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Author(s): Karla María Hernández Orta | Héctor Vivanco Cid | Alexander Aguilera Alfonso | Aurora Pariss Crivelli
Viral interactions with intermediate filaments: Paths less explored

Author(s): Samatha Sripada | Cecilia Dayaraj
Flavivirus Cell Entry and Membrane Fusion

Author(s): Jolanda M. Smit | Bastiaan Moesker | Izabela Rodenhuis-Zybert | Jan Wilschut
Quantitative analysis of particles, genomes and infectious particles in supernatants of haemorrhagic fever virus cell cultures

Author(s): Weidmann Manfred | Sall Amadou | Manuguerra Jean-Claude | Koivogui Lamine | Adjami Aime | Traoré Faye | Hedlund Kjell-Olof | Lindegren Gunnel | Mirazimi Ali
Label-Free Electrochemical Detection of the Specific Oligonucleotide Sequence of Dengue Virus Type 1 on Pencil Graphite Electrodes

Author(s): Elaine Souza | Gustavo Nascimento | Nataly Santana | Danielly Ferreira | Manoel Lima | Edna Natividade | Danyelly Martins | José Lima-Filho
Vacunas contra el virus dengue: desarrollo histórico

Author(s): Alicia Aguilar | Nevis Amin | Ela María Pérez
Genetic diversity of the E Protein of Dengue Type 3 Virus

Author(s): Amarilla Alberto | de Almeida Flavia | Jorge Daniel | Alfonso Helda | de Castro-Jorge Luiza | Nogueira Nadia | Figueiredo Luiz | Aquino Victor
ELISA as an alternative tool for epidemiological surveillance for dengue in mosquitoes: a report from Thailand

Author(s): Mayuna Srisuphanunt, Ratana Sithiprasasna, Somboon Patpoparn, Watcharee Attatippaholkun & Viroj Wiwanitkit
Detection of dengue virus in saliva and urine by real time RT-PCR

Author(s): Poloni Telma | Oliveira Anibal | Alfonso Helda | Galvão Larissa | Amarilla Alberto | Poloni Dimair | Figueiredo Luiz | Aquino Victor
Neutralizing and non-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against dengue virus E protein derived from a naturally infected patient

Author(s): Schieffelin John | Costin Joshua | Nicholson Cindo | Orgeron Nicole | Fontaine Krystal | Isern Sharon | Michael Scott | Robinson James
Dengue shock

Author(s): Rajapakse Senaka
Surface morphology and morphometric analysis of sensilla of Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus (Skuse): an SEM investigation

Author(s): T. Seenivasagan | Kavita R. Sharma | Anchal Shrivastava | B.D. Parashar | S.C. Pant | Shri Prakash
High Case-Fatality Rate of Adults With Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever During An Outbreak In Non-Endemic Taiwan: Risk Factors For Dengue-Infected Elders

Author(s): C. C. Liu | K J. Huang | M. C. Huang | J. J. Lin | S. M. Wang | J. W. Liu | J. J. Tsai | J. H. Huang | Y. S. Lin | H. S. Liu | T. M. Yeh | H. H. Lei
C-Terminal Region of Dengue Virus Nonstructural Protein 1 Is Involved in Endothelial Cell Cross-Reactivity via Molecular Mimicry

Author(s): Shu-Wen Wan | Chiou-Feng Lin | Mei-Chun Chen | Huan-Yao Lei | Hsiao-Sheng Liu | Trai-Ming Yeh | Ching-Chuan Liu | Yee-Shin Lin
Effective suppression of Dengue fever virus in mosquito cell cultures using retroviral transduction of hammerhead ribozymes targeting the viral genome

Author(s): Nawtaisong Pruksa | Keith James | Fraser Tresa | Balaraman Velmurugan | Kolokoltsov Andrey | Davey Robert | Higgs Stephen | Mohammed Ahmed | Rongsriyam Yupha | Komalamisra Narumon | Fraser Malcolm
Profile of time-dependent VEGF upregulation in human pulmonary endothelial cells, HPMEC-ST1.6R infected with DENV-1, -2, -3, and -4 viruses

