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Energy Resource Allocation for Sustainable Development: A Case Study

Author(s): H.B. Suresh | L.K. Sreepathi | H.M. Ravikumar
Long-Term Effects of Self-Control on Alcohol Use and Sexual Behavior among Urban Minority Young Women

Author(s): Kenneth W. Griffin | Lawrence M. Scheier | Bianca Acevedo | Jerry L. Grenard | Gilbert J. Botvin
A Meta Model for Domestic Energy Consumption

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Author(s): H Javidi | M Yadollahie
Factors Associated with the Continuality of Agricultural Innovation Adoption in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Jamsari H. | Jasmine A. M. | Norhamidah J. | Suwaiba Z. | Nordin M.
Evaluation of Skin Findings in Adult Obese Dermatology Outpatients

Author(s): Hilal | Gonca | Sevim | İlknur
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen

Patient satisfaction with Urban and Rural Insurance and Family Physician Program in Iran

Author(s): Magid Taheri | Ahmad Amani | Rita Zahiri | Mehri Mohammadi
Challenges in Achieving Food Security in India

Author(s): R Prakash Upadhyay | C Palanivel
Money Beliefs and Financial Behaviors: Development of the Klontz Money Script Inventory

Author(s): Brad Klontz | Sonya L Britt | Jennifer Mentzer | Ted Klontz
Growth Trends of the Demographic Structures in the City of Piteşti

Desconcierto del tiempo presente y retos del futuro. Algunas claves orientativas

Author(s): González Portilla, Manuel | Urrutikoetxea Lizárraga, José
Motion Sickness as a Predictor of Postoperative Vomiting in Children Aged 1-16 Years

Author(s): Sussan Soltani Mohammadi |  Fatemeh Esfahani
Errors in Medication Orders and the Nursing Staff's Reports in Medical Notes of Children

Author(s): Fatemeh Valizadeh | Syedeh-Fatemeh Ghasemi | Seyed-Saeid Nagafi | Bahram Delfan | Azam Mohsenzadeh
Cesarean delivery and duration of breast feeding

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Safari
“Retirement at 67” – Findings on the Employment Situation of Older Female Workers

Author(s): Barbara Zimmer | Verena Leve | Gerhard Naegele
Development of E-government Services in Iran: A Comparison of Adoption Constructs

Author(s): Lotfollah Forozandeh Dehkordi | Reza Rasouli | Zahra Zebardast
Relationship Between Pre Menstrual Syndrome With Body Mass Index Among University Students

Author(s): Leila Amiri Farahani | Tooba Heidari | Fereshteh Narenji | Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi | Vahideh Shirazi

Author(s): DIMIAN Gina Cristina | DIMIAN Mihai

Author(s): Krisztina TARALIK
The Significance Difference on Entrepreneurial Profile toward Entrepreneurial Personality in Micro and Small Business: Malaysia Creative Industry

Author(s): Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim | Shaladin Muda | Wan Abd Aziz Wan Mohd Amin | Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh
Synergistic effect of multiple predisposing risk factors on the development of bezoars

Author(s): Metin Kement | Nuraydin Ozlem | Elif Colak | Sadik Kesmer | Cem Gezen | Selahattin Vural
Public optimism towards nanomedicine

Author(s): Bottini M | Rosato N | Gloria F | Adanti S | Corradino N | Bergamaschi A | Magrini A

Author(s): Paulo César de Resende Andrade | Eduarda Lauck Machado | Cácia Aparecida Campos | Lucas Cordeiro Macedo | Valéria Cláudia Ferreira Andrade
Relationship between Degree of Craving and different Dimensions of Addiction Severity in Heroin Intravenous Users

Author(s): Azarakhsh Mokri | Hamed Ekhtiari | Hanie Edalati | Habib Ganjgahi
Relationship between Stress and Coping Styles with Coronary Heart Disease: Role of Gender Factor

Author(s): Mehdi Akbari | Majid Mahmood Aliloo | Nasser Aslanabadi
Isfahan Dental Student's Knowledge and Attituale about Research

