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Predator feeding choice on conspicuous and non-conspicuous carabid beetles: first results

Author(s): Teresa Bonacci | Pietro Brandmayr | Tullia Zetto Brandmayr
Prophylactic Effect of Mycophenolate Mofetil on Early Outcomes of Living Donor Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): Bahram Samadzadeh | Mohsen Alemi | Jafar Heidarnejadiyan | Fatemeh Torkamanasadi
Predictive Model of Rainfall-Runoff: A Case Study of the Sanaga Basin at Bamendjin Watershed in Cameroon

Author(s): Terence Kibula Lukong | Michel Mbessa | Thomas Tamo Tatietse
Anti-bacterial Treatment of Polyethylene by Cold Plasma for Medical Purposes

Author(s): Anton Popelka | Igor Novák | Marián Lehocký | Ivan Chodák | Ján Sedliačik | Milada Gajtanska | Mariana Sedliačiková | Alenka Vesel | Ita Junkar | Angela Kleinová | Milena Špírková | František Bílek
Water Quality and Environmental Impact Assessment of a Tropical Waterfall System

Author(s): Benedict Obeten Offem | Gabriel Ujong Ikpi
Adult Lymphangioma - A Rare Entity: A Report of Two Cases

Author(s): Mary MATHEW | Sumeet KAUR DIL
Influences of Mild Oxidation Treatment on the Structure and Electrochemical Behavior of Spherical Graphite

Author(s): JIAN Zhi-Min, LIU Hong-Bo, SHI Lei, HE Yue-De, XIAO Hai-He, KUANG Jia-Cai
Sorption of melanoidin onto surfactant modified zeolite

Author(s): Onyango Maurice S. | Kittinya Jacob | Hadebe Nomcebo | Ojijo Vincent O. | Ochieng Aoyi
The experiences of clinic treatment of a severe case of novel influenza virus A (H1N1) Infection

Author(s): Jun Zhang | Guangdan Zhao | Xiaoling Yu | Jiaying Sun | Xiao Ming Pan | Yong Gang Li
Standardization Work for BEV and HEV Applications: Critical Appraisal of Recent Traction Battery Documents

Author(s): Noshin Omar | Mohamed Daowd | Omar Hegazy | Grietus Mulder | Jean-Marc Timmermans | Thierry Coosemans | Peter Van den Bossche | Joeri Van Mierlo
Clinical and prognostic implications of atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Author(s): Pablo Salinas | Raúl Moreno | Luis Calvo | Santiago Jiménez-Valero | Guillermo Galeote | Angel Sánchez-Recalde | Teresa López-Fernández | Sergio Garcia-Blas | Diego Iglesias | Luis Riera | Isidro Moreno-Gómez | Jose María Mesa | Ignacio Plaza | Rocio Ayala | Rosa Gonzalez | José-Luis López-Sendón

Author(s): Emilia Patraşcanu | Lidia Ionescu | R. Dănila | Gabriela Savin | R.Iorgulescu | Cr. Dragomir
Functional Recovery of Patients After Stroke

Author(s): Amela Cickusic | Osman Sinanovic | Maida Zonic-Imamovic | Suada Kapidzic-Durakovic
Screening test for quality control of surface barrier discharged plasma sources with the microorganism-agar test (MAT)

Author(s): Matthes, Rutger | Hübner, Nils-Olaf | Bender, Claudia | Koban, Ina | Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter | Kramer, Axel

Author(s): F. Abramchuk | A. Kabanov | A. Kuzmenko | E. Murtazaev

Author(s): Costică Brânduş | Cătălin Canciu
Psoas major abscess by heroin addictive patients: A case report

Author(s): Bumbaširević Marko Ž. | Zagorac Slaviša G. | Lešić Aleksandar R. | Bumbaširevic Vesna | Đurašić Ljubomir M.
Synthesis of ZrN Film Via the Plasma Sputter-Type Negative Ion Source

Author(s): Nico Valmoria | Alexander Mendenilla | Miguel Yambot | Manolo Mena | Henry Ramos
Negative Ion Beam Focusing in a Plasma Sputter-type Negative Ion Source

