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Author(s): Dr. Mehrdad Alipour | Seyed Mahdi Moniri | Javad Tanha
Socioeconomic Analysis of Rice Farmers and Effects of Group Formation on Rice Production in Ekiti and Ogun States of South-West Nigeria

Author(s): C. A. Afolami | Abiodun Elijah Obayelu | M. U. Agbonlahor | O.A Lawal-Adebowale
Results of the autopsy in Bahrami Children Hospital

Author(s): "P Salamati | A Abdi-Rad | S Sarmadi | K Sotoudeh | F Pourkhosravani "
Internal evaluation in Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): A Rabbani | F Farzianpour | Gh Zamani | A Zeinaloo | H Shajari
Effect of Massage Therapy on Children with Asthma

Author(s): Afsaneh Nekooee |  Jamal Faghihinia |  Ramin Ghasemy |  Mahin Ghaibizadeh |  Zohreh Ghazavi
Study on External Genital Anomalies in Newborn Babies

Author(s): Siamak Shiva | Mohammad-Hosein Hoseinian
Errors in Medication Orders and the Nursing Staff's Reports in Medical Notes of Children

Author(s): Fatemeh Valizadeh | Syedeh-Fatemeh Ghasemi | Seyed-Saeid Nagafi | Bahram Delfan | Azam Mohsenzadeh
Early Exploration in the Management of Acute Scrotum in Children

Author(s): Ahmad Khaleghnejad Tabari | Alireza Mirshermirani | Mohsen Rouzrokh | Morteza Mahmudi | Mohamad-Reza Baghaiepour | Parand Ghaffari | Bijan Hatamian
Evaluation of the Growth Process of Infants Conceived by Assisted Reproductive Techniques at Royan Institute from Birth to 9 Months

Author(s): Ramin Mozafari Kermani | Shabnam Zoljalali | Jalil Kouhpayezadeh | Mohammad-Reza Nateghi | Abolhasan Shahzadehfazeli | Leila Nedaifard
Effect of pre-marriage counseling on the sexual health

Author(s): Pakgohar M | Mirmohammadali M | Mahmoudi M | Farnam F
The effects of counseling on smoking cessation in patients suffering from COPD

Author(s): Shaban M | Nejati S | Mehran A | Saidi J
Association between adolescent girls anxiety and parental style of control

Author(s): Karimi R | Taghavi Larijani T | Mehran A | Ghaljaei F
A survey on knowledge of midwives and midwifery’s students about hepatitis B

Author(s): Pakgohar | M | Granmayeh | Babaie | Gh | Nazari
Study of medication compliance of patients with coronary heart diseases and associated factors

Author(s): Parsa-Yekta | Z | Zakeri Moghaddam | Mehran | A | Palizdar | M
Measuring customer satisfaction using SERQUAL survey

Author(s): Ardeshir Tajzadeh Namin | Niko Pilevary | Aidin Tajzadeh Namin
"Evaluation of Mammographic Density Changes during Estrogen and Estrogen-Progesterone Therapy in Postmenopausal Women "

Author(s): N. Ahmadi Nejad | M. Guity | M. Farahani | S. Farzane | M. Shakiba | A. H. Jalali
Assessment of musculoskeletal disorders prevalence among dentists

Author(s): Ezoddini Ardakani F. | Haerian Ardakani A. | AkhavanKarbasi MH. | Dehghan Tezerjani Kh.
Investigation of the employees’ payment system in an educational institution - A case study

Author(s): Mojtaba Tabari | Yousef Gholipour-Kanani | Masoumeh Seifi-Divkolaii
Epidemiological Features of Obesity and Overweight in Grampian, Scotland

Author(s): M Mobasheri | E van Teijlingen | W Cairns | S Smith
Pattern of Inorganic Fertilizer use among Food Crop Farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria

Author(s): A.O. Otunaiya | P.A. Okuneye | J.O.Y. Aihonsu
Estudio de recién nacidos pretérminos con peso inferior a 1500 gramos

Author(s): Egri Rodríguez | María Luisa Molano | Dolores Betancourt | Juan Useche
Estudio microscópico de la vellosidad coriónica en la placenta bilobulada.

Author(s): Olivar C Castejón | Angela J López | Olivar C Castejón | Daniel Quiroz
Síndrome disentérico en niños menores de 5 años.

