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Aerosol optical depth retrieval in the Arctic region using MODIS based on prior knowledge

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | T. Hou | J. Guang | L. Yang | Y. Li | H. Xu | X. He
Modelling post-fire vegetation recovery in Portugal

Author(s): A. Bastos | C. M. Gouveia | C. C. DaCamara | R. M. Trigo
Glacier contribution to streamflow in two headwaters of the Huasco River, Dry Andes of Chile

Author(s): S. Gascoin | C. Kinnard | R. Ponce | S. Lhermitte | S. MacDonell | A. Rabatel
Near-surface eddy dynamics in the Southern Ocean

Author(s): Marilisa Trani | Pierpaolo Falco | Enrico Zambianchi
Marine Vehicle Sensor Network Architecture and Protocol Designs for Ocean Observation

Author(s): Shaowei Zhang | Jiancheng Yu | Aiqun Zhang | Lei Yang | Yeqiang Shu
Effectiveness of Pyroligneous Acids from Vapour Released in Charcoal Industry Against Biodegradable Agent under Laboratory Condition

Author(s): S.H. Lee | P.S. H`ng | M.J. Chow | A.S. Sajap | B.T. Tey | U. Salmiah | Y.L. Sun
Plankton community structure and diversity in coral reefs area of Sanya Bay, Hainan Province, China

Author(s): Zhixin Ke | Liangmin Huang | Yehui Tan | Jianqiang Yin

Author(s): Shveta Sharma | Prof. R S Uppal
A New Cost Efficient and Low Latency Handoff in Wireless Networks

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Joydeep Banerjee | Pradipta Ghosh | Subhajeet Chatterjee | Sougata Chakraborty | Kunal Hui | Kalyan Kumar Das | Milton Samadder | Jayanta Kumar Bag
Percepção de homens hipertensos e diabéticos sobre a assistência recebida em Unidade Básica de Saúde

Author(s): Rosineide Santana de Brito | Danyelle Leonette Araújo dos Santos
Community participation and participative management in a community of Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain Participação Comunitária e Gestão Participativa em uma comunidade de Badajoz, Extremadura, Espanha

Author(s): Ana Carolina Diniz Oliveira | Ignacio Maynar Mariño | Maria Dolores Fernandez | Carmen Mata Benito | Jesús Cobaleda Gallardo
Mucosal leishmaniasis: epidemiological and treatment considerations Leishmaniasis mucosa: consideraciones epidemiológicas y de tratamiento Leishmaniose mucosa: considerações epidemiológicas e de tratamento

Author(s): Caroline Sampaio Alves Nunes | Juliano Kazuo Yoshizawa | Rosangela Ziggiotti de Oliveira | Airton Pereira de Lima | Letícia Ziggiotti de Oliveira | Meiri Vanderlei Nogueira de Lima
Fast Decision Algorithms in Low-Power Embedded Processors for Quality-of-Service Based Connectivity of Mobile Sensors in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): María D. Jaraíz-Simón | Juan A. Gómez-Pulido | Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez | Juan M. Sánchez-Pérez
Application of time domain induced polarization to the mapping of lithotypes in a landfill site

Author(s): A. Gazoty | G. Fiandaca | J. Pedersen | E. Auken | A. V. Christiansen | J. K. Pedersen
Checklist of remnant forest fragments of the metropolitan area of Belém and historical value of the fragments, State of Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Dário Dantas do Amaral | Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira | Samuel Soares de Almeida | Rafael de Paiva Salomão | Antonio Sérgio Lima da Silva | Mário Augusto Gonçalves Jardim
The forests of Belo Monte on the great curve of the Xingu River, Eastern Amazon

Author(s): Rafael de Paiva Salomão | Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira | Chieno Suemitsu | Nélson de Araújo Rosa | Samuel Soares de Almeida | Dário Dantas do Amaral | Moirah Paula Machado de Menezes
City Routing Velocity Estimation Model under theEnvironment of Lack of Floating Car Data

Author(s): Meixian Huang | Hangbin Wu | Chun Liu | Nan Li
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Glacier changes and climate trends derived from multiple sources in the data scarce Cordillera Vilcanota region, Southern Peruvian Andes

Author(s): N. Salzmann | C. Huggel | M. Rohrer | W. Silverio | B. G. Mark | P. Burns | C. Portocarrero
A Probabilistic Approach of Coverage prediction in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): Saleem.Sheik Aalam | Dr.T.Arull Doss Albert Victorie
Stroma-Directed Molecular Targeted Therapy in Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Yasuhiko Kitadai | Michiyo Kodama | Kei Shinagawa
Laterally positioned flap associated with subepithelial connective tissue graft for coverage of isolated gingival recession

Author(s): Thiago Marchi Martins | Alvaro Francisco Bosco | Guilherme Giovani Gazoni | Sabrina Feltrin Garcia
Performance Evaluation of Secure Video Transmission over WIMAX

