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Breast Feeding Initial Difficulties -descriptive study

Author(s): Eunice Francisca Martins E. F. Martins | Cármem Mayana Bonfim Esteves Oliveira C. M. B. E Oliveira
Continuity of care in surgery: the module planning

Author(s): Ferrocci G | Rossi C | Bolzon S | Vanini P | Possamai L | Anzivino F | Cavallesco G | Durante E | Azzena G
Managing patient records in the eye unit

Author(s): Ingrid Mason | Jonathan Pons
PRISMA: a new model of integrated service delivery for the frail older people in Canada

Author(s): Réjean Hébert | Pierre J. Durand | Nicole Dubuc | André Tourigny
Breaks in continuity of care and the rural senior transferred for medical care under regionalisation

Author(s): H. Jay Biem | H. Hadjistavropoulos | Debra Morgan | Henry B. Biem | Raymond W. Pong
Development and implementation of the Ontario Stroke System: the use of evidence

Author(s): Jill I. Cameron | Susan Rappolt | Mary Lewis | Renee Lyons | Grace Warner | Frank Silver
Support Process of Surgical Block: Patient safety strategies

Author(s): Alfredo Castro Díaz | Mª Jesús Martín González | Concepción González García | Inmaculada Alonso Gutiérrez | Rosa Martos Moreno | Guadalupe Pareja Toré
Mental health network governance and coordination: comparative analysis across Canadian regions

Author(s): Mary E. Wiktorowicz | Marie-Josée Fleury | Carol E. Adair | Alain Lesage | Elliot Goldner | Suzanne Peters
Use of electronic medical records in oncology outcomes research

Author(s): Gena Kanas | Libby Morimoto | Fionna Mowat | et al
Protocol of patient’s initial valuation at the admitted to nursing care unit

Author(s): Eduardo Mesa Fernández | Mª África Conde Anguita | Josefa Moral Jiménez
Tobacco Dependence: Nursing Care Plans

Author(s): Aurora Miguel García | Federico de Miguel Salinas
Integrated care across borders: possibilities and complexities

Author(s): Silvia Evers | Aggie Paulus | Annelies Boonen
Organisational design for an integrated oncological department

Author(s): Ch.L. Meiss-de Haas | H. Falkmann | J. Douma | J.G. van Gassel | W.G. Peters | R. van Mierlo | J.M. van Turnhout | C.A.H.H.V.M. Verhagen | A.J.P. Schrijvers
What do practitioners think? A qualitative study of a shared care mental health and nutrition primary care program

Author(s): Jann Paquette-Warren | Evelyn Vingilis | Jaimi Greenslade | Sharon Newnam
A literature review on integrated perinatal care

Author(s): Charo Rodríguez | Catherine des Rivières-Pigeon
Attributes of conception of relational continuity: an essential component of the integration of services for frail older people

Author(s): Dominique Gagnon | Yves Couturier | Francis Etheridge | Joanie Lacasse-Bédard
Rates of coverage and determinants of complete vaccination of children in rural areas of Burkina Faso (1998-2003)

Author(s): Sia Drissa | Fournier Pierre | Kobiané Jean-François | Sondo Blaise
Out-of-hours palliative care provided by GP co-operatives: availability, content and effect of transferred information

Author(s): Schweitzer Bart | Blankenstein Nettie | Deliens Luc | Horst Henriette
Situation of cross-matter Health Education in the province of Toledo

Author(s): Jaime Martín Morcillo | Sagrario Celada Pérez | Susana Fernández Crespo | Fructuoso Rodríguez Muñoz
Continuity of care for children with complex chronic health conditions: parents' perspectives

Author(s): Miller Anton | Condin Christopher | McKellin William | Shaw Nicola | Klassen Anne | Sheps Sam
Integrated primary care in Germany: the road ahead

Author(s): Sophia Schlette | Melanie Lisac | Kerstin Blum
The effectiveness of the PRISMA integrated service delivery network: preliminary report on methods and baseline data

Author(s): Réjean Hébert | Marie-France Dubois | Michel Raïche | Nicole Dubuc
Integrated primary health care in Greece, a missing issue in the current health policy agenda: a systematic review

Author(s): Christos Lionis | Emmanouil K Symvoulakis | Adelais Markaki | Constantine Vardavas | Maria Papadakaki | Natasa Daniilidou | Kyriakos Souliotis | Ioannis Kyriopoulos
Does mental health service integration affect compulsory admissions?

Author(s): André I. Wierdsma | Cornelis L. Mulder

GPs' views on transfer of information about terminally ill patients to the out-of-hours co-operative

Author(s): Schweitzer Bart | Blankenstein Nettie | Willekens Maartje | Terpstra Elmi | Giesen Paul | Deliens Luc
Do integrated mental healthcare organisations facilitate process quality in the treatment of people with schizophrenia and related psychoses?

