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O Processo de Ocupação por Favelas e sua Relação com os Eventos de Deslizamentos no Maciço da Tijuca/RJ

Author(s): Manoel do Couto Fernandes | João Vicente Marques Lagüéns | Ana Luiza Coelho Netto
Probabilistic base calling of Solexa sequencing data

Author(s): Rougemont Jacques | Amzallag Arnaud | Iseli Christian | Farinelli Laurent | Xenarios Ioannis | Naef Felix
Construction and characterization of a bovine BAC library with four genome-equivalent coverage

Author(s): Eggen André | Gautier Mathieu | Billaut Alain | Petit Élisabeth | Hayes Hélène | Laurent Pascal | Urban Catherine | Pfister-Genskow Martha | Eilertsen Ken | Bishop Michael
Insolvency probability in reinsurance treaty: a case study in Malaysia

Author(s): Noriszura Ismail | Ansar Asnawi Ahmad Anuar
A laboratory study of breaking waves

Author(s): Jaros³aw Têgowski
Learning to Disambiguate Syntactic Relations

Author(s): Schneider, Gerold
Traffic Agents for Improving QoS in Mixed Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless LAN

Author(s): Yang Yang | Hai-Feng Yuan | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Wen-Bing Yao | Yong-Hua Song
Tracking progress toward elimination of iodine deficiency disorders in Jharkhand, India

Author(s): Patro Binod | Saboth Prasant | Zodpey Sanjay | Shukla Amit | Karmarkar Madhu | Pandav Chandrakant
Characterization of Fog and Snow Attenuations for Free-Space Optical Propagation

Author(s): Muhammad Saleem Awan | Laszlo Csurgai Horwath | Sajid Sheikh Muhammad | Erich Leitgeb | Farukh Nadeem | Muhammad Saeed Khan
Accumulation Point Model: Towards Robust and Reliable Deployment

Author(s): Yong Lin, Zhengyi Le and Fillia Makedon
A Framework for Incremental Hidden Web Crawler

Author(s): Rosy Madaan | Ashutosh Dixit, | A.K. Sharma | Komal Kumar Bhatia
On the Optimal Identification of Tag Sets in Time-Constrained RFID Configurations

Author(s): Javier Vales-Alonso | María Victoria Bueno-Delgado | Esteban Egea-López | Juan José Alcaraz | Juan Manuel Pérez-Mañogil
Methods used in the Lives Saved Tool (LiST)

Author(s): Winfrey William | McKinnon Robert | Stover John
Good Health Status of Rural Women in the Reproductive Ages

Author(s): Paul Andrew Bourne | Joan Rhule
The effect of varying levels of surfactant on the reactive uptake of N2O5 to aqueous aerosol

Author(s): V. F. McNeill | J. Patterson | G. M. Wolfe | J. A. Thornton
Factors controlling contrail cirrus optical depth

Author(s): B. Kärcher | U. Burkhardt | S. Unterstrasser | P. Minnis
The effect of on-line position correction on the dose distribution in focal radiotherapy for bladder cancer

Author(s): van Rooijen Dominique | van de Kamer Jeroen | Pool René | Hulshof Maarten | Koning Caro | Bel Arjan
A cost-utility analysis of cervical cancer vaccination in preadolescent Canadian females

Author(s): Anonychuk Andrea | Bauch Chris | Merid Maraki | Van Kriekinge Georges | Demarteau Nadia
OFDMA Cellular Networks with Opportunistic Two-Hop Relays

Author(s): George Calcev | Jeff Bonta
A random effect multiplicative heteroscedastic model for bacterial growth

Author(s): Cao Ricardo | Francisco-Fernández Mario | Quinto Emiliano
Guest Editorial - Limitations and Growth of Wireless Communication

Author(s): Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam | Salil Kumar Sanyal
Regional differences in rates of HIV-1 viral load monitoring in Canada: Insights and implications for antiretroviral care in high income countries