Author(s): M - Ghafournia | Sh Motamedi | E Yousefian
Screening Response to Hepatitis C Virus Antibodies among Diabetic Patients Attending UITH Nigeria

Author(s): J.A. Ndako | O.O. Nwankiti | C.O. Okeke | A.M. Adekeye | T.P. Choji | M.U. Alesa | A.J. Alarape
GPS and GIS study of the western slope of the Chiquihuite hill in Mexico City

Author(s): M. Martínez–Yáñez | E. Cabral–Cano | F. Correa–Mora | O. Díaz–Molina | G. Cifuentes–Nava | E. Hernández–Quintero | H. Delgado–Granados
The “LEADER Approach” - New Development Opportunity for Rural Areas in Slovenia

Author(s): Tomaž Cunder, B.Sc. Geography | Matej Bedrač, B.Sc. Agriculture
Nutritional Status and School Achievements in a Rural Area of Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Author(s): Mohamed El Hioui | Fatima-Zahra Azzaoui | Ahmed Omar Touhami Ahami | Youssef Aboussaleh
Evaluation of stool microbiota signatures in two cohorts of Asian (Singapore and Indonesia) newborns at risk of atopy

Author(s): Yap Gaik Chin | Chee Kok Keong | Hong Pei-Ying | Lay Christophe | Satria Cahya | Sumadiono | Soenarto Yati | Haksari Ekawaty | Aw Marion | Shek Lynette Pei-Chi | Chua Kaw Yan | Zhao Yudong | Leow Doreen | Lee Bee Wah
Prostate cancer health and cultural beliefs of black men: The Florida Prostate Cancer Disparity Project

Author(s): Odedina Folakemi | Dagne Getachew | Pressey Shannon | Odedina Oladapo | Emanuel Frank | Scrivens John | Reams R | Adams Angela | LaRose-Pierre Margareth
Food insecurity and age at menarche among adolescent girls in Jimma Zone Southwest Ethiopia: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Belachew Tefera | Hadley Craig | Lindstrom David | Getachew Yehenew | Duchateau Luc | Kolsteren Patrick
Municipal bylaw to reduce cosmetic/non-essential pesticide use on household lawns - a policy implementation evaluation

Author(s): Cole Donald | Vanderlinden Loren | Leah Jessica | Whate Rich | Mee Carol | Bienefeld Monica | Wanigaratne Susitha | Campbell Monica
Epidemiology of acute kidney injury in Hungarian intensive care units: a multicenter, prospective, observational study

Author(s): Medve Laszlo | Antek Csaba | Paloczi Balazs | Kocsi Szilvia | Gartner Bela | Marjanek Zsuzsanna | Bencsik Gabor | Kanizsai Peter | Gondos Tibor
Reliability and validity of the Adolescent Stress Questionnaire in a sample of European adolescents - the HELENA study

Author(s): De Vriendt Tineke | Clays Els | Moreno Luis | Bergman Patrick | Vicente-Rodriguez Germán | Nagy Eniko | Dietrich Sabine | Manios Yannis | De Henauw Stefaan
A multilevel investigation of inequalities in clinical and psychosocial outcomes for women after breast cancer

Author(s): Youl Philippa | Baade Peter | Aitken Joanne | Chambers Suzanne | Turrell Gavin | Pyke Christopher | Dunn Jeffrey
Community-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia and Endocarditis among HIV Patients: A cohort study

Author(s): Furuno Jon | Johnson Jennifer | Schweizer Marin | Uche Anayochukwu | Stine Oscar | Shurland Simone | Forrest Graeme
Inputs to quality: supervision, management, and community involvement in health facilities in Egypt in 2004

Author(s): Cherlin Emily | Allam Adel | Linnander Erika | Wong Rex | El-Toukhy Essam | Sipsma Heather | Krumholz Harlan | Curry Leslie | Bradley Elizabeth
Body Part Identification in 1 to 4 years old children (East of Tehran)

