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A case study of lean, sustainable manufacturing

Author(s): Geoff Miller | Janice Pawloski | Charles Robert Standridge
A modified harmony search based method for optimal rural radial line planning

Author(s): Yan Yang | Wenxin Guo | Fushuan Wen | Danyue Wu | Yan Lin

Author(s): Pritibhushan Sinha
Cost Minimization Model of Gas Transmission Line for Indonesian SIJ Pipeline Network

Author(s): Septoratno Siregar | Edy Soewono | Daniel Siregar | Satya A. Putra | Yana Budicakrayana
Robust Stability for Neural Network with Discrete and Distributed Delays

Author(s): Hongxia Sun | Yiming Chen | Wei Guan | Long Yu
A New T-F Function Approach for Discrete Global Optimization

Author(s): Weixiang Wang | Youlin Shang
A New Formalism for Failure Diagnosis: Ant Colony Decision Petri Nets

Author(s): Calin Ciufudean | Adrian Graur | Constantin Filote | Cornel Turcu
Face Recognition Using Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Selected Features

Author(s): Rabab M. Ramadan | Rehab F. Abdel - Kader
Multipath Fading Channel Optimization for Wireless Medical Applications

Author(s): A.K.M Fazlul Haque, | Md. Hanif Ali | M Adnan Kiber
An Efficient Process Mining Method Based on Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Xianwen Fang | Xin Gao | Zhixiang Yin | Qianjin Zhao
Using Multiojective Algorithms to Solve the Discrete Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection

Author(s): Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos | George Mamanis
Development of a Discrete Event Controller Supervisor using a Hybrid Matrix Formulation with Fuzzy Logic Conflict Resolution

Author(s): Jose Mireles Jr. | Frank L. Lewis | Roberto C. Ambrosio | Edgar Martínez
Efficient Strategies for Optimization with Genetic Algorithms

Author(s): Hans- Joachim Bungartz | Igor Trajkovski
An Ant Colony System based metaheuristic for solving single machine scheduling problem

Author(s): Adrian SERBENCU | Viorel MINZU | Adriana SERBENCU
Size Effects on the Entropy Production in Oscillatory Flow between Parallel Plates

Author(s): Federico Vazquez | Miguel Angel Olivares-Robles | Sac Medina
Using Multiojective Algorithms to Solve the Discrete Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection

Author(s): Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos | George Mamanis
Optimization of Layout using Discrete Event Simulation

Author(s): Ondřej Kurkin | Michal Šimon

Author(s): C. Castro*, C. Lozano**, F. Palacios*** and E. Zuazua****
An Exact Method for a Discrete Multiobjective Linear Fractional Optimization

Author(s): Mohamed El-Amine Chergui | Mustapha Moulaï
Practical Trajectory Learning Algorithms for Robot Manipulators

Author(s): Erling Lunde | Jens G. Balchen

Author(s): Qi Luo | Ben K. M. Sim
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti | Alejandro Padilla
A Novel Probability Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application

Author(s): Ling Wang | Xiuting Wang | Jingqi Fu | Lanlan Zhen
Image Super Resolution Using Marginal Ditribution Prior

Author(s): S. Ravishankar | K.V.V. Murthy
Hierarchical Swarm Model: A New Approach to Optimization

Author(s): Hanning Chen | Yunlong Zhu | Kunyuan Hu | Xiaoxian He
Ant Colony Optimization for Multiple Knapsack Problems with Controlled Starts

Author(s): Fidanova S. | Atanassov K. | Marinov P. | Parvathi R.
Particle Swarm Optimization with Various Inertia Weight Variants for Optimal Power Flow Solution

Author(s): Prabha Umapathy | C. Venkataseshaiah | M. Senthil Arumugam
A Ramp Cosine Cepstrum Model for the Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Systems at Low SNR

Author(s): Shaikh Anowarul Fattah | Wei-Ping Zhu | M. Omair Ahmad
Discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm for solving optimal sensor deployment problem

Author(s): Rapaić Milan R. | Kanović Željko | Jeličić Zoran D.
Mateda-2.0: A MATLAB Package for the Implementation and Analysis of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms

Author(s): Roberto Santana | Concha Bielza | Pedro Larrañaga | Jose A. Lozano | Carlos Echegoyen | Alexander Mendiburu | Rubén Armañanzas | Siddartha Shakya
Face Hallucination using Eigen Transformation in Transform Domain

Author(s): Abdu Rahiman V | Jiji Victor Charangatt
The Effect of Image Compression on Face Recognition Algorithms

Author(s): Qeethara Kadhim Al-Shayea, Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani and Muna Suliman Abu Teamah
Implementation and Comparative Study of Image Fusion Algorithms

Author(s): Shivsubramani Krishnamoorthy | K P Soman
Optimisation of production machine scheduling using a two level mixed optimisation method

Author(s): Anil Rana Commander | Verma Ajit | Srividya A.S.
Multi products single machine economic production quantity model with multiple batch size

Author(s): Ata Allah Taleizadeh | Gede Agus Widyadana | Hui Ming Wee | Jahangir Biabanid

Biosorption Parameter Estimation with Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Khim Hoong Chu | Xiao Feng | Eui Yong Kim | Yung-Tse Hung
A Novel Optimized Approach for Gene Identification in DNA Sequences

