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A Modified Hill Cipher Involving Interweaving and Iteration

Author(s): V. Umakanta Sastry | N. Ravi Shankar | S. Durga Bhavani
Attacks on An ISO/IEC 11770-2 Key Establishment Protocol

Author(s): Zhaohui Cheng | Richard Comley
Cryptanalysis of the Batch Verifying Multiple DSA-Type Digital Signature

Author(s): Min-Shiang Hwang | Cheng-Chi Lee | Eric Jui-Lin Lu
On the Security of ``Golden'' Cryptography

Author(s): angel Marti­n del Rey | Gerardo Rodri­guez Sa¡nchez
Proxy Blind Signature based on ECDLP

Author(s): Asis Kumar Tripathy, Ipsita Patra and Debasish Jena
Cryptanalysis of C3 PEKE protocol

Author(s): R.Padmavathy

Author(s): Mohammed Aijaz Ahmed | D. Rajya Lakshmi | Sayed Abdul Sattar
Cryptanalysis of Some RFID Authentication Protocols

Author(s): Tianjie Cao | Peng Shen | Elisa Bertino
Efficient Implementation of a Scalable Encryption Algorithm using FPGA

Author(s): B. Praveen Kumar | P. Ezhumalai | Dr. S. Sankara Gomathi
On Software Implementation of Fast DDP-based Ciphers

Author(s): Nikolay A. Moldovyan | Peter A. Moldovyanu | Douglas H. Summerville
A Block Cipher Involving Interlacing and Decomposition

Author(s): S. Udaya Kumar | V.U.K. Sastry | A. Vinaya babu
Cryptanalysis of an Authentication Key Exchange Protocol

Author(s): Chou-Chan Yang | Ya-Wen Yang | Ting-Yi Chang
Cryptanalysis of Security Enhancement for Anonymous Secure E-voting over a Network

Author(s): Chou-Chen Yang | Hung-Wen Yang | Ren-Chiun Wang
A Blending of A Generalized Playfair Cipher and A Modified Hill Cipher

Author(s): V.U.K. Sastry | N. Ravi Shankar | S. Durga Bhavani
A Novel Approach to Security using Extended Playfair Cipher

Author(s): Shiv Shakti Srivastava | Nitin Gupta
Uniform Logical Cryptanalysis of CubeHash Function

Author(s): Miodrag Milić | Vojin Šenk
A Novel Multiple Key Block Ciphering Mechanism with Reduced Computational Overhead

Author(s): V.S.Shankar Sriram | Abhishek Kumar Maurya | G.Sahoo
Cryptanalysis on two multi-server password based authentication protocols

Author(s): Jue-Sam Chou | Chun-Hui Huang | Yalin Chen
Cryptanalysis on four two-party authentication protocols

Author(s): Yalin Chen | Jue-Sam Chou | Chun-Hui Huang
Robust Mutual Authentication with a Key Agreement Scheme for the Session Initiation Protocol

Author(s): Yoon Eun-Jun | Shin Yong-Nyuo | Jeon Il-Soo | Yoo Kee-Young
Cryptanalysis of Koyama Scheme

Author(s): Sahadeo Padhye
Cryptanalysis of a User Friendly Remote Authentication Scheme with Smart Card

Author(s): Min-Shiang Hwang | Jung-Wen Lo | Chi-Yu Liu | Shu-Chen Lin
Customizing Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm

Author(s): Debdeep Mukhopadhyay | Dipanwita RoyChowdhury
On the Order of Round Components in the AES

Author(s): Jorge Nakahara Jr
Cryptanalysis of Two RFID Authentication Protocols

Author(s): Tianjie Cao | Peng Shen
Analysis of Venkaiah et al.'s AES Design

Author(s): Jorge Nakahara
Cryptanalysis of an Elliptic Curve-based Signcryption Scheme

Author(s): Mohsen Toorani | Ali Asghar Beheshti Shirazi
A Modified Feistel Cipher Involving Modular Arithmetic and Interlacing

