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Multiple Responses Through Verbal Discourse in the Reading of Literary Texts

Author(s): Malachi Edwin Vethamani | premalatha nair
Analysis of Repeated Measures by Using Multivariate Method

Author(s): Suat Sahinler | Ozkan Gorgulu
JCoast – A biologist-centric software tool for data mining and comparison of prokaryotic (meta)genomes

Author(s): Richter Michael | Lombardot Thierry | Kostadinov Ivaylo | Kottmann Renzo | Duhaime Melissa | Peplies Jörg | Glöckner Frank
ProbSeq—A Fragmentation Model for Interpretation of Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data

Author(s): John Skilling | Richard Denny | Keith Richardson | Phillip Young | Thérèse McKenna | Iain Campuzano | Mark Ritchie
The Curse of Normalization

Author(s): Olaf Wolkenhauer | Carla Möller-Levet | Fatima Sanchez-Cabo
iSPOT: A Web Tool for the Analysis and Recognition of Protein Domain Specificity

Author(s): Barbara Brannetti | Andreas Zanzoni | Luisa Montecchi-Palazzi | Gianni Cesareni | Manuela Helmer-Citterich
A combined computational-experimental analyses of selected metabolic enzymes in Pseudomonas species

Author(s): Deepak Perumal, Chu Sing Lim, Vincent T.K. Chow, Kishore R. Sakharkar, Meena K. Sakharkar
Psicologia comparada, etologia y salud mental

Author(s): Luis Fernández Rios
Musical and film time

Author(s): Kulezić-Wilson Danijela
Combining Shapley value and statistics to the analysis of gene expression data in children exposed to air pollution

Author(s): Moretti Stefano | van Leeuwen Danitsja | Gmuender Hans | Bonassi Stefano | van Delft Joost | Kleinjans Jos | Patrone Fioravante | Merlo Domenico
Comparative performance of imagicides on Anopheles stephensi, main malaria vector in a malarious area, southern Iran

Author(s): M.R. Abai | A. Mehravaran | H. Vatandoost | M.A. Oshaghi | E. Javadian | M. Mashayekhi | A. Mosleminia | N. Piyazak | H. Edallat | F. Mohtarami | H. Jabbari | F. Rafi
MOSAIC: an online database dedicated to the comparative genomics of bacterial strains at the intra-species level

Author(s): Chiapello Hélène | Gendrault Annie | Caron Christophe | Blum Jérome | Petit Marie-Agnès | El Karoui Meriem
Physico-chemical water quality indices - a comparative review

Author(s): Alberto Ramírez | Fredy Solano | Nelson Fernández
Whole genome amplification and real-time PCR in forensic casework

Author(s): Giardina Emiliano | Pietrangeli Ilenia | Martone Claudia | Zampatti Stefania | Marsala Patrizio | Gabriele Luciano | Ricci Omero | Solla Gianluca | Asili Paola | Arcudi Giovanni | Spinella Aldo | Novelli Giuseppe
Dimensões e espaços da inovação social

Author(s): Isabel André | Alexandre Abreu
A comparative, randomized clinical trial of artemisinin/naphtoquine twice daily one day versus artemether/lumefantrine six doses regimen in children and adults with uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Côte d'Ivoire

Author(s): Toure Offianan | Penali Louis | Yapi Jean-Didier | Ako Berenger | Toure Walamtchin | Djerea Kali | Gomez Genevieve | Makaila Oyewole
CSA: An efficient algorithm to improve circular DNA multiple alignment

Author(s): Fernandes Francisco | Pereira Luísa | Freitas Ana
Gene ARMADA: an integrated multi-analysis platform for microarray data implemented in MATLAB

Author(s): Chatziioannou Aristotelis | Moulos Panagiotis | Kolisis Fragiskos
New methods to analyse microarray data that partially lack a reference signal

Author(s): Carpaij Neeltje | Fluit Ad | Lindsay Jodi | Bonten Marc | Willems Rob
Cusp observations during a sequence of fast IMF BZ reversals

Author(s): H. T. Cai | I. W. McCrea | M. W. Dunlop | J. A. Davies | Y. V. Bogdanova | F. Pitout | S. E. Milan | M. Lockwood | S. Y. Ma
Comparative analysis of missing value imputation methods to improve clustering and interpretation of microarray experiments

Author(s): Celton Magalie | Malpertuy Alain | Lelandais Gaëlle | de Brevern Alexandre
Analysis of substructural variation in families of enzymatic proteins with applications to protein function prediction

Author(s): Bryant Drew | Moll Mark | Chen Brian | Fofanov Viacheslav | Kavraki Lydia
Validation and implementation of array comparative genomic hybridisation as a first line test in place of postnatal karyotyping for genome imbalance

Author(s): Ahn Joo Wook | Mann Kathy | Walsh Sally | Shehab Marwa | Hoang Sarah | Docherty Zoe | Mohammed Shehla | Mackie Ogilvie Caroline
Structural interpretation of protein-protein interaction network

