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An Aluminum Microfluidic Chip Fabrication Using a Convenient Micromilling Process for Fluorescent Poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) Microparticle Generation

Author(s): Yung-Sheng Lin | Chih-Hui Yang | Chih-Yu Wang | Fang-Rong Chang | Keng-Shiang Huang | Wan-Chen Hsieh
Assessment of Human Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in China

Author(s): REN Zhong-yuan | MENG Xiang-zhou | CHEN Ling
Secret Key Agreement Over Multipath Channels Exploiting a Variable-Directional Antenna

Author(s): Valery Korzhik | Viktor Yakovlev | Yuri Kovajkin | Guillermo Morales-Luna
The stellar initial mass function and star formation in the galaxy

Author(s): A. Parravano | C.F. McKee | D.J. Hollenbach
Diagnostic and Measuring Systems of the Power Transformers

Author(s): Jan Michalik | Miroslav Gutten | Mariana Benova | Daniel Koreciak
Advaced Spatio-Temporal Thermal Analysis of Electronic Systems

Author(s): Miroslav Hrianka | Lubomir Tarovsky
Differential and Integral Models of TOKAMAK

Author(s): Ivo Dolezel | Pavel Karban | Martin Mach | Bohus Ulrych
Reduction of in vivo deiodination of radioiodinated antibodies using N-succinimidyl-4-[125I] Iodobenzoate

Author(s): Beiki D | Shahhosseini S | Khalaj A | Eftekhari M | Rafiee H
Recognition of Marrow Cell Images Based on Fuzzy Clustering

Author(s): Xitao Zheng | Yongwei Zhang | Yehua Yu | Jing Zhang | Jun Shi
Effect of Protein Malnutrition on Efferent Projections of Amygdala to the Hippocampus

Author(s): Gholamreza Hassanzadeh | Mitra Barzroodi pour | Mohammad Bayat | Miriam Javadi
Identificación de las islas de calor de verano e invierno en la ciudad de Toluca, México

Author(s): Sonia Romero Dávila | Carlos Constantino Morales Méndez | Xanat Antonio Némiga
Constraining the CO2 budget of the corn belt: exploring uncertainties from the assumptions in a mesoscale inverse system

Author(s): T. Lauvaux | A. E. Schuh | M. Uliasz | S. Richardson | N. Miles | A. E. Andrews | C. Sweeney | L. I. Diaz | D. Martins | P. B. Shepson | K. J. Davis
Distributions and regional budgets of aerosols and their precursors simulated with the EMAC chemistry-climate model

Author(s): A. Pozzer | A. de Meij | K. J. Pringle | H. Tost | U. M. Doering | J. van Aardenne | J. Lelieveld
Nitrogen balance and fate in a heavily impacted watershed (Oglio River, Northern Italy): in quest of the missing sources and sinks

Author(s): M. Bartoli | E. Racchetti | C. A. Delconte | E. Sacchi | E. Soana | A. Laini | D. Longhi | P. Viaroli
Nonstationarities in the occurrence rates of flood events in Portuguese watersheds

Author(s): A. T. Silva | M. M. Portela | M. Naghettini
Intercomparison of modal and sectional aerosol microphysics representations within the same 3-D global chemical transport model

