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A new species of Dodia Dyar (Noctuidae, Arctiinae) from central Canada

Author(s): Christian Schmidt | Douglas Macaulay
High prevalence of multiple paternity in the invasive crayfish species, Procambarus clarkii

Author(s): Gen Hua Yue, Jia Le Li, Chun Ming Wang, Jun Hong Xia, Gen Lin Wang, Jian Bing Feng
Cryptic species of Gryllus in the light of bioacoustic (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Author(s): David José A. de O. | Zefa Edison | Fontanetti Carmem S.
Unexpectedly low mitochondrial DNA variation within the ladder snake Rhinechis scalaris

Author(s): Valeria NULCHIS | Marta BIAGGINI | Miguel A. CARRETERO | D. James HARRIS
Two sisters in the same dress: Heliconius cryptic species

Author(s): Giraldo Nathalia | Salazar Camilo | Jiggins Chris | Bermingham Eldredge | Linares Mauricio
Frequency-dependent selection by wild birds promotes polymorphism in model salamanders

Author(s): Fitzpatrick Benjamin | Shook Kim | Izally Reuben
Assessing the freshwater distribution of yellow eel

Author(s): É. Lasne | Laffaille
Red fluorescence in reef fish: A novel signalling mechanism?

Author(s): Michiels Nico | Anthes Nils | Hart Nathan | Herler Jürgen | Meixner Alfred | Schleifenbaum Frank | Schulte Gregor | Siebeck Ulrike | Sprenger Dennis | Wucherer Matthias
Chromosomal evidence for a putative cryptic species in the Gymnotus carapo species-complex (Gymnotiformes, Gymnotidae)

Author(s): Milhomem Susana | Pieczarka Julio | Crampton William | Silva Danillo | De Souza Augusto | Carvalho Jaime | Nagamachi Cleusa
Genetic clusters and sex-biased gene flow in a unicolonial Formica ant

Author(s): Holzer Barbara | Keller Laurent | Chapuisat Michel
The joint evolutionary histories of Wolbachia and mitochondria in Hypolimnas bolina

Author(s): Charlat Sylvain | Duplouy Anne | Hornett Emily | Dyson Emily | Davies Neil | Roderick George | Wedell Nina | Hurst Gregory
Calcium isotopic composition of high-latitude proxy carrier Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (sin.)

Author(s): D. Hippler | R. Kozdon | K. F. Darling | A. Eisenhauer | T. F. Nägler
Prospects for using DNA barcoding to identify spiders in species-rich genera

Author(s): Paul Hebert | Sarah Adamowicz | Emily Robinson | Gergin Blagoev
Unexpected relationships of substructured populations in Chinese Locusta migratoria

Author(s): Zhang De-Xing | Yan Lu-Na | Ji Ya-Jie | Hewitt Godfrey | Huang Zu-Shi
Metabolic analysis of the soil microbe Dechloromonas aromatica str. RCB: indications of a surprisingly complex life-style and cryptic anaerobic pathways for aromatic degradation

Author(s): Salinero Kennan | Keller Keith | Feil William | Feil Helene | Trong Stephan | Di Bartolo Genevieve | Lapidus Alla
Genetic determinants of mate recognition in Brachionus manjavacas (Rotifera)

Author(s): Snell Terry | Shearer Tonya | Smith Hilary | Kubanek Julia | Gribble Kristin | Mark Welch David
Adding to Yersinia enterocolitica Gene Pool Diversity: Two Cryptic Plasmids from a Biotype 1A Isolate

Author(s): Daniela Lepka | Tobias Kerrinnes | Evelyn Skiebe | Birgitt Hahn | Angelika Fruth | Gottfried Wilharm
Complexity of genome evolution by segmental rearrangement in Brassica rapa revealed by sequence-level analysis

Author(s): Trick Martin | Kwon Soo-Jin | Choi Su | Fraser Fiona | Soumpourou Eleni | Drou Nizar | Wang Zhi | Lee Seo | Yang Tae-Jin | Mun Jeong-Hwan | Paterson Andrew | Town Christopher | Pires J Chris | Pyo Lim Yong | Park Beom-Seok | Bancroft Ian
Filling the gap - COI barcode resolution in eastern Palearctic birds

