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Verb particles in Older Icelandic

Author(s): Thorbjörg Hróarsdóttir
210Pb-226Ra chronology reveals rapid growth rate of Madrepora oculata and Lophelia pertusa on world's largest cold-water coral reef

Author(s): P. Sabatier | J.-L. Reyss | J. M. Hall-Spencer | C. Colin | N. Frank | N. Tisnérat-Laborde | L. Bordier | E. Douville
Volcanic synchronisation between the EPICA Dome C and Vostok ice cores (Antarctica) 0–145 kyr BP

Author(s): F. Parrenin | J.-R. Petit | V. Masson-Delmotte | I. Basile-Doelsch | J. Jouzel | V. Lipenkov | S. Rasmussen | J. Schwander | M. Severi | R. Udisti | D. Veres | B. Vinther | E. Wolff
Erosion rates deduced from Seasonal mass balance along an active braided river in Tianshan

Author(s): Y. Liu | F. Métivier | J. Gaillardet | B. Ye | P. Meunier | C. Narteau | E. Lajeunesse | T. Han | L. Malverti
Erosion rates deduced from seasonal mass balance along the upper Urumqi River in Tianshan

Author(s): Y. Liu | F. Métivier | J. Gaillardet | B. Ye | P. Meunier | C. Narteau | E. Lajeunesse | T. Han | L. Malverti
Mass spectrometry- A review

Author(s): R S Patel | M Roy | G K Dutta
La gestión del utillaje de piedra tallada en el Paleolítico Medio de Galicia. El nivel 3 de Cova Eirós (Triacastela, Lugo)

Author(s): Lazuén, Talía | Fábregas, Ramón | Lombera, Arturo | Rodríguez, Xose Pedro

Author(s): Liliana Panaitescu | Marius Lungu | Simona Niţa

Author(s): RK Bansal, Pooja Khakhla, Ajay Narola, Nisha Parmar, Chinmay Luhar, Modi Sunny

Author(s): RK Bansal, Pooja Khakhla, Ajay Narola, Nisha Parmar, Chinmay Luhar, Modi Sunny

Author(s): RK Bansal, Pooja Khakhla, Ajay Narola, Nisha Parmar, Chinmay Luhar, Modi Sunny
Archaeometric Contribution for Heritage Management Compositional Analysis and dating of ceramics from a Portuguese collection

Author(s): Jayshree MUNGUR-MEDHI | Christopher Ian BURBIDGE | Maria Isabel DIAS | João COROADO
Active tectonics and earthquake destructions in caves of northern and central Switzerland

Author(s): Becker Arnfried | Häuselmann Philipp | Eikenberg Jost | Gilli Eric
Multicomponent Synthesis of 3,6-Dihydro-2H-1,3-thiazine-2-thiones

Author(s): Art Kruithof | Marten L. Ploeger | Elwin Janssen | Madeleine Helliwell | Frans J. J. de Kanter | Eelco Ruijter | Romano V. A. Orru
Timing of ductile shearing within the Drūkšiai–Polotsk Deformation Zone, Lithuania: a U–Pb titanite age

Author(s): Irma Vejelyte | Svetlana Bogdanova | Ekaterina Salnikova | Sonya Yakovleva | Alevtina Fedoseenko
Impression Formation in Online-Dating-Situations: Effects of media richness and physical attractiveness information

Author(s): Mierke, K. | Aretz, W. | Nowack, A. | Wilmsen, R. | Heinemann, T.
Towards orbital dating of the EPICA Dome C ice core using δO2/N2

Author(s): A. Landais | G. Dreyfus | E. Capron | K. Pol | M. F. Loutre | D. Raynaud | V. Y. Lipenkov | L. Arnaud | V. Masson-Delmotte | D. Paillard | J. Jouzel | M. Leuenberger
SHRIMP zircon age of the high aeromagnetic anomaly zone in central Tarim Basin and its geological implications

Author(s): Yanlong Xu | Chengze Zhang | Tailai Qu | Guanghui Wu | Zhiyong Chen
Rapid coupling of Antarctic temperature and atmospheric CO2 during deglaciation