Author(s): G. W. Mann | K. S. Carslaw | D. A. Ridley | D. V. Spracklen | K. J. Pringle | J. Merikanto | H. Korhonen | J. P. Schwarz | L. A. Lee | P. T. Manktelow | M. T. Woodhouse | A. Schmidt | T. J. Breider | K. M. Emmerson | C. L. Reddington | M. P. Chipperfield | S. J. Pickering
Overview of the 2010 Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Author(s): R. A. Zaveri | W. J. Shaw | D. J. Cziczo | B. Schmid | R. A. Ferrare | M. L. Alexander | M. Alexandrov | R. J. Alvarez | W. P. Arnott | D. B. Atkinson | S. Baidar | R. M. Banta | J. C. Barnard | J. Beranek | L. K. Berg | F. Brechtel | W. A. Brewer | J. F. Cahill | B. Cairns | C. D. Cappa | D. Chand | S. China | J. M. Comstock | M. K. Dubey | R. C. Easter | M. H. Erickson | J. D. Fast | C. Floerchinger | B. A. Flowers | E. Fortner | J. S. Gaffney | M. K. Gilles | K. Gorkowski | W. I. Gustafson | M. Gyawali | J. Hair | R. M. Hardesty | J. W. Harworth | S. Herndon | N. Hiranuma | C. Hostetler | J. M. Hubbe | J. T. Jayne | H. Jeong | B. T. Jobson | E. I. Kassianov | L. I. Kleinman | C. Kluzek | B. Knighton | K. R. Kolesar | C. Kuang | A. Kubátová | A. O. Langford | A. Laskin | N. Laulainen | R. D. Marchbanks | C. Mazzoleni | F. Mei | R. C. Moffet | D. Nelson | M. D. Obland | H. Oetjen | T. B. Onasch | I. Ortega | M. Ottaviani | M. Pekour | K. A. Prather | J. G. Radney | R. R. Rogers | S. P. Sandberg | A. Sedlacek | C. J. Senff | G. Senum | A. Setyan | J. E. Shilling | M. Shrivastava | C. Song | S. R. Springston | R. Subramanian | K. Suski | J. Tomlinson | R. Volkamer | H. W. Wallace | J. Wang | A. M. Weickmann | D.R. Worsnop | X.-Y. Yu | A. Zelenyuk | Q. Zhang
Characterisation of sub-micron particle number concentrations and formation events in the western Bushveld Igeneous Complex, South Africa

Author(s): A. Hirsikko | V. Vakkari | P. Tiitta | H. E. Manninen | S. Gagné | H. Laakso | M. Kulmala | A. Mirme | S. Mirme | D. Mabaso | J. P. Beukes | L. Laakso
Topo-edaphic controls over woody plant biomass in South African savannas

Author(s): M. S. Colgan | G. P. Asner | S. R. Levick | R. E. Martin | O. A. Chadwick
Spatial and temporal variability of biophysical variables in Southwestern France from airborne L-band radiometry

Author(s): E. Zakharova | J.-C. Calvet | S. Lafont | C. Albergel | J.-P. Wigneron | M. Pardé | Y. Kerr | M. Zribi
Paisajes agrarios prehistóricos en la Meseta Peninsular: el caso de «Las Matillas» (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid)

Author(s): Díaz-Del-Río, Pedro | Consuegra, Susana | Peña Chocarro, Leonor | Márquez, Belén | Sampedro, Cristina | Moreno, Ruth | Albertini, Daniele | Pino, Beatriz
Geographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Daw Khin Saw Naing | Fread Anderios | Zaw Lin

A Screening Method for Assessing Cumulative Impacts

Author(s): George V. Alexeeff | John B. Faust | Laura Meehan August | Carmen Milanes | Karen Randles | Lauren Zeise | Joan Denton
Link Quality Based Traffic Queue Management at 5.8 GHz

Author(s): Anwar Hassan Ibrahim | Mahamod Ismail | Kasmiran Jumari | Mandeep Singh

Author(s): Nilüfer Yeşilot Barlas | Gülşen Akman-Demir | Sara Zarko Bahar
Geographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Daw Khin Saw Naing | Fread Anderios | Zaw Lin
Acquisition of Geospatial Database for Primary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis

Author(s): J.O. Sule | H.S. Abdullahi | J. Bungwon
Diversity of Halophyte Desert Vegetation of the Different Saline Habitats in the Valley of Oued Righ, Low Sahara Basin, Algeria

Author(s): Halis Youcef | Benhaddya Mohammed Lamine | Bensaha Hocine | Mayouf Rabah | Lahcini Ali | Belhamra Mohamed
The Influence of Marine Pollution on Distribution and Abundance of Polychaetes

Author(s): A. El-Gendy | S. Al-Farraj | S. Al-Kahtani | M. El-Hedeny
Potamogeton pusillus agg. in Tajikistan (Middle Asia)