Author(s): Shahla Rafiee | Ghorban Taghizadeh | Hossein Karimi | Soraya Rahimzadeh Rahbar | Maedeh Ashrafi
Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Peripheral Vascular Disease Concomitant with Coronary

Author(s): Mehrab Marzban | Mohammadreza Zafarghandi | Mohsen Fadaei Araghi | Abbasali Karimi | Seyed Hossein Ahmadi | Namvar Movahedi | Kyomars Abbasi | Naghmeh Moshtaghi
Health-Related Quality of Life in Primary Immune Deficient Patients

Author(s): Habibeh Mozaffari | Zahra Pourpak | Sara Pourseyed | Mostafa Moin | Abolhassan Farhoodi | Asghar Aghamohammadi | Masoud Movahedi | Mohammad Gharagozlou | Neda Entezari
The nurses’ motivating factors in relation to patient training

Author(s): Toloei M | Dehghan nayeri N | Faghihzadeh S | Sadooghi Asl A
The Effect of Nutrition Education on Nutritional Behaviors in Pregnant Women

Author(s): ST Mirmolaei | M Moshrefi | A Kazemnejad | F Farivar | H Morteza
Effect of Clinical Teaching Partner Model (CTP) on Nursing Students’ Clinical Training Outcomes

Author(s): Z Rahnavard(Ph.D) | S Ahmadnejad(MSc.) | A Mehran (MSc.).
The Role of Socio-economic Indicators in the Causation of Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Lotfi Mohammad Hasan | Tupil Kannan Anjur | Dwivedi Shridhar | Sundaram Kiram Ramesh
The role of rural population in agricultural development in the Pčinja district

Author(s): Jovanović Slavoljub | Živković Ljiljana
A cross sectional study on demographic profile and role of education in adolescent girls

Author(s): Amruta Swati Indupalli, | Siddesh Basavaraj Sirwar
Effect of Home Postpartum Care on Quality of Life of Low Risk Mothers

Author(s): ST Mirmolaei | M Amelvalizadeh | M Mahmoudi | Z Tavakol
Impact of Maternal Attachment Style on Mother to Infant Attachment

Author(s): Moghaddam Hoseini V | Jafar Nejhad F | Soltanifar A
The Knowledge and Experience of Dengue Mosquitoes among Housewives.

Author(s): Aryani Pujiyanti | Atik Triratnawati
Evaluation of the Patients Applying to the Hospital for a Tick Bite

Author(s): Tanzer Korkmaz | Fatma Sırmatel | Güledal Boztaş
The Effect of Demographic Characteristics on Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Satisfaction in Banking Industry

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Hamidizadeh | Nasrin Jazani | Abbasali Hajikarimi | Abolghasem Ebrahimi
South-West Oltenia Region - natural and human potential for development

Author(s): Nicu MARCU | Mădălina Georgeta MEGHIŞAN
Social autopsy: INDEPTH Network experiences of utility, process, practices, and challenges in investigating causes and contributors to mortality

Author(s): Källander Karin | Kadobera Daniel | Williams Thomas | Nielsen Rikke | Yevoo Lucy | Mutebi Aloysius | Akpakli Jonas | Narh Clement | Gyapong Margaret | Amu Alberta | Waiswa Peter
A comparison of breast density measures between mothers and adolescent daughters

Author(s): Maskarinec Gertraud | Morimoto Yukiko | Daida Yihe | Shepherd John | Novotny Rachel
International benchmarking of tertiary trauma centers: productivity and throughput approach

Author(s): Peltokorpi Antti | Handolin Lauri | Frank Matthias | Torkki Paulus | Matthes Gerrit | Ekkernkamp Axel | Hirvensalo Eero
Efficacy of Positive Parenting on Improving Children’s Behavior Problems and Parenting Styles

Author(s): Mehdi Tehrani-Doost | Zahra Shahrivar | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaie | Javad Alaghband-Rad

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