Author(s): Azizan Azliyati | Fitzpatrick Kelly | Signarovitz Aimee | Tanner Richard | Hernandez Heidi | Stark Lillian | Sweat Mark
Genetic specificity and potential for local adaptation between dengue viruses and mosquito vectors

Author(s): Lambrechts Louis | Chevillon Christine | Albright Rebecca | Thaisomboonsuk Butsaya | Richardson Jason | Jarman Richard | Scott Thomas
Climatic zoning of conditions for the development of the larva of the mosquito that transmits the dengue fever virus in the State of Rio Grande do Sul - DOI: 10.3395/reciis.v3i2.146en

Author(s): Galileo Adeli Buriol | Valduino Estefanel | Michelle da Silva Araujo Gracioli | Dreisse Gabbi Fantineli | Álvaro Chagas de Chagas
Simultaneous Detection of CDC Category "A" DNA and RNA Bioterrorism Agents by Use of Multiplex PCR & RT-PCR Enzyme Hybridization Assays

Author(s): Jie He | Andrea J. Kraft | Jiang Fan | Meredith Van Dyke | Lihua Wang | Michael E. Bose | Marilyn Khanna | Jacob A. Metallo | Kelly J. Henrickson
Investigation of polymorphisms in the genome of Dengue virus - DOI: 10.3395/reciis.v1i2.Sup.102en

Author(s): Roberto Fabian Santos de Araújo | Nicolas Carels | Paulo Roberto Santana de Melo | Diego Frias
Simultaneous Detection of CDC Category "A" DNA and RNA Bioterrorism Agents by Use of Multiplex PCR & RT-PCR Enzyme Hybridization Assays

Author(s): Jie He | Andrea J. Kraft | Jiang Fan | Meredith Van Dyke | Lihua Wang | Michael E. Bose | Marilyn Khanna | Jacob A. Metallo | Kelly J. Henrickson
Exploring the molecular basis of insecticide resistance in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti: a case study in Martinique Island (French West Indies)

Author(s): Marcombe Sébastien | Poupardin Rodolphe | Darriet Frederic | Reynaud Stéphane | Bonnet Julien | Strode Clare | Brengues Cecile | Yébakima André | Ranson Hilary | Corbel Vincent | David Jean-Philippe
Correlation of IFN-Inducible Protein 10 Levels in Sera with Disease Severity and Clinical Outcome of the Dengue Patients

Author(s): Ying-Ray Lee | Nguyen-Thanh Hung | Ching-Chuan Liu | Kao-Jean Huang | Huan-Yao Lei | Yee-Shin Lin | Jen-Reng Wang | Trai-Ming Yeh | Shun-Hua Chen | Hsiao-Sheng Liu
Emergent infectious uveitis

Author(s): Khairallah Moncef | Jelliti Bechir | Jenzeri Salah
Usefulness of commercially available GPS data-loggers for tracking human movement and exposure to dengue virus

Author(s): Vazquez-Prokopec Gonzalo | Stoddard Steven | Paz-Soldan Valerie | Morrison Amy | Elder John | Kochel Tadeusz | Scott Thomas | Kitron Uriel
Concordancia entre el diagnóstico clínico y por laboratorio de fiebre por dengue y fiebre hemorrágica por dengue en Tabasco

Author(s): Manuel E. Borbolla-Sala | Isela E. Juárez-Rojop | Norma González-Alvarez | Lorenzo García Vanegas | Olga E. Piña-Gutiérrez | Alfonso Rodríguez-León
Multiple recombinants in two dengue virus, serotype-2 isolates from patients from Oaxaca, Mexico

Author(s): Perez-Ramirez Gerardo | Diaz-Badillo Alvaro | Camacho-Nuez Minerva | Cisneros Alejandro | Munoz Maria
Dengue viral infections

