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Prognostic significance of DAPK and RASSF1A promoter hypermethylation in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Author(s): Wieslawa Niklinska | Wojciech Naumnik | Anetta Sulewska | Mirosław Kozłowski | Walentyn Pankiewicz | Robert Milewski
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Author(s): H Javidi | M Yadollahie
Cáncer infantil en el Área Metropolitana de Bucaramanga, Colombia, 2003-2007. Childhood cancer on Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga, Colombia, 2003-2007.

Author(s): Claudia Janeth Uribe Pérez, MD* | Angélica María Amado Niño, Fisiot MSP** | Gustavo Ramírez Zambrano*** | Iván Camilo Alarcón Amaya***
Prostate cancer in Germany among migrants from the Former Soviet Union

Author(s): Volker Winkler | Bernd Holleczek | Christa Stegmaier | Heiko Becher
Acute Myocardial Infarction. Clinical Practice Guidelines Infarto agudo de miocardio. Guía de práctica clínica

Author(s): Yanier Coll Muñoz | Francisco de Jesús Valladares Carvajal | Claudio M. González Rodríguez | Arelys Falcón Hernandez | Eddy Pereira Valdés
Fluid queues driven by a birth and death process with alternating flow rates

Author(s): P. R. Parthasarathy | K. V. Vijayashree | R. B. Lenin
Zinc in Well Water and Infant Mortality in Bangladesh: A Report from Gonoshasthaya Kendra

Author(s): Nicola Cherry | Corbett McDonald | Zafrullah Chowdhury
Childhood cancer epidemiology based on cancer registry’s data of Fars province of Iran

Author(s): Mahin Farahmand | Amir Almasi-Hashiani | Jafar Hassanzade | Mohsen Moghadami
Support Vector Machines as tools for mortality graduation

Author(s): Anastasia Kostaki | Javier M. Moguerza | Alberto Olivares | Stelios Psarakis
Avoidable mortality in the Russian regions

Author(s): Sabgajda T.P. | Ivanova A.E. | Semenova V.G. | Evdokuškina G.N.
Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Dyslipidemia in Middle-Aged Women

Author(s): MA Delavar | MS Lye | STBS Hassan | GL Khor | P Hanachi

Author(s): Shailendra Wasnik | Ashwani Patel | Seema Kohli
Endovascular Management of Vein of Galen Malformation

Author(s): Hossein Ghanaati | Mahyar Mohammadifard | Kavous Firouznia | Mohammadreza Abedini
Epidemiology of work-related Accidents in Kerman Coal Mines during 1991-2006

Author(s): S Khodabandeh | A.A HaghDoost | Y Khosravi
Sudden death in eating disorders

Author(s): Jáuregui-Garrido B | Jáuregui-Lobera I
Cigarette Smoking in Iran

Author(s): A Meysamie | R Ghaletaki | N Zhand | M Abbasi
Disease progression unrelated to passive environmental tobacco smoke exposure in HIV-infected children

Author(s): Robin J Green | Piet J Becker | Denise Labuschagne | Omolemo P Kitchin | Refiloe Masekela

Author(s): Caterina Giovanna Valentini | Luana Fianchi | Maria Teresa Voso | Morena Caira | Giuseppe Leone | Livio Pagano
Effect of Posttraumatic Serum Thyroid Hormone Levels on Severity and Mortality of Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Author(s): Babak Malekpour | Ali Mehrafshan | Forough Saki | Zahed Malekmohammadi | Nasrin Saki
Survival of patients with well-developed collaterals undergoing CABG or medical treatment: An observational case-controlled study

Author(s): Ersan Tatlı | Meryem Aktoz | Mehmet Akif Çakar | Emir Doğan | Mustafa Alkan | Bilhan Özalp
Gender gap in acute coronary heart disease: Myth or reality?

