel | Ettinger Alan | Zeber John | Gonzalez Jodi | Pugh Mary
Predictors of mortality and short-term physical and cognitive dependence in critically ill persons 75 years and older: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Daubin Cédric | Chevalier Stéphanie | Séguin Amélie | Gaillard Cathy | Valette Xavier | Prévost Fabrice | Terzi Nicolas | Ramakers Michel | Parienti Jean-Jacques | du Cheyron Damien | Charbonneau Pierre
Macrocytosis may be associated with mortality in chronic hemodialysis patients: a prospective study

Author(s): Tennankore Karthik | Soroka Steven | West Kenneth | Kiberd Bryce
Major depressive disorder following terrorist attacks: A systematic review of prevalence, course and correlates

Author(s): Salguero José | Fernández-Berrocal Pablo | Iruarrizaga Itziar | Cano-Vindel Antonio | Galea Sandro
Patterns of multimorbidity in working Australians

Author(s): Holden Libby | Scuffham Paul | Hilton Michael | Muspratt Alexander | Ng Shu-Kay | Whiteford Harvey
The predictive value of ICD-10 diagnostic coding used to assess Charlson comorbidity index conditions in the population-based Danish National Registry of Patients

Author(s): Thygesen Sandra | Christiansen Christian | Christensen Steffen | Lash Timothy | Sørensen Henrik
Blood culture status and mortality among patients with suspected community-acquired bacteremia: a population-based cohort study

Author(s): Søgaard Mette | Nørgaard Mette | Pedersen Lars | Sørensen Henrik | Schønheyder Henrik
Lung cancer stage at diagnosis: Individual associations in the prospective VITamins and lifestyle (VITAL) cohort

Author(s): Slatore Christopher | Gould Michael | Au David | Deffebach Mark | White Emily
Detection of mild cognitive impairment in people older than 65 years of age and its relationship to cardiovascular risk factors (DECRIVAM)

Author(s): Perea-Bartolome M Victoria | García-García Ricardo | Ladera-Fernández Valentina | Mora-Simón Sara | Patino-Alonso María | Almanza-Guerra Tita | Agudo-Conde Cristina | Muriel-Diez M Paz | Rodríguez-Sánchez Emiliano
Underuse of long-term routine hospital follow-up care in patients with a history of breast cancer?

Author(s): Lu Wenli | Jansen Liesbeth | Schaapveld Michael | Baas Peter | Wiggers Theo | De Bock Geertruida
Effectiveness of anti-inflammatory treatment versus antibiotic therapy and placebo for patients with non-complicated acute bronchitis with purulent sputum. The BAAP Study protocol

Author(s): Llor Carl | Moragas Ana | Bayona Carolina | Morros Rosa | Pera Helena | Cots Josep | Fernández Yvonne | Miravitlles Marc | Boada Albert
Canadian guidelines for clinical practice: an analysis of their quality and relevance to the care of adults with comorbidity

Author(s): Fortin Martin | Contant Eric | Savard Catherine | Hudon Catherine | Poitras Marie-Eve | Almirall José
The serious mental illness health improvement profile [HIP]: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): White Jacquie | Gray Richard | Swift Louise | Barton Garry | Jones Martin
Radioelectric brain stimulation in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder with comorbid major depression in a psychiatric hospital: a pilot study

Author(s): Olivieri E | Vecchiato C | Ignaccolo N | Mannu P | Castagna A | Aravagli L | Fontani V | Rinaldi S.
Some comorbidities of benzodiazepine addicted patients

Author(s): Irina Dobrin | Roxana Chirita | Aurelian Olimp Straulea | Alin Ciobica | Romeo Dobrin
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