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Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Energy Systems with Sustainability Considerations

Author(s): Christos A. Frangopoulos | Despoina E. Keramioti
Discovering Pattern Associations in Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks

Author(s): Kim Man Lui | Lun Hu | Keith C.C. Chan
A composite score for a measuring instrument utilising re-scaled Likert values and item weights from matrices of pairwise ratios

Author(s): Piet J. Becker | Jacobus (Kobus) S. Wolvaardt | Angie Hennessy | Carin Maree
Image Fusion using Evolutionary Algorithm (GA)

Author(s): V Jyothi | B Rajesh Kumar | P Krishna Rao | D V Rama Koti Reddy
Applying Time Series Analysis Builds Stock Price Forecast Model

Author(s): Jun Zhang | Rui Shan | Wenfang Su

Author(s): Norliza Ahmad | Joriah Muhammad | Tajul Ariffin Masron
Application of Wavelet Method in Stock Exchange Problem

Author(s): S.A.A. Karim | B.A. Karim | M.T. Ismail | M.K. Hasan | J. Sulaiman
Investigation of processing properties of polyamide filled with hard coal

Author(s): J. Stabik | Ł. Suchoń | M. Rojek | M. Szczepanik
Lung function in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - extended analyses of the IFIGENIA trial

Author(s): Behr Jürgen | Demedts Maurits | Buhl Roland | Costabel Ulrich | Dekhuijzen Richard | Jansen Henk | MacNee William | Thomeer Michiel | Wallaert Benoit | Laurent Francois | Nicholson Andrew | Verbeken Eric | Verschakelen Johny | Flower CDR | Petruzzelli Stefano | De Vuyst Paul | Bosch JMM | Rodriguez-Becerra Eulogio | Lankhorst Ida | Sardina Marco | Boissard Gabrielle
Principle and Typical Current Applications of Fiber Grating Sensors

Author(s): YANG Xing | HU Jian-ming | DAI Te-li
Land-Cover Phenologies and Their Relation to Climatic Variables in an Anthropogenically Impacted Mediterranean Coastal Area

Author(s): Ignacio Melendez-Pastor | Jose Navarro-Pedreño | Magaly Koch | Ignacio Gómez | Encarni I. Hernández
Leverage Effect and Market Efficiency of Kuala Lumpur Composite Index

Author(s): Har Wai Mun | Lenan Sundaram | Ong Sze Yin
A study on thermal behaviour of HDPE/CaCO3 nanocomposites

Author(s): S.M. Zebarjad | S.A. Sajjadi | M. Tahani | A. Lazzeri
Stereotactic body radiotherapy for organ-confined prostate cancer

Author(s): Katz Alan | Santoro Michael | Ashley Richard | Diblasio Ferdinand | Witten Matthew
Discovering Pattern Associations in Financial Time Series

Author(s): Kim Man Lui | Lun Hu | Keith C.C. Chan
Consequential late effects after radiotherapy for prostate cancer - a prospective longitudinal quality of life study

Author(s): Pinkawa Michael | Holy Richard | Piroth Marc | Fischedick Karin | Schaar Sandra | Székely-Orbán Dalma | Eble Michael
Isfahan Land Cover Change Detection in The Past 4 Decades Using Remote Sensing

Author(s): S Falhakar | A Saffianian | S.J KHajeddin | H Ziaei
Insulin sensitivity obtained from the oral glucose tolerance test and its relationship with birthweight

Author(s): Dallar Yildiz | Dilli Dilek | Bostanci ilknur | Ogus Elmas | Dogankoc Seyda | Tug Egemen
Excessive TV viewing and cardiovascular disease risk factors in adolescents. The AVENA cross-sectional study

Author(s): Martinez-Gomez David | Rey-López J Pablo | Chillón Palma | Gómez-Martínez Sonia | Vicente-Rodríguez Germán | Martín-Matillas Miguel | Garcia-Fuentes Miguel | Delgado Manuel | Moreno Luis | Veiga Oscar | Eisenmann Joey | Marcos Ascension
Predicting cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in chronic kidney disease in Spain. The rationale and design of NEFRONA: a prospective, multicenter, observational cohort study