Author(s): Mette Claassen | Kirsten C Sybrandy | Yolande E Appelman | Folkert W Asselbergs
Effectiveness of influenza vaccine in aging and older adults: comprehensive analysis of the evidence

Author(s): Lang PO | Mendes A | Socquet J | Assir N | Govind S | Aspinall R
Características agronômicas do capim "Brachiaria decumbens" submetido a intensidades e frequências de corte e adubação nitrogenada Agronomic characteristics of “Brachiaria decumbens” under intensities and frequencies of cut and fertilization

Author(s): Thiago Carvalho da Silva | Carlos Henrique Oliveira Macedo | Silvaney dos Santos Araújo | Ricardo Martins Araújo Pinho | Alexandre Fernandes Perazzo | Edson Mauro Santos | Severino Gonzaga Neto
A Comparison of Growth, Efficiency and Maturing Patterns of Meat

Author(s): Goonewardene L.A | Z. Wang | E. K. Okine | M. A. Price | Z. Wang | J. A. Basarab | L. A. Goonewardene | D. H. Crews, Jr | P. Ramsey | K.L. Lyle | N. French | E.K. Okine | S.S. Moore
Mortality and potential years of life lost in five zones of Medellin, 2004-2006

Author(s): Doris Cardona A | Ángela M. Segura C | Dedsy Y. Berbesí F
Histotype-based prognostic classification of gastric cancer

Author(s): Anna Maria Chiaravalli | Catherine Klersy | Alessandro Vanoli | Andrea Ferretti | Carlo Capella | Enrico Solcia
Streptokinase :A novel clot buster

Author(s): Vaishnavi. B, Mohanasrinivasan.V and Subathra Devi.C*
Controlling Access to Suicide Means

Author(s): Marco Sarchiapone | Laura Mandelli | Miriam Iosue | Costanza Andrisano | Alec Roy
Study of brucellosis in serum of camels in southeast of Iran

Author(s): Ahmad Rafieipour | Nemat Ziaei
Driving deaths and injuries post-9/11

Author(s): Deonandan R | Backwell A
COMPLICACIONES GASTROINTESTINALES ENCONTRADAS EN FALLECIDOS DESPUÉS DE UNA CIRUGÍA CARDIOVASCULAR. EXPERIENCIA DE CINCO AÑOS / Gastrointestinal complications found in deceased patients after cardiovascular surgery. Five years of experience.

Author(s): Ileana Puig Reyes | Oliver Martín García | Francisco Luis Moreno-Martínez | María Vergara Hidalgo | Álvaro L. Lagomasino Hidalgo | Omaida J. López Bernal
Recent trends in the characteristics and prognosis of patients hospitalized with acute heart failure

Author(s): Park D | McManus D | Darling C | Goldberg JH | Gore JM | Lessard D | Goldberg RJ
Radiofrequency Ablation for the Treatment of Lung Neoplasms: 
A Retrospective Study of 329 Cases

Author(s): Qiang LU | Xiaofei LI | Yong HAN | Zhipei ZHANG | Xiaolong YAN | Lijun HUANG
Assessment of burn wound infection by swab and biopsy culture: a comparative study

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Bahar | Ali Manafi | Nosratollah Bouduhi | Hamid Karimi | Mahshid Hormazdi | Siamac Esfandi | Somaye Abdollahi Sabet | Ali Kabir
Pediatric spine injuries after trauma: a review of 43 cases

Author(s): Mohammadreza Ehsaei | Gholamreza Bahadorkhan | Fariborz Samini | Hamed Kheradmand
Integrated postdischarge transitional care in a hospitalist system to improve discharge outcome: an experimental study

Author(s): Shu Chin-Chung | Hsu Nin-Chieh | Lin Yu-Feng | Wang Jann-Yuan | Lin Jou-Wei | Ko Wen-Je
Reduced perinatal mortality following enhanced training of birth attendants in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a time-dependent effect

Author(s): Matendo Richard | Engmann Cyril | Ditekemena John | Gado Justin | Tshefu Antoinette | Kinoshita Rinko | McClure Elizabeth | Moore Janet | Wallace Dennis | Carlo Waldemar | Wright Linda | Bose Carl
Patterns, trends and sex differences in HIV/AIDS reported mortality in Latin American countries: 1996-2007

Author(s): Alonso Gonzalez Monica | Martin Luise | Munoz Sergio | Jacobson Jerry
Rapidly growing left atrial myxoma: a case report

Author(s): Vazir Ali | Douthwaite Harriet
Geographic and outcome variation among black men diagnosed with prostate cancer

Author(s): Ragin Camille | Mutetwa Batsirai | Attong-Rogers Alison | Roach Veronica | Taioli Emanuela
Analysis of injury death trends among women in Macheng City, China, 1984-2008