Author(s): V. U. K. Sastry, D. S. R. Murthy, S. Durga Bhavani
A Modified Hill Cipher Involving a Pair of Keys and a Permutation

Author(s): V.U.K.Sastry, Aruna Varanasi and S.Udaya Kumar
Design of a Novel Cryptographic Algorithm using Genetic Functions

Author(s): Praneeth Kumar G and Vishnu Murthy G
Cryptosystem for Information Security

Author(s): Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, | Somaditya Roy
Cryptanalysis of an Enhanced Spatiotemporal Chaotic Image/Video Cryptosystem

Author(s): Eun-Jun Yoon | Jeong-Woo Hong | Sang-Yoon Yoon | Dong-In Park | Myung-Jin Choi
Steganography An Art of Hiding Data

Author(s): Shashikala Channalli | Ajay Jadhav
Cryptanalysis of a Chaotic Communication Scheme Using Parameter Observer

Author(s): Haipeng Peng | Yan Shao | Lixiang Li | Yixian Yang
Meet In The Middle Attack: A Cryptanalysis Approach

Author(s): Shish Ahmad | Mohd. Rizwan Beg | Jameel Ahmad | Nabarun Barua
Comparative study between stream cipher and block cipher using RC4 and Hill Cipher

Author(s): Shish Ahmad | Mohd. Rizwan Beg | Qamar Abbas | Jameel Ahmad | Syed Mohd Atif
Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Dual Key Encryption

Author(s): B.Lakshmi | E. Kirubakaran | T.N.Prabakar
Cryptanalysis and Enhancement of Two-pass Authenticated Key Agreement with Key Confirmation Protocols

Author(s): Mohammad Zeyad | Chen Yaw-Chung | Hsu Chien-Lung | Lo Chi-Chun
A DNA and Amino Acids-Based Implementation of Playfair Cipher

Author(s): Mona Sabry | Mohamed Hashem | Taymoor Nazmy | Mohamed Essam Khalifa
Decipherment of Substitution Cipher using Enhanced Probability Distribution

Author(s): Apparao Naidu G | Bhadri Raju MSVS | Vishnu Vardhan B | Pratap Reddy L
Cryptanalysis of a New Efficient MAKEP for Wireless Communications

Author(s): Jau-Ji Shen | Ching-Ying Lin | Hung-Wen Yang
A Genetic Algorithm for Cryptanalysis of DES-8

Author(s): Hasan Mohammed Hasan Husein | Bayoumi I. Bayoumi | Fathy Saad Holail | Bahaa Eldin M. Hasan | Mohammed Z. Abd El-Mageed
A Modified approach for implementation of an efficient padding scheme in a digital signature system

Author(s): Meenakshi Kaul | Dharmendra Choukse | Umesh Kumar Singh
Cryptanalysis of Liao-Lee-Hwang's Dynamic ID Scheme

Author(s): Mohammed Misbahuddin | C. Shoba Bindu
Cryptanalysis of Syverson's Rational Exchange Protocol

Author(s): Almudena Alcaide | uan M. Estevez-Tapiador | Julio C. Hernandez-Castro | Arturo Ribagorda
A Genetic Algorithm for Cryptanalysis with Application to DES-like Systems

Author(s): Hasan Mohammed Hasan Husei | Bayoumi I. Bayoumi | Fathy Saad Holail | Bahaa Eldin M. Hasan | Mohammed Z. Abd El-Mageed
Dynamic Key Cryptography and Applications

Author(s): Huy Hoang Ngo | Xianping Wu | Phu Dung Le | Campbell Wilson | Balasubramaniam Srinivasan
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Block Cipher Based on Multiple Chaotic Systems

Author(s): Jun He | Haifeng Qian | Yuan Zhou | Zhibin Li
A Block Cipher Involving a Key Applied on Both the Sides of the Plain Text

