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Mixed quasi-equilibrium-like problems

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor
Material parameters identification by use of hybrid GA

Author(s): J. Majak | S. Toompalu | M. Pohlak
Complementary Lidstone Interpolation and Boundary Value Problems

Author(s): Ravi P. Agarwal | Sandra Pinelas | Patricia J. Y. Wong
A Jxta Based Asynchronous Peer-to-Peer Implementation of Genetic Programming

Author(s): Gianluigi Folino | Agostino Forestiero | Giandomenico Spezzano
Extraction of thalweg networks from DTMs: application to badlands

Author(s): N. Thommeret | J. S. Bailly | C. Puech
Aspects of the Current Fiscal - Budgetary Situation in Some Euro Area Countries. Implications for Romania

Author(s): Camelia Milea | Floarea Iordache | Alina Georgeta Glod | Adina Criste | Iulia Lupu
An Appraisal on the Earlier Euro Adoption by the New Member States in the Frame of the Current Global Economic and Financial Crisis

Author(s): Iulia Lupu | Camelia Milea | Adina Criste | Alina Georgeta Glod | Floarea Iordache
Genetic aspects of strabismus

Author(s): Ferreira Rosane da Cruz | Oelrich Faye | Bateman Bronwyn
Validity of Simpson-Angus Scale (SAS) in a naturalistic schizophrenia population

Author(s): Janno Sven | Holi Matti | Tuisku Katinka | Wahlbeck Kristian
Mixed quasi-equilibrium-like problems

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor
Frequency-Domain Adaptive Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation in VoIP

Author(s): Xiang (Shawn) Lin | Andy W. H. Khong | Milŏs Doroslovăcki | Patrick A. Naylor
Romania’s Dilemmas in Perspective of EMU Integration

Author(s): Cristian Socol | Aura Niculescu
An exploration of the use of simple statistics to measure consensus and stability in Delphi studies

Author(s): Holey Elizabeth | Feeley Jennifer | Dixon John | Whittaker Vicki
The Convergence Criteria and the SAARC Common Currency

Author(s): Farooq Rasheed | Eatzaz Ahmed
Rigorous solution of a mean field spin glass model

Author(s): T. C. Dorlas | J. R. Wedagedera
Mixed quasi-equilibrium-like problems

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor
Uma hierarquia de testes de convergência de séries baseada no teorema de Kummer

Author(s): Ludmila Bourchtein | Andrei Bourchtein | Gabrielle Nornberg | Cristiane Venzke
Unique genes in plants: specificities and conserved features throughout evolution

Author(s): Armisén David | Lecharny Alain | Aubourg Sébastien
Stability Analysis of Neural Networks-Based System Identification

Author(s): Talel Korkobi | Mohamed Djemel | Mohamed Chtourou
Conflict or convergence ? Perceptions of teachers and students about ethics in the use of animals in Zoology teaching

Author(s): Kênio E. C. Lima | Margareth Mayer | Ana M. Carneiro-Leão | Simão D. Vasconcelos
Exchange Rate Arrangements Prior to Euro Adoption

Author(s): Juraj Antal | Tomáš Holub
Genetic analysis of growth curves using the SAEM algorithm

Author(s): Jaffrézic Florence | Meza Cristian | Lavielle Marc | Foulley Jean-Louis
Reliability and validity of a new scale on internal coherence (ICS) of cancer patients

Author(s): Kröz Matthias | Büssing Arndt | von Laue Hans | Reif Marcus | Feder Gene | Schad Friedemann | Girke Matthias | Matthes Harald
Validation of a short form Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey (WURSS-21)

Author(s): Barrett Bruce | Brown Roger | Mundt Marlon | Thomas Gay | Barlow Shari | Highstrom Alex | Bahrainian Mozhdeh
Importance of criteria and indicators of evaluation and accreditation of lecturers in the public university in the distinct UNESCO fields of knowledge

Author(s): Juan Carlos Sierra | Gualberto Buela-Casal | María de la Paz Bermúdez | Pablo Santos-Iglesias
Psychiatric Consultation and Substance Use Disorders

Author(s): Sheila Specker | William H. Meller | Steven Thurber
Robust extraction of thalwegs network from DTM: application on badlands

