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Cooperative Inter-vehicle Communication Protocol With Low Cost Differential GPS

Author(s): Xunxing Diao | Messaoud Kara | Jian-jin Li | Kun-Mean Hou | Haiying Zhou | Aurelien Jacquot
Ionospheric error analysis in gps measurements

Author(s): N. Crocetto | F. Pingue | S. Ponte | G. Pugliano | V. Sepe
A Simple Method to Improve Autonomous GPS Positioning for Tractors

Author(s): Jaime Gomez-Gil | Sergio Alonso-Garcia | Francisco Javier Gómez-Gil | Tim Stombaugh
Estimation of geographical coordinates using a differential GPS for short occupation times

Author(s): Luis E. Marín | Birgit Steinich | Oscar A. Escolero
Short Note: Comparison of elevation heights using a differential global positions system (DGPS) and a total station

Author(s): L. E. Marín | M. Balcazar | M. Ortiz | B. Steinich | J. A. Hernández-Espriu
Estimation of Atmospheric Path Delays in TerraSAR-X Data using Models vs. Measurements

Author(s): Michael Jehle | Donat Perler | David Small | Adrian Schubert | Erich Meier
Multi-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Cooperative Fault Detection Employing Differential Global Positioning (DGPS), Inertial and Vision Sensors

Author(s): Guillermo Heredia | Fernando Caballero | Iván Maza | Luis Merino | Antidio Viguria | Aníbal Ollero
On the validity of the ionospheric pierce point (IPP) altitude of 350 km in the Indian equatorial and low-latitude sector

Author(s): P. V. S. Rama Rao | K. Niranjan | D. S. V. V. D. Prasad | S. Gopi Krishna | G. Uma
An Innovative Procedure for Calibration of Strapdown Electro-Optical Sensors Onboard Unmanned Air Vehicles

Author(s): Giancarmine Fasano | Domenico Accardo | Antonio Moccia | Attilio Rispoli
Feasibility of GPS use to locate wild ungulates in high mountain environment

Author(s): Girard, I. | Adrados, C. | Peracino, A. | Marinot, J. P. | Bassano, B. | Janeau, G.
Recognizing and managing anxiety disorders in primary health care in Turkey

Author(s): Kartal Mehtap | Coskun Ozlem | Dilbaz Nesrin
Sturdy Positioning with High Sensitivity GPS Sensors Under Adverse Conditions

Author(s): Klemen Kozmus Trajkovski | Oskar Sterle | Bojan Stopar
Mapeamento da Araucaria angustifolia utilizando receptores GPS

Author(s): Diego Luis Venancio | Attilio Antonio Disperati | Ricardo Vilar Neves
La tecnología DGPS en la construcción: control de movimientos en grandes estructuras

Author(s): Marchamalo, M. | Galán, D. | Sánchez, J. A. | Martínez, R.
Optical flow computation for land-based mobile mapping system images

Author(s): Ricardo L. Barbosa | Rodrigo B. de A. Gallis | João F. C. da Silva | Messias M. Júnior
Efficient Delay Tracking Methods with Sidelobes Cancellation for BOC-Modulated Signals

Author(s): Adina Burian | Elena Simona Lohan | Markku Kalevi Renfors
Modelling the 20th and 21st century evolution of Hoffellsjökull glacier, SE-Vatnajökull, Iceland

Author(s): G. Aðalgeirsdóttir | S. Guðmundsson | H. Björnsson | F. Pálsson | T. Jóhannesson | H. Hannesdóttir | S. Þ. Sigurðsson | E. Berthier
Optimal Methods of RTK-GPS/Accelerometer Integration to Monitor the Displacement of Structures

Author(s): Jinsang Hwang | Hongsik Yun | Sun-Kyu Park | Dongha Lee | Sungnam Hong
La aplicación del GPS a la arqueología

Author(s): Amado Reino, Xesús
GPS and GIS study of the western slope of the Chiquihuite hill in Mexico City

Author(s): M. Martínez–Yáñez | E. Cabral–Cano | F. Correa–Mora | O. Díaz–Molina | G. Cifuentes–Nava | E. Hernández–Quintero | H. Delgado–Granados
Efficient Delay Tracking Methods with Sidelobes Cancellation for BOC-Modulated Signals

Author(s): Burian Adina | Lohan ElenaSimona | Renfors MarkkuKalevi
Formulation and evaluation of olanzapine matrix pellets for controlled release

Author(s): N Vishal Gupta | DV Gowda | V Balamuralidhara | S Mohammed Khan
Gender bias revisited: new insights on the differential management of chest pain

Author(s): Bösner Stefan | Haasenritter Jörg | Hani Maren | Keller Heidi | Sönnichsen Andreas | Karatolios Konstantinos | Schaefer Juergen | Baum Erika | Donner-Banzhoff Norbert
Newly diagnosed incident dizziness of older patients: a follow-up study in primary care

Author(s): Sczepanek Julia | Wiese Birgitt | Hummers-Pradier Eva | Kruschinski Carsten
Orthorectification and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Generation Using Cartosat-1 Satellite Stereo Pair in Himalayan Terrain

Author(s): Vivek Kumar Singh | Prashant Kumar Champati Ray | Ayyeum Perumal Thillai Jeyaseelan
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