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System-level determinants of immunization coverage disparities among health districts in Burkina Faso: a multiple case study

Author(s): Haddad Slim | Bicaba Abel | Feletto Marta | Taminy Elie | Kabore Moussa | Ouédraogo Boubacar | Contreras Gisèle | Larocque Renée | Fournier Pierre
Translating research into policy: lessons learned from eclampsia treatment and malaria control in three southern African countries

Author(s): Woelk Godfrey | Daniels Karen | Cliff Julie | Lewin Simon | Sevene Esperança | Fernandes Benedita | Mariano Alda | Matinhure Sheillah | Oxman Andrew | Lavis John | Lundborg Cecilia

Author(s): Jie-Xian Zeng | Fei Yu | Limin Sun | Mingwen Wang | Guangxue Yue
Specification of the Multimedia Documents Scenari by the Petri Networks and the Timed Automata

Author(s): Zaoui Lynda | Guezzen Zakia | Abed Houaria | Belbachir Hafida
Editorial [English]

Author(s): Helmut Renders
What is the origin of the word Leibach?

Author(s): Alfred Katsch
Machine Translation System in Indian Perspectives

Author(s): Sanjay K. Dwivedi | Pramod P. Sukhadeve
An exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial of knowledge translation strategies to support evidence-informed decision-making in local governments (The KT4LG study)

Author(s): Waters Elizabeth | Armstrong Rebecca | Swinburn Boyd | Moore Laurence | Dobbins Maureen | Anderson Laurie | Petticrew Mark | Clark Rachel | Conning Rebecca | Moodie Marj | Carter Robert
Newborn care and knowledge translation - perceptions among primary healthcare staff in northern Vietnam

Author(s): Eriksson Leif | Nga Nguyen | Hoa Dinh | Persson Lars-Åke | Ewald Uwe | Wallin Lars
LinkHub: a Semantic Web system that facilitates cross-database queries and information retrieval in proteomics

Author(s): Smith Andrew | Cheung Kei-Hoi | Yip Kevin | Schultz Martin | Gerstein Mark
Croatian Analytical Terminology

Author(s): Kastelan-Macan; M.

Author(s): Azizollah DABAGHI
¿Cartografía antigua o Cartografía histórica?

Author(s): Crespo Sanz, Antonio | Fernández Wyttenbach, Alberto
Book Reviews

Author(s): Chris Ballard | Jeroen A. Overweel | Timothy P. Barnard | Daniel Perret | Peter Boomgaard | Om Prakash | U.T. Bosma | Oliver Kortendick | Freek Colombijn | Thomas Psota | Christine Dobbin | Ann Maxwell Hill | Aone van Engelenhoven | Peter Bellwood | Aone van Engelenhoven | Wyn D. Laidig | Ch. F. van Fraassen | R.Z. Leirissa | Frances Gouda | Denys Lombard | Hans Hägerdal | Timothy Lindsey | Renee Hagesteijn | Ina E. Slamet-Velsink | David Henley | Victor T. King | C. de Jonge | Ton Otto | C. de Jonge | Chris Sugden | John N. Miksic | Roy E. Jordaan | Marije Plomp | Ann Kumar | Susan de Roode | Eveline Ferretti | M.J.C. Schouten | Monika Schlicher | Karel Steenbrink | Leo Dubbeldam | Pamela J. Stewart | Michael Houseman | Han F. Vermeulen | Pieter ter Keurs
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
A Review on the Cross and Multilingual Information Retrieval

Author(s): PothulaSujatha | P. Dhavachelvan

Author(s): Anas AlSobh | Ahmed Al Oroud | Mohammed N. Al-Kabi | Izzat AlSmadi
A New Method for Calculating Similarity between Sentences and Application on Automatic Abstracting

Author(s): Wenqian JI | Zhoujun LI | Wenhan CHAO | Xiaoming CHEN
Performance Assessment of AMRR and ADCG Metrics in MLIR and IR Systems

Author(s): Raju Korra | Pothula Sujatha | P.Dhavachelvan | Madarapu Naresh Kumar | Sidige Chetana

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