Author(s): Kerr Kevin | Birks Sharon | Kalyakin Mikhail | Red'kin Yaroslav | Koblik Eugeny | Hebert Paul
Evolutionary dynamics of U12-type spliceosomal introns

Author(s): Lin Chiao-Feng | Mount Stephen | Jarmołowski Artur | Makałowski Wojciech
Phylogeography and sexual macrocyst formation in the social amoeba Dictyostelium giganteum

Author(s): Mehdiabadi Natasha | Kronforst Marcus | Queller David | Strassmann Joan
Genome size differentiates co-occurring populations of the planktonic diatom Ditylum brightwellii (Bacillariophyta)

Author(s): Koester Julie | Swalwell Jarred | von Dassow Peter | Armbrust E Virginia
DNA Barcodes for Marine Biodiversity: Moving Fast Forward?

Author(s): Adriana E. Radulovici | Philippe Archambault | France Dufresne
Cryptic diversity of the bent-wing bat, Miniopterus schreibersii (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae), in Asia Minor

Author(s): Furman Andrzej | Postawa Tomasz | Öztunç Tunç | Çoraman Emrah
Multiple rearrangements in cryptic species of electric knifefish, Gymnotus carapo (Gymnotidae, Gymnotiformes) revealed by chromosome painting

Author(s): Nagamachi Cleusa | Pieczarka Julio | Milhomem Susana | O'Brien Patricia | de Souza Augusto | Ferguson-Smith Malcolm
Using Molecular-Assisted Alpha Taxonomy to Better Understand Red Algal Biodiversity in Bermuda

Author(s): Elisabeth N. Cianciola | Thea R. Popolizio | Craig W. Schneider | Christopher E. Lane
Multigene phylogeny and mating tests reveal three cryptic species related to Calonectria pauciramosa

Author(s): L. Lombard | P.W. Crous | B.D. Wingfield | M.J. Wingfield
Species and ecological diversity within the Cladosporium cladosporioides complex (Davidiellaceae, Capnodiales)

Author(s): K. Bensch | J.Z. Groenewald | J. Dijksterhuis | M. Starink-Willemse | B. Andersen | B.A. Summerell | H.-D. Shin | F.M. Dugan | H.-J. Schroers | U. Braun | P.W. Crous
Lineage divergence detected in the malaria vector Anopheles marajoara (Diptera: Culicidae) in Amazonian Brazil

Author(s): McKeon Sascha | Lehr Margaret | Wilkerson Richard | Ruiz John | Sallum Maria | Lima Jose | Povoa Marinete | Conn Jan
The exchangeability of shape

Author(s): Dujardin Jean-Pierre | Kaba Dramane | Henry Amy
Evolution of major milk proteins in Mus musculus and Mus spretus mouse species: a genoproteomic analysis

Author(s): Boumahrou Nisrine | Bevilacqua Claudia | Beauvallet Christian | Miranda Guy | Andrei Sanda | Rebours Emmanuelle | Panthier Jean-Jacques | Bellier Sylvain | Martin Patrice
Assessment and validation of a suite of reverse transcription-quantitative PCR reference genes for analyses of density-dependent behavioural plasticity in the Australian plague locust

Author(s): Chapuis Marie-Pierre | Tohidi-Esfahani Donya | Dodgson Tim | Blondin Laurence | Ponton Fleur | Cullen Darron | Simpson Stephen | Sword Gregory
Kin discrimination and possible cryptic species in the social amoeba Polysphondylium violaceum

Author(s): Kalla Sara | Queller David | Lasagni Andrea | Strassmann Joan
Rapid isolation of mycoviral double-stranded RNA from Botrytis cinerea and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Castillo Antonio | Cottet Luis | Castro Miguel | Sepúlveda Felipe
Microarray estimation of genomic inter-strain variability in the genus Ectocarpus (Phaeophyceae)

Author(s): Dittami Simon | Proux Caroline | Rousvoal Sylvie | Peters Akira | Cock J | Coppée Jean-Yves | Boyen Catherine | Tonon Thierry
Species-specificity and coevolution of figs and their pollinating wasps

Author(s): Yan Chen | Hongqing Li | Min Liu | Xiaoyong Chen
Genetic monitoring detects an overlooked cryptic species and reveals the diversity and distribution of three invasive Rattus congeners in south Africa