Author(s): N. Thommeret | J. S. Bailly | C. Puech

Author(s): Qi Luo | Ben K. M. Sim
Extreme Zoom Surveillance: System Design and Image Restoration

Author(s): Yi Yao | Besma R. Abidi | Mongi A. Abidi
Fairness of High-Speed TCP Protocols with Different Flow Capacities

Author(s): Rachid Mbarek | Mohamed Tahar Ben Othman | Salem Nasri
Generalized set-valued variational inequalities

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor
Non Linear Image Processing With EHW Filter

Author(s): S. Mary Joans | Dr. Anandanatarajan | Dr.S.Ravi
Non Genetic Factors Affecting Local Kids` Growth Curve under Pastoral Mode in Tunisian Arid Region

Author(s): Najari Sghaier | Gaddour Amor | Ouni Mabrouk | Abdennabi Mouldi | Ben Hamouda Mohamed
Participation of hospitalized children: the journey of the nursing staff

Author(s): Andréia Bragança Gentil, Tathiana Silva de Souza Martins
Simulation and Performance Analysis of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms in Noise Cancellation

Author(s): Lilatul Ferdouse | Nasrin Akhter | Tamanna Haque Nipa | Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar
MIPAS level 2 operational analysis

Author(s): P. Raspollini | C. Belotti | A. Burgess | B. Carli | M. Carlotti | S. Ceccherini | B. M. Dinelli | A. Dudhia | J.-M. Flaud | B. Funke | M. Höpfner | M. López-Puertas | V. Payne | C. Piccolo | J. J. Remedios | M. Ridolfi | R. Spang
The euro and the EMU: lessons for Mercosur

Author(s): Arestis , Philip | Ferrari-Filho , Fernando | Paula , Luiz Fernando de | Sawyer , Malcolm
Validation of a questionnaire measuring the regulation of autonomic function

Author(s): Kröz M | Feder G | von Laue HB | Zerm R | Reif M | Girke M | Matthes H | Gutenbrunner C | Heckmann C
Ajustes de curvas de crescimento em bovinos Nelore da região Norte do Brasil Fitting of growth curves of Nellore cattle from Northern Brazil

Author(s): Fernando Brito Lopes | Marcelo Correa da Silva | Ednira Gleida Marques | Jorge Luis Ferreira
Frequency-Domain Adaptive Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation in VoIP

Author(s): Lin Xiang(Shawn) | Khong AndyWH | Doroslovăcki Milŏs | Naylor PatrickA
Complementary Lidstone Interpolation and Boundary Value Problems

Author(s): Agarwal RaviP | Pinelas Sandra | Wong PatriciaJY

Author(s): Anisoara Niculina APETRI | Gheorghe SANDU | Irina Stefana CIBOTARIU
Association between metabolic syndrome and coronary events in dislipidemic patients from the Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Institute.

Author(s): María Beatríz Cabalé Vilariño | Daniel Sánchez Serrano | Elain Gutierrez Carbonell | Amaury Flores Sánchez

Author(s): Gheorghe ZAMAN | Daniela-Luminita CONSTANTIN | Zizi GOSCHIN
An Actual Need: to Modernize the Concept of Seismic Intensity

Author(s): Horea SANDI | Felix APTIKAEV | Olga ERTELEVA | Ioan Sorin BORCIA | Vasile ALCAZ
Internal force field in proteins seen by divergence entropy

Author(s): Damian Marchewka | Mateusz Banach | Irena Roterman
Effects of Economic and Financial Crisis on Nominal Convergence Indicators in New Member States

Author(s): Iulia Lupu | Camelia Milea | Alina Georgeta Glod | Adina Criste
Optional accounting criteria under ifrss and corporate characteristics: evidence from spain

EA/G-GA for Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Earliness/Tardiness Costs

Author(s): Shih-Hsin Chen | Min-Chih Chen | Pei-Chann Chang | Yuh-Min Chen
Explicit Finite Difference Solution of Heat Transfer Problems of Fish Packages in Precooling

Author(s): A. S. Mokhtar | K. A. Abbas | M. M.H.M. Ahmad | S. M. Sapuan | A. O. Ashraf | M. A. Wan | B. Jamilah
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