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Antiviral Inhibition of Enveloped Virus Release by Tetherin/BST-2: Action and Counteraction

Author(s): Anna Le Tortorec | Suzanne Willey | Stuart J. D. Neil
On English Teaching in Maritime Colleges

Author(s): Jiang Shen | Honggui Wang
Cyberterrorism: The Next Arena of Confrontation

Author(s): George K. Kostopoulos
Operation Flow Reconstruction of Travel Agency

Author(s): Qiu-mei FAN | Cheng-zhu JIN | Zhen-jia ZHANG
On Inflation Accounting in China

Author(s): Zhenghong Che | Xianxue Li

Brief Analysis on China Rural Tourism

Author(s): Cheng-hua ZHAO
A Novel Stegnosystem Design for Defying Differential Power Analysis Attacks on Smart Cards

Author(s): Hanan Mahmoud | Khaled Alghathbar | Alaaeldin Hafez
A Context-Dependent Trust Model for the MAC Layer in LR-WPANs Bernardo M. David, Beatriz Santana, Laerte Peotta, Marcelo D. Holtz,

Author(s): Rafael Timóteo de Sousa Jr | Bernardo M. David, | Beatriz Santana | Laerte Peotta, | Marcelo D. Holtz,
Generation and characterization of high affinity human monoclonal antibodies that neutralize staphylococcal enterotoxin B

Author(s): Drozdowski Brian | Zhou Yuhong | Kline Brad | Spidel Jared | Chan Yin Yin | Albone Earl | Turchin Howard | Chao Qimin | Henry Marianne | Balogach Jacqueline | Routhier Eric | Bavari Sina | Nicolaides Nicholas | Sass Philip | Grasso Luigi
A Survey on Attacks and Defense Metrics of Routing Mechanism in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): K.P.Manikandan | Dr.R.Satyaprasad | Dr.K.Rajasekhararao
Emerging Diseases in European Forest Ecosystems and Responses in Society

Author(s): Jan Stenlid | Jonàs Oliva | Johanna B. Boberg | Anna J.M. Hopkins
Blood glucose control in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock

Author(s): Hiroyuki Hirasawa, Shigeto Oda, Masataka Nakamura
Discussion on the Sustainable Development of Scenic Spots

Author(s): Qiu-mei FAN | Zhen-jia ZHANG
Network Intrusion Forensic Analysis Using Intrusion Detection System

Author(s): Manish Kumar | Dr. M. Hanumanthappa | Dr. T.V. Suresh Kumar
An Evaluation on Construction Land Intensive Use in Chengdu City

Author(s): Zhou You | Wenkuan Chen | Liu Song
Security Analysis System to Detect Threats on a SIP VoIP Infrasctructure Elements

Author(s): Filip Rezac | Miroslav Voznak | Karel Tomala | Jan Rozhon | Jiri Vychodil
Distributing countermeasures for all hazards events and reporting their utilizations

Author(s): Michele Renshaw | Sanjeeb Sapkota | Stephanie Dulin | Guy Faler | Benjamin Erickson | Sarah Waite | Leslie Han | Caroline Westnedge | Jeanne Tropper | Barb Nichols
Research on Lorry Road User Charging Scheme

Author(s): Chao Sui | Chen Liwei
Security Analysis System to Detect Threats on a SIP VoIP Infrasctructure Elements

Author(s): Filip Rezac | Miroslav Voznak | Karel Tomala | Jan Rozhon | Jiri Vychodil
Bluetooth Security Threats And Solutions: A Survey

Author(s): Nateq Be-Nazir Ibn Minar | Mohammed Tarique
Problems and Solution on the New-type Rural Endowment Insurance in Hebei Province of China

Author(s): Yanfang Gu | Hongbo Duan | Abdul Razak bin Chik
Analysis on descriptions of precautionary statements in package inserts of medicines

Author(s): Nabeta K | Kimura M | Ohkura M | Tsuchiya F
A Review of DDOS Attack and its Countermeasures in TCP Based Networks

Author(s): Akash Mittal | Ajit Kumar Shrivastava | Manish Manoria
The First 50 Years of Electronic Watermarking

Author(s): Cox Ingemar J | Miller Matt L
Advanced Fade Countermeasures for DVB-S2 Systems in Railway Scenarios

Author(s): Cioni Stefano | Niebla CristinaPárraga | Granados GonzaloSeco | Scalise Sandro | Vanelli-Coralli Alessandro | Castro MaríaAngelesVázquez
Botnet: Classification, Attacks, Detection, Tracing, and Preventive Measures

Author(s): Liu Jing | Xiao Yang | Ghaboosi Kaveh | Deng Hongmei | Zhang Jingyuan
Modeling the Lion Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Hernandez-Serrano Juan | León Olga | Soriano Miguel
Ricinus communis Intoxications in Human and Veterinary Medicine—A Summary of Real Cases

Author(s): Sylvia Worbs | Kernt Köhler | Diana Pauly | Marc-André Avondet | Martin Schaer | Martin B. Dorner | Brigitte G. Dorner
Security Threats and its Countermeasures in Wireless Sensor Networks: An Overview

Author(s): S.V.Annlin Jeba | B. Paramasivan | D.Usha
Split-Network in Wireless Sensor Network:Attack and Countermeasures

Author(s): Chunlai Du | Jianshun Zhang | Li Ma
Passive and Active Vaccination Strategies to Prevent Ricin Poisoning

Author(s): Seth H. Pincus | Joan E. Smallshaw | Kejing Song | Jody Berry | Ellen S. Vitetta
Transcriptional analysis of rat piriform cortex following exposure to the organophosphonate anticholinesterase sarin and induction of seizures

Author(s): Spradling Kimberly | Lumley Lucille | Robison Christopher | Meyerhoff James | Dillman James
Vulnerabilities of Electronics Communication: solution mechanism through script

Author(s): Arun Kumar Singh | Pooja Tewari | Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar | Arun K Misra
Cryptovirology: Virus Approach

Author(s): Shivale Saurabh Anandrao
The Actual State and Improvement Countermeasures for Geo-park Website Construction in China

Author(s): YANG Qian-jin | FU Hai-long | ZHOU Shan-yi | ZHAO Yong-bin
EEA algorithm model in estimating spread and evaluating countermeasures on high performance computing

Author(s): Si-Yuan Liu | Chao Liu | Yu Liu | Yi-Ming Luo | Gao-Jin Wen | Jian-Ping Fan
Systems-Biology Approaches to Discover Anti-Viral Effectors of the Human Innate Immune Response

Author(s): Carsten Münk | Andreas F.R. Sommer | Renate König
Mobility Assisted Solutions for Well-known Attacks in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Abu Saleh Md. Tayeen | A.F.M. Sultanul Kabir | Razib Hayat Khan
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