Author(s): Junyent Mireia | Martínez Montserrat | Borràs Mercè | Coll Blai | Valdivielso Jose | Vidal Teresa | Sarró Felipe | Roig Jordi | Craver Lourdes | Fernández Elvira
Nutrient density of beverages in relation to climate impact

Author(s): Annika Smedman | Helena Lindmark-Månsson | Adam Drewnowski | Anna-Karin Modin Edman
Predicting Forage Yields Using Properties of Illinois Soils, USA

Author(s): C. I. Hadley | K. R. Olson | G. Bollero | G. E. Pepper
Acoustic Properties of Multi-Layer Coir Fibres Sound Absorption Panel

Author(s): R. Zulkifli | M.J. Mohd Nor | M.F. Mat Tahir | A.R. Ismail | M.Z. Nuawi
Undernutrition and Household Environmental Quality among Urban and Rural Children in Nigeria

Author(s): Folake, O. Samuel | Abiodun H. Cole | Wilna H. Oldewage-Theron
Climate change and its effect on agriculture, water resources and human health sectors in Poland

Author(s): M. Szwed | G. Karg | I. Pińskwar | M. Radziejewski | D. Graczyk | A. Kędziora | Z. W. Kundzewicz
Effects of inbreeding and genetic modification on Aedes aegypti larval competition and adult energy reserves

Author(s): Koenraadt Constantianus | Kormaksson Matthias | Harrington Laura
How can we improve targeting of frail elderly patients to a geriatric day-hospital rehabilitation program?

Author(s): Pereira Silvia | Chiu Wendy | Turner Alyson | Chevalier Stephanie | Joseph Lawrence | Huang Allen | Morais Jose
Preferences for active and aggressive intervention among patients with advanced cancer

Author(s): Maida Vincent | Peck Jonathan | Ennis Marguerite | Brar Navjot | Maida Alexandria

Author(s): Elisabeta Jaba | Alina Botezat | Christiana Brigitte Balan
Discovering Pattern Associations in Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks

Author(s): Kim Man Lui | Lun Hu | Keith C.C. Chan
Distribution, size, shape, growth potential and extent of abdominal aortic calcified deposits predict mortality in postmenopausal women

Author(s): Nielsen Mads | Ganz Melanie | Lauze Francois | Pettersen Paola | de Bruijne Marleen | Clarkson Thomas | Dam Erik | Christiansen Claus | Karsdal Morten

Author(s): E. Handiwirawan | R. R. Noor | C. Sumantri | Subandriyo
Low incidence of new biochemical and clinical hypogonadism following hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) monotherapy for low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer

Author(s): Oermann Eric | Suy Simeng | Hanscom Heather | Kim Joy | Lei Sue | Yu Xia | Zhang Guowei | Ennis Brook | Rohan JoyAnn | Piel Nathaniel | Sherer Benjamin | Borum Devin | Chen Viola | Batipps Gerald | Constantinople Nicholas | Dejter Stephen | Bandi Gaurav | Pahira John | McGeagh Kevin | Adams-Campbell Lucile | Jha Reena | Dawson Nancy | Collins Brian | Dritschilo Anatoly | Lynch John | Collins Sean
Standardization of the Revised Wechsler Memory Scale in Shiraz

Author(s): M. Orangi | M. K. Atefvahid | H. Ashayeri
CIFKAS A Measurer of Functional Disability Status in Knee Osteoarthritis

Author(s): Vijay Batra | Vijai Prakash Sharma | Meenakshi Batra | Vineet Sharma | Girdhar Gopal Agarwal | Vijay K Singh | Ravindra Mohan Pandey
Risk Score Model for Predicting Sonographic Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children and Adolescents

Author(s): Sayed-Mohsen Hosseini | Saeid Mousavi | Parinaz Poursafa | Roya Kelishadi
Synthesis and Third―order Optical Nonlinearity of Mesoporous Au/ZrO2 Thin Films