Author(s): Raboud Janet | Loutfy Mona | Su DeSheng | Bayoumi Ahmed | Klein Marina | Cooper Curtis | Machouf Nima | Rourke Sean | Walmsley Sharon | Rachlis Anita | Harrigan P Richard | Smieja Marek | Tsoukas Christos | Montaner Julio | Hogg Robert
Performance of mixed effects models in the analysis of mediated longitudinal data

Author(s): Blood Emily | Cabral Howard | Heeren Timothy | Cheng Debbie
Minimization of Handoff Failure Probability for Next-Generation Wireless Systems

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Tapas Jana | Souvik Kumar Saha | Joydeep Banerjee | Utpal Biswas | M.K. Naskar
Impact of state mandatory insurance coverage on the use of diabetes preventive care

Author(s): Li Rui | Zhang Ping | Barker Lawrence | Hartsfield DeKeely
Radiotherapy of large target volumes in Hodgkin's lymphoma: normal tissue sparing capability of forward IMRT versus conventional techniques

Author(s): Cella Laura | Liuzzi Raffaele | Magliulo Mario | Conson Manuel | Camera Luigi | Salvatore Marco | Pacelli Roberto
Characterizing the Path Coverage of Random Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Moslem Noori | Sahar Movaghati | Masoud Ardakani
Phylogenomics with incomplete taxon coverage: the limits to inference

Author(s): Sanderson Michael | McMahon Michelle | Steel Mike
Planning target volume margins for prostate radiotherapy using daily electronic portal imaging and implanted fiducial markers

Author(s): Skarsgard David | Cadman Pat | El-Gayed Ali | Pearcey Robert | Tai Patricia | Pervez Nadeem | Wu Jackson
Helical tomotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Dosimetric comparison with linear accelerator-based step-and-shoot IMRT

Author(s): Murthy Vedang | Master Zubin | Gupta Tejpal | Ghosh-Laskar Sarbani | Budrukkar Ashwini | Phurailatpam Reenadevi | Agarwal Jaiprakash
Evaluating diabetes and hypertension disease causality using mouse phenotypes

Author(s): Yu Hong | Huang Jialiang | Qiao Nan | Green Christopher | Han Jing-Dong
HPeak: an HMM-based algorithm for defining read-enriched regions in ChIP-Seq data

Author(s): Qin Zhaohui | Yu Jianjun | Shen Jincheng | Maher Christopher | Hu Ming | Kalyana-Sundaram Shanker | Yu Jindan | Chinnaiyan Arul
Bed net ownership in Kenya: the impact of 3.4 million free bed nets

Author(s): Hightower Allen | Kiptui Rebecca | Manya Ayub | Wolkon Adam | Vanden Eng Jodi | Hamel Mary | Noor Abdisalan | Sharif Shahnaz | Buluma Robert | Vulule John | Laserson Kayla | Slutsker Laurence | Akhwale Willis
On Efficient Confidence Intervals for the Log-Normal Mean

Author(s): Peter Chami | Robin Antoine | Ashok Sahai
Confidence Interval for the Mean of a Contaminated Normal Distribution

Author(s): M.O. Abu-Shawiesh | F.M. Al-Athari | H.F. Kittani
Surfing the web during pandemic flu: availability of World Health Organization recommendations on prevention

Author(s): Gesualdo Francesco | Romano Mariateresa | Pandolfi Elisabetta | Rizzo Caterina | Ravà Lucilla | Lucente Daniela | Tozzi Alberto
Advanced Fuzzy Logic Based Admission Control for UMTS System

Author(s): P. Kejik | S. Hanus | J. Blumenstein

Influence of photon energy on the quality of prostate intensity modulated radiation therapy plans based on analysis of physical indices

Author(s): Thangavelu Sundaram | Jayakumar S | Govindarajan K | Supe Sanjay | Nagarajan V | Nagarajan M
Evaluation of exposure-specific risks from two independent samples: A simulation study

