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Dexrazoxane an allied of nursing in chemotherapy extravasation: Integrative Review

Author(s): Isabelle Pimentel Gomes | Paula Elaine Diniz Reis | Jean Fabricio de Lima Pereira | Thais Grilo Moreira Xavier
Anthracycline extravasation injuries: management with dexrazoxane

Author(s): Karin Jordan | Timo Behlendorf | Franziska Mueller | Hans-Joachim Schmoll
Good clinical and cost outcomes using dexrazoxane to treat accidental epirubicin extravasation

Author(s): Arroyo Patricia | Perez Ruth | Feijoo Maria | Hernandez Miguel
Terapêutica citoprotetora em pacientes tratados com quimio e/ou radioterapia anti neoplásica

Author(s): Souza Cármino A. | Vigorito Afonso C. | Aranha Francisco J. P. | Oliveira Gislaine B. | Eid Kátia A. B. | Ruiz Milton A.
Anti-proliferative effects, cell cycle G2/M phase arrest and blocking of chromosome segregation by probimane and MST-16 in human tumor cell lines

Author(s): Lu Da | Huang Min | Xu Cheng | Yang Wei | Hu Chao | Lin Li | Tong Lin | Li Mei | Lu Wei | Zhang Xiong | Ding Jian
Outpatient and Home Chemotherapy with Novel Local Control Strategies in Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor

Author(s): Dolly Aguilera | Andrea Hayes-Jordan | Peter Anderson | Shiao Woo | Margaret Pearson | Holly Green
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