Author(s): Miguel Yambot | Alexander Mendenilla | Nico Valmoria | Henry Ramos | Alipio Garcia
Uji Unjuk Kerja Pompa Pedal Multi Piston

Author(s): Firman Yoko Sukwanputra | Oegik Soegihardjo
Selective Grafting of Primary Amines onto Carbon Nanotubes via Free-Radical Treatment in Microwave Plasma Post-Discharge

Author(s): Benoit Ruelle | Sophie Peeterbroeck | Thomas Godfroid | Carla Bittencourt | Michel Hecq | Rony Snyders | Philippe Dubois
Use of a Real-Time Remote Monitoring Network (RTRM) to Characterize the Guadalquivir Estuary (Spain)

Author(s): Gabriel Navarro | Isabel Emma Huertas | Eduardo Costas | Susana Flecha | Manuel Díez-Minguito | Isabel Caballero | Victoria López-Rodas | Laura Prieto | Javier Ruiz
Foreign bodies in respiratory tract

Author(s): Hossein Nia AH
Failure to thrive

Author(s): Malek M | Sharifian M
Clinical and epidemiological aspects of Kala-Azar in hospitalized cases in Children’s Medical Center (1988-2004)

Author(s): H Choobineh | S Mamishi | A Bahonar | R Safdari | M Rezaian | F Vaezzadeh
Childhood vulvovaginitis

Author(s): M Esmaeili | HR Kianifar
Enterally Recombinant Erythropoietin Stimulates Erythropoiesis in Preterm Infants

Author(s): Yadollah Zahed-Pasha |  Mousa Ahmadpour-Kacho |  Mahmoud Hajiahmadi |  Mohammad Bagher Hossaini
Hearing Evaluation in Children with Meningitis by Auditory Brainstem Response and Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Seyed Hassan Tonekaboni |  Farhad Mahvelati Shamsabadi |  Omid Khojasteh
Neonatal Mortality Risk Assessment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Author(s): Maliheh Kadivar; Setareh Sagheb; Fariba Bavafa; Lida Moghadam; Babak Eshrati
Disease Spectrum and Mortality in Hospitalized Children of Southern Iran

Author(s): Khadijehsadat Najib; Ebrahim Fallahzadeh; Mohammad Hossein Fallahzadeh
Clinical Short Term Outcome of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in Children

Author(s): Mahmoud Reza Ashrafi |  Setareh Sagheb | Mahmood Mohammadi |  Anoushiravan Vakili |  Abolfazl Nasirian1 |  Gholam Reza Zamani
Foreign Body as a Cause of Vaginal Discharge in Childhood

Author(s): Mohammad Esmaeili |  Attie Mansouri |  Fateme Ghane
D-Test Method for Detection of Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Iraj Sedighi | Rasoul Yousefi Mashouf | Neda Pak | Mohammad-Ali Seif Rabiee
Etiology and Outcome of Non-traumatic Coma in Children Admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Fariba Khodapanahandeh | Najmeh Ghasemi Najarkalayee
Analysis of Soft Switched Electronic Ballast Analysis of Soft Switched Electronic Ballast

Author(s): Pavol Spanik | Ivan Feno | Andrej Teren | Ivan Lokseninec
Prognosis of Developing Heart Failure Following ST Elevation (STEMI) and Non ST Elevation (NSTEMI) Infarct

Author(s): A Torabi | PH Loh | NK Khan | J Windram | K Lalukota | P Velavan | M Lammimam | JGF Cleland
Role of Gut Hormones in Acutely Ill Patients

Author(s): M Nematy | JE O’Flynn | AE Brynes | S Brett | GS Frost
Inhibitory Effect of High Dose of the Flavonoid Quercetin on Amygdala Electrical Kindling in Rats

Author(s): Tourandokht Baluchnejadmojarad | Mehrdad Roghani | Homayoun Homayounfar
Health Effects Associated with Foreclosure: A Secondary Analysis of Hospital Discharge Data