Author(s): FarrukhEhtisham | Emmanouil A. Panaousis | Christos Politis
Handoff Between a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and a Wide Area Network (UMTS)

Author(s): J. Sánchez–García | Luis A. Villaseñor–González | Mario E. Vaquera–Flores | Raúl Aquino–Santos
On Mobility Management in Multi-Sink Sensor Networks for Geocasting of Queries

Author(s): Ayşegül Tüysüz Erman | Arta Dilo | Lodewijk van Hoesel | Paul Havinga
A new approach to estimate pollutant emissions based on trajectory modelling and its application in the North China Plain

Author(s): W. Y. Xu | C. S. Zhao | P. F. Liu | L. Ran | N. Ma | Z. Z. Deng | W. L. Lin | P. Yan | X. B. Xu
Soil seed bank traits in an area invaded by Eupatorium adenophorum

Author(s): Weiguang Dang | Xianming Gao | Jinfang Wang | Aifang Li
Seedling emergence and dispersal pattern of the introduced Sonneratia caseolaris in Shenzhen Bay, China

Author(s): Xueqin Zeng | Luzhen Chen | Nora FungYee Tam | Jianhui Huang | Hualin Xu | Guanghui Lin
Location Based Performance of WiMAX Network for QoS with Optimal Base Stations (BS)

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Jha | Bholebawa Idris Z | Upena D Dalal
Optimal Territorial Resources Placement for Multipurpose Wireless Services Using Genetic Algorithms

Author(s): Daniele Cacciani | Fabio Garzia | Alessandro Neri | Roberto Cusani
Influence of Physical and Chemical Parameters on the Treatment of Heavy Metals in Polluted Stormwater Using Zeolite—A Review

Author(s): Abdul M. Ziyath | Parvez Mahbub | Ashantha Goonetilleke | Moses O. Adebajo | Serge Kokot | Adekunle Oloyede
Identification of Paddy Planted Area Using ALOS PALSAR Data

Author(s): Rizatus Shofiyati | Ishak Hanafiah Ismullah | Dan Dudung Muhally Hakim
Optimum Antenna Downtilt Angles for Macrocellular WCDMA Network

Author(s): Niemelä Jarno | Isotalo Tero | Lempiäinen Jukka
Traffic Agents for Improving QoS in Mixed Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless LAN

Author(s): Yang Yang | Yuan Hai-Feng | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Yao Wen-Bing | Song Yong-Hua
Camera Network Coverage Improving by Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Xu Yi-Chun | Lei Bangjun | Hendriks EmileA
Development of Long-Range and High-Speed Wireless LAN for the Transmission of Telemedicine from Disaster Areas

Author(s): Nakamura Masayuki | Kubota Shoshin | Takagi Hideaki | Einaga Kiyoshi | Yokoyama Masashi | Mochizuki Katsuto | Takizawa Masaomi | Murase Sumio
Experimental Investigation of Cooperative Schemes on a Real-Time DSP-Based Testbed

Author(s): Zetterberg Per | Mavrokefalidis Christos | Lalos ArisS | Matigakis Emmanouil
The Performance of Relay-Enhanced Cellular OFDMA-TDD Network for Mobile Broadband Wireless Services

Author(s): Park Kyungmi | Ryu HyunS | Kang ChungG | Chang Daeyoung | Song Seungho | Ahn Jongguk | Ihm Jongtae
Dynamic Resource Assignment and Cooperative Relaying in Cellular Networks: Concept and Performance Assessment

Author(s): Doppler Klaus | Redana Simone | Wódczak Michał | Rost Peter | Wichman Risto
OFDMA Cellular Networks with Opportunistic Two-Hop Relays

Author(s): Calcev George | Bonta Jeff
Novel Received Signal Strength-Based Indoor Location System: Development and Testing

Author(s): Álvarez Yuri | de Cos MaríaElena | Lorenzo José | Las-Heras Fernando
-Net Approach to Sensor -Coverage

Author(s): Fusco Giordano | Gupta Himanshu
Revision 1 Size and position of the healthy meniscus, and its Correlation with sex, height, weight, and bone area- a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Bloecker Katja | Englund Martin | Wirth Wolfgang | Hudelmaier Martin | Burgkart Rainer | Frobell Richard | Eckstein Felix
Cost-Based Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm for WWAN/WLAN Integrated Networks

Author(s): Hong KunHo | Lee SuKyoung | Kim LaeYoung | Song PyungJung
Planning of Efficient Wireless Access with IEEE 802.16 for Connecting Home Network to the Internet

Author(s): Ritthisoonthorn Pichet | Ahmed KaziM | Krairit Donyaprueth
Predictors of cervical cancer being at an advanced stage at diagnosis in Sudan

