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Extracurricular enrichment workshops for high ability students

Author(s): Ángela Rojo | Carlos Garrido | Gloria Soto | Marta Sáinz | Mari Carmen Fernández | Daniel Hernández
Biomedical research competencies for osteopathic medical students

Author(s): Cruser des Anges | Dubin Bruce | Brown Sarah | Bakken Lori | Licciardone John | Podawiltz Alan | Bulik Robert
A cross-curricular physical activity intervention to combat cardiovascular disease risk factors in 11-14 year olds: 'Activity Knowledge Circuit'

Author(s): Knox Gareth | Baker Julien | Davies Bruce | Faulkner Susan | Rance Jaynie | Rees Anwen | Morgan Kelly | Thomas Non
Teaching Evaluation at the Medical Faculty of Freiburg, part I: an overview

Author(s): Peus, Verena | Valerius, Gabriele | Schärer, Lars | Buchkremer, Stefan | Voderholzer, Ulrich | Berger, Mathias
Learning outcomes from a biomedical research course for second year osteopathic medical students

Author(s): Cruser des Anges | Brown Sarah | Ingram Jessica | Podawiltz Alan | Dubin Bruce | Colston John | Bulik Robert
Comprehension of atypical literary text and scholastic achievement

Author(s): Božin Aurel A. | Milatović Vuk
Pasos Adelante: The Effectiveness of a Community-based Chronic Disease Prevention Program

Author(s): Lisa K. Staten, PhD | Linda L. Scheu, MS, MPH | Dan Bronson, MS | Veronica Peña | JoJean Elenes
Online clinical reasoning assessment with the Script Concordance test: a feasibility study

Author(s): Sibert Louis | Darmoni Stefan | Dahamna Badisse | Weber Jacques | Charlin Bernard
A school-based physical activity program to improve health and fitness in children aged 6–13 years ("Kinder-Sportstudie KISS"): study design of a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN15360785]

Author(s): Zahner Lukas | Puder Jardena | Roth Ralf | Schmid Marco | Guldimann Regula | Pühse Uwe | Knöpfli Martin | Braun-Fahrländer Charlotte | Marti Bernard | Kriemler Susi
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
The need for education on health related-quality of life

Author(s): Calvert Melanie | Skelton John
Development and evaluation of a cancer-related fatigue patient education program: protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Stuhldreher Nina | Reif Karl | de Vries Ulrike | Görres Stefan | Petermann Franz
A school-based intervention to reduce overweight and inactivity in children aged 6–12 years: study design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Jansen Wilma | Raat Hein | Zwanenburg Evelien | Reuvers Ivo | van Walsem Ron | Brug Johannes
Physical activity and body composition outcomes of the GreatFun2Run intervention at 20 month follow-up

Author(s): Gorely Trish | Morris John | Musson Hayley | Brown Susie | Nevill Alan | Nevill Mary
Pragmatic randomised controlled trial of group psychoeducation versus group support in the maintenance of bipolar disorder

Author(s): Morriss Richard | Lobban Fiona | Jones Steven | Riste Lisa | Peters Sarah | Roberts Christopher | Davies Linda | Mayes Debbie

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