Author(s): Reichmann William | Gagnon David | Horsburgh C | Losina Elena
Measuring change in health status of older adults at the population level: The transition probability model

Author(s): Moineddin Rahim | Nie Jason | Wang Li | Tracy C Shawn | Upshur Ross
Advancing Eucalyptus genomics: identification and sequencing of lignin biosynthesis genes from deep-coverage BAC libraries

Author(s): Paiva Jorge | Prat Elisa | Vautrin Sonia | Santos Mauro | San-Clemente Hélène | Brommonschenkel Sérgio | Fonseca Paulo | Grattapaglia Dario | Song Xiang | Ammiraju Jetty | Kudrna David | Wing Rod | Freitas Ana | Bergès Hélène | Grima-Pettenati Jacqueline
Performance Analysis of Connection Admission Control Scheme in IEEE 802.16 OFDMA Networks

Author(s): Abdelali El Bouchti | Said El Kafhali | Abdelkrim Haqiq
SNP genotyping to screen for a common deletion in CHARGE Syndrome

Author(s): Lalani Seema | Safiullah Arsalan | Fernbach Susan | Phillips Michael | Bacino Carlos | Molinari Laura | Glass Nancy | Towbin Jeffrey | Craigen William | Belmont John
Determinants of health insurance ownership among South African women

Author(s): Kirigia Joses | Sambo Luis | Nganda Benjamin | Mwabu Germano | Chatora Rufaro | Mwase Takondwa
Computational tradeoffs in multiplex PCR assay design for SNP genotyping

Author(s): Rachlin John | Ding Chunming | Cantor Charles | Kasif Simon
Mathematical design of prokaryotic clone-based microarrays

Author(s): Pieterse Bart | Quirijns Elisabeth | Schuren Frank | van der Werf Mariët
Seasonal cycles and variability of O3 and H2O in the UT/LMS during SPURT

Author(s): M. Krebsbach | C. Schiller | D. Brunner | G. Günther | M. I. Hegglin | D. Mottaghy | M. Riese | N. Spelten | H. Wernli
The effect of varying levels of surfactant on the reactive uptake of N2O5 to aqueous aerosol

Author(s): V. F. McNeill | J. Patterson | G. M. Wolfe | J. A. Thornton
Disaggregation of spatial rainfall fields for hydrological modelling

Author(s): N. G. Mackay | R. E. Chandler | C. Onof | H. S. Wheater
The disastrous storm of 4 November 1966 on Italy

Author(s): S. De Zolt | P. Lionello | A. Nuhu | A. Tomasin
Analysis of latent tuberculosis and mycobacterium avium infection data using mixture models

Author(s): Villate José | Ibáñez Berta | Cabriada Valentín | Pijoán José | Taboada Jorge | Urkaregi Arantza
A 'small-world-like' model for comparing interventions aimed at preventing and controlling influenza pandemics

Author(s): Carrat Fabrice | Luong Julie | Lao Hervé | Sallé Anne-Violaine | Lajaunie Christian | Wackernagel Hans
Variation in hepatitis B immunization coverage rates associated with provider practices after the temporary suspension of the birth dose

Author(s): Lin Nancy | Kleinman Ken | Chan K Arnold | Yu Xian-Jie | France Eric | Wei Feifei | Mullooly John | Black Steven | Shay David | Kolczak Margarette | Lieu Tracy
The molecular epidemiology of Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus serotypes A and O from 1998 to 2004 in Turkey

Author(s): Klein Joern | Parlak Ünal | Özyörük Fuat | Christensen Laurids
Optimization of extracranial stereotactic radiation therapy of small lung lesions using accurate dose calculation algorithms

Author(s): Dobler Barbara | Walter Cornelia | Knopf Antje | Fabri Daniella | Loeschel Rainer | Polednik Martin | Schneider Frank | Wenz Frederik | Lohr Frank
Public-private delivery of insecticide-treated nets: a voucher scheme in Volta Region, Ghana

