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Cardioactive effects of diphenhydramine and curcumin in Daphnia magna

Author(s): Avinash Vaidya | Laura Gurenlian | Lauren Brady | Noelle Erin Romero | Rebecca Kohn
Black ant stings caused by Pachycondyla sennaarensis : A significant health hazard

Author(s): Alanazi Marzouqah | Alashahrani Mohammad | Alsalamah Majid
Possible cross-sensitivity between sertraline and paroxetine in a panic disorder patient

Author(s): Khairkar Praveen | Bang Govind | Singh Adarshlata | Tiple Prashant
Prevention of mosquito borne diseases by using mosquito repellents

Author(s): Saurabh Dahiya | Prof.Roop K.Khar | Dr. Aruna Chhikkara
Drugs in upper respiratory tract infections in paediatric patients in North Trinidad

Author(s): Mungrue K | Brown T | Hayes I | Ramroop S | Thurston P | Pinto Pereira L
Efficacy of Clobetasol, Ketoconazole and Amitryptiline Mouthwash on Oral Lichen Planus

Author(s): Abbas Javadzadeh | Hossein Vatanpour | Zahra Delavarian | Abdollah Momajed | Habibollah Esmaeily | Mehdi Vatanpour | Shiva Shirazian
Effects of Fexofenadine, Cetirizine and Diphenhydramine on Psychomotor Performance in Adult Healthy Volunteer

Author(s): Seema Gupta, Bhuvneshwar Kapoor, Z Gillani, V Kapoor, B M Gupta
Evaluation of the oxytocic activity of the ethanol extract of the roots of Alchornea cordifolia

Author(s): Zuleikha Nworgu | Omonkhelin Owolabi | Buniyamin Ayinde | Paul Isigbeme
Efficacy of Intramuscular Nalbuphine versus Diphenhydramine for the Prevention of Epidural Morphine-induced Pruritus after Cesarean Delivery

Author(s): Chia-Chih Liao | Chieh-Szu Chang | Chi-Hao Tseng | Michael J. Sheen | Shih-Chang Tsai | Yao-Lung Chang | Shu-Yam Wong
The general public's perceptions and use of antimicrobials in Trinidad and Tobago

Author(s): Parimi Neeta | Pereira Lexley M. Pinto | Prabhakar Parimi
The Comparative Effects of Four Antihistamines on Isolated Rat Atria

Author(s): Abbas Pousti | Golrokh Malihi | Azam Bakhtiarian | Zahra Abdollahi
Platinum Agent-Induced Hypersensitivity Reactions: Data Mining of the Public Version of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, AERS

Author(s): Toshiyuki Sakaeda, Kaori Kadoyama, Hiroaki Yabuuchi, Satoshi Niijima, Kyoko Seki, Yukinari Shiraishi, Yasushi Okuno
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