Author(s): Muneer Ahmad | Azween Abdullah | Khalid Buragga
Generating Optimized Decision Tree Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Kiran Kumar Reddi | Ali Mirza Mahmood | K.Mrithyumjaya Rao
Optimal Provisioning of Resource in a Cloud Service

Author(s): Yee Ming Chen | Shin-Ying Tsai
Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Author(s): Wenping Zou | Yunlong Zhu | Hanning Chen | Beiwei Zhang
An Optimization Model and DPSO-EDA for Document Summarization

Author(s): Rasim M. Alguliev | Ramiz M. Aliguliyev | Chingiz A. Mehdiyev
Evaluation of the Performance of Ant Colony Optimization over Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): S. Padmanabhan | Dr. M. Chandrasekaran | Dr. V. Srinivasa Raman
Optimal Robot Arm Movement using Tabu Search Algorithm

Author(s): S. Mobaieen | A. Rabii | B. Mohamady
Activity modes selection for project crashing through deterministic simulation

Author(s): Ashok Mohanty | Jibitesh Mishra | Biswajit Satpathy
Pricing Models in Marketing Research

Author(s): Stan Lipovetsky | Shon Magnan | Andrea Zanetti-Polzi
A Ramp Cosine Cepstrum Model for the Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Systems at Low SNR

Author(s): Fattah ShaikhAnowarul | Zhu Wei-Ping | Ahmad MOmair
Suboptimal Partial Transmit Sequence-Active Interference Cancellation with Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Tarasak Poramate | Lin Zhiwei | Peng Xiaoming | Chin Francois
Fourier-Lapped Multilayer Perceptron Method for Speech Quality Assessment

Author(s): Ribeiro MoisésVidal | Barbedo Jayme Garcia Arnal | Romano JoãoMarcosTravassos | Lopes Amauri
LDPC Code Design for Nonuniform Power-Line Channels

Author(s): Sanaei Ali | Ardakani Masoud
Throughput Maximization under Rate Requirements for the OFDMA Downlink Channel with Limited Feedback

Author(s): Wunder Gerhard | Zhou Chan | Bakker Hajo-Erich | Kaminski Stephen
Application Of Imperialist Competitive Algorithm To The Emergency Medical Services Location Problem

Author(s): Saeed Moadi | Afshin Shariat Mohaymany | Mohsen Babaei
A Simple Quantum-inspired Particle Swarm Optimization and its Application

Author(s): Hongyuan Gao | Jinlong Cao | Ming Diao
Image Classification Technique using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran | Yuk Ying Chung | Wei-Chang Yeh | Noorhaniza Wahid | Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi
A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Genetic Operator for Vehicle Routing Problem

Author(s): Geetha Shanmugam | Poonthalir Ganesan | Vanathi P T
Grid Dependent Tasks Security Scheduling Model and DPSO Algorithm

Author(s): Hai Zhu | Yuping Wang | Zhanxin Ma | Hecheng Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Hybrid Discrete Particle Swarm Algorithm for Graph Coloring Problem

Author(s): Jin Qin | Yi-xin Yin | Xiao-juan Ban
Face Recognition Using Bacteria Foraging Optimization-Based Selected Features

Author(s): Rasleen Jakhar | Navdeep Kaur | Ramandeep Singh
DNA Sequence Assembly using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Ravi Shankar Verma | Vikas Singh | Sanjay Kumar
Identification of the protease cleavage sites in a reconstituted Gag polyprotein of an HERV-K(HML-2) element

Author(s): George Maja | Schwecke Torsten | Beimforde Nadine | Hohn Oliver | Chudak Claudia | Zimmermann Anja | Kurth Reinhard | Naumann Dieter | Bannert Norbert
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Approach for Optimal Power Flow

Author(s): Mithun M. Bhaskar | Sydulu Maheswarapu
Semi-Markovian Model of Control of Restorable System with Latent Failures

Author(s): Yuriy E. Obzherin | Aleksey I. Peschansky | Yelena G. Boyko
Building reliable genetic maps: different mapping strategies may result in different maps

Author(s): Yefim Ronin | David Mester | Dina Minkov | Abraham Korol
An Authentication Method for Digital Audio Using a Discrete Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Yasunari Yoshitomi | Taro Asada | Yohei Kinugawa | Masayoshi Tabuse
Design and Analysis of Self-Adapted Task Scheduling Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Wenzhong Guo | Naixue Xiong | Han-Chieh Chao | Sajid Hussain | Guolong Chen
Face Recognition Using Biogeography Based Optimization

Author(s): Er. Navdeep Kaur Johal | Er. Poonam Gupta | Er. Amandeep Kaur
Analyzing and Comparing the Parsing Techniques of Asynchronous Message

Author(s): P. Krishna Sankar | N. P. Shangaranarayanee
Multi-equipment condition based maintenance optimization by multi- objective genetic algorithm

Author(s): Š. Valčuha | A. Goti | J. Úradníček | I. Navarro
Time Management Approach on a Discrete Event Manufacturing System Modeled by Petri Net

Author(s): Meysam Zareiee | Abbas Dideban | Ali A. Ourouji
Swarm Negative Selection Algorithm for Electroencephalogram Signals Classification

Author(s): Nasser O.S.B. Karait | Siti M. Shamsuddin | Rubita Sudirman
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