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Under what conditions are provided services in Czech municipalities?

Author(s): František Ochrana | Markéta Fantová Šumpíková
A four phase development model for integrated care services in the Netherlands

Author(s): Minkman Mirella | Ahaus Kees | Huijsman Robbert
United States Innovations in Health Care Delivery

Author(s): Shortell Stephen M | Gillies Robin | Wu, Frances
Global Perspectives: The University of South Australia (UniSA) case study

Author(s): Ted Nunan | Ian Reid | Holly McCausland
Multifunctionality of Agriculture: A Review of Definitions, Evidence and Instruments

Author(s): Van Huylenbroeck Guido | Vandermeulen Valerie | Mettepenningen Evy | Verspecht Ann
Nanostructured Mesoporous Silicas for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): Isabel Izquierdo-Barba | Montserrat Colilla | María Vallet-Regí
Differences in Internet Usage - Social Inequality and Informal Education

Author(s): Iske, Stefan | Kutscher, Alexandra Klein and Nadia
The role of supportive supervision on immunization program outcome - a randomized field trial from Georgia

Author(s): Djibuti Mamuka | Gotsadze George | Zoidze Akaki | Mataradze George | Esmail Laura | Kohler Jillian
Fusion of a Short HA2-Derived Peptide Sequence to Cell-Penetrating Peptides Improves Cytosolic Uptake, but Enhances Cytotoxic Activity

Author(s): Ines Neundorf | Robert Rennert | Jan Hoyer | Franziska Schramm | Kristin Löbner | Igor Kitanovic | Stefan Wölfl
Conceptualization and measurement of integrated human service networks for evaluation

Author(s): Gina Browne | Dawn Kingston | Valerie Grdisa | Maureen Markle-Reid
Disguising Trade in Development Partnerships

Author(s): Priscilla Schwartz
Dosimetric evaluation of a three-dimensional treatment planning system

Author(s): Murugan Appasamy | Valas Xavier | Thayalan Kuppusamy | Ramasubramanian Velayudham
A new face for private providers in developing countries: what implications for public health?

Author(s): Palmer Natasha | Mills Anne | Wadee Haroon | Gilson Lucy | Schneider Helen
Characteristics of successfully implemented telemedical applications

Author(s): Obstfelder Aud | Engeseth Kjersti | Wynn Rolf
Health Policy and Systems Research in Twelve Eastern Mediterranean Countries: a stocktaking of production and gaps (2000-2008)

Author(s): El-Jardali Fadi | Jamal Diana | Ataya Nour | Jaafar Maha | Raouf Saned | Matta Claudia | Michael Saja | Smith Colette
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