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Solid state compatibility in the ZnO-rich region of ZnO-Bi2O3-Sb2O3 and ZnO-Bi2O3-Sb2O5 systems

Author(s): de la Rubia, M. A. | Peiteado, M. | de Frutos, J. | Jardiel, T.
Impacts of nitrogen deposition on vascular plants in Britain: an analysis of two national observation networks

Author(s): P. A. Henrys | C. J. Stevens | S. M. Smart | L. C. Maskell | K. J. Walker | C. D. Preston | A. Crowe | E. C. Rowe | D. J. Gowing | B. A. Emmett
Performance Assessment of AGRED, RED and GRED Congestion Control Algorithms

Author(s): Mahmoud Baklizi | Hussein Abdel- jaber | Sureswaran Ramadass | Nibras Abdullah | Mohammed Anbar
Architecture of Multipath VoIP using Modified Secret Sharing Algorithm

Author(s): K. Maheswari | Dr. M. Punithavalli
Transdermal fluid loss in severely burned patients

Author(s): Namdar, Thomas | Stollwerck, Peter L. | Stang, Felix H. | Siemers, Frank | Mailänder, Peter | Lange, Thomas
Development of a multiwire position sensitive proportional counter

Author(s): Kakavand Tayeb | Nasseri Mohammad M. | Sharifi Bahador | Razavi Rohallah
Fabrication and Evaluation of a Noncompliant Molar Distalizing Appliance: Bonded Molar Distalizer

Author(s): A. Sodagar | M. S. Ahmad Akhoundi | A. Rafighii | S. Arab
Survey of lower gastrointestinal bleeding in children

Author(s): M Rafeey | AJ Khosroshahy
Hearing screening following treatment of neonates in NICU

Author(s): Y Zahedpash | M Ahmadpoor | R Aghajani
Hearing Evaluation in Children with Meningitis by Auditory Brainstem Response and Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Seyed Hassan Tonekaboni |  Farhad Mahvelati Shamsabadi |  Omid Khojasteh
Frequency of Sensory Neural Hearing Loss in Major Beta-Thalassemias in Southern Iran

Author(s): Abolhassan Faramarzi | Mehran Karimi | Seyed-Taghi Heydari | Mahmoud Shishegar | Masoud Kaviani
Route Discovery by Cross Layer Approach for MANET

Author(s): Mehajabeen Fatima | Roopam Gupta | T.K. Bandhopadhyay
Study of effect of acupressure methods on pain in primary dysmenorrhea

Author(s): Aghamiri Z | Vigeh M | Latifnezhead R | Nabavi S
Diffuse Flow On and Around Hydrothermal Vents at Mid-Ocean Ridges

Author(s): Karen Bemis | Robert P. Lowell | Aida Farough
Color Image Enhancement Techniques: A Critical Review

Author(s): Anish Kumar Vishwakarma | Agya Mishra
Effects of Land-Use Change on Under Storey Species Composition and Distribution in a Tropical Rainforest

Author(s): Anthony Ifechukwude ODIWE | Joshua Oluwole OLOWOYO | Olufemi AJIBOYE
Commensal E. Coli Strains Uniquely Alter the ECM Topography Independent of Colonic Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Crystal Foster | Sarah C Glover | Ramana Vishnubhotla | Shruthi S Bharadwaj | Victor Nekrasov
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Is a Critical Step in Tumorgenesis of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Author(s): Volker Fendrich | Katja Maschuw | Jens Waldmann | Malte Buchholz | Johannes Rehm | Thomas M. Gress | Detlef K. Bartsch | Alexander König
Titanium dioxide induces apoptotic cell death through reactive oxygen species-mediated Fas upregulation and Bax activation

Author(s): Yoo KC | Yoon CH | Kwon DW | Hyun KH | Woo SJ | Kim RK | Lim EJ | Suh YJ | Kim MJ | Yoon TH | Lee SJ

Author(s): Zoltan ANDRASEVITS | Gyula BUZAS | Endre SCHIBERNA
Microbial food web dynamics along a soil chronosequence of a glacier forefield

Author(s): J. Esperschütz | A. Pérez-de-Mora | K. Schreiner | G. Welzl | F. Buegger | J. Zeyer | F. Hagedorn | J. C. Munch | M. Schloter
Power Transformer No-Load Loss Prediction with FEM Modeling and Building Factor Optimization

Author(s): Ehsan Hajipour | Pooya Rezaei | Mehdi Vakilian | Mohsen Ghafouri
Recent Advances in Sorghum Genetic Enhancement Research at ICRISAT

Author(s): Are Ashok Kumar | Belum Venkata Subba Reddy | Hari Chand Sharma | Charles Thomas Hash | Pinnamaneni Srinivasa Rao | Bhavanasi Ramaiah | Pulluru Sanjana Reddy
Is It Possible to Ignore Problems Rising During Vertical Drilling? A Review

Author(s): Saleem Qadir Tunio | Abdul Haque Tunio | Naveed Ahmed Ghirano | Sonny Irawan
LIM kinase 1 - dependent cofilin 1 pathway and actin dynamics mediate nuclear retinoid receptor function in T lymphocytes