Author(s): Hu Yang | Wu Li | Yu Xiang | Zhang Dekai | Liu Xiaoxian | Wang Youjie
Post-stroke infection: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Westendorp Willeke | Nederkoorn Paul | Vermeij Jan-Dirk | Dijkgraaf Marcel | de Beek Diederik van
Brain metastases from breast cancer: prognostic significance of HER-2 overexpression, effect of trastuzumab and cause of death

Author(s): Le Scodan Romuald | Jouanneau Ludivine | Massard Christophe | Gutierrez Maya | Kirova Youlia | Cherel Pascal | Gachet Julie | Labib Alain | Mouret-Fourme Emmanuelle
Accuracy of peak VO2 assessments in career firefighters

Author(s): Drew-Nord Dana | Myers Jonathan | Nord Stephen | Oka Roberta | Hong OiSaeng | Froelicher Erika
Stages of change: A qualitative study on the implementation of a perinatal audit programme in South Africa

Author(s): Belizán María | Bergh Anne-Marie | Cilliers Carolé | Pattinson Robert | Voce Anna
The burden of diabetes mortality in Finland 1988-2007 - A brief report

Author(s): Manderbacka Kristiina | Peltonen Riina | Koskinen Seppo | Martikainen Pekka
Effectiveness of proactive telephone counselling for smoking cessation in parents: Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Schuck Kathrin | Otten Roy | Kleinjan Marloes | Bricker Jonathan | Engels Rutger
Kidney transplant survival in pediatric and young adults

Author(s): Kiberd James | Acott Phil | Kiberd Bryce
A qualitative investigation of Hispanic construction worker perspectives on factors impacting worksite safety and risk

Author(s): Roelofs Cora | Sprague-Martinez Linda | Brunette Maria | Azaroff Lenore
A retrospective follow up study on maternal age and infant mortality in two Sicilian districts

Author(s): Mazzucco Walter | Cusimano Rosanna | Macaluso Maurizio | La Scola Claudio | Fiumanò Giovanna | Scondotto Salvatore | Cernigliaro Achille | Corsello Giovanni | La Torre Giuseppe | Vitale Francesco
Mortality in an antiretroviral therapy programme in Jinja, south-east Uganda: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Amuron Barbara | Levin Jonathan | Birunghi Josephine | Namara Geoffrey | Coutinho Alex | Grosskurth Heiner | Jaffar Shabbar
The effect of testosterone and a nutritional supplement on hospital admissions in under-nourished, older people

Author(s): Piantadosi Cynthia | Visvanathan Renuka | Naganathan Vasi | Hunter Peter | Cameron Ian | Lange Kylie | Karnon Jonathan | Chapman Ian
Analysis of undiagnosed tuberculosis-related deaths identified at post-mortem among HIV-infected patients in Russia: a descriptive study

Author(s): Balabanova Yanina | Tchernyshev Vladimir | Tsigankov Igor | Maximova Svetlana | Mikheeva Natalya | Fedyukovitch Ljudmila | Kuznetsov Sergey | Fedorin Ivan | Drobniewski Francis
Availability of a pediatric trauma center in a disaster surge decreases triage time of the pediatric surge population: a population kinetics model

Author(s): Barthel Erik | Pierce James | Goodhue Catherine | Ford Henri | Grikscheit Tracy | Upperman Jeffrey
Family history of the cancer on the survival of the patients with gastrointestinal cancer in northern Iran, using frailty models

Author(s): Ghadimi Mahmoodreza | Mahmoodi Mahmood | Mohammad Kazem | Zeraati Hojjat | Rasouli Mahboobeh | Sheikhfathollahi Mahmood
Sensitivity of a national coronial database for monitoring unnatural deaths among ex-prisoners in Australia

Author(s): Andrews Jessica | Forsyth Simon | Wade Jessica | Kinner Stuart
Omission of postoperative nasogastric tube in esophagectomy: a randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Daryaei P. | Vaghef Davari | F. | Mir M. | Harirchi | I. | Salmasian H.
Survival analysis of gastric cancer patients using Cox model: a five year study

Author(s): Biglarian A | Hajizadeh E | Kazemnejad A | Zali M
Determination of Slimness, Low Weight and Low Growth Rates in Rural and Urban Schoolboys in Golpayegan

Author(s): H Nowrozi | A Kazemi | M Tavakoli | SH Alavi | Z Bangalah
Impact of Body Mass Index on In-Hospital Mortality and Morbidity after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery

Author(s): Forouzan Yazdanian | Seyedeh Zahra Faritous | Gholamali Mollasadeghi | Rasoul Farasatkish | Mohammad Hasan Ghaffari Nejad | Amir Jamshid Khamoushi
The First Population-Based Cancer Survey in Kerman Province of Iran

Author(s): A Sadjadi | MJ Zahedi | S Darvish moghadam | M Nouraie | M Alimohammadian | A Ghorbani | S Bahmanyar | MA Mohagheghi | R Malekzadeh
Gastric Cancer Prevalence, According To Survival Data in Iran (National Study-2007)

Author(s): AA Mehrabian | F Esna-Ashari | H Zham | M Hadizadeh | M Bohlooli | M Khayamzadeh | ME Akbari
Risk factors for motorcyclist traffic accidents in Kashan

Author(s): Moradi A. | Younesian M. | Gilasi H.R.
Relationship between mustard gas and cancer in Iranian soldiers of imposed war in Isfahan Province: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Gilasi H.R. | Holakouie Naieni K. | Zafarghandi M.R. | Mahmoudi M. | Ghanei M. | Soroush M.R. | Dowlatyari A. | Ardalan A
Methods for Prostate Biopsy

Author(s): M. Ghafoori

Author(s): M. Rasoolinejad | M. Hajabdolbaghi | M. Mohraz | N. Zarinfar | S. A. Mohajerani

Author(s): N Safai | M. R Ardalan | J Etemadi
Molecular Basis of the Anti-Cancer Effects of Genistein Isoflavone in LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells.

Author(s): Merchant K | Kumi-Diaka J | Rathinavelu A | Esiobu N | Zoeller R | Hartmann J | Johnson M
The Effect of Birds in the Families Ardeidae and Corvidae on Stand Structure in Bamboo Groves

Author(s): Seo, Myoung Won | Hyojin Woo | Gil Seong Lee | Yeon-Sik Choo | Ki Sup Lee | Kee-Ryong Choi | Yong Mok Park
Rapid Detection of Toxoplasma Gondii Antigen in Experimentally Infected Mice by Dot- ELISA

Author(s): S Jafar pour Azami | H Keshavarz | M Rezaian | M Mohebali | S Shojaee
An Effective Neuroprotective Treatment in Ischemic Stroke and Cerebral Trauma with Low Doses of L-Arginine, Lamotrigine and Tianeptine

Author(s): Héctor Jara (MD) | Francisco García (MD) | Franky Torres (MD) | Fuad Lechin (MD,PhD)
Safety of indacaterol in the treatment of patients with COPD

Author(s): Donohue JF | Singh D | Kornmann O | Lawrence D | Lassen C | Kramer B
Foreign Body Without Complication in the Thorax (Bullet Core): Case Report

Author(s): Ali Karakuş | Ahmet Güngör | Kadir Damgacı | Hayati Kandiş | Osman Özcan Apaydın

Author(s): Ravinder Kumar | A k Sharma | P C Tewari
The Risk of Adverse Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Cameroonian Primiparous Women Aged More Than 26 Years

Author(s): E. Nkwabong | J. N. Fomulu | A. Hamida | A. Onana | P. T. Tjek | L. Kouam | P. Ngassa
Oral cancer mortality trends in Brazilian geographical regions from 1996-2001

Modelling the impact of vector control interventions on Anopheles gambiae population dynamics

Author(s): White Michael | Griffin Jamie | Churcher Thomas | Ferguson Neil | Basáñez María-Gloria | Ghani Azra
Caesarean section among referred and self-referred birthing women: a cohort study from a tertiary hospital, northeastern Tanzania

Author(s): Sørbye Ingvil | Vangen Siri | Oneko Olola | Sundby Johanne | Bergsjø Per
Heparin based prophylaxis to prevent venous thromboembolic events and death in patients with cancer - a subgroup analysis of CERTIFY

Author(s): Haas Sylvia | Schellong Sebastian | Tebbe Ulrich | Gerlach Horst-Eberhard | Bauersachs Rupert | Melzer Nima | Abletshauser Claudia | Sieder Christian | Bramlage Peter | Riess Hanno
Verbal autopsy completion rate and factors associated with undetermined cause of death in a rural resource-poor setting of Tanzania