Author(s): Ibrahim A | Rasch V | Pukkala E | Aro AR

Author(s): Prado-Molina, J. | Peralta-Higuera,A. | Palacio-Prieto, J.L. | Sandoval R.
A comparison of glacier melt on debris-covered glaciers in the northern and southern Caucasus

Author(s): A. Lambrecht | C. Mayer | W. Hagg | V. Popovnin | A. Rezepkin | N. Lomidze | D. Svanadze
Refined broad-scale sub-glacial morphology of Aurora Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica derived by an ice-dynamics-based interpolation scheme

Author(s): J. L. Roberts | R. C. Warner | D. Young | A. Wright | T. D. van Ommen | D. D. Blankenship | M. Siegert | N. W. Young | I. E. Tabacco | A. Forieri | A. Passerini | A. Zirizzotti | M. Frezzotti
The Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN): a high resolution global model to estimate the emissions from open burning

Author(s): C. Wiedinmyer | S. K. Akagi | R. J. Yokelson | L. K. Emmons | J. A. Al-Saadi | J. J. Orlando | A. J. Soja
The Obstacle Detection and Measurement Based on Machine Vision

Author(s): Xitao Zheng | Shiming Wang | Yongwei Zhang
The Role of Family Physician in Case Finding, Referral, and Insurance Coverage in the Rural Areas

Author(s): Khayyati | M Esmaeil Motlagh | MJ Kabir | H Kazemeini | F gharibi | N Jafari
A Novel Position-based Multi-hop Broadcast Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Xue-wen Wu | Shi-ming Song | Hui-bin Wang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dongfeng Yuan | Chin-Chen Chang | Fei Yu | Guozhu Liu | Jun Zhang
Intelligent GSM Cell Coverage Analysis System Based on GIS

Author(s): Lina Lan | Xuerong Gou | Yunhan Xie | Meng Wu
A novel calibration approach of MODIS AOD data to predict PM2.5 concentrations

Author(s): H. J. Lee | Y. Liu | B. A. Coull | J. Schwartz | P. Koutrakis
Remote-sensing estimation of grassland vegetation coverage in Inner Mongolia, China

Author(s): ZHU Jing-Fang | XING Bai-Ling | JU Wei-Min | ZHU Gao-Long | LIU Yi-Bo
The impact of mass drug administration and long-lasting insecticidal net distribution on Wuchereria bancrofti infection in humans and mosquitoes: an observational study in northern Uganda

Author(s): Ashton Ruth | Kyabayinze Daniel | Opio Tom | Auma Anna | Edwards Tansy | Matwale Gabriel | Onapa Ambrose | Brooker Simon | Kolaczinski Jan
Growing season changes in Fennoscandia and Kola peninsula during the period 1982 to 1999 - Implications for reindeer husbandry (In Norwegian with Summary in English)

Author(s): Hans Tømmervik | Kjell-Arild Høgda | Jan Åge Riseth | Stein-Rune Karlsen | Frans Emil Wielgolaski
CCABC: Cyclic Cellular Automata Based Clustering For Energy Conservation in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Indrajit Banerjee | Prasenjit Chanak | Hafizur Rahaman
Fast Handoff Implementation by using Geometrical Mathematical Models and Carrier to Interference Ratio based Handoff Algorithm

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Arnab Raha | Sreya Mallik | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pulak Mazumder
Security of Handoff Latency by Prescanning with help of Neighbourgraph

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Pulak Mazumder | Arnab Raha | Karmajyoti Panigrahi | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Distal posterior tibial artery perforator flaps for the management of calcaneal and Achilles tendon injuries in diabetic and non-diabetic patients

Author(s): Ioannis A. Ignatiadis | Georgios D. Georgakopoulos | Vassiliki A. Tsiampa | Vasilios D. Polyzois | Dimitrios K. Arapoglou | Apostolos E. Papalois
Minimization of Handoff Latency by Vector Analysis Method

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Ramesh Jana | Hari Narayan Khan | Shaik Sahil Babu | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Minimization of Handoff Failure by Introducing a New Cell Coverage Area in the Handoff Region

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Ramesh Jana | Shaik Sahil Babu | Prabir Kr Naskar | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Fast Handoff Implementation by using Curve Fitting Equation With Help of GPS

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Ramesh Jana | Shaik Sahil Babu | Hari Narayan Khan | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Seasonal variations of iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), and lead (Pb) concentrations in selected surface waters of Enugu State of Nigeria

Author(s): Chime Charles Chukwuma 1* , Ekanem Edet Joseph 1 , Kabgu James Adagadzu 1 , Ikechukwu Alexander Okorie 2

Author(s): Nuran TAŞLIGİL

Author(s): V.S. Tegeli*, Y.S. Thorat, U.S. Shivsharan, G.B. Gajeli, S.T. Kumbhar, G.K. Chougule
A Review of Covering Arrays and Their Application to Software Testing

Author(s): Bestoun S. Ahmed | Kamal Z. Zamli
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