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Author(s): Nenad Filipovic | Radun Vulovic | Aleksandar Peulic | Radivoje Radakovic | Djordje Kosanic | Branko Ristic
Impact of underground mining to slope deformation genesis at Doubrava Ujala

Author(s): Marian Marschalko | Lubomír Třeslín
Inversion of SAR data in active volcanic areas by optimization techniques

Author(s): G. Nunnari | G. Puglisi | F. Guglielmino
Seismic vulnerability of buried pipelines

Author(s): Raúl Flores-Berrones | Xiangyue Li Liu
Ground deformation detection of the greater area of Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) using radar interferometry techniques

Author(s): D. Raucoules | I. Parcharidis | D. Feurer | F. Novalli | A. Ferretti | C. Carnec | E. Lagios | V. Sakkas | S. Le Mouelic | G. Cooksley | S. Hosford
Advanced interpretation of subsidence in Murcia (SE Spain) using A-DInSAR data – modelling and validation

Author(s): G. Herrera | J. A. Fernández | R. Tomás | G. Cooksley | J. Mulas
Mapping and monitoring geomorphological processes in mountainous areas using PSI data: Central Pyrenees case study

Author(s): G. Herrera | J. C. Davalillo | J. Mulas | G. Cooksley | O. Monserrat | V. Pancioli
Bethe Ansatz Solutions to Quasi Exactly Solvable Difference Equations

Author(s): Ryu Sasaki | Wen-Li Yang | Yao-Zhong Zhang
Terrenos configurados ordenados en la alta montaña mediterránea

Author(s): Simón, M. | García, I. | Cabezas, O. | Sánchez, S. | Gómez-Ortiz, A.
α clustering and superdeformation of 28Si

Author(s): Taniguchi Y. | Kanada-En’yo Y. | Kimura M.
Definition of efforts in retaining structures of a foundation ditch / Определение усилий в ограждающих конструкциях котлована

Author(s): Logutin V.V. / Логутин Валерий Васильевич | Tarzhimanov M.A. / Таржиманов Марат Альбертович
Finite element modeling of ground deformation and gravity field at Mt. Etna

Author(s): G. Currenti | C. Del Negro | G. Ganci
Permanent Scatterer InSAR Analysis and Validation in the Gulf of Corinth

Author(s): Panagiotis Elias | Charalabos Kontoes | Ioannis Papoutsis | Ioannis Kotsis | Aggeliki Marinou | Dimitris Paradissis | Dimitris Sakellariou
A Study of Ground Deformation in the Guangzhou Urban Area with Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Author(s): Qing Zhao | Hui Lin | Liming Jiang | Fulong Chen | Shilai Cheng
Inflation of the Aira Caldera (Japan) detected over Kokubu urban area using SAR interferometry ERS data

Author(s): D. Remy | S. Bonvalot | M. Murakami | P. Briole | S. Okuyama
Inflation of Aira Caldera (Japan) detected over Kokubu urban area using SAR interferometry ERS data

Author(s): D. Remy | S. Bonvalot | M. Murakami | P. Briole | S. Okuyama
A generation mechanism for chorus emission

Author(s): V. Y. Trakhtengerts
Rockslide deformation monitoring with fiber optic strain sensors

Author(s): J. R. Moore | V. Gischig | E. Button | S. Loew
Radon concentration in soil gas and radon exhalation rate at the Ravne Fault in NW Slovenia

Author(s): J. Vaupotič | A. Gregorič | I. Kobal | P. Žvab | K. Kozak | J. Mazur | E. Kochowska | D. Grządziel
A Review on Hydraulic Conductivity and Compressibility of Peat

Author(s): L.S. Wong | R. Hashim | F.H. Ali
Analysis of biomechanical effectiveness of valgus-inducing knee brace for osteoarthritis of knee

Author(s): Thomas Schmalz, PhD | Elmar Knopf, MD | Heiko Drewitz, CPO | Siegmar Blumentritt, PhD
An Empirical Study of Non-Rigid Surface Feature Matching of Human from 3D Video

Author(s): Ashish Doshi | Jonathan Starck | Adrian Hilton
Full-field Strain Analysis of a Ski Boot

Author(s): Reiter M. | Singer G. | Major Z.
A contribution to the better understanding of swelling in soils and soft rocks

Author(s): Ana Petkovšek | Matej Maček | Bojan Majes
Numerical Modeling of Ground Water Flow and the Effect of Boundary Conditions for the Hsieh Aquifer

Author(s): Md. Johurul Alam | Mohammed Ashaque Meah | Md. Shah Noor
Development of an early-warning system for monitoring remote volcanoes

Author(s): G. Poupinet | G. Sauvage | J. P. Cauzac
The mechanics of Campi Flegrei unrests as related to plastic behaviour of the caldera borders

Author(s): S. M. Petrazzuoli | C. Troise | F. Pingue | G. De Natale
Spectral analysis of the clinometric data at the Phlegraean Fields from 1992 to 1998

Author(s): C. Ricco | C. Del Gaudio | F. Quareni | W. Marzocchi
Kinematics and strain analyses of the eastern segment of the Pernicana Fault (Mt. Etna, Italy) derived from geodetic techniques (1997-2005)

Author(s): M. Palano | M. Aloisi | M. Amore | A. Bonforte | F. Calvagna | M. Cantarero | O. Consoli | S. Consoli | F. Guglielmino | M. Mattia
Tilt measurements at Vulcano Island