Author(s): María Tomat | Patricia Remartini | Belén Salinas | Mercedes R. de Materan | Rosabel González | María A, Rosas | Mariana Materan

Author(s): Fakhrul Zaman Abdullah | Farah Liyana Bustamam
Síntomas depresivos en pacientes con enfermedad renal terminal en tratamiento con hemodiálisis en Valencia, Venezuela

Author(s): Richard Mora | Alfonso Gudiño | Alejandra Riestra | Samar Mouthar | Alby Salazar | Maria Morales
Factores de riesgo para enfermedad isquémica del corazón en médicos especialistas.

Author(s): Javier J. Pérez | José L. Ramírez | Mónica T. Mejía | Herbert E. Espig | Eysi P. Reales | Luis G. Quijada
A Review Of The Role Of Hedonic And Utilitarian Values On Customer’s Satisfaction And Behavioral Intentions (A case study; customers of Fasham restaurants)

Author(s): This applied research has been carried out with a correlational, descriptive method. Also, the evaluation has been done using a questionnaire, appropriate tool, and according to the data-collecting method. Moreover, analyzing method existing in the background of the research is used. During two months, data were collected from the customers of Pedarsalar and Ferdows restaurants. Research findings have suggested a strong and meaningful positive relation between hedonic and utilitarian value, supporting the positive and meaningful impact of these factors on customer’s satisfaction and their further purchase. Likewise, the results have supported a strong and meaningful impact of the customer’s satisfaction on the further purchase. Although there wasn’t any difference between the intensity of effect of the hedonic value and utilitarian value, the effect of utilitarian value was more than hedonic value. The results were collected from the customers of only two restaurants. The scarcity of the selected restaurants and the fact that the study was carried out during winter were the limitations of the study. Seasonal limitation is due to the place of the restaurants and also climatic condition of the area in the winter and therefore the abnormality of the winter customers compared with the other seasons.According to the results of the study that showed an equal role for the two values, it is proposed that the hedonic value should be taken into account in restaurant and similar industries just like the utilitarian value. | Yahya Khonsari
Microalbuminuria: relación con factores de riesgo cardiovasculares en pacientes diabéticos tipo 2

Author(s): Ulises Leal | Milagros Espinoza | Santina Coccione | Eloina Peñate
Control and Treatment Profiles of 70,889 Adult Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Malaysia - A Cross Sectional Survey in 2009

Author(s): Ismail Mastura | Boon How Chew | Ping Yein Lee | Ai Theng Cheong | Shariff Ghazali Sazlina | Haniff Jamaiyah | Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Alwi | Taher Sri Wahyu | Ahmad Zaiton
Comparison of BMI Derived from Parent-Reported Height and Weight with Measured Values: Results from the German KiGGS Study

Author(s): Anna-Kristin Brettschneider | Ute Ellert | Angelika Schaffrath Rosario
Epidemiology of work-related Accidents in Kerman Coal Mines during 1991-2006

Author(s): S Khodabandeh | A.A HaghDoost | Y Khosravi
Survey of noise exposure and permanent hearing loss among Shadris spinning factory workers of Yazd using Task Base Method (TBM)

Author(s): M. Ghotbi | M. Monazzam | N. Khanjani | Gh. Halvani | M. Salmani Nodoushan | R. Jafari Nodoushan
Astudy of the happiness level among the staff of the faculties in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2009

Author(s): H. Bakhtiyar Nasrabadi | S. Bahrami | M. Keyvanara | M. Kalantari
Study of lead effects on the mental health of tin laborers in a carmaking company of Tehran city 2007

Author(s): A. Abdolmalki | A.A. Farshad | SA. Bagheri Yazdi | M. Nosrati | M. Hamedani | A. Mohamadi
Determination of DMF index among workers of industrial city of Ilam-Iran and it\'s relation with Fluoride content of potable water

Author(s): F. Shidfar | M. Aghilinejad | A. Ameri | SA. Motavalian | A. Radfar | SH. Hoseini
Survey of ergonomic condition of workstations in hospitals’laboratories of Isfahan Medical University

Author(s): E. Habibi | MH. Yarmohamadian | S. Pourabdian | H. Ghorbani | A. Soltani
A comparative study of metabolic mineral profiles on dairy farms from two regions in Nariño department

Author(s): Darío A. Cedeño-Quevedo | Alejandro Ceballos-Marquez | Catalina Garzón | Carmen A. Daza-Bolaños
Evaluation of Solid Waste Management in the Chemistry Laboratories of Tehran Universities

