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Assortment structure in beech coppice stands in the Crni vrh region

Author(s): Danilović Milorad | Krstić Milun | Pantić Damjan | Matović Bratislav
Relationships between silvicultural system, forest type and floristic diversity in chestnut coppices

Author(s): Mattioli W | Pinelli A | Filibeck G | Portoghesi L | Scoppola A | Corona P
Natural dynamics of holm oak-dominated forest stands in the National Park of Maremma, Tuscany

Author(s): Manetti MC | Bartolucci S | Bertini G | Piussi P | Sani L
Tree biomass and deadwood density into ageing Turkey oak coppices in Tuscany

Author(s): Bertini G | Fabbio G | Piovosi M | Calderisi M
State and silvicultural problems of beech forests in Northeast Serbia

Author(s): Krstić Milun | Medarević Milan | Stojanović Ljubivoje | Banković Staniša
Tree development and productivity of beech coppice stands in the Crni Vrh region

Author(s): Pantić Damjan | Krstić Milun | Danilović Milorad | Matović Bratislav | Marković Nenad
Assortment structure in beech coppice stands in Boljevac region

Author(s): Danilović Milorad | Pantić Damjan
Economic analysis of replacement regeneration and coppice regeneration in eucalyptus stands under risk conditions

Author(s): Isabel Carolina de Lima Guedes | Luiz Moreira Coelho Júnior | Antônio Donizette de Oliveira | José Márcio de Mello | José Luiz Pereira de Rezende | Charles Plínio de Castro Silva

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