Author(s): S. Gambino | O. Campisi | G. Falzone | A. Ferro | F. Guglielmino | G. Laudani | B. Saraceno
A study of tilt change recorded from July to October 2006 at the Phlegraean Fields (Naples, Italy)

Author(s): C. Ricco | I. Aquino | S. E. Borgstrom | C. Del Gaudio
Surface deformation of active volcanic areas retrieved with the SBAS-DInSAR technique: an overview

Author(s): A. Pepe | M. Manzo | F. Casu | G. Solaro | P. Tizzani | G. Zeni | S. Pepe
Acoustic emission (AE) as a diagnostic tool in geophysics

Author(s): G. Paparo | G. P. Gregori | U. Coppa | R. De Ritis | A. Taloni
GPS surveys in the foreland-foredeep tectonic system of Southeastern Sicily:first results

Author(s): A. Bonforte | M. Anzidei | G. Puglisi | M. Mattia | O. Campisi | G. Casula | A. Galvani | A. Pesci | B. Puglisi | S. Gresta
A microseismic study in a low seismicity area of Italy: the Città di Castello 2000-2001 experiment

Author(s): D. Piccinini | M. Cattaneo | C. Chiarabba | L. Chiaraluce | M. De Martin | M. Di Bona | M. Moretti | G. Selvaggi | P. Augliera | D. Spallarossa
Fluid geochemistry and seismic activityin the period 1998-2002 at Turrialba Volcano (Costa Rica)

Author(s): F. Tassi | O. Vaselli | V. Barboza | E. Fernandez | E. Duarte
Finite element analysis of ground deformation due to dike intrusion with applications to Mt. Etna volcano

Author(s): A. Occhipinti Amato | M. Elia | A. Bonaccorso | G. La Rosa
Seismic rotation waves: basic elements of theory and recording

Author(s): R. Teisseyre | J. Suchcicki | K. P. Teisseyre | J. Wiszniowski | P. Palangio
Etn@ref: a geodetic reference frame for Mt. Etna GPS networks

Author(s): Mimmo Palano | Massimo Rossi | Flavio Cannavò | Valentina Bruno | Marco Aloisi | Daniele Pellegrino | Mario Pulvirenti | Giuseppe Siligato | Mario Mattia
Ground Deformation during Papandayan Volcano 2002 Eruption as Detected by GPS Surveys

Author(s): Hasanuddin Z. Abidin | H. Andreas | M. Gamal | Ony K. Suganda | Irwan Meilano | M. Hendrasto | M. A. Kusuma | D. Darmawan | M. A. Purbawinata | A.D. Wirakusumah | F. Kimata

Author(s): Stefano Corazza | Claudio Cobelli

Author(s): Paulo Sérgio dos Santos Leles | José Geraldo de Araujo Carneiro | Adalberto Brito de Novaes | Deborah Guerra Barroso
Activity Representation Using 3D Shape Models

Author(s): Mohamed F. Abdelkader | Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury | Rama Chellappa | Umut Akdemir
Seismic performance assessment based on damage of structures, Part 1: Theory

Author(s): Lađinović Đorđe | Radujković Aleksandra | Rašeta Andrija
Plasticity and corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy WE43

Author(s): W. Walke | E. Hadasik | J. Przondziono | D. Kuc | I. Bednarczyk | G. Niewielski
A Tilt, Soil Moisture, and Pore Water Pressure Sensor System for Slope Monitoring Applications

Author(s): Rosanno de Dios | Jason Enriquez | Francis Gabriel Victorino | Earl Anthony Mendoza | Marc Caesar Talampas | Joel Joseph Marciano Jr.
Activity Representation Using 3D Shape Models

Author(s): Abdelkader MohamedF | Roy-Chowdhury AmitK | Chellappa Rama | Akdemir Umut
A New Method of Equivalent Material Model Deformation Observation

Author(s): Lailiang CAI | Kan WU | Qisheng YU | Jinpeng FENG
The way the mistery of the Mattei’s case was solved

Author(s): Donato Firrao | Graziano Ubertalli | Paolo Matteis | Chiara Pozzi
Phase separation in lithium intercalated anatase: A theory

Author(s): O.V. Velychko | I.V. Stasyuk
Morphotectonic Analysis in the Ghezel Ozan River Basin, NW Iran

Author(s): Vahid Hosseini Toudeshki | Mehran Arian

Author(s): Dario Rosidi
A New Approach in Design and Operating Principle of Silicone Tactile Sensor

Author(s): Bakri Ali | Rozaini Othman | Rasdi Deraman | Muhammad A. Ayub
Bioengineering Assessment on Sloppy Ground

Author(s): Mu'azu M. Abdullahi | Nazri B. Ali | Kamarudin B.H. Ahmed
Simulation of Vegetative Induced Deformation in an Unsaturated Soil

Author(s): Nazri B. Ali | Mu’azu M. Abdullahi
Elapse Time Factor on Induced Vegetative Moisture Uptake in an Unsaturated Soil

Author(s): Muazu M. Abdullahi | Nazri B. Ali | Kamarudin B.H. Ahmed
The Lateral Reaction of a Deformable Inclined Surface on a Wheel with an Elastic Trunk

Author(s): Sayel M. Fayyad | Suleiman Abu-Ein | Waleed Momani
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