Author(s): Bastos Armanda | Nair Deenadayalan | Taylor Peter | Brettschneider Helene | Kirsten Frikkie | Mostert Elmarie | von Maltitz Emil | Lamb Jennifer | van Hooft Pim | Belmain Steven | Contrafatto Giancarlo | Downs Sarah | Chimimba Christian
pB264, a small, mobilizable, temperature sensitive plasmid from Rhodococcus

Author(s): Lessard Philip | O'Brien Xian | Currie Devin | Sinskey Anthony
Genetic diversity in populations of asexual and sexual bag worm moths (Lepidoptera: Psychidae)

Author(s): Grapputo Alessandro | Kumpulainen Tomi | Mappes Johanna | Parri Silja
Molecular research and the control of Chagas disease vectors

Author(s): Abad-Franch Fernando | Monteiro Fernando A.
Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic revision of the sportive lemurs (Lepilemur, Primates)

Author(s): Andriaholinirina Nicole | Fausser Jean-Luc | Roos Christian | Zinner Dietmar | Thalmann Urs | Rabarivola Clément | Ravoarimanana Iary | Ganzhorn Jörg U | Meier Bernhard | Hilgartner Roland | Walter Lutz | Zaramody Alphonse | Langer Christoph | Hahn Thomas | Zimmermann Elke | Radespiel Ute | Craul Mathias | Tomiuk Jürgen | Tattersall Ian | Rumpler Yves
Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) genome project: analysis of sequenced clones from egg, instar, and adult (viruliferous and non-viruliferous) cDNA libraries

Author(s): Leshkowitz Dena | Gazit Shirley | Reuveni Eli | Ghanim Murad | Czosnek Henryk | McKenzie Cindy | Shatters Robert | Brown Judith
Deep mtDNA divergences indicate cryptic species in a fig-pollinating wasp

Author(s): Haine Eleanor | Martin Joanne | Cook James
Analyses of carnivore microsatellites and their intimate association with tRNA-derived SINEs

Author(s): López-Giráldez Francesc | Andrés Olga | Domingo-Roura Xavier | Bosch Montserrat
Host choice and human blood index of Anopheles pseudopunctipennis in a village of the Andean valleys of Bolivia

Author(s): Lardeux Frédéric | Loayza Paola | Bouchité Bernard | Chavez Tamara
A multi-gene phylogeny for species of Mycosphaerella occurring on Eucalyptus leaves

Author(s): Gavin C. Hunter | Brenda D. Wingfield | Pedro W. Crous | Michael J. Wingfield
A complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the wild two-humped camel (Camelus bactrianus ferus): an evolutionary history of camelidae

Author(s): Cui Peng | Ji Rimutu | Ding Feng | Qi Dan | Gao Hongwei | Meng He | Yu Jun | Hu Songnian | Zhang Heping
Phylogeny and ecology of the ubiquitous saprobe Cladosporium sphaerospermum, with descriptions of seven new species from hypersaline environments

Author(s): P. Zalar | G.S. de Hoog | H.-J. Schroers | P.W. Crous | J.Z. Groenewald | N. Gunde-Cimerman
Systematics and plastid genome evolution of the cryptically photosynthetic parasitic plant genus Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae)

Author(s): McNeal Joel | Arumugunathan Kathiravetpilla | Kuehl Jennifer | Boore Jeffrey | dePamphilis Claude
Conserved and species-specific alternative splicing in mammalian genomes

Author(s): Nurtdinov Ramil | Neverov Alexey | Favorov Alexander | Mironov Andrey | Gelfand Mikhail
SNPs and Hox gene mapping in Ciona intestinalis

Author(s): Caputi Luigi | Borra Marco | Andreakis Nikos | Biffali Elio | Sordino Paolo
Genetic variation in the invasive avian parasite, Philornis downsi (Diptera, Muscidae) on the Galápagos archipelago

Author(s): Dudaniec Rachael | Gardner Michael | Donnellan Steve | Kleindorfer Sonia
PPNEMA: A Resource of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Multialigned Ribosomal Cistrons

Author(s): Francesco Rubino | Amalia Voukelatou | Francesca De Luca | Carla De Giorgi | Marcella Attimonelli
DNA barcoding and its application to marine zooplankton ecology