Author(s): Gurugama Padmalal | Garg Pankaj | Perera Jennifer | Wijewickrama Ananda | Seneviratne Suranjith
Identification of microRNAs expressed in two mosquito vectors, Aedes albopictus and Culex quinquefasciatus

Author(s): Skalsky Rebecca | Vanlandingham Dana | Scholle Frank | Higgs Stephen | Cullen Bryan
Severe malaria - a case of fatal Plasmodium knowlesi infection with post-mortem findings: a case report

Author(s): Cox-Singh Janet | Hiu Jessie | Lucas Sebastian | Divis Paul | Zulkarnaen Mohammad | Chandran Patricia | Wong Kum | Adem Patricia | Zaki Sherif | Singh Balbir | Krishna Sanjeev
Persistent, triple-virus co-infections in mosquito cells

Author(s): Kanthong Nipaporn | Khemnu Nuanpan | Pattanakitsakul Sa-Nga | Malasit Prida | Flegel Timothy
Transient IgA nephropathy with acute kidney injury in a patient with dengue fever

Author(s): Upadhaya Bala | Sharma Alok | Khaira Ambar | Dinda Amit | Agarwal Sanjay | Tiwari Suresh
Chikungunya outbreak in a rural area of Western Cameroon in 2006: A retrospective serological and entomological survey

Author(s): Demanou Maurice | Antonio-Nkondjio Christophe | Ngapana Emmanuel | Rousset Dominique | Paupy Christophe | Manuguerra Jean-Claude | Zeller Hervé
Antiviral actions of flavanoid-derived compounds on dengue virus type-2

Author(s): Mudiana Muhamad, Lee Yean Kee, Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman, Rohana Yusof
Patient-based dengue virus surveillance in Aedes aegypti from Recife, Brazil

Author(s): D.R.D. Guedes | M.T. Cordeiro | M.A.V. Melo-Santos | T. Magalhaes | E. Marques | L. Regis | A.F. Furtado | C.F.J. Ayres
Response of the mosquito protein interaction network to dengue infection

Author(s): Guo Xiang | Xu Yao | Bian Guowu | Pike Andrew | Xie Yan | Xi Zhiyong
Antiviral Activity of Emetine Dihydrochloride Against Dengue Virus Infection

Author(s): June Su Yin Low | Karen Caiyun Chen | Kan Xing Wu | Mary Mah-Lee Ng | Justin Jang Hann Chu
Mosquitoes infected with dengue viruses in Brazil

Author(s): de Figueiredo Mario | de C Gomes Almério | Amarilla Alberto | de S Leandro André | de S Orrico Agnaldo | de Araujo Renato | do SM Castro Jesuína | Durigon Edison | Aquino Victor | Figueiredo Luiz
Inhibitory effect of small interfering RNA on dengue virus replication in mosquito cells

Author(s): Wu Xinwei | Hong Hua | Yue Jinya | Wu Yejian | Li Xiangzhong | Jiang Liyun | Li Lei | Li Qiaoyan | Gao Guoquan | Yang Xia
Design of New Competitive Dengue Ns2b/Ns3 Protease Inhibitors—A Computational Approach

Author(s): Neni Frimayanti | Chin Fei Chee | Sharifuddin M. Zain | Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman
Evaluation of a commercial Dengue NS1 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for early diagnosis of dengue infection

Author(s): Shrivastava A | Dash P | Tripathi N | Sahni A | Gopalan N | Lakshmana Rao P
Kinetics of non-structural protein 1, IgM and IgG antibodies in dengue type 1 primary infection

Author(s): Hu Dongmei | Di Biao | Ding Xixia | Wang Yadi | Chen Yue | Pan Yuxian | Wen Kun | Wang Ming | Che Xiaoyan
RNA-seq analyses of blood-induced changes in gene expression in the mosquito vector species, Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Bonizzoni Mariangela | Dunn W | Campbell Corey | Olson Ken | Dimon Michelle | Marinotti Osvaldo | James Anthony
Detection of dengue-4 virus in pune, western india after an absence of 30 years - its association with two severe cases

