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Contributions to the Systematics of New World Macro-Moths

Author(s): Christian Schmidt | Donald Lafontaine
Recursos d'informació i lleure per a infants malalts

Author(s): Rodríguez Parada, Concepción | Vall Casas, Aurora
Recursos de información y tiempo libre para niños enfermos

Author(s): Rodríguez Parada, Concepción | Vall Casas, Aurora
A primer on burn resuscitation

Author(s): Bacomo Ferdinand | Chung Kevin
Selecció de recursos en línia sobre immigració

Author(s): Miquel i Fageda, Giufré

Author(s): Süleyman EROĞLU | Şükrü BAŞTÜRK |  Mustafa ULUOCAK | Hatice ŞAHİN

Author(s): H. Ömer KARPUZ | Özgür Kasım AYDEMİR

Author(s): Manchanda P | Bid H
Integrating personalized medical test contents with XML and XSL-FO

Author(s): Toddenroth Dennis | Dugas Martin | Frankewitsch Thomas
Fingerprints of changes in the terrestrial carbon cycle in response to large reorganizations in ocean circulation

Author(s): A. Bozbiyik | M. Steinacher | F. Joos | T. F. Stocker | L. Menviel
A quasi chemistry-transport model mode for EMAC

Author(s): R. Deckert | P. Jöckel | V. Grewe | K.-D. Gottschaldt | P. Hoor
A global compilation of over 13 000 dissolved iron measurements: focus on distributions and processes in the Southern Ocean

Author(s): A. Tagliabue | T. Mtshali | O. Aumont | A. R. Bowie | M. B. Klunder | A. N. Roychoudhury | S. Swart
Ultra Rapid Detoxification: A Review of advantages and Disadvantages

Author(s): R. Rostami | Sh. Sardar Pour Goodarzi | J. Bolhari
Zooplanktonic diversity in the western Pacific

Author(s): Mao Lin | Chunguang Wang | Yanguo Wang | Peng Xiang | Yu Wang | Guangshan Lian | Ruixiang Chen | Xiaoyin Chen | Youyin Ye | Yanyu Dai | Jinghong Lin | Zhenzu Xu | Jiaqi Huang | Donghui Guo
Therapeutic application of natural inhibitors agaisnt snake venom phospholipase A2

Author(s): Ramar Perumal Samy* | Ponnampalam Gopalakrishnakone | Vincent TK Chow
Gene-chromosome locations of neuropsychiatric diseases

Author(s): Paul Shapshak | Charurut Somboonwit | John Sinnott | Deborah Commins | Elyse Singer | Andrew Levine
Safe handling of oral chemotherapeutic agents: a European perspective

Author(s): Klaus Meier, PharmD | Niesha Griffith, MS | Susan Goodin, PharmD | et al
Os hotéis como pólos geradores de viagens

Author(s): Lenise Grando Goldner | Diego Westphal | Jorge Augusto Martins Gonçalves | Ronaldo Balassiano
Reproductive profile of captive Sumateran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)

Assessment on the Go: Surveying Students With an iPad

Author(s): Jennifer L. Jones | Bryan Sinclair
Dimensional Modeling of Indian Materials Database

Author(s): Suja Ramachandran | S. Rajeswari | S.A.V. Satya Murty
Aggregating Data for Computational Toxicology Applications: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource (ACToR) System

Author(s): Richard S. Judson | Matthew T. Martin | Peter Egeghy | Sumit Gangwal | David M. Reif | Parth Kothiya | Maritja Wolf | Tommy Cathey | Thomas Transue | Doris Smith | James Vail | Alicia Frame | Shad Mosher | Elaine A. Cohen Hubal | Ann M. Richard
The Phlebotomine sandfly fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae) of Kenya

Author(s): Christopher O. Anjili ,Phillip M. Ngumbi , Josyline C. Kaburi & Lucy W. Irungu

Author(s): Grenier B. | Simonet V. | Schober H.
The European CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O balance between 2001 and 2005