Author(s): D.P. Ravelli | V.J.A. Buwalda | C.J.A.J. Slooff | A.J.P. Schrijvers | H. van Engeland
Transmural care in the rehabilitation sector: implementation experiences with a transmural care model for people with spinal cord injury

Author(s): J.H.A. Bloemen-Vrencken | L.P. de Witte | J.P.G.M. Engels | W.J.A. van den Heuvel | M.W.M. Post
Nurses’ information management at patients’ discharge from hospital to home care

Author(s): Ragnhild Hellesø | Lena Sorensen | Margarethe Lorensen
Validation of an instrument to measure inter-organisational linkages in general practice

Author(s): Cheryl Amoroso | Judith Proudfoot | Tanya Bubner | Upali W. Jayasinghe | Christine Holton | Julie Winstanley | Justin Beilby | Mark F. Harris
An evaluation of gender equity in different models of primary care practices in Ontario

Author(s): Dahrouge Simone | Hogg William | Tuna Meltem | Russell Grant | Devlin Rose | Tugwell Peter | Kristjansson Elisabeth
The experience of living with chronic heart failure: a narrative review of qualitative studies

Author(s): Jeon Yun-Hee | Kraus Stefan | Jowsey Tanisha | Glasgow Nicholas
The breadth of primary care: a systematic literature review of its core dimensions

Author(s): Kringos Dionne | Boerma Wienke | Hutchinson Allen | van der Zee Jouke | Groenewegen Peter
The effect of the COACH program (Continuity Of Appropriate pharmacotherapy, patient Counselling and information transfer in Healthcare) on readmission rates in a multicultural population of internal medicine patients

Author(s): Karapinar-Çarkıt Fatma | Borgsteede Sander | Zoer Jan | Siegert Carl | van Tulder Maurits | Egberts Antoine | van den Bemt Patricia
The disease management program for type 2 diabetes in Germany enhances process quality of diabetes care - a follow-up survey of patient's experiences

Author(s): Schäfer Ingmar | Küver Claudia | Gedrose Benjamin | Hoffmann Falk | Ruß-Thiel Barbara | Brose Hans-Peter | van den Bussche Hendrik | Kaduszkiewicz Hanna
TECNOB: study design of a randomized controlled trial of a multidisciplinary telecare intervention for obese patients with type-2 diabetes

Author(s): Castelnuovo Gianluca | Manzoni Gian | Cuzziol Paola | Cesa Gian | Tuzzi Cristina | Villa Valentina | Liuzzi Antonio | Petroni Maria | Molinari Enrico
Health Reform in Mexico City, 2000-2006

Author(s): Asa Cristina Laurell
Follow-up of premature children with high risk for growth and development delay: a multiprofessional assessment

Author(s): Marcia de Freitas | Ana Merzel Kernkraut | Simone Maria Amadio Guerrero | Sonia Teresa Gaidzakian Akopian | Sandra Harumi Murakami | Vanessa Madaschi | Danielle Rueg | Cristiane Isabela de Almeida | Alice D´Agostini Deutsch
Professional Service Utilisation among Patients with Severe Mental Disorders

Author(s): Fleury Marie-Josée | Grenier Guy | Bamvita Jean-Marie | Caron Jean
Scaling up integration: development and results of a participatory assessment of HIV/TB services, South Africa

Author(s): Scott Vera | Chopra Mickey | Azevedo Virginia | Caldwell Judy | Naidoo Pren | Smuts Brenda
Legendary genealogies of Byzantine Emperors and their families

Author(s): Krsmanović Bojana T. | Radošević Ninoslava M.
Tetanus  a proposal of interdisciplinary care in an intensive care unit: literature systematic review

Author(s): Maria Eugênia Pires Pessoa Batista Rafael, Simone Maria Irineu Leal, Talita Helena Monteiro de Moura, Tatiana Prísgida de Oliveira Cavalcanti, Thaísa Marinho Carneiro de Albuquerque, Janaina Maria dos Santos Francisco de Paula, Edivane Patrícia da Costa G
A discharge summary adapted to the frail elderly to ensure transfer of relevant information from the hospital to community settings: a model

Author(s): Kergoat Marie-Jeanne | Latour Judith | Julien Isabelle | Plante Marie-Andrée | Lebel Paule | Mainville Dominique | Bolduc Aline | Buckland Julie
Characteristics of general practice care: What do senior citizens value? A qualitative study

Author(s): Berkelmans P(Ine) | Berendsen Annette | Verhaak Peter | van der Meer Klaas
The european primary care monitor: structure, process and outcome indicators

