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Induction of Significant Cytotoxic Activity for Autologous Leukemia Cells: Inverse Correlation between Cytotoxicity and FOXP3 mRNA Expression

Author(s): Yasuki Hijikata | Yasuhiro Maeda | Terufumi Yamaguchi | Yasuyoshi Morita | Miyako Tanaka | Chikara Hirase | Shunsuke Takai | Yoichi Tatsumi | Akihisa Kanamaru
Predictors of knowledge about malaria in India

Author(s): Arun Kumar Sharma, Sanjeev Bhasin , S. Chaturvedi
Cytotoxic T Cells in H. pylori-Related Gastric Autoimmunity and Gastric Lymphoma

Author(s): Mathijs P. Bergman | Mario M. D'Elios
Microbiological contamination of cubicle curtains in an out-patient podiatry clinic

Author(s): Woodland Ria | Whitham Deborah | O'Neil Bill | Otter Simon
Differential contributory roles of nucleotide excision and homologous recombination repair for enhancing cisplatin sensitivity in human ovarian cancer cells

Author(s): Wang Qi-En | Milum Keisha | Han Chunhua | Huang Yi-Wen | Wani Gulzar | Thomale Jürgen | Wani Altaf
Parasite Genotypically Related to a Monoxenous Trypanosomatid of Dog's Flea Causing Opportunistic Infection in an HIV Positive Patient

Author(s): Pacheco Raquel S | Marzochi Mauro CA | Pires Marize Q | Brito Célia MM | Madeira Maria de Fátima | Barbosa-Santos Elizabeth GO
Attitudes towards war, killing, and punishment of children among young people in Estonia, Finland, Romania, the Russian Federation, and the USA

Author(s): McAlister Alfred | Sandström Patrick | Puska Pekka | Veijo Anitta | Chereches Razvan | Heidmets Lenne-Triin
Xenoantigen, an αGal epitope-expression construct driven by the hTERT-promoter, specifically kills human pancreatic cancer cell line

Author(s): Sawada Tokihiko | Yamada Osamu | Yoshimura Naoko | Hatori Keiko | Fuchinoue Shohei | Teraoka Satoshi
Gleevec (STI-571) inhibits lung cancer cell growth (A549) and potentiates the cisplatin effect in vitro

Author(s): Zhang Peilin | Gao Wei | Turner Steven | Ducatman Barbara
Inhibition of MHC class I is a virulence factor in herpes simplex virus infection of mice.

Author(s): Orr Mark T | Edelmann Kurt H | Vieira Jeffrey | Corey Lawrence | Raulet David H | Wilson Christopher B
Using the TAP Component of the Antigen-Processing Machinery as a Molecular Adjuvant.

Author(s): Vitalis Timothy Z | Zhang Qian-Jin | Alimonti Judie | Chen Susan S | Basha Genc | Moise Alex | Tiong Jacqueline | Tian Mei Mei | Choi Kyung Bok | Waterfield Douglas | Jeffries Andy | Jefferies Wilfred A
Cross-platform expression profiling demonstrates that SV40 small tumor antigen activates Notch, Hedgehog, and Wnt signaling in human cells

Author(s): Ali-Seyed Mohamed | Laycock Noelani | Karanam Suresh | Xiao Wenming | Blair Eric | Moreno Carlos
Soluble fibrin inhibits monocyte adherence and cytotoxicity against tumor cells: implications for cancer metastasis

Author(s): Biggerstaff John | Weidow Brandy | Vidosh Jacqueline | Dexheimer Judith | Patel Shonak | Patel Pretesh
CNS progenitor cells and oligodendrocytes are targets of chemotherapeutic agents in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Dietrich Joerg | Han Ruolan | Yang Yin | Mayer-Pröschel Margot | Noble Mark
Tumor-specific T cells signal tumor destruction via the lymphotoxin β receptor

Author(s): Winter Hauke | van den Engel Natasja | Poehlein Christian | Hatz Rudolf | Fox Bernard | Hu Hong-Ming
Health-related quality of life of Palestinian preschoolers in the Gaza Strip: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Massad Salwa | Nieto F Javier | Palta Mari | Smith Maureen | Clark Roseanne | Thabet Abdel-Aziz
Land slide disaster in eastern Uganda: rapid assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene situation in Bulucheke camp, Bududa district

Author(s): Atuyambe Lynn | Ediau Michael | Orach Christopher | Musenero Monica | Bazeyo William
Development of a Specifically Enhanced Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Detection of Melamine in Milk

Author(s): Hongtao Lei | Rui Su | Simon A. Haughey | Qiang Wang | Zhenlin Xu | Jinyi Yang | Yudong Shen | Hong Wang | Yueming Jiang | Yuanming Sun
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