Author(s): Nancy N. Menzel | Sheniz Moonie | Melva Thompson-Robinson
Minimization of actinide waste by multi-recycling of thoriated fuels in the EPR reactor

Author(s): Rose S.J. | Wilson J.N. | Capellan N. | David S. | Guillemin P. | Ivanov E. | Méplan O. | Nuttin A. | Siem S.
Morbilidad y mortalidad materna en San Carlos, Cojedes-Venezuela. 2001-2008

Author(s): Nugged Aure | Vicenta Oropeza | Gilberto Bastidas
Online monitoring of Accessories for Underground Electrical Installations through Acoustics Emissions

Author(s): Casals-Torrens P. | González-Parada A. | Bosch-Tous R.
Impact of the European Russia drought in 2010 on the Caspian Sea level

Author(s): K. Arpe | S. A. G. Leroy | H. Lahijani | V. Khan
The causes of flow regime shifts in the semi-arid Hailiutu River, Northwest China

Author(s): Z. Yang | Y. Zhou | J. Wenninger | S. Uhlenbrook
Organic matter sources, fluxes and greenhouse gas exchange in the Oubangui River (Congo River basin)

Author(s): S. Bouillon | A. Yambélé | R. G. M. Spencer | D. P. Gillikin | P. J. Hernes | J. Six | R. Merckx | A. V. Borges
The carbon balance of South America: status, decadal trends and main determinants

Author(s): M. Gloor | L. Gatti | R. J. W. Brienen | T. Feldpausch | O. Phillips | J. Miller | J.-P. Ometto | H. Ribeiro da Rocha | T. Baker | R. Houghton | Y. Malhi | L. Aragão | J.-L. Guyot | K. Zhao | R. Jackson | P. Peylin | S. Sitch | B. Poulter | M. Lomas | S. Zaehle | C. Huntingford | J. Lloyd
Potential effects of climate change on inundation patterns in the Amazon Basin

Author(s): F. Langerwisch | S. Rost | D. Gerten | B. Poulter | A. Rammig | W. Cramer
Contrasting trends in hydrologic extremes for two sub-arctic catchments in northern Sweden − does glacier melt matter?

Author(s): H. E. Dahlke | S. W. Lyon | J. R. Stedinger | G. Rosqvist | P. Jansson
A body-packer with a cocaine bag stuck in the stomach

Author(s): Yan Beauverd | Pierre-Alexandre Poletti | Hans Wolff | Frédéric Ris | Jean-Marc Dumonceau | Bernice S Elger

Hydrothermal Discharge During Submarine Eruptions: The Importance of Detection, Response, and New Technology

Author(s): Edward T. Baker | William W. Chadwick Jr. | James P. Cowen | Robert P. Dziak | Kenneth H. Rubin | Daniel J. Fornari
Diffuse Flow On and Around Hydrothermal Vents at Mid-Ocean Ridges

Author(s): Karen Bemis | Robert P. Lowell | Aida Farough
Preparation and Characterization of Porous Spherical Li4Ti5O12/C Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

Author(s): GAO Jian, MU Xin, LI Jian-Jun, HE Xiang-Ming, JIANG Chang-Yin
Tuberculoid lesions and pyogranulomatous pneumonia in a Capybara (Hydrochaeris hidrochaeris)

Author(s): Karl A. Ciuoderis-Aponte | Julieta E. Ochoa-Amaya
Awareness on Breast Cancer Among the Women of Reproductive Age

Author(s): Shahanaz Chowdhury | Shaila Sultana
Optical investigations of CDOM-rich coastal waters in Pärnu Bay

Author(s): Birgot Paavel | Helgi Arst | Liisa Metsamaa | Kaire Toming | Anu Reinart
The Numerical Investigation on Vortex Flow Behavior Using FLOW-3D

Author(s): Jafar Chapokpour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh | Javad Farhoudi
CFD Applications in Energy and Environment Sectors: Volume 1

Author(s): Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi and Hashim R. Abdol Hamid
Taphonomy of fossils mollusks of Bauru Group (Late Cretaceous, Bauru Basin), in Monte Alto municipality region, São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Renato Pirani Ghilardi | Fernando César Paiva D’Ágosta | Kléber Alves | Antonio Celso de Arruda Campos
Chemical characterization and relevant geochemical aspects of suspended organic matter on the Amazon river delta