Author(s): Cecilia Dayaraj | Kakade Mahadeo | Bhagat Asha | Vallentyne Joyprashant | Singh Anand | Patil Jayashri | Todkar Shankar | Varghese Sunitha | Shah Paresh
Spatial mapping of gene expression in the salivary glands of the dengue vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Juhn Jennifer | Naeem-Ullah Unsar | Maciel Guedes Bruno | Majid Asif | Coleman Judy | Paolucci Pimenta Paulo | Akram Waseem | James Anthony | Marinotti Osvaldo
Acute dengue virus 2 infection in Gabonese patients is associated with an early innate immune response, including strong interferon alpha production

Author(s): Becquart Pierre | Wauquier Nadia | Nkoghe Dieudonné | Ndjoyi-Mbiguino Angélique | Padilla Cindy | Souris Marc | Leroy Eric
Travel and migration associated infectious diseases morbidity in Europe, 2008

Author(s): Field Vanessa | Gautret Philippe | Schlagenhauf Patricia | Burchard Gerd-Dieter | Caumes Eric | Jensenius Mogens | Castelli Francesco | Gkrania-Klotsas Effrossyni | Weld Leisa | Lopez-Velez Rogelio | de Vries Peter | von Sonnenburg Frank | Loutan Louis | Parola Philippe
Targeting of highly conserved Dengue virus sequences with anti-Dengue virus trans-splicing group I introns

Author(s): Carter James | Keith James | Barde Pradip | Fraser Tresa | Fraser Malcolm
Evolution of Dengue Virus Type 3 Genotype III in Venezuela: Diversification, Rates and Population Dynamics

Author(s): Ramírez Alvaro | Fajardo Alvaro | Moros Zoila | Gerder Marlene | Caraballo Gerson | Camacho Daria | Comach Guillermo | Alarcón Victor | Zambrano Julio | Hernández Rosa | Moratorio Gonzalo | Cristina Juan | Liprandi Ferdinando
Response to Dengue virus infections altered by cytokine-like substances from mosquito cell cultures

Author(s): Kanthong Nipaporn | Laosutthipong Chaowanee | Flegel Timothy
Cloning of RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRp) Gene from Genotype Dengue Type-2 (New Guinea-C Strain)

Author(s): Yunus, M. A. | Ong, E. K. | Tengku Muhammad, T. S. | Abu Bakar, S. | Najimudin, N. | Samian, R. | Mat Arip, Y.
Intracerebral infection with dengue-3 virus induces meningoencephalitis and behavioral changes that precede lethality in mice

Author(s): Amaral Debora | Rachid Milene | Vilela Marcia | Campos Roberta | Ferreira Gustavo | Rodrigues David | Lacerda-Queiroz Norinne | Miranda Aline | Costa Vivian | Campos Marco | Kroon Erna | Teixeira Mauro | Teixeira Antonio
Identification of a conserved JEV serocomplex B-cell epitope by screening a phage-display peptide library with a mAb generated against West Nile virus capsid protein

Author(s): Sun En-Cheng | Zhao Jing | Yang Tao | Liu Ni-Hong | Geng Hong-Wei | Qin Yong-Li | Wang Ling-Feng | Bu Zhi-Gao | Yang Yin-Hui | Lunt Ross | Wang Lin-Fa | Wu Dong-Lai
Small RNA profiling of Dengue virus-mosquito interactions implicates the PIWI RNA pathway in anti-viral defense

Author(s): Hess Ann | Prasad Abhishek | Ptitsyn Andrey | Ebel Gregory | Olson Ken | Barbacioru Catalin | Monighetti Cinna | Campbell Corey
Animal Models of Dengue Virus Infection