Author(s): M Ghani | F Golbabaie | A.R Akbarzadeh Baghban | H Aslani | N Moharamnejad
Awareness on Breast Cancer Among the Women of Reproductive Age

Author(s): Shahanaz Chowdhury | Shaila Sultana
Analysis of attitudes towards disability among university students: a focus on the theory of reasoned action

Author(s): Novo-Corti, Isabel | Muñoz-Cantero, Jesús Miguel | Calvo-Porral, Cristina

Author(s): DIMIAN Gina Cristina | DIMIAN Mihai

Volunteering in dementia care – a Norwegian phenomenological study

Author(s): Söderhamn U | Landmark B | Aasgaard L | Eide H | Söderhamn O
A Study of the Effects of Educational and Administrative-Organizational Factors on the Students’ Work Commitment

Author(s): Mohammad Javad Liaghatdar | Fatemeh Samiee | Alireza Sadeghian | Shokouh Shafaie | Madineh Alikhani | Bibi Vajiheh Hashemi
MI as a Predictor of Students’ Performance in Reading Competency

Author(s): Karim Hajhashemi | Wong Bee Eng
Costs, Prices and Results’ Management: A Study Conducted in Fruit Canning Companies Located in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

Author(s): Alexandre Vieira Braga | Marcos Antônio Souza | Clóvis Kronbauer | Daniele Gonçalves Braga
The Pricing of Audit Services: Evidence from Jordan

Author(s): Ghassan Falah Al-Matarneh
Seroepidemiology of human hydatid cyst in Jahrom

Author(s): Kavous Solhjoo | Akbar Kazemi | Shohreh Jelodari
Chemical and estimative energy composition of forage cactus meal and of dehydrated grapes residue Composição química e estimativa de energia da palma forrageira e do resíduo desidratado de vitivinícolas

Author(s): Manuela Silva Libânio Tosto | Gherman Garcia leal de Araújo | Ronaldo Lopes Oliveira | Adriana Regina Bagaldo | Fabiana Rodrigues Dantas | Daniel Ribeiro Menezes | Ellio Celestino de Oliveira Chagas
Características físico-químicas e sensoriais do leite de vacas Sindi suplementadas em pastagem Physico-chemical and sensorial properties of milk of the Sindi cows supplemented at pasture

Author(s): Julicelly Gomes Barbosa | Severino Gonzaga Neto | Rita de Cássia Ramos do Egypto Queiroga | Ariosvaldo Nunes Medeiros | Viviane Oliveira Pereira | Thiago Palmeira Costa | José Sidney Bezerra Lima
Ocular Manifestations in HIV Positive and AIDS Patients in Nepal

Author(s): Sashi Sharma | Dev Narayan Shah | Meenu Choudhary | Joshi Purushottam | Ajit K. Thakur
Pleural effusion: presentation, causes and treatment outcome in a resource limited area, Ethiopia

Author(s): Hurissa Zewdu | Ali Jemal | Alemu Addis | Mekonnen Desalew | Amare Amanuel
Mortality and potential years of life lost in five zones of Medellin, 2004-2006

Author(s): Doris Cardona A | Ángela M. Segura C | Dedsy Y. Berbesí F
The nutritional status of a group of pregnant women and its relationship with socioeconomic and dietary intake indicators. Antioquia, Colombia

Author(s): Lorena P. Mancilla L | Sandra L. Restrepo M | Alejandro Estrada R | Luz M. Manjarrés C | Beatriz E. Parra S
Performance measurement of essential public health functions in three municipalities, Antioquia-Colombia, 2011

Author(s): Blanca M. Chávez G | Alejandra M. Arango A | Ana M. Zuleta G
Normas, Representações Sociais e Práticas Corporais

Author(s): Brigido Vizeu Camargo | Ana Maria Justo | Denise Jodelet
Biological risk factors in informal recyclers of Medellin city, 2005

Author(s): Viviana L. Ballesteros | Yicenia Cuadros Urrego | Silvana Botero Botero | Yolanda López Arango
Trends of tuberculosis in cohorts of positives HIV patients before and after the HAART era in health institutions of Medellin (1996-2005)

Author(s): Alexánder Arbeláez | María P. Arbeláez | Rubén D. Gómez A | Carlos A.Rojas | Sonia L. Arias | Bibiana Castro | Ángela M. Segura C | Gloria Velásquez
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