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Author(s): Krishnamurthy M S | Rao Ravi S | Shrivathsa | Udupa Raghavendra | Shrikanth P H
Does personality predispose to functional dyspepsia?

Author(s): Joanna Kot | Agnieszka Harasiuk | Paweł Rasmus | Józef Kocur | Cezary Chojnacki
A Meta Model for Domestic Energy Consumption

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Author(s): H Javidi | M Yadollahie
The Relationship between Socio-cultural Context, Parenting Style, Adolescents’ Learning Style, and Scholastic Achievement

Author(s): S. M. Assadi | N. Zokaei | H. Kaviani | M. R. Mohammadi | M.R. Gohari
Lifestyle in hypertensive subjects attending the “Academia da Cidade” program, Recife, Brazil

Author(s): Isabella Martins Barbosa da Silva Paes | Annick Fontbonne | Eduarda Ângela Pessoa Cesse
Factors Associated with the Continuality of Agricultural Innovation Adoption in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Jamsari H. | Jasmine A. M. | Norhamidah J. | Suwaiba Z. | Nordin M.
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
Exploration of nurses' knowledge regarding Ηypertension

Author(s): Anastasios Kokkinakis | Dimitrios Michalis | Krystalia Koultoudi | Paraskevi Gourni | Maria Polikandrioti | George Vassilopoulos | Maritsa Gourni
Air Travelers' Environmental Consciousness: A Preliminary Investigation in Taiwan

Author(s): Fang-Yuan Chen | Pi-Yuan Hsu | Ting-Wei Lin
Presenting Clinical and Laboratory Data of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Author(s): Pahloosye A | Hashemi A MD | Mirmohammadi SJ | Atefi A
Quality of life in patients with chronic congestive heart failure

Author(s): Anca D. Farcaş | Laura E. Năstasă
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Relevant factors in the treatment of digital nerve injury of the hand

Author(s): Anđelković Slađana | Lešić Aleksandar | Vučković Čedo | Suđić Vojo | Bumbaširević Marko
The Role of Personality and Demographic Traits in Spouse Abuse

Author(s): Leili Panaghi | Dara Pirouzi | Minoo Shirinbayan | Zohre Ahmadabadi
Using Cox Model on Tempo and Influential Factors in Women of Bahram Abad Village

Author(s): Mojtaba Soltani Kermanshahi | Najaf Zare | Sepideh Samimi
Challenges in Achieving Food Security in India

Author(s): R Prakash Upadhyay | C Palanivel
Influential factors on the results of the comprehensive basic sciences exam (CBSE) among the medical alumni of Kashan University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Zahra Tagharrobi | Esmaeil Fakharian | Fakhrosadat Mirhoseini | Seyed Asghar Rasoulinejad | Hosein Akbari | Hosein Ameli
Self-perceived health of adults users of Primary Health Care Services in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Autopercepção da saúde entre usuários da Atenção Primária em Porto Alegre, RS

Author(s): Milena Rodrigues Agostinho | Mônica Celestina Oliveira | Maria Eugênia Bresolin Pinto | Giuliano Uhlein Balardin | Erno Harzheim
Attempt to suicide in children in Loghman hospital

Author(s): "M Mehdizadeh | Gh Zamani | M Kabiri "
Clinical features and risk factors of pediatric urolithiasis

Author(s): Fakhrossadat Mortazavi; Leila Mahbubi
Nocturnal Enuresis and its Impact on Growth

Author(s): Mohammad Ghahramani |  Mahdi Basirymoghadam |  AmirAli Ghahramani
Change in Pathogens Causing Late-onset Sepsis in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Izmir, Turkey

Author(s): Nisel Ozkalay Yilmaz | Neval Agus | Mehmet Helvaci | Sukran Kose | Esra Ozer | Zumrut Sahbudak
Prevalence and Pattern of Congenital Heart Disease among Neonates in Gorgan, Northern Iran (2007-2008)

Author(s): Bagher Nikyar | Maliheh Sedehi | Arezo Mirfazeli | Mostafa Qorbani | Mohammad-Jafar Golalipour
Cesarean delivery and duration of breast feeding

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Safari

Author(s): Shailendra Wasnik | Ashwani Patel | Seema Kohli
Study of medication compliance of patients with coronary heart diseases and associated factors

Author(s): Parsa-Yekta | Z | Zakeri Moghaddam | Mehran | A | Palizdar | M
Effect of solvents on microalbuminuria among automobile painters