Author(s): Katebi Ataur | Kloczkowski Andrzej | Jernigan Robert

Author(s): Govind Kadam | Kamlakar Kadam | Mansaram Autade
Introducing W.A.T.E.R.S.: a Workflow for the Alignment, Taxonomy, and Ecology of Ribosomal Sequences

Author(s): Hartman Amber | Riddle Sean | McPhillips Timothy | Ludäscher Bertram | Eisen Jonathan
Comparative analysis of copy number detection by whole-genome BAC and oligonucleotide array CGH

Author(s): Neill Nicholas | Torchia Beth | Bejjani Bassem | Shaffer Lisa | Ballif Blake
Squash preparation: A reliable diagnostic tool in the intraoperative diagnosis of central nervous system tumors

Author(s): Mitra Sumit | Kumar Mohan | Sharma Vivek | Mukhopadhyay Debasis
Practice effects in healthy adults: A longitudinal study on frequent repetitive cognitive testing

Author(s): Bartels Claudia | Wegrzyn Martin | Wiedl Anne | Ackermann Verena | Ehrenreich Hannelore

Author(s): Gabriela Carmen Pascariu | Ramona Frunză | Anca Stângaciu
The use of array-CGH in a cohort of Greek children with developmental delay

Author(s): Manolakos Emmanouil | Vetro Annalisa | Kefalas Konstantinos | Rapti Stamatia-Maria | Louizou Eirini | Garas Antonios | Kitsos George | Vasileiadis Lefteris | Tsoplou Panagiota | Eleftheriades Makarios | Peitsidis Panagiotis | Orru Sandro | Liehr Thomas | Petersen Michael | Thomaidis Loretta
A comparative analysis of HIV drug resistance interpretation based on short reverse transcriptase sequences versus full sequences

Author(s): Steegen Kim | Bronze Michelle | Van Craenenbroeck Elke | Winters Bart | Van der Borght Koen | Wallis Carole | Stevens Wendy | Rinke de Wit Tobias | Stuyver Lieven
Technical and Ethical Issues in Indicator Systems

Author(s): Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon | Peter Tymms
An experimental aeromagnetic survey in the Volturno valley area (South-Eastern Latium)

Author(s): M. Chiappini | F. Ferraccioli | V. Bosi | E. Bozzo | G. Caneva | R. Funiciello
Investigation of an outbreak of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Hadar food illness in the Abruzzi region of Italy

Author(s): Elisabetta Di Giannatale | Vincenza Prencipe | Vicdalia Aniela Acciari | Maria Maddalena Marconi | Primula Semprini | Cristina Marfoglia
Prehospital evaluation and economic analysis of different coronary syndrome treatment strategies - PREDICT - Rationale, Development and Implementation

Author(s): Morrison Laurie | Rac Valeria | Bowen James | Schwartz Brian | Perreira Tyrone | Ryan Welson | Zahn Cathy | Chadha Rishab | Craig Alan | O'Reilly Daria | Goeree Ron
Sampling challenges in a study examining refugee resettlement

Author(s): Sulaiman-Hill Cheryl | Thompson Sandra
Comparative Study of Path Loss Models in Different Environments

Author(s): Manju Kumari, | Tilotma Yadav, | Pooja Yadav, | Purnima K sharma, | Dinesh Sharma
The suspension, prosecution and dismissal of the president of Romania and of other heads of state from European Union

Author(s): Angelica Chirila | Ion Rusu | Minodora-Ioana Rusu-Balan | Varvara Licuta Coman
A process for analysis of microarray comparative genomics hybridisation studies for bacterial genomes

Author(s): Carter Ben | Wu Guanghui | Woodward Martin | Anjum Muna
Correlates of substitution rate variation in mammalian protein-coding sequences

Author(s): Welch John | Bininda-Emonds Olaf | Bromham Lindell
Computational Tools for Brassica–Arabidopsis Comparative Genomics

Author(s): Paul Beckett | Ian Bancroft | Martin Trick
TRANSPATH ®—A High Quality Database Focused on Signal Transduction

Author(s): Claudia Choi | Mathias Krull | Alexander Kel | Olga Kel-Margoulis | Susanne Pistor | Anatolij Potapov | Nico Voss | Edgar Wingender
Interactome Data and Databases: Different Types of Protein Interaction

Author(s): Javier De Las Rivas | Alberto de Luis
Genetic Steps to Organ Laterality in Zebrafish

Author(s): Jau-Nian Chen | Frauke van Bebber | Allan M. Goldstein | Fabrizio C. Serluca | Donald Jackson | Sarah Childs | George Serbedzija | Kerri S. Warren | John D. Mably | Per Lindahl | Alan Mayer | Pascal Haffter | Mark C. Fishman
Comparison of the Proteomes of Three Yeast Wild Type Strains: CEN.PK2, FY1679 and W303

Author(s): Adelina Rogowska-Wrzesinska | Peter Mose Larsen | Anders Blomberg | Angelika Görg | Peter Roepstorff | Joakim Norbeck | Stephen John Fey
Geometric correlation of cultural landscape patterns and Prunus domestica L. species leaf

Author(s): Jović Biljana | Tripković Miloš | Čučaković Aleksandar
Potential and limitations of using soil mapping information to understand landscape hydrology

Author(s): F. Terribile | A. Coppola | G. Langella | M. Martina | A. Basile
ProbSeq—A Fragmentation Model for Interpretation of Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data

Author(s): John Skilling | Richard Denny | Keith Richardson | Phillip Young | Thérèse McKenna | Iain Campuzano | Mark Ritchie
The variability of some morphological characters in rana ridibunda (pall.)