Author(s): Simone Baía Pereira | Waterloo Napoleão de Lima | Maamar El-Robrini
Investigations of Ion Confinement by Direct Current Coaxial Glow Discharge

Author(s): Mohamed Mahmoud Masoud | Mohamed Ali Hassouba | Alaa Abu-Hashem
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
The SOC Estimation of Power Li-Ion Battery Based on ANFIS Model

Author(s): Qing Xiao | Xieyang Wang | Tiezhou Wu | Mingyue Wang
Water quality and water-use conflicts in lake taabo (ivory coast)

Author(s): Jacques Moreau | Olivier Beauchard | Pascal Laffaille | Germain Gourene | Allassane Ouattara | Noël Groga | Alain Dauta | Sébastino Da Costa
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
The SOC Estimation of Power Li-Ion Battery Based on ANFIS Model

Author(s): Qing Xiao | Xieyang Wang | Tiezhou Wu | Mingyue Wang
Water quality and water-use conflicts in lake taabo (ivory coast)

Author(s): Jacques Moreau | Olivier Beauchard | Pascal Laffaille | Germain Gourene | Allassane Ouattara | Noël Groga | Alain Dauta | Sébastino Da Costa
The Haemogram of Dogs with Gastrointestinal Parasites in Zaria, Nigeria

Author(s): A.B.Ogunkoya | N.M. Useh | K.A.N. Esievo
Effect of hydraulic parameters on sediment transport capacity in overland flow over erodible beds

Author(s): M. Ali | G. Sterk | M. Seeger | M. Boersema | P. Peters
Gottwald Melborune (0–1) test for chaos in a plasma

Author(s): D. R. Chowdhury | A. N. S. Iyengar | S. Lahiri
Modelling large-scale ice-sheet–climate interactions following glacial inception

Author(s): J. M. Gregory | O. J. H. Browne | A. J. Payne | J. K. Ridley | I. C. Rutt
A generic method for hydrological drought identification across different climate regions

Author(s): M. H. J. van Huijgevoort | P. Hazenberg | H. A. J. van Lanen | R. Uijlenhoet
Spatial variability of herbicide mobilisation and transport at catchment scale: insights from a field experiment

Author(s): T. Doppler | L. Camenzuli | G. Hirzel | M. Krauss | A. Lück | C. Stamm
Development of a conceptual model of the hydrologic response of tropical Andean micro-catchments in Southern Ecuador

Author(s): P. Crespo | J. Feyen | W. Buytaert | R. Célleri | H.-G. Frede | M. Ramírez | L. Breuer
Greenland ice sheet albedo feedback: thermodynamics and atmospheric drivers

Author(s): J. E. Box | X. Fettweis | J. C. Stroeve | M. Tedesco | D. K. Hall | K. Steffen
Uncertainty in future solid ice discharge from Antarctica

Author(s): R. Winkelmann | A. Levermann | K. Frieler | M. A. Martin
A alta progressiva como meio de reinserção social do paciente do manicômio judiciário

Author(s): Caroline Velasquez Marafiga | Elizabete Rodrigues Coelho | Maycoln Leôni Martins Teodoro
TiO2 Nanotube Array Sensor for Detecting the SF6 Decomposition Product SO2

Author(s): Xiaoxing Zhang | Jinbin Zhang | Yichao Jia | Peng Xiao | Ju Tang
Assessment of post-operative pain in children: who knows best?

Author(s): Anjalee Brahmbhatt | Tope Adeloye | Ari Ercole | Steven M. Bishop | Helen L. Smith | Daniel W. Wheeler
Microwave discharge as a remote source of neutral oxygen atoms

Author(s): Gregor Primc | Rok Zaplotnik | Alenka Vesel | Miran Mozetic
Strong visible and near infrared luminescence in undoped YAG single crystals

Author(s): C. R. Varney | S. M. Reda | D. T. Mackay | M. C. Rowe | F. A. Selim

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