Author(s): Marcin Nobis | Anna Sulikowska | Arkadiusz Nowak | Joanna Zalewska-Gałosz
Analysis and distributional patterns of the invasive flora in a protected mountain area - a case study of Medvednica Nature Park (Croatia)

Author(s): Nina Vuković | Anita Bernardić | Toni Nikolić | Vladimir Hršak | Miško Plazibat | Sven D. Jelaska
Revision of Nymphaea candida range - new data on the distribution and habitat preferences of the species in southern Poland

Author(s): Arkadiusz Nowak | Marcin Nobis | Zygmunt Dajdok | Joanna Zalewska-Gałosz | Sylwia Nowak | Agnieszka Nobis | Izabela Czerniawska-Kusza | Maciej Kozak | Adam Stebel | Renata Bula | Piotr Sugier | Andrzej Szlachetka | Waldemar Bena | Anna Trojecka | Renata Piwowarczyk | Aleksandra Adamiec | Rafał Krawczyk
Benchmarking Electric Distribution Utilities in the Philippines

Author(s): Larry Blank | Doug Gegax | Benjamin Widner
Atmospheric mercury dispersion modelling from two nearest hypothetical point sources

Author(s): Khandakar Md Habib Al Razi, Moritomi Hiroshi, Kambara Shinji

Similarity of tree species in relation to distance in a rain forest in the National Forest Saracá-Taquera, Pará

Author(s): Leandro Valle Ferreira | Rafael de Paiva Salomão | Darley Calderaro Leal Matos | Jorge Luis Gavina Pereira
The taxonomic study of the Malpighiaceae Juss. family of the restingas of Algodoal/Maiandeua, Maracanã, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Vitor Hugo Dias Alexandrino | Julio dos Santos de Sousa | Maria de Nazaré do Carmo Bastos
Body condition score and reproductive performance in beef cows in the pantanal area of Mato Grosso do Sul state – Brazil Escore de condição corporal e desempenho reprodutivo de vacas no Pantanal do Mato Grosso do Sul – Brasil

Author(s): Marcos Mitsuo Sonohata | Carlos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira | Nelson Guimarães Dantas Canuto | Urbano Gomes Pinto de Abreu | Daniel Dias Fernandes
Spatial distribution of weeds and forage production in areas of continuous grazing Distribuição espacial de plantas daninhas e produção de forragem em áreas de pastejo contínuo

Author(s): Valdinéia Patricia Dim | Antonio Clementino dos Santos | Durval Nolasco das Neves Neto | Luziano Lopes da Silva | Patríccia da Cruz Ramos | Fábio Pinto dos Reis Monteiro
Padrões espaciais de deposição de fezes por bovinos de corte em áreas de pastagem Spatial patterns of deposition of feces by beef cattle in pasture

Author(s): Sabino Pereira da Silva Neto | Rodrigo Gregório da Silva | Antonio Clementino dos Santos | Francismar Rodrigues Gama | Murilo Sabater da Silva Guerra | Maria de Jesus Dias de Brito
Is Viola uliginosa critically endangered in Poland? - New data on the distribution of the species

Author(s): Rafał Krawczyk | Agnieszka Nobis | Marcin Nobis | Anna Cwener
Ferns and lycophytes from municipality of Caxias, state of Maranhão, Brazil

Author(s): Rozijane Santos Fernandes | Gonçalo Mendes da Conceição | Jeferson Miranda CostaIII | Eliete Lima de Paula-Zárate
New localities of Taraxacum species from S Poland (with nine new species to Polish flora)

Author(s): Bohumil Trávníček | Jolanta Marciniuk | Vojtěch Žíla
Chemodiversity of a Scots pine stand and implications for terpene air concentrations

Author(s): J. Bäck | J. Aalto | M. Henriksson | H. Hakola | Q. He | M. Boy
Effects of Land-Use Change on Under Storey Species Composition and Distribution in a Tropical Rainforest

