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An Optimized All pair Shortest Paths Algorithm

Author(s): Vijay Shankar Pandey | Rajendra Kumar | P K Singh
Directed acyclic graph kernels for structural RNA analysis

Author(s): Sato Kengo | Mituyama Toutai | Asai Kiyoshi | Sakakibara Yasubumi
Notes on sufficient conditions for a graph to be Hamiltonian

Author(s): Michael Joseph Paul | Carmen Baytan Shershin | Anthony Connors Shershin
Unordered Love in infinite directed graphs

Author(s): Peter D. Johnson
Algorithmic aspects of bipartite graphs

Author(s): Mihály Bakonyi | Erik M. Varness
Reducing bias through directed acyclic graphs

Author(s): Shrier Ian | Platt Robert
Categorical constructions in graph theory

Author(s): Richard T. Bumby | Dana May Latch
A O(|E|) Time Shortest Path Algorithm For Non- Negative Weighted Undirected Graphs

Author(s): Muhammad Aasim Qureshi | Dr. Fadzil B. Hassan | Sohail Safdar | Rehan Akbar
Nathanson Heights and the CSS Conjecture for Cayley Graphs

Author(s): Yotsanan Meemark | Chaiwat Pinthubthaworn
Causal diagrams, information bias, and thought bias

Author(s): Eyal Shahar | Doron J Shahar
A linear programming approach for estimating the structure of a sparse linear genetic network from transcript profiling data

Author(s): Bhadra Sahely | Bhattacharyya Chiranjib | Chandra Nagasuma | Mian I Saira
GT-Miner: a graph-theoretic data miner, viewer, and model processor

Author(s): Douglas E. Brown | Amy J. Powell | Ignazio Carbone | Ralph A. Dean
Protein domain organisation: adding order

Author(s): Kummerfeld Sarah | Teichmann Sarah
Symmetry of Metabolic Network

Author(s): Hua Dong | Yanghua Xiao | Wei Wang | Li Jin | Momiao Xiong
Computing paths and cycles in biological interaction graphs

Author(s): Klamt Steffen | von Kamp Axel
BioQuali Cytoscape plugin: analysing the global consistency of regulatory networks

Author(s): Guziolowski Carito | Bourdé Annabel | Moreews Francois | Siegel Anne
GOGrapher: A Python library for GO graph representation and analysis

Author(s): Muller Brian | Richards Adam | Jin Bo | Lu Xinghua
Kavosh: a new algorithm for finding network motifs

Author(s): Kashani Zahra | Ahrabian Hayedeh | Elahi Elahe | Nowzari-Dalini Abbas | Ansari Elnaz | Asadi Sahar | Mohammadi Shahin | Schreiber Falk | Masoudi-Nejad Ali
A graph-theoretical approach in brain functional networks. Possible implications in EEG studies

Author(s): Fallani Fabrizio | Costa Luciano | Rodriguez Francisco | Astolfi Laura | Vecchiato Giovanni | Toppi Jlenia | Borghini Gianluca | Cincotti Febo | Mattia Donatella | Salinari Serenella | Isabella Roberto | Babiloni Fabio
Efficient parallel and out of core algorithms for constructing large bi-directed de Bruijn graphs

Author(s): Kundeti Vamsi | Rajasekaran Sanguthevar | Dinh Hieu | Vaughn Matthew | Thapar Vishal

Author(s): P. A. Golovinsky

Author(s): P. A. Golovinsky
Modular Software-Defined Radio

Author(s): Rhiemeier Arnd-Ragnar
Inflammatory aetiology of human myometrial activation tested using directed graphs.

Author(s): Bisits Andrew M | Smith Roger | Mesiano Sam | Yeo George | Kwek Kenneth | Macintyre David | Chan Eng C
A Scaffold Analysis Tool Using Mate-Pair Information in Genome Sequencing

Author(s): Pan-Gyu Kim | Hwan-Gue Cho | Kiejung Park
Using genetic markers to orient the edges in quantitative trait networks: The NEO software

Author(s): Aten Jason | Fuller Tova | Lusis Aldons | Horvath Steve
An Efficient Dual Objective Grid Workflow Scheduling Algorithm

Author(s): D.I.George Amalarethinam | F.Kurus Malai Selvi
Multimodal State Space Investment Project Presentation

Author(s): O. V. Milov | A. B. Bakanova
Upper signed k-domination number of directed graphs

Author(s): H. Aram | S. M. Sheikholeslami | L. Volkmann
Maximal Independent Neighborhood Set of an Interval Graph

Author(s): A. Sudhakaraiah | V.R. Latha | E.G. Deepika

Author(s): Masoomeh sanei | Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari
Modular Software-Defined Radio

Author(s): Rhiemeier Arnd-Ragnar
Scenario driven data modelling: a method for integrating diverse sources of data and data streams

Author(s): Griffith Shelton | Quest Daniel | Brettin Thomas | Cottingham Robert
Medusa: A tool for exploring and clustering biological networks

Author(s): Pavlopoulos Georgios | Hooper Sean | Sifrim Alejandro | Schneider Reinhard | Aerts Jan
Computing Optimal Cycle Mean in Parallel on CUDA

Author(s): Jiří Barnat | Petr Bauch | Luboš Brim | Milan Češka
Declarative Event-Based Workflow as Distributed Dynamic Condition Response Graphs

Author(s): Thomas T. Hildebrandt | Raghava Rao Mukkamala
Multiprocessor Scheduling by Simulated Evolution

Author(s): Imtiaz Ahmad | Muhammad K. Dhodhi | Ishfaq Ahmad
A proof of the DBRF-MEGN method, an algorithm for deducing minimum equivalent gene networks

Author(s): Kyoda Koji | Baba Kotaro | Kitano Hiroaki | Onami Shuichi
Open trails in digraphs

Author(s): Sylwia Cichacz | Agnieszka Görlich
RAG: An update to the RNA-As-Graphs resource

Author(s): Izzo Joseph | Kim Namhee | Elmetwaly Shereef | Schlick Tamar
Experiences of violence before and during pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes: An analysis of the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey

Author(s): Urquia Marcelo | O'Campo Patricia | Heaman Maureen | Janssen Patricia | Thiessen Kellie
OntoVisT: A general purpose Ontological Visualization Tool

Author(s): Alok Kumar Srivastava | Narinder Singh Sahni
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