Author(s): Sharifian S A | Shushtarizadeh T | Aminian O
Development of E-government Services in Iran: A Comparison of Adoption Constructs

Author(s): Lotfollah Forozandeh Dehkordi | Reza Rasouli | Zahra Zebardast
The relationship between High Performance Work System, Organizational Commitment and demographic factors in public sector universities of Pakistan

Author(s): Mohsin Bashir | Liao Jianqiao | Yong-Jun Zhang | Faheem Ghazanfar | Muhammad Abrar | Muhammad Mahroof Khan
Quantitative analysis of the effect of the demographic factors on presbyacusis

Author(s): Dayasiri MBKC | Dayasena RP | Jayasuriya C | Perera DSC | Kuruppu K AMP | Peris MNP
Risk Factors for Anemia among Brazilian Infants from the 2006 National Demographic Health Survey

Author(s): Tulio Konstantyner | Thais Cláudia Roma Oliveira | José Augusto de Aguiar Carrazedo Taddei
The fertility of immigrants after arrival: The Italian case

Author(s): Eleonora Mussino | Salvatore Strozza
Seasonality of Suicidal Behavior

Author(s): Jong-Min Woo | Olaoluwa Okusaga | Teodor T. Postolache
A study of anatomical, seasonal and diurnal variation in the occurrence of ischemic stroke

Author(s): Divyanshu Dubey | Anshudha Sawhney | Arvind Kavishwar | Sonjjay Pande | Devashish Dubey
Breakfast, midday meals and academic achievement in rural primary schools in Uganda: implications for education and school health policy

Author(s): Hedwig Acham | Joyce K. Kikafunda | Marian K. Malde | Wilna H. Oldewage-Theron | Abdul A. Egal
Stress and salivary biomarker among assistant medical officers in Ministry of Health (MOH) hospitals in Kelantan and Terengganu, Malaysia

Author(s): Norhayati Mohd Noor | Mohd Azman Yacob | Aziah Daud | Wan Mohd Zahiruddin Wan Mohammad
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Back Pain among Dental Personnel in North-Eastern State of Malaysia

Author(s): Razan Abdul Samat | Mohd Nazri Shafei | Nor Azwany Yaacob | Azizah Yusoff
Factors influencing trust of teachers among students

Author(s): Kurnianingsih, Sri | Yuniarti, Kwartarini Wahyu | Kim, Uichol
Perceived Social Support among Hospital Personnel and its Influential factors: A case study

Author(s): M. Mardani Hamuleh | P. Raeissi | H. Heidari | M. Mahbobi
Risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among workers in Isfahan

Author(s): A. Bahonar | M. Shahnam | M. Asadi-Lari | M. Bashtam | M. Gharipoor | M.H. Taghdisi | N. Sarafzadeghan
Shift work-related health problems in

Author(s): A. Choobineh | A. Soltanzadeh | S.H.R. Tabatabaee | M. Jahangiri | S. Khavaji
Asurvey on depression and its related factors in Nurses who work in Namazi Hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences-2008

Author(s): M. Dehghani | M. Zoladl | SH. Boland-Parvaz | Z. Keshtkaran | R. Mahmoudi | A. Jabbarnejad
Relationship Between Pre Menstrual Syndrome With Body Mass Index Among University Students

Author(s): Leila Amiri Farahani | Tooba Heidari | Fereshteh Narenji | Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi | Vahideh Shirazi
Prevalence of risk factors for non-communicable diseases

Author(s): Budimka Novaković | Jelena Jovičić | Mirjana Martinov-Cvejin | Biljana Božin | Maja Grujičić | Dušan Đurić | Neda Lakić | Vesna Mijatović-Jovanović
Physical and mental health at third age - risk factors

Author(s): Manolescu Suzana | Rada Cornelia
Patterns of Glycemic Control Using Glycosylated Hemoglobin in Diabetics

Author(s): Arunpreet Singh Kahlon | Rambha Pathak
Clinical, laboratory and computed tomography pulmonary angiography results in pulmonary embolism: retrospective evaluation of 205 patients

Author(s): Serap Duru | Recai Ergün | Alper Dilli | Tuğba Kaplan | Bekir Kaplan | Sadık Ardıç

Author(s): DIMIAN Gina Cristina | DIMIAN Mihai
Students' Attitude in a Web-enhanced Hybrid Course: A Structural Equation Modeling Inquiry