Author(s): Ishaq Mohammad | Lin Bor-Ruei | Bosche Marjorie | Zheng Xin | Yang Jun | Huang Dawei | Lempicki Richard | Natarajan Ven
The role of amputation as an outcome measure in cellular therapy for critical limb ischemia: implications for clinical trial design

Author(s): Benoit Eric | O'Donnell Thomas | Iafrati Mark | Asher Enrico | Bandyk Dennis | Hallett John | Lumsden Alan | Pearl Gregory | Roddy Sean | Vijayaraghavan Krishnaswami | Patel Amit
Portion control for the treatment of obesity in the primary care setting

Author(s): Kesman Rebecca | Ebbert Jon | Harris Katherine | Schroeder Darrell
Kidney transplant survival in pediatric and young adults

Author(s): Kiberd James | Acott Phil | Kiberd Bryce
The role of the MYD88-dependent pathway in MPTP-induced brain dopaminergic degeneration

Author(s): Drouin-Ouellet Janelle | Gibrat Claire | Bousquet Mélanie | Calon Frédéric | Kriz Jasna | Cicchetti Francesca
Experimental Characterization of a UWB Channel for Body Area Networks

Author(s): Xia Lingli | Redfield Stephen | Chiang Patrick
Deciphering c-MYC-regulated genes in two distinct tissues

Author(s): Robson Samuel | Ward Lesley | Brown Helen | Turner Heather | Hunter Ewan | Pelengaris Stella | Khan Michael
Requirement for Pdx1 in specification of latent endocrine progenitors in zebrafish

Author(s): Kimmel Robin | Onder Lucas | Wilfinger Armin | Ellertsdottir Elin | Meyer Dirk
Immobilization of enzymes onto carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Prlainović Nevena Ž. | Bezbradica Dejan I. | Knežević-Jugović Zorica D. | Marinković Aleksandar D. | Mijin Dušan Ž.

Author(s): J. García-Hernández | M. Ghanbari
Laboratory and modeling studies on the effects of water and soot emissions and ambient conditions on the formation of contrail ice particles in the jet regime

Author(s): H.-W. Wong | A. J. Beyersdorf | C. M. Heath | L. D. Ziemba | E. L. Winstead | K. L. Thornhill | K. M. Tacina | R. C. Ross | S. E. Albo | D. L. Bulzan | B. E. Anderson | R. C. Miake-Lye
Audiological Assessment In Neonates And Children Suffering From Meningitis

Author(s): Leila Faraji | Abdollah Moussavi | Mahdi Akbari | Omid Khojasteh
Analysis of Normal and Superconducting Coplanar Waveguides in Radio Astronomy

Author(s): Kim Ho Yeap | Choy Yoong Tham | Kee Choon Yeong | Kok Hen Chong | Zairi Ismael Rizman | Chuan Choong Yang
Influence of Weed Competition on Potato Growth, Production and Radiation Use Efficiency

Author(s): Farzad MONDANI | Farid GOLZARDI | Godarz AHMADVAND | Reza GHORBANI | Rooholla MORADI
A Novel History based Weighted Voting Algorithm for Safety Critical Systems

Author(s): Phanikumar Singamsetty | SeethaRamaiah Panchumarthy
C-Jun N-terminal kinase controls TDP-43 accumulation in stress granules induced by oxidative stress

Author(s): Meyerowitz Jodi | Parker Sarah | Vella Laura | Ng Dominic | Price Katherine | Liddell Jeffrey | Caragounis Aphrodite | Li Qiao-Xin | Masters Colin | Nonaka Takashi | Hasegawa Masato | Bogoyevitch Marie | Kanninen Katja | Crouch Peter | White Anthony
Woodland caribou calf recruitment in relation to calving/post-calving landscape composition

Author(s): Sara C. McCarthy | Robert B. Weladji | Christine Doucet | Paul Saunders
Conflicts between reindeer herding and an expanding caribou herd in Alaska

Author(s): Greg L. Finstad | Harry R. Bader | Alexander K. Prichard
Impacts of climate change on erosion of a watershed: Simulation of scenarios

Author(s): Thatiana Aparecida Lelis | Maria Lúcia Calijuri | Aníbal Santiago da Fonseca | Dario Cardoso de Lima
Methionine sulfoxide reductase A: Structure, function and role in ocular pathology

Author(s): Parameswaran G Sreekumar | David R Hinton | Ram Kannan
Changes in Biodiversity and Functioning of Reef Fish Assemblages following Coral Bleaching and Coral Loss

Author(s): Morgan S. Pratchett | Andrew S. Hoey | Shaun K. Wilson | Vanessa Messmer | Nicholas A.J. Graham
Rainfall threshold definition using an entropy decision approach and radar data

Author(s): V. Montesarchio | E. Ridolfi | F. Russo | F. Napolitano
Genomic profile of Toll-like receptor pathways in traumatically brain-injured mice: effect of exogenous progesterone

Author(s): Hua Fang | Wang Jun | Ishrat Tauheed | Wei Wenjing | Atif Fahim | Sayeed Iqbal | Stein Donald
Design process of the nanofluid injection mechanism in nuclear power plants

