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Improving outpatient safety through effective electronic communication: a study protocol

Author(s): Hysong Sylvia | Sawhney Mona | Wilson Lindsey | Sittig Dean | Esquivel Adol | Watford Monica | Davis Traber | Espadas Donna | Singh Hardeep
Organization-wide adoption of computerized provider order entry systems: a study based on diffusion of innovations theory

Author(s): Rahimi Bahlol | Timpka Toomas | Vimarlund Vivian | Uppugunduri Srinivas | Svensson Mikael
Using a computerized provider order entry system to meet the unique prescribing needs of children: description of an advanced dosing model

Author(s): Ferranti Jeffrey | Horvath Monica | Jansen Jeanette | Schellenberger Patricia | Brown Tres | DeRienzo Christopher | Ahmad Asif
Prescriber and staff perceptions of an electronic prescribing system in primary care: a qualitative assessment

Author(s): Devine Emily | Williams Emily | Martin Diane | Sittig Dean | Tarczy-Hornoch Peter | Payne Thomas | Sullivan Sean
The effect of automated alerts on provider ordering behavior in an outpatient setting.

Author(s): Steele Andrew W | Eisert Sheri | Witter Joel | Lyons Pat | Jones Michael A | Gabow Patricia | Ortiz Eduardo
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