Author(s): S. Luyssaert | G. Abril | R. Andres | D. Bastviken | V. Bellassen | P. Bergamaschi | P. Bousquet | F. Chevallier | P. Ciais | M. Corazza | R. Dechow | K.-H. Erb | G. Etiope | A. Fortems-Cheiney | G. Grassi | J. Hartman | M. Jung | J. Lathière | A. Lohila | N. Moosdorf | S. Njakou Djomo | J. Otto | D. Papale | W. Peters | P. Peylin | P. Raymond | C. Rödenbeck | S. Saarnio | E.-D. Schulze | S. Szopa | R. Thompson | P. J. Verkerk | N. Vuichard | R. Wang | M. Wattenbach | S. Zaehle
Epidemiological Study of Psychiatric Disorders in Tehran Province

Author(s): M. R. Mohammadi | M. Rahgozar | A. Bagheri Yazdi | H. R. Naghavi | H. R. Pour Etemad | H. Amini | M. R. Rostami | F. Khalajabadi farahani | B. Mesgarpour
Natural Products from the Lithistida: A Review of the Literature since 2000

Author(s): Priscilla L. Winder | Shirley A. Pomponi | Amy E. Wright
Main Contributions to Bioceramics by Salvador De Aza

Author(s): García Carrodeaguas, R. | De Aza, P. N.
Atmospheric corrosion of mild steel

Author(s): Morcillo, M. | de la Fuente, D. | Díaz, I. | Cano, H.
Evidences of the sustainable innovation in the cashew agribusiness context in Ceará –Brazil.

Author(s): Leonel Gois Lima Oliveira | Ana Sílvia Rocha Ipiranga
Removing Cycles in Esterel Programs

Author(s): Lukoschus Jan | von Hanxleden Reinhard
Code Generation in the Columbia Esterel Compiler

Author(s): Edwards StephenA | Zeng Jia
Simple Shared Motifs (SSM) in conserved region of promoters: a new approach to identify co-regulation patterns

Author(s): Gruel Jérémy | LeBorgne Michel | LeMeur Nolwenn | Théret Nathalie
Development of quality indicators for monitoring outcomes of frail elderly hospitalised in acute care health settings: Study Protocol

Author(s): Brand Caroline | Martin-Khan Melinda | Wright Olivia | Jones Richard | Morris John | Travers Catherine | Tropea Joannne | Gray Leonard
Rapid VLIW Processor Customization for Signal Processing Applications Using Combinational Hardware Functions

Author(s): Hoare Raymond R | Jones Alex K | Kusic Dara | Fazekas Joshua | Foster John | Tung Shenchih | McCloud Michael
The reference human nuclear mitochondrial sequences compilation validated and implemented on the UCSC genome browser

Author(s): Simone Domenico | Calabrese Francesco Maria | Lang Martin | Gasparre Giuseppe | Attimonelli Marcella
Compilation and Worst-Case Reaction Time Analysis for Multithreaded Esterel Processing

Author(s): Boldt Marian | Traulsen Claus | von Hanxleden Reinhard
DART: A Functional-Level Reconfigurable Architecture for High Energy Efficiency

Author(s): Pillement Sébastien | Sentieys Olivier | David Raphaël

Author(s): S. Bandiera | G. Giunta | A. Aloisi | M. Arena | I. Iozza | M.G. Matarazzo | R. Morello | G. Raciti | F. Rapisarda | S.G. Vitale | A. Cianci
Brominated Compounds from Marine Sponges of the Genus Aplysina and a Compilation of Their 13C NMR Spectral Data

Author(s): Narlize Silva Lira | Ricardo Carneiro Montes | Josean Fechine Tavares | Marcelo Sobral da Silva | Emidio V. L. da Cunha | Petronio Filgueiras de Athayde-Filho | Luis Cezar Rodrigues | Celidarque da Silva Dias | Jose Maria Barbosa-Filho
Emission of toxic components as a factor of the best practice options for waste management: Application of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Author(s): Stevanović-Čarapina Hristina D. | Stepanov Jasna M. | Savić Dunja C. | Mihajlov Anđelka N.
Characterization of deep aquifer dynamics using principle component analysis of sequential multilevel data