Author(s): Ciprian Radu Mandrescu | Gogu Ghiorghita
«Saque la lengua, por favor». Panorama actual de la interpretación sanitaria en España

Author(s): Bárbara Navaza | Laura Estévez | Jordi Serrano

Author(s): Sushant Sud | Sudheendra H | Sujatha K | P. Sekhar Reddy
Superlative Quantifiers as Modifiers of Meta-Speech Acts

Author(s): Ariel Cohen | Manfred Krifka


Author(s): Pál GERVAI | László TRAUTMANN
Structural Requirements of N-Substituted Spiropiperidine Analogues as Agonists of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor

Author(s): Pingping Bao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Zulin Mu | Shuwei Zhang | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
The variability of some morphological characters in rana ridibunda (pall.)

Author(s): Ciprian Radu Mandrescu | Gogu Ghiorghita
The representation of protein complexes in the Protein Ontology (PRO)

Author(s): Bult Carol | Drabkin Harold | Evsikov Alexei | Natale Darren | Arighi Cecilia | Roberts Natalia | Ruttenberg Alan | D'Eustachio Peter | Smith Barry | Blake Judith | Wu Cathy
Ortho2ExpressMatrix—a web server that interprets cross-species gene expression data by gene family information

Author(s): Meinel Thomas | Schweiger Michal | Ludewig Andreas | Chenna Ramu | Krobitsch Sylvia | Herwig Ralf
Bridging consent: from toll bridges to lift bridges?

Author(s): Budin-Ljøsne Isabelle | Tassé Anne | Knoppers Bartha | Harris Jennifer
The transcriptome of the novel dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina (Alveolata: Dinophyceae): response to salinity examined by 454 sequencing

Author(s): Lowe Chris | Mello Luciane | Samatar Najma | Martin Laura | Montagnes David | Watts Phillip
Correlation between DNA ploidy, metaphase high-resolution comparative genomic hybridization results and clinical outcome of synovial sarcoma

Author(s): Balogh Zsófia | Szemlaky Zsuzsanna | Szendrői Miklós | Antal Imre | Pápai Zsuzsanna | Fónyad László | Papp Gergő | Changchien Yi | Sápi Zoltán
La Percepción de cambios en la vida de hombres y mujeres según la edad

Author(s): Gastrón, Liliana; | Lacasa, Débora
Traditional landscape and rural development: comparative study in three terraced areas in northern, central and southern Italy to evaluate the efficacy of GAEC standard 4.4 of cross compliance

Author(s): Mauro Agnoletti | Giovanni Cargnello | Lorenzo Gardin | Antonio Santoro | Paolo Bazzoffi | Luigi Sansone | Luciano Pezza | Nicola Belfiore
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Shiguo Lian | Zhu Li | Stefanos Gritzalis | Xi Chen
Comparative analysis of methods for detecting interacting loci

Author(s): Chen Li | Yu Guoqiang | Langefeld Carl | Miller David | Guy Richard | Raghuram Jayaram | Yuan Xiguo | Herrington David | Wang Yue
BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): simple prokaryote genome comparisons

Author(s): Alikhan Nabil-Fareed | Petty Nicola | Ben Zakour Nouri | Beatson Scott
A Comparison Study between Data Mining Tools over some Classification Methods

Author(s): Abdullah H. Wahbeh | Qasem A. Al-Radaideh | Mohammed N. Al-Kabi | Emad M. Al-Shawakfa
"Suure tamme" laul - süntees

Author(s): Matej Goršič
Comparative supragenomic analyses among the pathogens Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Haemophilus influenzae Using a modification of the finite supragenome model

Author(s): Boissy Robert | Ahmed Azad | Janto Benjamin | Earl Josh | Hall Barry | Hogg Justin | Pusch Gordon | Hiller Luisa | Powell Evan | Hayes Jay | Yu Susan | Kathju Sandeep | Stoodley Paul | Post J Christopher | Ehrlich Garth | Hu Fen
Transcriptome analysis by GeneTrail revealed regulation of functional categories in response to alterations of iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Schuler Mara | Keller Andreas | Backes Christina | Philippar Katrin | Lenhof Hans-Peter | Bauer Petra
Profiling the venom gland transcriptomes of Costa Rican snakes by 454 pyrosequencing

Author(s): Durban Jordi | Juárez Paula | Angulo Yamileth | Lomonte Bruno | Flores-Diaz Marietta | Alape-Girón Alberto | Sasa Mahmood | Sanz Libia | Gutiérrez José | Dopazo Joaquín | Conesa Ana | Calvete Juan
Non-standard test methods for long-fibrous reinforced composite materials

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | A.J. Nowak | W. Błażejewski | R. Rybczyński

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