Author(s): Kang Myoung-suk | Jee Changhyun | Park Sangjun | Bang In Choel | Heo Gyunyoung
Long-term oxidization and phase transition of InN nanotextures

Author(s): Sarantopoulou Evangelia | Kollia Zoe | Dražic Goran | Kobe Spomenka | Antonakakis Nicolaos
The role of the transcription factor Rbpj in the development of dorsal root ganglia

Author(s): Hu Ze-Lan | Shi Ming | Huang Ying | Zheng Min-Hua | Pei Zhe | Chen Jia-Yin | Han Hua | Ding Yu-Qiang
The role of historical and contemporary processes on phylogeographic structure and genetic diversity in the Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis

Author(s): Smith Brian | Escalante Patricia | Hernández Baños Blanca | Navarro-Sigüenza Adolfo | Rohwer Sievert | Klicka John
Underestimation of weight and its associated factors among overweight and obese adults in Pakistan: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Bhanji Seema | Khuwaja Ali | Siddiqui Fawad | Azam Iqbal | Kazmi Khawar
A modulated empirical Bayes model for identifying topological and temporal estrogen receptor α regulatory networks in breast cancer

Author(s): Shen Changyu | Huang Yiwen | Liu Yunlong | Wang Guohua | Zhao Yuming | Wang Zhiping | Teng Mingxiang | Wang Yadong | Flockhart David | Skaar Todd | Yan Pearlly | Nephew Kenneth | Huang Tim | Li Lang
Transcription factors Sp1 and Sp4 regulate TRPV1 gene expression in rat sensory neurons

Author(s): Chu Catherine | Zavala Kathryn | Fahimi Atefeh | Lee Jessica | Xue Qing | Eilers Helge | Schumacher Mark
The Sphingosine-1-phospate receptor 1 mediates S1P action during cardiac development

Author(s): Poulsen Ryan | McClaskey Carolyn | Rivkees Scott | Wendler Christopher
Decorrelation of the True and Estimated Classifier Errors in High-Dimensional Settings

Author(s): Hanczar Blaise | Hua Jianping | Dougherty Edward
Ubiquitous robust communications for emergency response using multi-operator heterogeneous networks

Author(s): Fragkiadakis Alexandros | Askoxylakis Ioannis | Tragos Elias | Verikoukis Christos
Antagonistic Gcn5-Hda1 interactions revealed by mutations to the Anaphase Promoting Complex in yeast

Author(s): Islam Azharul | Turner Emma | Menzel Johannes | Malo Mackenzie | Harkness Troy
Transcriptome characterization and polymorphism detection between subspecies of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)

Author(s): Bajgain Prabin | Richardson Bryce | Price Jared | Cronn Richard | Udall Joshua
Improvement of Handoff Latency by GPS based Handoff Technique

Author(s): Debabrata Sarddar | Shubhajeet Chatterjee | Shaik Sahil Babu | Sumon Kr. Bose | Pingakshya Goswami | Utpal Biswas | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Stability Loss of Rotating Elastoplastic Discs of the Specific Form

Author(s): Dmitrii Makarovich Lila | Anatolii Andreevich Martynyuk
Erosion and abrasion on dental structures undergoing at-home bleaching

Author(s): Demarco FF | Meireles SS | Sarmento HR | Dantas RVF | Botero T | Tarquinio SBC
A Critical Note On Ring Flushing

Author(s): Syed Muhammad Atif
Numerical Modeling of Plasmonic Nanoantennas with Realistic 3D Roughness and Distortion

Author(s): Alexander V. Kildishev | Joshua D. Borneman | Kuo-Ping Chen | Vladimir P. Drachev
Anti-Icing Method Based on Reducing Voltage of Transmission Lines

Author(s): Xiaoming LI | Junjie HUANG | Youbin ZHOU
Dielectric Analysis of Response Time in Electrorheological Fluids Developed for Medical Devices

Author(s): Naullage I. Perera | Manik Pavan Maheswaram | Dhruthiman Mantheni | Dhanuja D. Perera | M. Ellen Matthews | Alan Riga | Tobili Sam Yellowe
Validation of a Model Relating Crop Yield and Weed Time of Emergence and Removal

Author(s): Hossein Ghani Zadeh | Shapoor Lorzadeh | Nazer Ariannia
A Survey of Bioinformatics Applications on Parallel Architectures

Author(s): Binay Kumar Pandey | Sanjay Kumar Pandey | Digvijay Pandey
Highway Capacity Prediction in Adverse Weather

Author(s): Hashim Mohammed Alhassan | Johnnie Ben-Edigbe
The Regime is Dead! Long Live the Regime!

Author(s): Emmanuel C. Lallana

Author(s): T.M. CORNEA | M. DIMA | D. ROCA
Assessing the Long Term Impact of Phosphorus Fertilization on Phosphorus Loadings Using AnnAGNPS

Author(s): Yongping Yuan | Ronald L. Bingner | Martin A. Locke | Jim Stafford | Fred D. Theurer
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