Author(s): Simona Zompi | Eva Harris
Cuantificación relativa de genes relacionados con la respuesta inmune antiviral en una población venezolana de Aedes (stegomyia) aegypti

Author(s): Sergio Montaner | Zoraida Fernández Zoraida | Angélica Jiménez | Johanny Ruiz | Marifel Carrozza | José Rivero | Flor Herrera
Clinical Profile of Dengue Infection in Patients with Hematological Diseases

Author(s): Sanjeev Kumar Sharma | Tulika Seth | Pravas Mishra | Nitin Gupta | Narendra Agrawal | Shobha Broor | Manoranjan Mahapatra | Renu Saxena
Phage Display Approaches for the Isolation of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Dengue Virus Envelope Domain III from Human and Mouse Derived Libraries

Author(s): Nicole J. Moreland | Patricia Susanto | Elfin Lim | Moon Y. F. Tay | Ravikumar Rajamanonmani | Brendon J. Hanson | Subhash G. Vasudevan
Flavone Enhances Dengue Virus Type-2 (NGC Strain) Infectivity and Replication in Vero Cells

Author(s): Keivan Zandi | Rafidah Lani | Pooi-Fong Wong | Boon-Teong Teoh | Sing-Sin Sam | Jefree Johari | Mohd Rais Mustafa | Sazaly AbuBakar
Molecular surveillance of dengue virus in Bahia State, Brazil

Author(s): Isolina A. Ciuffo | Juliana Braga Nunes | Antônio Tenório | Mitermayer G. Reis | Ronald E. Blanton | Cistina Domingo | Paulo R. S. Melo | Stênio Carvalho Santos | Luis Jesuino Andrade | Bruno Antônio Cerqueira
Mutación asociada a la resistencia a insecticidas piretroides en el mosquito transmisor de dengue (Aedes aegypti)

Author(s): Karla Saavedra Rodr guez | Gustavo Ponce Garc a | Ildefonso Fern ndez Salas | Ra l Torres Zapata | Adriana E. Flores Su rez

Roll of antibodies antiplatelets in viral infection: a systematic review of literature Papel de los anticuerpos antiplaquetarios en la infección viral: una revisión sistemática de la literatura

Author(s): Yenny M. Montenegro-Medina | Luz Aída Rey-Caro | Jurg Niederbacher | Ruth Aralí Martínez-Vega | Fredi Alexander Díaz-Quijano | Luis Ángel Villar-Centeno
Evaluación de estrategias comunitarias para el control de Aedes aegypti en Cali, Colombia Evaluation of community-based strategies for Aedes aegypti control inside houses

Author(s): Clara Beatriz Ocampo | Camila González | Carlos A. Morales | Mauricio Pérez | Dawn Wesson | Charles S. Apperson
The Human Antibody Response to Dengue Virus Infection

Author(s): Wahala M. P. B. Wahala | Aravinda M. de Silva
Dengue Vaccines: Challenge and Confrontation

Author(s): Guey Chuen Perng | Huan-Yao Lei | Yee-Shin Lin | Kulkanya Chokephaibulkit
Perinatal transmission of dengue virus in Puerto Rico: a case report

Author(s): Janice Pérez-Padilla | Rafael Rosario-Casablanca | Luis Pérez-Cruz | Carmen Rivera-Dipini | Kay Marie Tomashek
First report of multiple lineages of dengue viruses type 1 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Author(s): dos Santos Flavia | Nogueira Fernanda | Castro Márcia | Nunes Priscila | de Filippis Ana Maria | Faria Nieli | Simões Jaqueline | Sampaio Simone | Santos Clarice | Nogueira Rita Maria
Phenotypic characterization of patient dengue virus isolates in BALB/c mice differentiates dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever from dengue shock syndrome

Author(s): Tuiskunen Anne | Wahlström Maria | Bergström Jakob | Buchy Philippe | Leparc-Goffart Isabelle | Lundkvist Åke
Serotype and genotype analysis of dengue virus by sequencing followed by phylogenetic analysis using samples from three mini outbreaks-2007-2009 in Pakistan