Author(s): Chaolun Li | Minxiao Wang | Fangping Cheng | Song Sun
Predator feeding choice on conspicuous and non-conspicuous carabid beetles: first results

Author(s): Teresa Bonacci | Pietro Brandmayr | Tullia Zetto Brandmayr
DNA barcoding and morphology reveal two common species in one: Pimpla molesta stat. rev. separated from P. croceipes (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Author(s): Anu Veijalainen | Gavin Broad | Niklas Wahlberg | John Longino | Ilari Sääksjärvi
Cryptic species in lichen-forming fungi

Author(s): A. Crespo | T.H. Lumbsch
Variability of Non-Polar Secondary Metabolites in the Red Alga Portieria

Author(s): Dioli Ann Payo | Joannamel Colo | Hilconida Calumpong | Olivier de Clerck
Transcriptome analysis and comparison reveal divergence between two invasive whitefly cryptic species

Author(s): Wang Xiao-Wei | Luan Jun-Bo | Li Jun-Min | Su Yun-Lin | Xia Jun | Liu Shu-Sheng
Global population structure of Aspergillus terreus inferred by ISSR typing reveals geographical subclustering

Author(s): Neal Carolyn | Richardson Aaron | Hurst Steven | Tortorano Anna | Viviani Maria | Stevens David | Balajee S Arunmozhi
Sex in the PAC: A hidden affair in dark septate endophytes?

Author(s): Zaffarano Pascal | Queloz Valentin | Duò Angelo | Grünig Christoph
Considerations on the use of nucleic acid-based amplification for malaria parasite detection

Author(s): Proux Stéphane | Suwanarusk Rossarin | Barends Marion | Zwang Julien | Price Ric | Leimanis Mara | Kiricharoen Lily | Laochan Natthapon | Russell Bruce | Nosten François | Snounou Georges

Author(s): M. A. Oshaghi | K. Shemshad | M. R. Yaghobi-Ershadi | H. Vatandosst | M. R. Abaie | Z. Zare H. Amani
Aquatic Insects in Eastern Australia: A Window on Ecology and Evolution of Dispersal in Streams

Author(s): Jane M. Hughes | Joel A. Huey | Alison J. McLean | Olivier Baggiano
A review of marine phylogeography in southern Africa

Author(s): Peter R. Teske | Sophie von der Heyden | Christopher D. McQuaid | Nigel P. Barker
Predation in Ground-Nesting Birds: an Experimental Study Using Natural Egg-Color Variation

Author(s): Aurora M. Castilla | André A. Dhondt | Ramón Díaz-Uriarte | David Westmoreland
Phylogenetic Diversity of the Cold Water Octocoral Paragorgia arborea (Linnaeus, 1758) off the East Coast of Canada

Author(s): Kevin B. Strychar | Ellen L. Kenchington | Lorraine C. Hamilton | David B. Scott
Cryptic species: a case study of the Cytherissa flock from Lake Baikal

Author(s): Pieri Valentina | Van Mulken Els | Martens Koen | Schön Isa
Specialized adaptation of a lactic acid bacterium to the milk environment: the comparative genomics of Streptococcus thermophilus LMD-9

Author(s): Goh Yong | Goin Caitlin | O’Flaherty Sarah | Altermann Eric | Hutkins Robert
No Evidence for Temporal Variation in a Cryptic Species Community of Freshwater Amphipods of the Hyalella azteca Species Complex

Author(s): Kaven Dionne | Roland Vergilino | France Dufresne | François Charles | Christian Nozais
Evolution of an endofungal Lifestyle: Deductions from the Burkholderia rhizoxinica Genome

Author(s): Lackner Gerald | Moebius Nadine | Partida-Martinez Laila | Boland Sebastian | Hertweck Christian
"Nested" cryptic diversity in a widespread marine ecosystem engineer: a challenge for detecting biological invasions

Author(s): Teske Peter | Rius Marc | McQuaid Christopher | Styan Craig | Piggott Maxine | Benhissoune Saïd | Fuentes-Grünewald Claudio | Walls Kathy | Page Mike | Attard Catherine | Cooke Georgina | McClusky Claire | Banks Sam | Barker Nigel | Beheregaray Luciano
Prime waterfront real estate: Apple snails choose wild taro for oviposition sites

Author(s): Colin H. KYLE, Alexis W. KROPF, Romi L. BURKS

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