Author(s): D. Kurtzman | L. Netzer | N. Weisbrod | A. Nasser | E. R. Graber | D. Ronen
The National Ethical Guideline of Transplantation Research in Iran

Author(s): F Zahedi | B Larijani | A Parsapoor | M Mohaghegh-Dolatabadi | A Jafarian | SM Kazemeini
Medical genetic ethics, Islamic view and considerations in Iran

Author(s): Farzaneh Zahedi | Bagher Larijani
Obesity and exercise in adoloscent period

Author(s): Eda Mendeş | Bekir Mendeş | Kürşat Karacabey
The Table of Chords and Greek Trigonometry

Author(s): Stefano Buscherini | Antonio Panaino
Limitis in the Restoration of Historical Organs

Author(s): Adriana Alescio | Mauro Sebastianelli
Avatars de l'Histoire, Warburg et Marker

Author(s): Barbara Laborde
Implementing High Performance Lexical Analyzer using CELL Broadband Engine Processor

An outbreak of suspected cutaneous leishmaniasis in Ghana: lessons learnt and preparation for future outbreaks

Author(s): Margaret A. Kweku | Shirley Odoom | Naiki Puplampu | Kwame Desewu | Godwin Kwakye Nuako | Ben Gyan | Greg Raczniak | Karl C. Kronmann | Kwadwo Koram | Silvia Botero | Daniel Boakye | Hannah Akuffo
21. Yüzyılda Öğretmen Yetiştirme Eğitim Programının Boyutları

Author(s): Ömer Faruk TUTKUN | Yasemin AKSOYALP
Göktürk Dönemi İnsan Figürlü Taş Anıtlar

Author(s): Lale Avşar İSKENDERZADE

Author(s): MS D D Vishwakarma*, Dr.M R Patel, Dr.K R Patel, Dr.N M Patel
Introducing Intensively Managed Spruce Plantations in Swedish Forest Landscapes will Impair Biodiversity Decline

Author(s): Joachim Strengbom | Anders Dahlberg | Artur Larsson | Åke Lindelöw | Jonas Sandström | Olof Widenfalk | Lena Gustafsson
Systematic review of safety and tolerability of a complex micronutrient formula used in mental health

Author(s): Simpson J Steven | Crawford Susan | Goldstein Estelle | Field Catherine | Burgess Ellen | Kaplan Bonnie
International challenges without borders: a descriptive study of family physicians' educational needs in the field of diabetes

Author(s): Murray Suzanne | Lazure Patrice | Schroter Sara | Leuschner Philipp | Posel Peter | Kellner Thomas | Jenkins Richard
Mycobacteriophage Genome Database

Author(s): Jerrine Joseph | Vasanthi Rajendran | Sameer Hassan | Vanaja Kumar
Expression Compilation of Several Putative Cancer Stem Cell Markers by Primary Ovarian Carcinoma

Author(s): Di Jiabo | Yigit Refika | G. Figdor Carl | Duiveman-de Boer Tjitske | Massuger Leon | Torensma Ruurd
The recycling of end-of-life tyres. Technological review

Author(s): Ramos, G. | Alguacil, F. J. | López, F. A.

Author(s): Prof. Ms. Gustavo Vargas Cohen
Acaricide Resistance in Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari:Tetranychidae)-Global Scenario

Author(s): T. Ramasubramanian | K. Ramaraju | A. Regupathy
A Feature Comparative Study of RealTime Traffic Simulation Over OBS Network

Author(s): Mohammed. A. Al-Shargabi | Abdul Samad Ismail | Sevia M.Idrus
Pollination ecology in the 21st Century: Key questions for future research

Author(s): Carolin Mayer | Lynn Adler | W. Scott Armbruster | Amots Dafni | Connal Eardley | Shuang-Quan Huang | Peter G. Kevan | Jeff Ollerton | Laurence Packer | Axel Ssymank | Jane C. Stout | Simon G. Potts
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