Author(s): J. B. Pedro | S. O. Rasmussen | T. D. van Ommen
Distributions, long term trends and emissions of four perfluorocarbons in remote parts of the atmosphere and firn air

Author(s): J. C. Laube | C. Hogan | M. J. Newland | F. S. Mani | P. J. Fraser | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | P. Martinerie | D. E. Oram | T. Röckmann | J. Schwander | E. Witrant | G. P. Mills | C. E. Reeves | W. T. Sturges
Dating mortars: three medieval Spanish architectures

Author(s): Quirós Castillo, Juan Antonio | Marzaioli, Fabio | Lubritto, Carmine – kooperative Referenzdatenbank für das Gesundheitswesen / – collaborative health care reference database

Author(s): Fischer, Markus | Kandera, Stefan | Kleibel, Veronika | Maike, Krone | Mayer, Susanne | Niedermann, Erika | Sulzer, Dietrich

Author(s): Boško Skaramuca | Emin Teskeredžić | Zlatica Teskeredžić
Constructing deposition chronologies for peat deposits using radiocarbon dating

Author(s): N. Piotrowska | M. Blaauw | D. Mauquoy | F.M. Chambers
Dating peat profiles using tephra: stratigraphy, geochemistry and chronology

Author(s): G.T. Swindles | F. De Vleeschouwer | G. Plunkett
A protocol for plant macrofossil analysis of peat deposits

Author(s): D. Mauquoy | P.D.M. Hughes | B. van Geel
Climate dependent diatom production is preserved in biogenic Si isotope signatures

Author(s): X. Sun | P. Andersson | C. Humborg | B. Gustafsson | D. J. Conley | P. Crill | C.-M. Mörth
Efficiency Analysis of Independent and Centralized Heating Systems for Residential Buildings in Northern Italy

Author(s): Matteo Zago | Andrea Casalegno | Renzo Marchesi | Fabio Rinaldi
Gender-Asymmetry in Dating Success of Korean Adoptees in the West

Author(s): Peter D. Dijkstra | Daniel Schwekendiek | Paul T.Y. Preenen
Schmidtea mediterranea phylogeography: an old species surviving on a few Mediterranean islands?

Author(s): Lázaro Eva | Harrath Abdul | Stocchino Giacinta | Pala Maria | Baguñà Jaume | Riutort Marta
Effectiveness of an educative intervention developed on pupils of Compulsory Secondary Education´s first course in Madrid about social gender estereotype

Author(s): Amelia Amézcua Sánchez | Pedro Caballero Álvarez | Diana de la Fuente Aparicio | Estela Maeso Fernández | Ana B. Salamanca Castro | Sara Sánchez Castro
The passive of reflexive verbs in Icelandic

Author(s): Hlíf Árnadóttir | Thórhallur Eythórsson | Einar Freyr Sigurðsson
Marine fisheries monitoring programmes in South Africa

Author(s): L. Hutchings | C.J. Augustyn | A. Cockcroft | C. Van der Lingen | J. Coetzee | R. W. Leslie | R. J. Tarr | H. Oosthuizen | M. R. Lipinski | M. R. Roberts | C. Wilke | R. Crawford | L. J. Shannon | M. Mayekiso
Diagnostic investigations and historical-stylistic evaluation on the oil painting: "reading man by oil lamp light"

Author(s): Salvatore Lorusso | Chiara Matteucci | Andrea Natali | Valerio Visco
Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in Wild Boars from the Istria and Cres Islan

Author(s): Vlatka Cubric-Curik | Marina Atlija | Nikica Šprem | Ino Curik
An Empirical Study on Online Social Networks Sites Usage: Online Dating Sites Perspective

Author(s): Syed Shah Alam | Paul Heng Ping Yeow | Huck Soo Loo
Global southern limit of flowering plants and moss peat accumulation

Author(s): Peter Convey | David W. Hopkins | Stephen J. Roberts | Andrew N. Tyler
Vegetation history around Yongneup moor at Mt. Daeamsan, Korea

