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Complications of Thyroid Surgery: Analysis Of 1159 Cases

Author(s): Ramazan Saygın Kerimoğlu
Acquisition of Geospatial Database for Primary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis

Author(s): J.O. Sule | H.S. Abdullahi | J. Bungwon

Author(s): Moisuc Diana-Aderina | Simion Simona-Alina | Steliac Nela
HOX Gene Promoter Prediction and Inter-genomic Comparison: An Evo-Devo Study

Author(s): Marla A. Endriga | Victoria Karenina R. de la Paz | Jezreel Marie G. Sazon | Elisa L. Co | Custer C. Deocaris
數據資料庫 Numeric Databases

Author(s): Mei-ling Wang Chen
The Problem of Subject Access to Visual Materials

Author(s): Heather P. Jespersen | John Kresten Jespersen
Mind-Body Practices in Integrative Medicine

Author(s): Harald Walach | Marie-Louise Gander Ferrari | Sebastian Sauer | Niko Kohls
Meta-analysis of combined therapy for adult hepatitis B virus-associated glomerulonephritis

Author(s): Xiao-Yong Zheng | Ri-Bao Wei | Li Tang | Ping Li | Xiao-Dong Zheng
Predictors of re-hospitalization in patients with chronic heart failure

Author(s): Melody Zaya | Anita Phan | Ernst R Schwarz
Real-time flood monitoring and warning system

Author(s): Jirapon Sunkpho | Chaiwat Ootamakorn
Analysis on descriptions of precautionary statements in package inserts of medicines

Author(s): Nabeta K | Kimura M | Ohkura M | Tsuchiya F
Resource Optimization Using XML

Author(s): Gaurav Kumar

Author(s): N V Muthu lakshmi | Dr. K Sandhya Rani
Replication Strategies in Mobile Environments

Author(s): Salman Abdul Moiz | Lakshmi Rajamani
An Implementation of Integer Programming Techniques in Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): S. Shenbaga Ezhil | Dr. C. Vijayalakshmi
Initial assessment of chest X-ray in thoracic trauma patients: Awareness of specific injuries

Author(s): Tjeerd S Aukema | Ludo FM Beenen | Falco Hietbrink | Luke PH Leenen
An Empirical Evaluation of LIKE Operator in Oracle

Author(s): Manoj Kumar Gupta | Pravin Chandra
New Proposed Classic Cluster Layer Architecture for Mobile Adhoc Network (cclam)

Author(s): Kuldeep Sharma | Nikhil Khandelwal | Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Insight into trichomonas vaginalis genome evolution through metabolic pathways comparison

Author(s): Satendra Singh | Gurmit Singh | Nitin Sagar | Pramod Kumar Yadav | Prashant A Jain | Budhayash Gautam | Gulshan Wadhwa
NeMedPlant: a database of therapeutic applications and chemical constituents of medicinal plants from north-east region of India in genomic sequences

Author(s): Potshangbam Angamba Meetei | Pankaj Singh | Potshangbam Nongdam | N Prakash Prabhu | RS Rathore | Vaibhav Vindal

Computer Aided Visual Inspection of Aircraft Surfaces

Author(s): Rafia Mumtaz | Mustafa Mumtaz | Atif Bin Mansoor | Hassan Masood
Face Recognition Using Improved FFT Based Radon by PSO and PCA Techniques

Author(s): Mr. Hamid M. Hasan | Prof. Dr. Waleed A. AL.Jouhar | Dr. Majid A. Alwan
Mineral analysis of rabbit meat produced in Belo Horizonte, Brazil Análise mineral da carne de coelho produzida em Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Author(s): Artur Canella Avelar | Walter Motta Ferreira | Maria Ângela de Barros Correia Menezes

Author(s): Onkar Dipak Joshi | Virajit A. Gundale | Sachin M. Jagdale
Applied Anatomy of the Neurovascular Structures of the Base of the Skull

Author(s): Bakken, Sofía María | Dorman, Matías | Ferraro, Fernando Martin | Pappolla, Agustin | Pawluk, Gustavo | Rosso, María Victoria
Hybrid Feature Extraction Technique for Face Recognition

Author(s): Sangeeta N. Kakarwal | Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh
GSM-Based Wireless Database Access For Food And Drug Administration And Control

Author(s): Engr. Prof Hyacinth C. Inyiama | Engr. Mrs Lois Nwobodo | Engr. Dr. Mrs. Christiana C. Okezie | Engr. Mrs. Nkolika O. Nwazor
Pitfalls in transaction time

Author(s): Helena Palovska
Optimalizace investičního controllingu webových projektů