Author(s): Mwanyangala Mathew | Urassa Honorathy | Rutashobya Jensen | Mahutanga Chrisostom | Lutambi Angelina | Maliti Deodatus | Masanja Honorati | Abdulla Salim | Lema Rose
Using verbal autopsy to track epidemic dynamics: the case of HIV-related mortality in South Africa

Author(s): Byass Peter | Kahn Kathleen | Fottrell Edward | Mee Paul | Collinson Mark | Tollman Stephen
Verbal autopsy-based cause-specific mortality trends in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 2000-2009

Author(s): Herbst Abraham | Mafojane Tshepiso | Newell Marie-Louise
Induction of labour versus expectant monitoring for gestational hypertension or mild pre-eclampsia between 34 and 37 weeks' gestation (HYPITAT-II): a multicentre, open-label randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Langenveld Josje | Broekhuijsen Kim | van Baaren Gert-Jan | van Pampus Maria | van Kaam Anton | Groen Henk | Porath Martina | Oudijk Martijn | Bloemenkamp Kitty | Groot Christianne | van Beek Erik | van Huizen Marloes | Oosterbaan Herman | Willekes Christine | Wijnen-Duvekot Ella | Franssen Maureen | Perquin Denise | Sporken Jan | Woiski Mallory | Bremer Henk | Papatsonis Dimitri | Brons Jozien | Kaplan Mesruwe | Nij Bijvanck Bas | Mol Ben-Willen
Operational research in malawi: making a difference with cotrimoxazole preventive therapy in patients with tuberculosis and HIV

Author(s): Harries Anthony | Zachariah Rony | Chimzizi Rhehab | Salaniponi Felix | Gausi Francis | Kanyerere Henry | Schouten Erik | Jahn Andreas | Makombe Simon | Chimbwandira Frank | Mpunga James
Prophylaxis of venous thrombosis in patients with spontaneous intracerebral bleeding

Author(s): Emanuele Rezoagli | Walter Ageno | Luca Masotti | Daniel Godoy | Mario Di Napoli | Maurizio Paciaroni | Alejandro Rabinstein
Survival and prognostic factors in hepatitis B virus-related acute-on-chronic liver failure

Author(s): Kun Huang | Jin-Hua Hu | Hui-Fen Wang | Wei-Ping He | Jing Chen | Xue-Zhang Duan | Ai-Min Zhang | Xiao-Yan Liu
Intracellular Events and Cell Fate in Filovirus Infection

Author(s): Judith Olejnik | Elena Ryabchikova | Ronald B. Corley | Elke Mühlberger
Effectiveness of transradial access in percutaneous coronary interventionism.

Author(s): Javier Almeida Gómez | Abel Yoandri Leyva Quert | Emil Andrés Moronta Soriano | Joel Brooks Tamayo | Tomás C. Méndez Peralta | Manuel Valdés Recarey

Author(s): Ferhat ALTUNSOY | Ferhat ALTUNSOY | Arif Gökhan BAŞARAN | Arif Gökhan BAŞARAN
Parental willingness to pay for child safety seats in Mashad, Iran

Author(s): Jarahi Lida | Karbakhsh Mojgan | Rashidian Arash
Predicting mortality of residents at admission to nursing home: A longitudinal cohort study

Author(s): Hjaltadóttir Ingibjörg | Hallberg Ingalill | Ekwall Anna | Nyberg Per
Family origin and mortality: prospective Finnish cohort study

Author(s): Saarela Jan | Finnäs Fjalar
Seatbelts and road traffic collision injuries

Author(s): Abbas Alaa | Hefny Ashraf | Abu-Zidan Fikri
Rural-urban differences of neonatal mortality in a poorly developed province of China

Author(s): Yi Bin | Wu Li | Liu Hong | Fang Weimin | Hu Yang | Wang Youjie
Alcohol and fatal life trajectories in Russia: understanding narrative accounts of premature male death in the family

Author(s): Saburova Lyudmila | Keenan Katherine | Bobrova Natalia | Leon David | Elbourne Diana
Suicide death and hospital-treated suicidal behaviour in asylum seekers in the Netherlands: a national registry-based study

Author(s): Goosen Simone | Kunst Anton | Stronks Karien | van Oostrum Irene | Uitenbroek Daan | Kerkhof Ad

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