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Contactless Crazy

Author(s): David Birch
Protection of Patient Identity and Privacy Using Vascular Biometrics

Author(s): C.Lakshmi Deepika | A.Kandaswamy | C.Vimal
Development of a Novel Contactless Mechanocardiograph Device

Author(s): Kouhyar Tavakolian | Faranak M. Zadeh | Yindar Chuo | Ali Vaseghi | Bozena Kaminska
The Digital Money Decade

Author(s): David G.W. Birch
Cryptanalysis of Two RFID Authentication Protocols

Author(s): Tianjie Cao | Peng Shen
Combined Simulation of a Micro Permanent Magnetic Linear Contactless Displacement Sensor

Author(s): Jing Gao | Wolfgang F.O. Müller | Felix Greiner | Dirk Eicher | Thomas Weiland | Helmut F. Schlaak
Passive and Self-Powered Autonomous Sensors for Remote Measurements

Author(s): Emilio Sardini | Mauro Serpelloni
From Lateral Flow Devices to a Novel Nano-Color Microfluidic Assay

Author(s): Saied Assadollahi | Christiane Reininger | Roland Palkovits | Peter Pointl | Thomas Schalkhammer
Electromagnet Weight Reduction in a Magnetic Levitation System for Contactless Delivery Applications

Author(s): Do-Kwan Hong | Byung-Chul Woo | Dae-Hyun Koo | Ki-Chang Lee
Overlapping Zone Partitioning Localisation Technique for RFID

Author(s): Kavi K. Khedo | Dassen Sathan | Roushdat Elaheebocus | Raja K. Subramanian | Soonil D.D.V. Rughooputh
Using RFID to Enhance Mobile Banking Security

Author(s): Zakaria Saleh | Izzat Alsmadi
Some physical properties of Al–Sn–Zn melts.

Author(s): Sidorov V. | Drápala J. | Uporov S. | Sabirzyanov A. | Popel P. | Kurochkin A. | Grushevskij K.
Análise de ácidos graxos por eletroforese capilar utilizando detecção condutométrica sem contato

Author(s): Oliveira Marcone A. L. | Lago Claudimir L. do | Tavares Marina F. M. | Silva José Alberto Fracassi da
Validation of a microwave radar system for the monitoring of locomotor activity in mice

Author(s): Pasquali Vittorio | Scannapieco Eugenio | Renzi Paolo
RFID: Grundlagen und Potenziale

Author(s): Overmeyer, Ludger | Vogeler, Stefan
Feasibility Study and Design of a Wearable System-on-a-Chip Pulse Radar for Contactless Cardiopulmonary Monitoring

Author(s): Domenico Zito | Domenico Pepe | Bruno Neri | Fabio Zito | Danilo De Rossi | Antonio Lanatà
Influence of surface states and bulk traps on non-equilibrium phenomena at GaAs and GaN surfaces

Author(s): Marcin MICZEK | Boguslawa ADAMOWICZ | Tamotsu HASHIZUME | Hideki HASEGAWA
Optical properties of InGaAs/GaAs quantum wells with different distance from Si-delta-doping layer

Author(s): Marcin MOTYKA | Grzegorz SEK | Janusz ANDRZEJEWSKI | Robert KUDRAWIEC | Jan MISIEWICZ | Beata SCIANA | Damian RADZIEWICZ | Marek TLACZALA
Optical properties of InGaAsP quantum well for infrared emission investigated by modulation spectroscopy

On the Feasibility of Interoperable Schemes in Hand Biometrics

Author(s): Aythami Morales | Ester González | Miguel A. Ferrer
Transport measurements on ultra-clean dual-gated suspended bilayer graphene

Author(s): Velasco Jr. J. | Jing L. | Lee Y. | Kratz P. | Bao W. | Smirnov D. | Bockrath M. | Lau C. N.
Novel Principle of Contactless Gauge Block Calibration

Author(s): Zdeněk Buchta | Šimon Řeřucha | Břetislav Mikel | Martin Čížek | Josef Lazar | Ondřej Číp
Band structures tunability of bulk 2D phononic crystals made of magneto-elastic materials

Author(s): J. O. Vasseur | O. Bou Matar | J. F. Robillard | A.-C. Hladky-Hennion | P. A. Deymier
Unconstrained and Contactless Hand Geometry Biometrics

Author(s): Alberto de-Santos-Sierra | Carmen Sánchez-Ávila | Gonzalo Bailador del Pozo | Javier Guerra-Casanova
Design Patterns, Future Solutions for RFID Applications

Author(s): PAU Corneliu Valentin | MIHAILESCU Marius Iulian | STANESCU Octavian
High-throughput characterization of film thickness in thin film materials libraries by digital holographic microscopy

Author(s): Yiu Wai Lai, Michael Krause, Alan Savan, Sigurd Thienhaus, Nektarios Koukourakis, Martin R Hofmann and Alfred Ludwig
Development of a Totally Implantable Hearing Aid

Author(s): Aleksandar Vujanić | Robert Pavelka | Nadja Adamović | Christoph Kment | Sladjan Mitić | Werner Brenner | Gordana Popović
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