Author(s): Cheng-Chang Sam Pan | Stephen Sivo | James Brophy
Socio-Demographic Determinants of Response Strategies by Resource-Poor Farmers to Climate Change in South-Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo I Afangideh | Phillip A. Akpan | Emmanuel P. Udofia | Donald A. Ukeh
Prevalence of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts amongst University Students in Poznan, Poland, Preliminary Report

Author(s): Wlodzimierz Samborski | Katarzyna Warchol-Biederman | Ewa Mojs
Prevalence of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts amongst University Students in Poznan, Poland, Preliminary Report

Author(s): Wlodzimierz Samborski | Katarzyna Warchol-Biederman | Ewa Mojs
Cigarette consumption among students from Cartagena, Colombia: associated family factors

Author(s): Zuleima Cogollo M | Edna Gómez B | Adalberto Campo A
Synergistic effect of multiple predisposing risk factors on the development of bezoars

Author(s): Metin Kement | Nuraydin Ozlem | Elif Colak | Sadik Kesmer | Cem Gezen | Selahattin Vural
Identification of c.483C>T polymorphism in the caprine tyrosinase-related protein 1 (TYRP1) gene

Author(s): Bouabid Badaoui | Arianna Manunza | Mariasilvia D'Andrea | Fabio Pilla | Juan Capote | Jordi Jordana | Ainhoa Ferrando | Amparo Martínez | Juan V. Delgado | Vincenzo Landi | Mariano Gómez | Agueda L. Pons Barro | Mabrouk El Ouni | Oriol Vidal | Marcel Amills
Comparing Heparin-Coated and Non-Coated Oxygenators on Renal Functions in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Author(s): Nevzat Erdil | Nihat Aydın | Tamer Eroğlu | Murat Kaynak | Köksal Dönmez | Fulya Erbaş | Bektaş Battaloğlu | Saim Yoloğlu
Determination of facilitators and barriers in post stroke life, in Kerman city

Author(s): Mahdieh Jafari | Asghar Makarem | Asghar Dalvandi | Mojtaba Azimian | Mohammad Ali Hosseini
The genetic diversity and phylogenetic characteritics of rotavirus VP4(P) genotypes in children with acute diarrhea

Author(s): Rahbarimanesh A | Saberi H | Modarres Gilani Sh | Salamati P | Akhtarkhavari H | Haghshenas Z
Maternal education and childbirth care in Uganda

Author(s): Bbaale E | Guloba A
Effect of Isolation of Candida Species from Respiratory Specimens on Prognosis

Author(s): Mehmet Sezai Taşbakan | Yelda Çeviker | Özen Kaçmaz Başoğlu | Dilek Metin | Şenay Çitim | Pınar Taşkıranlar | Sileyha Hilmioğlu Polat | Alev Gürgün | Feza Bacakoğlu
Identification of Factors Influencing Third Birth Transition in Manipur

Author(s): Sharat Singh N | Shantikumar Singh W | Sanajaoba Singh N
Relationship between Degree of Craving and different Dimensions of Addiction Severity in Heroin Intravenous Users

Author(s): Azarakhsh Mokri | Hamed Ekhtiari | Hanie Edalati | Habib Ganjgahi
Predicting Factors of Suicide Attempts in Karaj General Population

Author(s): Marzieh Nojomi | Seyed Kazem Malakouti | Jafar Bolhari | Marjan Posht Mashadi | Safieh Asghar Zadeh Amin
Personality Traits, Stress, Coping and Religious Attitudes among Individuals Attempting Suicide

Author(s): Jalal Shakeri | Ali Akbar Parvizifard | Kheirollah Sadeghi | Reza Moradi
Relationship between Stress and Coping Styles with Coronary Heart Disease: Role of Gender Factor

Author(s): Mehdi Akbari | Majid Mahmood Aliloo | Nasser Aslanabadi
Relationship Between Craving Intensity and Risky Behaviors and Impulsivity Factors in Different Groups of Opiate Addicts

Author(s): Azarakhsh Mokri | Hamed Ekhtiari | Hanie Edalati | Habib Ganjgahi | Parisa Naderi
Pattern of neonatal morbidity and mortality in LBW neonates: a study from a tertiary care hospital in rural India

Author(s): Suhas V Patil | Dhananjay Y Shrikhande | Gurmit Singh | Purushottam A Giri

Author(s): Constantin CIUTACU | Luminita CHIVU | John HURLEY
Predicting Girls’ Runaway from Home Using the Big Five Factor Model of Personality

Author(s): Behnam Jamshidi | Farideh Sadat Hosieni | Narges Arab-Moghaddam
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