Author(s): Anthony Ifechukwude ODIWE | Joshua Oluwole OLOWOYO | Olufemi AJIBOYE
Typhetum laxmannii (Ubrizsy 1961) Nedelcu 1968 - the new plant association in Poland

Author(s): Marcin Nobis | Agnieszka Nobis | Arkadiusz Nowak
Marine copepods at Mo Ko Thale Tai, Gulf of Thailand

Author(s): Supiyanit Maiphae1* | Phannee Sa-ardrit2
The forests of Belo Monte on the great curve of the Xingu River, Eastern Amazon

Author(s): Rafael de Paiva Salomão | Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira | Chieno Suemitsu | Nélson de Araújo Rosa | Samuel Soares de Almeida | Dário Dantas do Amaral | Moirah Paula Machado de Menezes
Unexpected mammalian records in the state of Maranhão

Author(s): Tadeu Gomes de Oliveira | Rafael Gomes Gerude | José de Sousa e Silva Júnior
Lycophytes and monilophytes of the Bosque Rodrigues Alves Jardim Botânico da Amazônia, municipality of Belém, Pará State, Brazil

Author(s): Sebastião Maciel | Maria Goreti Coelho de Souza | Marcio Roberto Pietrobom
Floristic and taxonomic aspects of mosses from Barcarena, Pará

Author(s): Adriana Paula da Silva Souza | Regina Célia Lobato LisboaII
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
Minerals Composition of the Cashew Apple Juice (Anacardium occidentale L.) of Yamoussoukro, Cote D'ivoire

Author(s): Adou Marc | Tetchi Fabrice Achille | Gbane Mory | P.V. Niaba Koffi | Amani N`guessan Georges
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
Earthquake-triggered landslides in southwest China

Author(s): X. L. Chen | Q. Zhou | H. Ran | R. Dong
A radiological study of some ornamental stones: the bluish granites from Extremadura (Spain)

Author(s): D. Pereira | L. Neves | A. Pereira | M. Peinado | J. A. Blanco | J. J. Tejado
An early warning system for flash floods in hyper-arid Egypt

Author(s): J. Cools | P. Vanderkimpen | G. El Afandi | A. Abdelkhalek | S. Fockedey | M. El Sammany | G. Abdallah | M. El Bihery | W. Bauwens | M. Huygens

Author(s): Stanislava Fintová | Radomila Konečná | Gianni Nicoletto
important is access to employment offices in Spain? An urban and non-urban perspective

Author(s): Patricia Suárez Cano | Matías Mayor Fernández | Begoña Cueto Iglesias
Submicron particles influenced by mixed biogenic and anthropogenic emissions: high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometry results from the Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Author(s): A. Setyan | Q. Zhang | M. Merkel | W. B. Knighton | Y. Sun | C. Song | J. E. Shilling | T. B. Onasch | S. C. Herndon | D. R. Worsnop | J. D. Fast | R. A. Zaveri | L. K. Berg | A. Wiedensohler | B. A. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | R. Subramanian

Habitat Ecology of Himalayan Musk Deer (Moschus chrysogaster) in Manaslu Conservation Area, Nepal

Author(s): Ashok Subedi | Achyut Aryal | Raj Kumar Koirala | Yajna Prasad Timilsina | Xiuxiang Meng | Fiona McKenzie
Mangrove Distribution and Morphology Changes in the Mullipallam Creek, South Eastern Coast of India

Author(s): Krishnakumar PONNAMBALAM | Lakshumanan CHOKKALINGAM | Viveganandan SUBRAMANIAM | Jonathan MUTHUSWAMY PONNIAH
Wide Area Measurement and Control Using Phasor Measurement Unit in Smart Grid

Author(s): Chandarani Sutar | K. S. Verma | Ajay Shekhar Pandey
Pelletization as a key tool for oral drug delivery: A review

Author(s): Afifa Bathool*, Gowda D. Vishakante, Mohammed S. Khan, Vikas K Gupta

Author(s): Prasanta. K. Sinha | A. N. Mullick | B. Halder | B. Majumdar
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