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Life Span Developmental Approach

Author(s): Ali Eryilmaz
Wrapping Our Brains around Sustainability

Author(s): Mary Ann Curran
Reforma educativa en Québec: opiniones de un grupo de maestras de música

Author(s): Vilar, Mercè | Moreno, Mª Teresa | Mathieu. Louise
Review of Survey activities 2006: A multi-disciplinary study of Phanerozoic landscape development in West Greenland

Author(s): Bonow, Johan M | Japsen, Peter | Green, Paul F. | Wilson, Robert W. | Klint, Knud Erik S. | van Gool, Jeroen A.M | Lidmar-Bergström, Karna | Pedersen, Asger Ken

The Development of an Organisational Redesign Model

Author(s): Johann Burden | Gert Roodt
Merging Metadata – Building on Existing Standards to Create a Field Book Registry

Author(s): Carolyn Sheffield | Sonoe Nakasone | Ricc Ferrante | Tammy Peters | Rusty Russel | Anne Van Camp
Gender, science and technology 2008

Author(s): Mavis Dora Alvarez
Sustainability: A Platform for Debate

Author(s): Hilary Tovey
Integrated team working: a literature review

Author(s): Sian E. Maslin_Prothero | Amy E. Bennion
Health promotion as multi-professional and multi-disciplinary work

Author(s): Anastasios Tzenalis | Chrisanthy Sotiriadou
Bed Bugs: The Australian Response

Author(s): Stephen L. Doggett | Christopher J. Orton | David G. Lilly | Richard C. Russell
(S)Partners for Heart Health: a school-based program for enhancing physical activity and nutrition to promote cardiovascular health in 5th grade students

Author(s): Carlson Joseph | Eisenmann Joey | Pfeiffer Karin | Jager Kathleen | Sehnert Scott | Yee Kimbo | Klavinski Rita | Feltz Deborah
Ciência e Pesquisa: reflexões sobre a inserção do turismo e do ensino superior frente ao panorama científico

Author(s): da Cruz, Gustavo | Caldini Berberi, André Portes | Toaldo Guzela, Morgana
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Development of a minimization instrument for allocation of a hospital-level performance improvement intervention to reduce waiting times in Ontario emergency departments

Author(s): Leaver Chad | Guttmann Astrid | Zwarenstein Merrick | Rowe Brian | Anderson Geoff | Stukel Therese | Golden Brian | Bell Robert | Morra Dante | Abrams Howard | Schull Michael
geneCBR: a translational tool for multiple-microarray analysis and integrative information retrieval for aiding diagnosis in cancer research

Author(s): Glez-Peña Daniel | Díaz Fernando | Hernández Jesús | Corchado Juan | Fdez-Riverola Florentino
From editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray

Author(s): Maria de Fátima G. Moreira Tálamo | Johanna W. Smit
Clinical, psychophysiological and psychological aspects of risk factors of periodontal disease development in clinically healthy persons

Author(s): O.V. Medvedeva | V.F. Kirichuk | A.I. Kodochigova | M.G. Kucherov | I.N. Nikulina
Using the social entrepreneurship approach to generate innovative and sustainable malaria diagnosis interventions in Tanzania: a case study

Author(s): Allen Lisa | Hetherington Erin | Manyama Mange | Hatfield Jennifer | van Marle Guido
Rationale and design of WEBCARE: A randomized, controlled, web-based behavioral intervention trial in cardioverter-defibrillator patients to reduce anxiety and device concerns and enhance quality of life

Author(s): Pedersen Susanne | Spek Viola | Theuns Dominic | Alings Marco | van der Voort Pepijn | Jordaens Luc | Cuijpers Pim | Denollet Johan | van den Broek Krista
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Kun Mean HOU
Designed in Brazil

Author(s): Fernanda Alves da Silva Bonatti | José Américo Bonatti | Liciane Sabadin Bertol | Wilson Kindlein Júnior | Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos
Study protocol: The development of a pilot study employing a randomised controlled design to investigate the feasibility and effects of a peer support program following discharge from a specialist first-episode psychosis treatment centre

Author(s): Robinson Jo | Bruxner Annie | Harrigan Susy | Bendall Sarah | Killackey Eoin | Tonin Vittoria | Monson Katherine | Thurley Melissa | Francey Shona | Yung Alison
The translation research in a dental setting (TRiaDS) programme protocol

Author(s): Clarkson Jan | Ramsay Craig | Eccles Martin | Eldridge Sandra | Grimshaw Jeremy | Johnston Marie | Michie Susan | Treweek Shaun | Walker Alan | Young Linda | Black Irene | Bonetti Debbie | Cassie Heather | Francis Jill | MacKenzie Gillian | MacPherson Lorna | McKee Lorna | Pitts Nigel | Rennie Jim | Stirling Doug | Tilley Colin | Torgerson Carole | Vale Luke
Facilitators and barriers to implementing clinical care pathways

Author(s): Evans-Lacko Sara | Jarrett Manuela | McCrone Paul | Thornicroft Graham
Perspectives on the salience and magnitude of dam impacts for hydro development scenarios in China

Author(s): Desiree Tullos | Philip H. Brown | Kelly Kibler | Darrin Magee | Bryan Tilt | Aaron T. Wolf
From Editor vol 11, No.4

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Thematic curriculum approach

