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Web-based data collection: detailed methods of a questionnaire and data gathering tool

Author(s): Cooper Charles | Cooper Sharon | del Junco Deborah | Shipp Eva | Whitworth Ryan | Cooper Sara
Isolation, purification, and full NMR assignments of cyclopamine from Veratrum californicum

Author(s): Oatis John | Brunsfeld Pam | Rushing James | Moeller Peter | Bearden Daniel | Gallien Thomas | Cooper George
Role of carotid duplex imaging in carotid screening programmes – an overview

Author(s): Saleem Muhammad | Sadat Umar | Walsh Stewart | Young Victoria | Gillard Jonathan | Cooper David | Gaunt Michael
Steps toward broad-spectrum therapeutics: discovering virulence-associated genes present in diverse human pathogens

Author(s): Stubben Chris | Duffield Melanie | Cooper Ian | Ford Donna | Gans Jason | Karlyshev Andrey | Lingard Bryan | Oyston Petra | de Rochefort Anna | Song Jian | Wren Brendan | Titball Rick | Wolinsky Murray
Validation of a maternal questionnaire on correlates of physical activity in preschool children

Author(s): McMinn Alison | van Sluijs Esther | Harvey Nicholas | Cooper Cyrus | Inskip Hazel | Godfrey Keith | Griffin Simon
Patterns of GPS measured time outdoors after school and objective physical activity in English children: the PEACH project

Author(s): Cooper Ashley | Page Angie | Wheeler Benedict | Hillsdon Melvyn | Griew Pippa | Jago Russell
If you build it, they still may not come: outcomes and process of implementing a community-based integrated knowledge translation mapping innovation

Author(s): Driedger S Michelle | Kothari Anita | Graham Ian | Cooper Elizabeth | Crighton Eric | Zahab Melanie | Morrison Jason | Sawada Michael
A comparison of the inhibitory activity of selective PDE4 inhibitors on eosinophil recruitment in guinea pig skin

Author(s): Teixeira Mauro M | Miotla JM | Cooper N | Gristwood RW | Hellewell PG
Flow cytometry as a tool for analysing invertebrate cells

Author(s): A Cossarizza | M Pinti | L Troiano | EL Cooper
Tracking the spatial diffusion of influenza and norovirus using telehealth data: A spatiotemporal analysis of syndromic data

Author(s): Cooper Duncan | Smith Gillian | Regan Martyn | Large Shirley | Groenewegen Peter
The comparison of self-esteem between male and female cancer patients

Author(s): Noghani F | Monjamed Z | Bahrani N | Ghodrati Jablo V
Molecular Genetic Analysis of the PLP1 Gene in 38 Families with PLP1-related disorders: Identification and Functional Characterization of 11 Novel PLP1 Mutations

Author(s): Grossi Serena | Regis Stefano | Biancheri Roberta | Mort Matthew | Lualdi Susanna | Bertini Enrico | Uziel Graziella | Boespflug-Tanguy Odile | Simonati Alessandro | Corsolini Fabio | Demir Ercan | Marchiani Valentina | Percesepe Antonio | Stanzial Franco | Rossi Andrea | Vaurs-Barrière Catherine | Cooper David | Filocamo Mirella

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