Author(s): Fatima Zareen | Idrees Muhammad | Bajwa Mohammad | Tahir Zarfishan | Ullah Obaid | Zia Muhammad | Hussain Abrar | Akram Madiha | Khubaib Bushra | Afzal Samia | Munir Saira | Saleem Sana | Rauff Bisma | Badar Sadaf | Naudhani Mahrukh | Butt Sadia | Aftab Mahwish | Ali Liaqat | Ali Muhammad
Flavivirus NS3 and NS5 proteins interaction network: a high-throughput yeast two-hybrid screen

Author(s): Le Breton Marc | Meyniel-Schicklin Laurène | Deloire Alexandre | Coutard Bruno | Canard Bruno | de Lamballerie Xavier | Andre Patrice | Rabourdin-Combe Chantal | Lotteau Vincent | Davoust Nathalie
Dengue encephalopathy

Author(s): Tarun Kanade & Ira Shah
Functional RNA Elements in the Dengue Virus Genome

Author(s): Leopoldo G. Gebhard | Claudia V. Filomatori | Andrea V. Gamarnik
Seroprevalence and distribution of arboviral infections among rural Kenyan adults: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Mease Luke | Coldren Rodney | Musila Lillian | Prosser Trish | Ogolla Fredrick | Ofula Victor | Schoepp Randal | Rossi Cindy | Adungo Nicholas
Dengue — Quo tu et quo vadis?

Author(s): Rubing Chen | Nikos Vasilakis
Spatial distribution of the risk of dengue fever in southeast Brazil, 2006-2007

Author(s): Cordeiro Ricardo | Donalisio Maria | Andrade Valmir | Mafra Ana | Nucci Luciana | Brown John | Stephan Celso
Structural mutants of dengue virus 2 transmembrane domains exhibit host-range phenotype

Author(s): Smith Katherine | Nanda Kavita | Spears Carla | Ribeiro Mariana | Vancini Ricardo | Piper Amanda | Thomas Gwynneth | Thomas Malcolm | Brown Dennis | Hernandez Raquel
Molecular epidemiology of dengue viruses in southern China from 1978 to 2006

Author(s): Wu Weili | Bai Zhijun | Zhou Houqing | Tu Zeng | Fang Meiyu | Tang Boheng | Liu Jinhua | Liu Licheng | Liu Jianwei | Chen Weijun
Vaccination with dengue virus-like particles induces humoral and cellular immune responses in mice

Author(s): Zhang Shuo | Liang Mifang | Gu Wen | Li Chuan | Miao Fang | Wang Xiaofang | Jin Cong | Zhang Li | Zhang Fushun | Zhang Quanfu | Jiang Lifang | Li Mengfeng | Li Dexin
Simultaneous detection and differentiation of dengue virus serotypes 1-4, Japanese encephalitis virus, and West Nile virus by a combined reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay

Author(s): Li Shuhua | Fang Meiyu | Zhou Bin | Ni Hongxia | Shen Qiuxia | Zhang Hongwei | Han Yifang | Yin Jianhua | Chang Wenjun | Xu Guozhang | Cao Guangwen
Proteomic analysis of an Aedes albopictus cell line infected with Dengue serotypes 1 and 3 viruses

Author(s): Patramool Sirilaksana | Surasombatpattana Pornapat | Luplertlop Natthanej | Sévéno Martial | Choumet Valérie | Thomas Frédéric | Missé Dorothée
Dengue Virus and Autophagy

Author(s): Nicholas S. Heaton | Glenn Randall
Epidemiological characteristics of the 2005 and 2007 dengue epidemics in Singapore - similarities and distinctions

Author(s): Teck Siang Ler | Li Wei Ang | Grace Siew Lian Yap | Lee Ching Ng | Ji Choong Tai | Lyn James | Kee Tai Goh
Challenges and future perspective for dengue vector control in the Western Pacific Region