Author(s): Kringos Dionne | Boerma Wienke | Bourgueil Yann | Cartier Thomas | Hasvold Toralf | Hutchinson Allen | Lember Margus | Oleszczyk Marek | Pavlic Danica | Svab Igor | Tedeschi Paolo | Wilson Andrew | Windak Adam | Dedeu Toni | Wilm Stefan
Elaborating of the database of the nursing special language of an intensive therapy unit based on model of seven axes of the icnp® version 1.0

Author(s): Elizabeth Vasconcelos Trigueiro, Ana Claudia Torres de Medeiros, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega,Telma Ribeiro Garcia
Manutenção periódica preventiva: uma visão dos periodontistas de Porto Alegre/RS

Author(s): Fernanda Domingues Cavalheiro | Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing
Effects of quetiapine on sleep architecture in patients with unipolar or bipolar depression

Author(s): Laura Gedge | Lauren Lazowski | David Murray | et al
Determinants of the most significant characteristics of reproductive health

Author(s): Miljković Snežana | Đokić Dragoljub | Đukić-Dejanović Slavica | Grbić Gordana | Mitrašinović Dejan | Radosavljević-Svetozarević Jelena | Prelević Rade | Krivokapić Žarko | Višnjić Aleksandar
Care for patients with cerebrovascular disease in a general hospital. 2 years experience Atención a pacientes con enfermedad cerebrovascular en un hospital general. Experiencia de 2 años

Author(s): Joan Omar Rojas Fuentes | Yainelí Cutiño Maas | Ricardo Verdecia Fraga | Ada Sánchez Lozano | Didiesdle Herrera Alonso | Julio López Arguelles
Design of a case management model for people with chronic disease (Heart Failure and COPD). Phase I: modeling and identification of the main components of the intervention through their actors: patients and professionals (DELTA-icE-PRO Study)

Author(s): Morales-Asencio Jose | Martin-Santos Francisco | Morilla-Herrera Juan | Fernández-Gallego Magdalena | Celdrán-Mañas Miriam | Navarro-Moya Francisco | Rodríguez-Salvador Maria | Muñoz-Ronda Francisco | Gonzalo-Jiménez Elena | Carrasco Almudena
Children admitted to hospital following unintentional injury: perspectives of health service providers in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Author(s): Ameratunga Shanthi | Abel Sally | Tin Sandar | Asiasiga Lanuola | Milne Sharon | Crengle Sue
A global approach to evaluation of health services utilization: concepts and measures

Author(s): Borgès Da Silva R | Contandriopoulos AP | Pineault R | Tousignant P
Development of a longitudinal integrated clerkship at an academic medical center

Author(s): Ann Poncelet | Seth Bokser | Brook Calton | Karen E. Hauer | Heidi Kirsch | Tracey Jones | Cindy J. Lai | Lindsay Mazotti | William Shore | Arianne Teherani | Lowell Tong | Maria Wamsley | Patricia Robertson
Customer Quality and Type 2 Diabetes from the Patients’ Perspective: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Jafar S Tabrizi (MD, PhD), Andrew J Wilson (PhD), Peter K O’Rourke (PhD)
Continuity of midwifery care and gestational weight gain in obese women: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Nagle Cate | Skouteris Helen | Hotchin Anne | Bruce Lauren | Patterson Denise | Teale Glyn
Achieving Continuity of Care: Facilitators and Barriers in Community Mental Health Teams

Author(s): Belling Ruth | Whittock Margaret | McLaren Susan | Burns Tom | Catty Jocelyn | Jones Ian Rees | Rose Diana | Wykes Til
The identification and management of ADHD offenders within the criminal justice system: a consensus statement from the UK Adult ADHD Network and criminal justice agencies

Author(s): Young Susan | Adamou Marios | Bolea Blanca | Gudjonsson Gisli | Müller Ulrich | Pitts Mark | Thome Johannes | Asherson Philip
Impact on continuity of care of decentralized versus partly centralized mental health care in Northern Norway

Author(s): Lars Henrik Myklebust | Reidun Olstad | Svein Bjorbekkmo | Martin Eisemann | Rolf Wynn | Knut Sørgaard
Mean annual increment of Dysoxylum parasiticum (Osbeck) Kosterm. in “Eka Karya” Botanical Garden, Bali

Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Alternative perspectives of quality of prenatal care in Chihuahua, Mexico

Author(s): Lourdes Camarena O | Christine von Glascoe
Breakdown of continuity in public mental healthcare in the Netherlands: a longitudinal case study

Author(s): André Wierdsma | Meta van der Schee | Cornelis L. Mulder
Benefits and challenges perceived by patients with cancer when offered a nurse navigator

Author(s): Marianne Kirstine Thygesen | Birthe D Pedersen | Jakob Kragstrup | Lis Wagner | Ole Mogensen
Integrated postdischarge transitional care in a hospitalist system to improve discharge outcome: an experimental study