Author(s): LU Qiang, CUI Fang-Ming, WEI Chen-Yang, HUA Zi-Le, DONG Chang-Qing
Arterial mechanical properties after replacement or reconstruction of the aortic root

Author(s): Jürgen Berger | Peter N. Robinson | Yskert von Kodolitsch | Herman Reichenspurner | Muhammet Aydin | Kai Mortensen | Verena Appenzeller | Alexander M. J. Bernhardt
Remote sensing-based estimation of gross primary production in a subalpine grassland

Author(s): M. Rossini | S. Cogliati | M. Meroni | M. Migliavacca | M. Galvagno | L. Busetto | E. Cremonese | T. Julitta | C. Siniscalco | U. Morra di Cella | R. Colombo
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
專論/專利指標發展研究/阮明淑、梁峻齊(Ming-Shu Yuan, Chun-Chi Liang)

Author(s): 阮明淑、梁峻齊 Ming-Shu Yuan, Chun-Chi Liang
Magnetic Field Measurements Based on Terfenol Coated Photonic Crystal Fibers

Author(s): Sully M. M. Quintero | Cicero Martelli | Arthur M. B. Braga | Luiz C. G. Valente | Carla C. Kato

Author(s): Preda Ana - Maria | Stanica Justina Lavinia | Crisan Daniela Alexandra | Coculescu Cristina

Author(s): K. Kannan | S. Arumuga Perumal
Impacts of aerosols on weather and regional climate over the Pearl River Delta megacity area in China

Author(s): Y. Wang | Q. Wan | W. Meng | F. Liao | H. Tan | R. Zhang
Eight years of IMRT quality assurance with ionization chambers and film dosimetry: experience of the montpellier comprehensive cancer center

Author(s): Fenoglietto Pascal | Laliberté Benoit | Aillères Norbert | Riou Olivier | Dubois Jean-Bernard | Azria David
Coronary collateral circulation: Effects on outcomes of acute anterior myocardial infarction after primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Author(s): Bin Wang | Ya-Ling Han | Yi Li | Quan-Min Jing | Shou-Li Wang | Ying-Yan Ma | Geng Wang | Bo Luan | Xiao-Zeng Wang
Low omega-6 vs. low omega-6 plus high omega-3 dietary intervention for Chronic Daily Headache: Protocol for a randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Ramsden Christopher | Mann J Douglas | Faurot Keturah | Lynch Chanee | Imam Syed | MacIntosh Beth | Hibbeln Joseph | Loewke James | Smith Sunyata | Coble Rebecca | Suchindran Chirayath | Gaylord Susan
Decreased respiratory system compliance on the sixth day of mechanical ventilation is a predictor of death in patients with established acute lung injury

Author(s): Seeley Eric | McAuley Daniel | Eisner Mark | Miletin Michael | Zhuo HanJing | Matthay Michael | Kallet Richard
Acupuncture for the Treatment of Hot Flashes in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Jillian L. Capodice | Philippa Cheetham | Mitchell C. Benson | James M. McKiernan | Aaron E. Katz
Application of Wavelet Method in Stock Exchange Problem

Author(s): S.A.A. Karim | B.A. Karim | M.T. Ismail | M.K. Hasan | J. Sulaiman
Quality Evaluation of Wheat-Mungbean Flour Blends and Their Utilization in Baked Products

Author(s): Imran Pasha | Suhaib Rashid | Faqir Muhammad Anjum | M. Tauseef Sultan | Mir M. Nasir Qayyum | Farhan Saeed
Risk Score Model for Predicting Sonographic Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children and Adolescents

Author(s): Sayed-Mohsen Hosseini | Saeid Mousavi | Parinaz Poursafa | Roya Kelishadi
Micro-tensile Testing of the Lightweight Laminated Structures of Beetle Elytra Cuticle

Author(s): Ji-yu SUN | Jin TONG | Dong-hui CHEN | Jian-bin LIN | Xian-ping LIU | Yue-ming WANG
Causal Relationship among the National Wealth, the Consumption and Shanghai Composite Index

Author(s): HUANG Fei-xue HUANG Fei-xue | Yun WANG | Yan-xi LI
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