Author(s): Moh Seng Chang | Eva Maria Christophel | Deyer Gopinath | Rashid Md Abdur
Predicted RNA secondary structures for the conserved regions in dengue virus

Author(s): Pallavi Somvanshi | Prahlad Kishore Seth
Fuzzy splicing in precursor-mRNA sequences: prediction of aberrant splice-junctions in viral DNA context

Author(s): Perambur S. Neelakanta | Sharmistha Chatterjee | Mirjana Pavlovic | Abijit Pandya | Dolores de Groff
Bioinformatics analysis and characteristics of envelop glycoprotein E epitopes of dengue virus

Author(s): Hua Zhong | Wei Zhao | Liang Peng | Shan-Feng Li | Hong Cao
Evaluation of immunogenicity elicited from two DNA vaccine candidates that expresses the prM and E genes of the dengue-3 virus

Author(s): Sérgio O. de Paula | Rafael F. O. França | Danielle M. Lima | Nina R. Dutra | Marília B. de Paula | Michelle D. de Oliveira | Leandro L. de Oliveira | Benedito A. L. da Fonseca
Real time PCR. Application in dengue studies

Author(s): Jeanette Prada-Arismendy | Jaime E. Castellanos
Signaling Pathways Involved In Dengue-2 Virus Infection Induced RANTES Overexpression

Author(s): Ying-Ray Lee | Huan-Yao Lei | Shun-Hua Chen | Jen-Reng Wang | Yee-Shin Lin | Trai-Ming Yeh | Ching-Chuan Liu | Hsiao-Sheng Liu
Dengue during Pregnancy: A Study of Thirteen Cases

Author(s): Christiane Fernandes Alvarenga | Vânia Glória Silami | Patrícia Brasil | Maria Elizabeth Herdy Boechat | Janice Coelho | Rita Maria Ribeiro Nogueira
Immunopathogenesis of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Author(s): Huan-Yao Lei | Kao-Jean Huang | Yee-Shin Lin | Trai-Ming Yeh | Hsiao-Sheng Liu | Ching-Chuan Liu
Dengue Virus Infection Induced NF-kB-dependent Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Production

Author(s): Lien-Cheng Chen | Huey-Wen Shyu | Huan-Yao Lei | Shun-Hua Chen | Hsiao-Sheng Liu | Yee-Shin Lin | Trai-Ming Yeh
Anti-Platelet and Anti-Endothelial Cell Autoantibodies in Vietnamese Infants and Children with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Author(s): Nguyen Thanh Hung | Nguyen Trong Lan | Yee-Shin Lin | Chiou-Feng Lin | Le Bich Lien | Kao-Jean Huang | Trai-Ming Yeh | Do Quang Ha | Vu Thi Que Huong | Lien-Cheng Chen | Lam Thi My | Jyh-Hsiung Huang | Ching-Chuan Liu | Huan-Yao Lei
Generation of Anti-platelet Autoantibody During Dengue Virus Infection

Author(s): Huan-Yao Lei | Kao-Jean Huang | Yee-Shin Lin | Hsiao-Sheng Liu | Trai-Ming Yeh | Ching-Chuan Liu
Anti-Prm Antibody as an Autoantibody in Dengue Virus Infection

Author(s): Kao-Jean Huang | Yu-Tien Cheng | Yee-Shin Lin | Jyh-Hsiung Huang | Hsiao-Sheng Liu | Trai-Ming Yeh | Ching-Chuan Liu | Huan-Yao Lei
Epitope Mapping of Dengue-Virus-Enhancing Monoclonal-Antibody Using Phage Display Peptide Library

Author(s): Chung-I Rai | Huan-Yao Lei | Yee-Shin Lin | Hsiao-Sheng Liu | Shun-Hua Chen | Lien-Cheng Chen | Trai-Ming Yeh
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