Author(s): Šefer Jasmina P.
Corporate E-learning Strategy

Author(s): Sergey Sitnikov | Boris Kruk | Olga Zhuravleva | Natalia Chupakhina
Training parent social skills for families of children with behavior problems / Treinamento de habilidades sociais educativas para pais de crianças com problemas de comportamento

Author(s): Maria Isabel Santos Pinheiro | Vitor Geraldi Haase | Almir Del Prette | Claret Luiz Dias Amarante | Zilda Aparecida Pereira Del Prette
Studies in Rheoencephalography (REG)

Author(s): Michael Bodo
Nutrition, environment and cardiovascular health (NESCAV): protocol of an inter-regional cross-sectional study

Author(s): Alkerwi Ala'a | Guillaume Michèle | Zannad Faiez | Laufs Ulrich | Lair Marie-Lise
New Developments of Business English from ESP in China

Author(s): Wenzhong Zhu | Chuan Peng | Lingling Zhang | Xuefei Yi
LabKey Server: An open source platform for scientific data integration, analysis and collaboration

Author(s): Nelson Elizabeth | Piehler Britt | Eckels Josh | Rauch Adam | Bellew Matthew | Hussey Peter | Ramsay Sarah | Nathe Cory | Lum Karl | Krouse Kevin | Stearns David | Connolly Brian | Skillman Tom | Igra Mark
Culture and Cognitive Science

Author(s): Michael Cole
Can modeling of HIV treatment processes improve outcomes? Capitalizing on an operations research approach to the global pandemic

Author(s): Xiong Wei | Hupert Nathaniel | Hollingsworth Eric | O'Brien Megan | Fast Jessica | Rodriguez William
Interdisciplinarity and Ubiquitous Internet Technologies in Support of Automation

Author(s): Eduard Babulak Prof., Ph.D., P.Eng., Eur.Ing., C.Eng.,
Integrating Collaboration and Accessibility for Deploying Virtual Labs using VLCAP

Author(s): Raghu Raman, Prema Nedungadi | Prema Nedungadi | Krishnashree Achuthan | Shyam Diwakar
Turning the museum indside out: The biological sciences at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Author(s): Andrew Simpson | Sara Estrada-Arevalo | Vicki Michael
Training hydrologists to be ecohydrologists and play a leading role in environmental problem solving

Author(s): M. E. McClain | L. Chícharo | N. Fohrer | M. Gaviño Novillo | W. Windhorst | M. Zalewski
Drawing Theory. An Introduction

Author(s): Marc Schoonderbeek | Stefano Milani
Book Reviews

Author(s): Victoria J. Baker | Anthony Jackson | Thomas Bargatzky | M.A. van Bakel | W.E.A. van Beek | Victor W. Turner | W. van den Broeke | H. Meyer | R. Buijtenhuijs | S. Bernus et al. | R. Buijtenhuijs | Dominique Casajus | H.J.M. Claessen | Christine Ward Gailey | Alfred E. Daniëls | Richard B. Davis | Alfred E. Daniëls | Gehan Wijeyewardene | P.M.H. Groen | Jacques van Doorn | Rosemarijn Hoefte | Luis H. Daal | W.L. Idema | Claudine Salmon | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Sharon A. Carstens | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Robert Wessing | G.W. Locher | Martine Segalen | Bernd Nothofer | Hans Kähler | J.D.M. Platenkamp | Brigitte Renard-Clamagirand | H.C.G. Schoenaker | Leo Frobenius | M. Schoffeleers | I.M. Lewis | B. Schuch | Ingrid Liebig-Hundius | Henke Schulte Nordholt | S.J. Tambiah | Nico G. Schulte Nordholt | Shamsul Amri Baharuddin | A. Teeuw | I. Syukri | Truong Quang | Andrew Vickerman | Adrian Vickers | H.I.R. Hinzler
Rationale, design, and implementation protocol of an electronic health record integrated clinical prediction rule (iCPR) randomized trial in primary care

Author(s): Mann Devin | Kannry Joseph | Edonyabo Daniel | Li Alice | Arciniega Jacqueline | Stulman James | Romero Lucas | Wisnivesky Juan | Adler Rhodes | McGinn Thomas
Time for education in cardiogenetics

Author(s): Philippe Charron | Perry Elliott

Author(s): Horacio E. Bosch | Mario A. Di Blasi | Mariano E. Pelem | Mercedes S. Bergero | Leonor Carvajal | Noemí S. Geromini
Developing and evaluating the implementation of a complex intervention: using mixed methods to inform the design of a randomised controlled trial of an oral healthcare intervention after stroke

Author(s): Brady Marian | Stott David | Norrie John | Chalmers Campbell | St George Bridget | Sweeney Petrina | Langhorne Peter
SAGA: A DSL for Story Management

Author(s): Lucas Beyak | Jacques Carette
Roles for Information professionals in patient education: Librarians' perspective

Author(s): Susan L. MacDonald | Todie Winter | Robert Luke
Graduate education in Canada and China: What enrolment data tells us

Author(s): Shumei Li | Tony DiPetta | Mary-Louise Vanderlee
Commnity Essay: Tools for enhancing interdisciplinary communication

Author(s): Leigh Winowiecki | Sean Smukler | Kenneth Shirley | Roseline Remans | Gretchen Peltier | Erin Lothes | Elisabeth King | Liza Comita | Sandra Baptista | Leontine Alkema
The Ethical and Non Ethical Mutual Funds Comparison

Author(s): Rosa Adamo | Angela Coscarelli | Domenica Federico | Antonella Notte
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