Author(s): Jan Tyrychtr | Ivana Švarcová
Evaluation of Electrocardiogram for Biometric Authentication

Author(s): S K Singh | Yogendra Narain Singh
City Routing Velocity Estimation Model under theEnvironment of Lack of Floating Car Data

Author(s): Meixian Huang | Hangbin Wu | Chun Liu | Nan Li
GIS Database Template for EnvironmentalManagement of Mining in Indonesia

Author(s): Akihiro Hamanaka | Kikuo Matsui | Hideaki Nagawa | Sri Maryati | Hideki Shimada | Takashi Sasaoka
Applying Geographic Information System (GIS) for Maintenance Strategy Selection

Author(s): Dua’a Abd Al-Razzaq Falih | Asma Thamir Ibraheem
Soil Physical Properties as Predictors of Soil Strength Indices: Trinidad Case Study

Author(s): Derek Gay | Gaius Eudoixe | Ronald Roopnarine
A Design Flow for Robust License Plate Localization and Recognition in Complex Scenes

Author(s): Jafar Saniie | Erdal Oruklu | Dhawal Wazalwar
Evaluation of whole body reaction time and one leg with eye closed balance in elderly Japanese

Author(s): Tomohiro Hirao | Takeyuki Numata | Akira Yoshioka | Nobuyuki Miyatake | Noriko Sakano
Retinal Identification System Based on the Combination of Fourier and Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Kouchaki | Ali Zahedi | Mehdi Fattahi | Masoud Sabaghi | S. Reza Hadianamrei
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Fuzzy LDA and FFNN

Author(s): Farzad Noorian | Hamed Azami | Behzad Bozorgtabar
Evaluation of whole body reaction time and one leg with eye closed balance in elderly Japanese

Author(s): Tomohiro Hirao | Takeyuki Numata | Akira Yoshioka | Nobuyuki Miyatake | Noriko Sakano
Retinal Identification System Based on the Combination of Fourier and Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Kouchaki | Ali Zahedi | Mehdi Fattahi | Masoud Sabaghi | S. Reza Hadianamrei
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Fuzzy LDA and FFNN

Author(s): Farzad Noorian | Hamed Azami | Behzad Bozorgtabar
Suicide in the World

Author(s): Peeter Värnik
Development of an operational coastal flooding early warning system

Author(s): D.-J. Doong | L. Z.-H. Chuang | L.-C. Wu | Y.-M. Fan | C. C. Kao | J.-H. Wang
An empirical model of optical and radiative characteristics of the tropospheric aerosol over West Siberia in summer

Author(s): M. V. Panchenko | T. B. Zhuravleva | S. A. Terpugova | V. V. Polkin | V. S. Kozlov
Lessons learnt from the first EMEP intensive measurement periods

Author(s): W. Aas | S. Tsyro | E. Bieber | R. Bergström | D. Ceburnis | T. Ellermann | H. Fagerli | M. Frölich | R. Gehrig | U. Makkonen | E. Nemitz | R. Otjes | N. Perez | C. Perrino | A. S. H. Prévôt | J.-P. Putaud | D. Simpson | G. Spindler | M. Vana | K. E. Yttri
Distributions, long term trends and emissions of four perfluorocarbons in remote parts of the atmosphere and firn air

Author(s): J. C. Laube | C. Hogan | M. J. Newland | F. S. Mani | P. J. Fraser | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | P. Martinerie | D. E. Oram | T. Röckmann | J. Schwander | E. Witrant | G. P. Mills | C. E. Reeves | W. T. Sturges
AERONET and ESR sun direct products comparison performed on Cimel CE318 and Prede POM01 solar radiometers

Author(s): V. Estellés | M. Campanelli | T. J. Smyth | M. P. Utrillas | J. A. Martínez-Lozano
Biogeochemistry of an amazonian podzol-ferralsol soil system with white kaolin

Author(s): Y. Lucas | C. R. Montes | S. Mounier | M. Loustau-Cazalet | D. Ishida | R. Achard | C. Garnier | A. J. Melfi

Author(s): Caroline Le Goff | Terry Laurent | Jean-François Kaux | Jean-Paul Chapelle

Author(s): Hee Young Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Adopting E-Commerce To User's Needs

Author(s): Mohammad Alshehri | Hamza Aldabbas | James Sawle | Mai Abu Baqar
Spatiotemporal Data Mining: Issues, Tasks And Applications

Author(s): K.Venkateswara Rao | A.Govardhan | K.V.Chalapati Rao
Using Hausdorff Distance for New Medical Image Annotation

Author(s): Riadh BOUSLIMI | Jalel AKAICHI
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
RoadRunner for Heterogeneous Web Pages Using Extended MinHash

