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Pemodelan Harga Minyak Sayuran Menggunakan Analisis Regresi Linear Berganda

Author(s): Azme Khamis | Zuhaimy Hj Ismail | Ani Shabri
Catalyst in Basic Oleochemicals

Author(s): Eva Suyenty | Herlina Sentosa | Mariani Agustine | Sandy Anwar | Abun Lie | Erwin Sutanto
The Effect of Radial Swirl Generator on Reducing Emissions from Bio-Fuel Burner System

Author(s): Mohamad Shaiful Ashrul Ishak | Mohammad Nazri Mohd Jaafar | Yehia A. Eldrainy
Palm Oil and Animal Fats for Increasing Dietary Energy in Rearing Pullets

Author(s): M.A. Isika | E.A. Agiang | B.I. Okon
Development of a Permeability Model for Palm Fruit Cake

Author(s): O.K. Owolarafe | G.A. Badmus | M.O.Faborode
Investigation on the Use of Palm Olein as Lubrication Oil

Características fisicoquímicas del aceite del endospermo de la Palma Yagua (Attalea cryptanther)

Author(s): García-Pantaleón, David M | González, Juan | Moreno-Álvarez, Mario José | Belén-Camacho, Douglas R. | Medina-Martínez, Carlos | Linares, Oscar
Use of palm kernel cake for animal feed

Author(s): Watanasit, S. | Kuprasert, S.
Fraccionamiento e interesterificacion del aceite de palma (Elaeis guineensis) cultivado en la amazonia peruana

Author(s): García de Sotero, Dora | Sandoval del Águila, Jorge | Saldaña Ramírez, Robinson | Cárdenas de Reátegui, Gladys | Soplín Ríos, José Antonio | Sotero Solís, Víctor | Pavan Torres, Rosángela | Mancini Filho, Jorge
Propiedades mecánicas de aceites y grasas vegetales

Author(s): de Dios Alvarado, Juan
Effect of hydraulic press parameters on crude palm oil yield

Author(s): O.K. Owolarafe | A.S. Osunleke | B.E. Oyebamiji
Effect of Oil Heat Treatment on Physical properties of Semantan Bamboo (Gigantochloa scortechinii Gamble)

Author(s): Rafidah Salim | Zaidon Ashaari | Hashim W. Samsi | Razak Wahab | Roziela Hanim Alamjuri
A Perspective of Oil Palm and Its Wastes

Author(s): Fauziah Sulaiman | Nurhayati Abdullah | Heiko Gerhauser | Adilah Shariff
Kinetics of palm kernel oil and ethanol transesterification

Author(s): Julius C. Ahiekpor, David K. Kuwornoo
Effect of Cooling Modes on Solvent Crystallization of Palm Oil Based Dihydroxystearic Acid Using Ethanol

Author(s): Z.A. Sumaiya | Gregory F. L. Koay | T.G. Chuah | S. Parthiban | Y. Robiah | A. Salmiah | Thomas S.Y. Choong
Biodiesel Production from Crude Palm Oil by Transesterification Process

Author(s): A.N. Alkabbashi | Md Z. Alam | M.E.S. Mirghani | A.M.A. Al-Fusaiel
Mutual Solubility Study in Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Tocopherols from Crude Palm Oil Using CO2 Solvent

Author(s): Reza Davarnejad | Zainal Ahmad | Suhairi A. Sata | Mostafa Keshavarz Moraveji | Farzaneh Ahmadloo
Acute Oral Toxicity and Brine Shrimp Lethality of Elaeis guineensis Jacq., (Oil Palm Leaf) Methanol Extract

Author(s): Abdul Rani Muhamad Syahmi | Soundararajan Vijayarathna | Sreenivasan Sasidharan | Lachimanan Yoga Latha | Yuet Ping Kwan | Yee Ling Lau | Lai Ngit Shin | Yeng Chen
A Review of Extraction Technology for Carotenoids and Vitamin E Recovery from Palm Oil

Author(s): N. Othman | Z.A. Manan | S.R. Wan Alwi | M.R. Sarmidi
Simulation of Palm based Fatty Acids Distillation

Author(s): Awang Bono | Oh Pin Pin | Chin Peng Jiun
Deoiling and Regeneration Efficiencies of Spent Bleaching Clay

Author(s): A. W. Nursulihatimarsyila | K. Y. Cheah | T. G. Chuah | W. L. Siew | T. S.Y. Choong
Production of Bioactive Compounds by Bacillus subtilis against Sclerotium rolfsii

Author(s): Nalisha, I. | Muskhazli, M. | Nor Farizan, T.
Methyl ester production from high free fatty acid mixed crude palm oil

Author(s): Gumpon Prateepchaikul1 | Michael L.Allen2 | Theerayut Leevijit3 | Kittisak Thaveesinsopha4
Características fisicoquímicas del aceite del mesocarpio de la coroba (Jessenia polycarpa Karst)

Author(s): Alemán, Rafael | Belén C, Douglas R. | Zorrilla, Maigualidad | Bastardo, Lisandro | Alvarez, Francisco | Moreno Alvarez, Mario J.
Production of ethyl ester from crude palm oil by two-step reaction using continuous microwave system

Author(s): Kittiphoom Suppalakpanya | Sukritthira Ratanawilai | Ruamporn Nikhom | Chakrit Tongurai
Least cost energy planning in Thailand:A case of biogas upgrading in palm oil industry

Author(s): Artite Pattanapongchai | Bundit Limmeechokchai*
Adsorption of Free Fatty Acid from Crude Palm Oil on Magnesium Silicate Derived from Rice Husk

Author(s): Weerawat Clowutimon | Prakob Kitchaiya | Pornsawan Assawasaengrat
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Palm Carotenoids

Author(s): Puah C. Wei | Choo Y. May | Ma A. Ngan | Chuah C. Hock
The Effect of Physical Refining on Palm Vitamin E (Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and Tocomonoenol)

Author(s): Chiew W. Puah | Yuen M. Choo | Ah N. Ma | Cheng H. Chuah
Environmental Performance of the Milling Process Of Malaysian Palm Oil Using The Life Cycle Assessment Approach

Author(s): Vijaya Subramaniam | Ma A. Ngan | Choo Y. May | Nik M.K. Sulaiman
Effect of Storage Temperature on the Stability of Phytonutrients in Palm Concentrates

Author(s): K. Chandrasekaram | M. H. Ng | Y. M. Choo | C. H. Chuah
A Study of Residual Oils Recovered from Spent Bleaching Earth: Their Characteristics and Applications

Author(s): Loh S. Kheang | Cheng S. Foon | Choo Y. May | Ma A. Ngan
Separation of Coenzyme Q10 in Palm Oil by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Author(s): Ng M. Han | Choo Y. May | Ma A. Ngan | Chuah C. Hock | Mohd A. Hashim
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