Author(s): Byeong-O Jang | Sang Joon Kang | Kee Ryong Choi
Social Class And Family On Screen: Do Prime-Time

Author(s): Uğur Zeynep GÜVEN
Qualidade Conjugal: Estudo de Caso de Ribeirinhos na Amazônia

Author(s): Simone Souza da Costa Silva | Leandro Cavalcante Lima | Fernando Augusto Ramos Pontes | Júlia Sursis Nobre Ferro Bucher-Maluschke | Thamyris Maués dos Santos
Characterization of Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings, the Excavations of Cairo University at Saqqara

Author(s): Hussein MAREY MAHMOUD | Nikolaos KANTIRANIS | Mona ALI | John STRATIS
Composition and origin of the Middle Weichselian interstadial deposit in Veskoniemi, northern Finland

Author(s): Pertti Sarala | Jouni Pihlaja | Niko Putkinen | Andrew Murray
Dyadic Consensus and Satisfaction of Married and Dating Couples in Malaysia

Author(s): Cai Lian Tam | Teck Heang Lee | Wai Mun Har | Soo Imm Chua
Invertebrate fossils from cave sediments: a new proxy for pre-Quaternary paleoenvironments

Author(s): O. T. Moldovan | A. Mihevc | L. Miko | S. Constantin | I. N. Meleg | A. Petculescu | P. Bosák
Why do we have so much trouble treating anal fistula?

Author(s): Haig Dudukgian | Herand Abcarian
Selected Problems on Mobile Agent Communication

Author(s): Yinka A. Adekunle | Sola S. Maitanmi
Geological identification of historical tsunamis in the Gulf of Corinth, Central Greece

Author(s): S. Kortekaas | G. A. Papadopoulos | A. Ganas | A. B. Cundy | A. Diakantoni
Distribution of metals and trace elements in sediments of three Alpine lakes

Author(s): Zoran Jeran | Radojko Jaćimović | Polona Vreča | Anton Brancelj
On the phylogeny of Mustelidae subfamilies: analysis of seventeen nuclear non-coding loci and mitochondrial complete genomes

Author(s): Yu Li | Peng Dan | Liu Jiang | Luan Pengtao | Liang Lu | Lee Hang | Lee Muyeong | Ryder Oliver | Zhang Yaping
A multi gene sequence-based phylogeny of the Musaceae (banana) family

Author(s): Christelová Pavla | Valárik Miroslav | Hřibová Eva | De Langhe Edmond | Doležel Jaroslav
Algal MIPs, high diversity and conserved motifs

Author(s): Anderberg Hanna | Danielson Jonas | Johanson Urban
Knowledge, experience, and potential risks of dating violence among Japanese university students: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Ohnishi Mayumi | Nakao Rieko | Shibayama Satomi | Matsuyama Yumi | Oishi Kazuyo | Miyahara Harumi
A late origin of the extant eukaryotic diversity: divergence time estimates using rare genomic changes

Author(s): Chernikova Diana | Motamedi Sam | Csürös Miklós | Koonin Eugene | Rogozin Igor
From Antarctica or Asia? New colonization scenario for Australian-New Guinean narrow mouth toads suggested from the findings on a mysterious genus Gastrophrynoides

Author(s): Kurabayashi Atsushi | Matsui Masafumi | Belabut Daicus | Yong Hoi-Sen | Ahmad Norhayati | Sudin Ahmad | Kuramoto Mitsuru | Hamidy Amir | Sumida Masayuki
Celtic foot(less) soldiers? An iconographic note

Author(s): Stanley Megaw, John Vincent
Modelos para la datación de hierros y aceros antiguos aplicados a Tizona

Author(s): Jiménez, José Manuel | Arias, Daniel | Bravo, Esther | Martínez, Juan Antonio | Criado, Antonio J.
The Late Miocene Guacimal Pluton in the Cordillera de Tilarán, Costa Rica: its nature, age and petrogenesis

Author(s): Žáček V | Janoušek V | Ulloa A | Košler J | Huapaya S | Mixa P | Vondrovicová L | Alvarado G E
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