Author(s): A Suresh Babu | P. Premchand | A. Govardhan
Clasification Of Arrhythmic ECG Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

Author(s): Abhinav Vishwa | Mohit K. Lal | Sharad Dixit | Pritish Vardwa
Diagnosis and treatment of acute ankle injuries: development of an evidence-based algorithm

Author(s): Hans Polzer | Karl Georg Kanz | Wolf Christian Prall | Florian Haasters | Ben Ockert | Wolf Mutschler | Stefan Grote
A Comparative Evaluation of Two Algorithms of Detection of Masses on Mammograms

Author(s): Guillaume Kom | Alain Tiedeu | Martin Kom | John Ngundam
Content Based Image Retrieval using Color and Texture

Author(s): Manimala Singha | K.Hemachandran
Audio Segmentation using Line Spectral Pairs

Author(s): N. P. Jawarkar | R. S. Holambe | T. K. Basu
Features Extraction of ECG signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Author(s): P.D.Khandait | N.G. Bawane | S.S.Limaye
Methodology for Human Face retrieval from video sequences based on holistic approach

Author(s): Z. G. Sheikh | V.M. Thakare | S. S. Sherekar
Designing and Recording Emotional Speech Databases

Author(s): Swati D. Bhutekar | M. B. Chandak
Efficient Approximate Query Processing In P2P Network

Author(s): Amol P. Bhagat | P. P. Pawade | V. T. Gaikwad
Content Based Image Retrieval using Advanced Color and Texture Features

Author(s): Sagar Soman | Mitali Ghorpade | Vrushali Sonone | Satish Chavan
Quality of Service Using PSO Algorithm

Author(s): S.M. ELseuofi
Image Retrieval System Using Hybrid Feature Extraction Technique

Author(s): Vadhri Suryanarayana | M.V.L.N. Raja Rao | P. Bhaskara Reddy | G. Ravindra Babu
Graph Based New Approach for Frequent Pattern Mining

Author(s): Anurag Choubey | Ravindra Patel | J.L. Rana
Visual Analysis of Cost Based Database Optimizers Using Picasso Tool

Author(s): Neeraj Sharma | Syed Imran Ali | Banshilal Patidar | Kavindra Raghuwanshi
Algorithm for XML Compression using DTD and Stack

Author(s): G. M. Tere | B. T. Jadhav
An Effective CBIR using Texture

Author(s): Asmita Deshmukh | Leena Ragha | Gargi Phadke
Fingerprint Matching by Extracting GLCM Features

Author(s): Benazir . K.K | Vijayakumar
Face Recognition by Classification in Eigenspace

Author(s): Swati Choudhary | Mansi Shirwadkar | Hemlata Patil
Multi-algorithm based Palmprint Indexing

Author(s): K B Nagasundara | D S Guru
A Novel Approach for Iris Encryption

Author(s): Shrinivasrao B. Kulkarni | Ravindra S. Hegadi | Umakant P. Kulkarni
A Business Prediction system based on Granule Association Rule mining

Author(s): R.V.Argiddi | H. M. Gaydhankar | A.S.Pawade
Techniques ofSQL Injection Detectionand Prevention

Author(s): Shruti BangreRung | AlkaJaiswalRungt
Data Integrity and Confidentiality in Outsourced Database

Author(s): Sonal Balpande | Rajashree Shegde | Lata Ragha
A Hybrid Algorithm for Classification of Compressed ECG

Author(s): Shubhada S.Ardhapurkar | Ramandra R. Manthalkar | Suhas S.Gajre
Recurrence Plots of Heart Rate Signals during Meditation

Author(s): Ateke Goshvarpour | Atefeh Goshvarpour
Using Fuzzy Logic to Evaluate Normalization Completeness for an Improved Database Design

Author(s): M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi | Mahaboob Sharief Shaik | Nayyar Iqbal
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Using Data Reconstruction Based Approach

Author(s): Kshitij Pathak | Narendra S. Chaudhari | Aruna Tiwari
Sequential Pattern Mining: Survey and Current Research Challenges

Author(s): Chetna Chand | Amit Thakkar | Amit Ganatra
An Empirical Evaluation of Density-Based Clustering Techniques

Author(s): Glory H. Shah | C. K. Bhensdadia | Amit P. Ganatra
Speech Emotion Recognition

Author(s): Ashish B. Ingale | D. S. Chaudhari

Author(s): U.L.Sindhu | V.Sindhu | P.S.Balamurugan
PTEN - Somatic mutations causing cancer: Cancer Genome Sequence Analysis

Author(s): Rashmi K. Ambasta*,$, Ira Dave* and Pravir Kumar*,#

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