Author(s): Shu Chin-Chung | Hsu Nin-Chieh | Lin Yu-Feng | Wang Jann-Yuan | Lin Jou-Wei | Ko Wen-Je
Why do GPs hesitate to refer diabetes patients to a self-management education program: a qualitative study

Author(s): Sunaert Patricia | Vandekerckhove Marie | Bastiaens Hilde | Feyen Luc | Vanden Bussche Piet | De Maeseneer Jan | De Sutter An | Willems Sara
Primary care provider perceptions of intake transition records and shared care with outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs

Author(s): Yee Jonathan | Unsworth Karen | Suskin Neville | Reid Robert | Jamnik Veronica | Grace Sherry
A prospective cohort study of long-term cognitive changes in older Medicare beneficiaries

Author(s): Wolinsky Fredric | Bentler Suzanne | Hockenberry Jason | Jones Michael | Weigel Paula | Kaskie Brian | Wallace Robert
Inequality in provider continuity for children by Australian general practitioners

Author(s): Kljakovic Marjan | Ciszek Karen | Reynolds Graham | Colman Samuel
The growing caseload of chronic life-long conditions calls for a move towards full self-management in low-income countries

Author(s): van Olmen Josefien | Ku Grace | Bermejo Raoul | Kegels Guy | Hermann Katharina | Van Damme Wim
Narcotic analgesic utilization amongst injured workers: using concept mapping to understand current issues from the perspectives of physicians and pharmacists

Author(s): Parsons Janet | Mamdani Muhammad | Bhattacharyya Onil | Fortin Claire | Melo Magda | Salmon Christina | Raptis Stavroula | Bain Donna | O'Campo Patricia
Patient’s information on their disease and therapy in an academic extension project

Author(s): Rilva Lopes de Sousa-Muñoz | Bruno Melo Fernandes | Rodolfo Augusto Bacelar de Athayde | Samuel Gouveia da Costa Duarte | Isabel Barroso Augusto Silva | Ângela Siqueira de Figueiredo
Comparison of government and cooperative health centers with regard to services and health cares

Author(s): Farahbakhsh M. | Nikniaz A. | Tabrizi J. | Jahanbin H. | Abdolahi H. | Zakeri A. | Sadeghi bazargani H.
Nurses role in nuclear medicine team

Author(s): Rafat Rezapour
To assess role of staffing in nursing productivity: a qualitative research

Author(s): Dehghan nayeri N | Nazari A | Salsali M | Ahmadi F
Research development in Tehran Nursing and Midwifery School, 2004: an action research report

Author(s): Nikbakht Nasrabadi A | Parsa Yekta Z | Barimnejad L
Conflict Management among Clinical Nurses

Author(s): N Dehghan nayeri | R Negarandeh | N Bahrani | A Sadoghi Asl
Critical illness outcome study: an observational study of protocols and mortality in intensive care units

Author(s): Ali NA | Gutteridge D | Shahul S | Checkley W | Sevransky J | Martin GS
Continuity and change in human resources policies for health: lessons from Brazil

Author(s): Buchan James | Fronteira Ines | Dussault Gilles
Divergent modes of integration: the Canadian way

Author(s): Izzat Jiwani | Marie-Josée Fleury
Perceptions of the population in condition of forced displacement about health care service in some municipalities of Colombia

Author(s): Germán A. Moreno G | Juan C. Monsalve B | Diomedes Tabima G | Julia I. Escobar M
Reliability of a patient survey assessing cost-related changes in health care use among high deductible health plan enrollees

Author(s): Penfold Robert | Kullgren Jeffrey | Miroshnik Irina | Galbraith Alison | Hinrichsen Virginia | Lieu Tracy
Integrating telecare for chronic disease management in the community: What needs to be done?

Author(s): May Carl | Finch Tracy | Cornford James | Exley Catherine | Gately Claire | Kirk Sue | Jenkings K | Osbourne Janice | Robinson A | Rogers Anne | Wilson Robert | Mair Frances
Implementing a quality improvement programme in palliative care in care homes: a qualitative study

Author(s): Hall Sue | Goddard Cassie | Stewart Frances | Higginson Irene
Evaluation of the impact of interdisciplinarity in cancer care

Author(s): Tremblay Dominique | Roberge Danièle | Cazale Linda | Touati Nassera | Maunsell Elizabeth | Latreille Jean | Lemaire Jacques
Care transitions for older patients with musculoskeletal disorders: continuity from the providers’ perspective

Author(s): Jordache McLeod | Josephine McMurray | Jennifer D. Walker | George A. Heckman | Paul Stolee
Mental health network governance and coordination: comparative analysis across Canadian regions

Author(s): Mary E. Wiktorowicz | Marie-Josée Fleury | Carol E. Adair | Alain Lesage | Elliot Goldner | Suzanne Peters
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