Author(s): V. U. K. Sastry, D. S. R. Murthy, S. Durga Bhavani
Substitution-diffusion based Image Cipher

Author(s): Narendra K Pareek | Vinod Patidar | Krishan K Sud
A Secured Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Elliptic Curves Cryptography

Author(s): Hsiu-Lien Yeh | Tien-Ho Chen | Pin-Chuan Liu | Tai-Hoo Kim | Hsin-Wen Wei
Cryptography and Steganography-A Survey

Author(s): A. Joseph Raphael | Dr. V. Sundaram
A Cryptographic Scheme of Finite Fields using Logical Operators

Author(s): G.Naga Lakshmi | B.Ravi Kumar | Ch.Suneetha | A.Chandra Sekhar
Analysis and Design of Affine and Hill Cipher

Author(s): Mozhgan Mokhtari | Hassan Naraghi

Author(s): Arash Karimi | Hadi Shahriar Shahhoseini
Security Enhancement Algorithms for Data Transmission for Next Generation Networks

Author(s): Vikas Kaul | S K Narayankhedkar | S Achrekar | S Agarwal
An Approach for SMS Security using Authentication Functions

Author(s): Neetesh Saxena | Narendra S. Chaudhari
Chaotic Encryption Scheme Using 1-D Chaotic Map

Author(s): Mina Mishra | Vijay H. Mankar
An Efficient Objective Intelligibility Measure for Frequency Domain Scramblers

Author(s): Borzino AMCR | Apolinário JA | da Silva DG
On the Design of Error-Correcting Ciphers

Author(s): Mathur Chetan Nanjunda | Narayan Karthik | Subbalakshmi KP
Cryptanalysis of the Two-Dimensional Circulation Encryption Algorithm

Author(s): De Cannière Christophe | Lano Joseph | Preneel Bart
Cryptanalysis of a New Signal Security System for Multimedia Data Transmission

Author(s): Li Chengqing | Li Shujun | Chen Guanrong | Chen Gang | Hu Lei
Cryptanalysis of An Advanced Authentication Scheme

Author(s): Sattar J Aboud | Abid T. Al Ajeeli

Author(s): S.G.Srikantaswamy | Prof. H.D.Phaneendra
A Novel Approach for Security Development for Multimedia System

Author(s): B.Prabhavathi | P.D.Chidhambara Rao | P.Raja Sekhar | Ishrath Jahan | G.Murali Mohan
Kryptos+Graphein= Cryptography

Author(s): Shweta Aggarwal | Utkarsh Jaiswal
Cryptanalysis on Identity-based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols from Pairings

Author(s): Mengbo Hou | Qiuliang Xu | Shanqing Guo | Han Jiang
Maxi-linear Deviation Searching Algorithm Based on Improved Pyramid Filter

Author(s): Lizhao Liu | Ying Wang | Maoqing Li | Yufeng Chen | Tianhua Zhang
A New Differential Fault Attack on SPN Structure, with Application to AES Cipher

Author(s): Wei Li | Xiaoling Xia | Dawu Gu | Zhiqiang Liu | Juanru Li | Ya Liu

Author(s): ganesan manikandan | ganesan krishnan | natarajan sairam
A New and Secure Cryptosystem for Image Encryption and Decryption

Author(s): Rao K | Kumar K | Murali Krishna P
Variable Size Block Encryption using Dynamickey Mechanism 'VBEDM'

Author(s): K.C.Shyamala Bai | Dr.M.V.Satyanarayana | Dr. P.A. Vijaya
An Efficient Stream Cipher Algorithm for Data Encryption

Author(s): Majid Bakhtiari | Mohd Aizaini Maarof
Cryptovirology: Virus Approach

Author(s): Shivale Saurabh Anandrao
Attack of Against Simplified Data Encryption Standard Cipher System Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Khaled M. Alallayah | Waiel F.A. El-Wahed | Mohamed Amin | Alaa H. Alhamami
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