Author(s): Kweku Margaret | Webster Jayne | Taylor Ian | Burns Susan | Dedzo McDamien
Assessment of three-dimensional set-up errors in conventional head and neck radiotherapy using electronic portal imaging device

Author(s): Gupta Tejpal | Chopra Supriya | Kadam Avinash | Agarwal Jai | Devi P Reena | Ghosh-Laskar Sarbani | Dinshaw Ketayun
Dosimetric consequences of the shift towards computed tomography guided target definition and planning for breast conserving radiotherapy

Author(s): van der Laan Hans | Dolsma Wil | Maduro John | Korevaar Erik | Langendijk Johannes
High-precision high-coverage functional inference from integrated data sources

Author(s): Linghu Bolan | Snitkin Evan | Holloway Dustin | Gustafson Adam | Xia Yu | DeLisi Charles
Empirical Bounds on Fault Coverage LossDue to LFSR Aliasing

Author(s): Warren H. Debany | Mark J. Gorniak | Anthony R. Macera | Daniel E. Daskiewich | Kevin A. Kwiat | Heather B. Dussault
City Routing Velocity Estimation Model under theEnvironment of Lack of Floating Car Data

Author(s): Meixian Huang | Hangbin Wu | Chun Liu | Nan Li
The Measels-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination from a health political and economical point of view

Author(s): Rosian-Schikuta, Ingrid | Fröschl, Barbara | Habl, Claudia | Stürzlinger, Heidi
Exploiting Diversity for Coverage Extension of Bluetooth-Based Mobile Services

Author(s): Masini Barbara M | Conti Andrea | Dardari Davide | Pasolini Gianni
Traffic Agents for Improving QoS in Mixed Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless LAN

Author(s): Yang Yang | Yuan Hai-Feng | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Yao Wen-Bing | Song Yong-Hua
OFDMA Cellular Networks with Opportunistic Two-Hop Relays

Author(s): Calcev George | Bonta Jeff
Novel Precoded Relay-Assisted Algorithm for Cellular Systems

Author(s): Teodoro Sara | Silva Adão | Gil JoãoM | Gameiro Atílio
Characterizing the Path Coverage of Random Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Noori Moslem | Movaghati Sahar | Ardakani Masoud
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
Coverage Analysis for Multiuser MIMO Broadcast Systems

Author(s): Li-Chun Wang | Chu-Jung Yeh
Minimization of Handoff Latency by Vector Analysis Method

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Ramesh Jana | Hari Narayan Khan | Shaik Sahil Babu | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Minimization of Handoff Failure by Introducing a New Cell Coverage Area in the Handoff Region

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Ramesh Jana | Shaik Sahil Babu | Prabir Kr Naskar | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Fast Handoff Implementation by using Curve Fitting Equation With Help of GPS

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Ramesh Jana | Shaik Sahil Babu | Hari Narayan Khan | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Volumetric intensity-modulated Arc (RapidArc) therapy for primary hepatocellular carcinoma: comparison with intensity-modulated radiotherapy and 3-D conformal radiotherapy

Author(s): Kuo Yu-Cheng | Chiu Ying-Ming | Shih Wen-Pin | Yu Hsiao-Wei | Chen Chia-Wen | Wong Pei-Fong | Lin Wei-Chan | Hwang Jeng-Jong
Single-nucleotide polymorphism discovery by high-throughput sequencing in sorghum

Author(s): Nelson James | Wang Shichen | Wu Yuye | Li Xianran | Antony Ginny | White Frank | Yu Jianming
Statistical Mutation Calling from Sequenced Overlapping DNA Pools in TILLING Experiments

Author(s): Missirian Victor | Comai Luca | Filkov Vladimir
Identification and characterization of merozoite surface protein 1 epitope

Author(s): Satarudra Prakash Singh | Bhartendu Nath Mishra
On Two-Tier Femtocell over Fading Environments

Author(s): Joy Iong-Zong Chen | Kai-Chih Chuang | Ching-Chuan Chiu | Deng-Jyi Juang
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