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The expansion of amino-acid repeats is not associated to adaptive evolution in mammalian genes

Author(s): Cruz Fernando | Roux Julien | Robinson-Rechavi Marc
Conditional embryonic lethality to improve the sterile insect technique in Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Author(s): Schetelig Marc | Caceres Carlos | Zacharopoulou Antigone | Franz Gerald | Wimmer Ernst
JISTIC: Identification of Significant Targets in Cancer

Author(s): Sanchez-Garcia Felix | Akavia Uri David | Mozes Eyal | Pe'er Dana
Diurnal variation of the human adipose transcriptome and the link to metabolic disease

Author(s): Loboda Andrey | Kraft Walter | Fine Bernard | Joseph Jeffrey | Nebozhyn Michael | Zhang Chunsheng | He Yudong | Yang Xia | Wright Christopher | Morris Mark | Chalikonda Ira | Ferguson Mark | Emilsson Valur | Leonardson Amy | Lamb John | Dai Hongyue | Schadt Eric | Greenberg Howard | Lum Pek
Identification and analysis of in planta expressed genes of Magnaporthe oryzae

Author(s): Kim Soonok | Park Jongsun | Park Sook-Young | Mitchell Thomas | Lee Yong-Hwan
Differential roles of cyclin D1 and D3 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Radulovich Nikolina | Pham Nhu-An | Strumpf Dan | Leung Lisa | Xie Wing | Jurisica Igor | Tsao Ming-Sound
Gene duplication and the origins of morphological complexity in pancrustacean eyes, a genomic approach

Author(s): Rivera Ajna | Pankey M Sabrina | Plachetzki David | Villacorta Carlos | Syme Anna | Serb Jeanne | Omilian Angela | Oakley Todd
Duplication, concerted evolution and purifying selection drive the evolution of mosquito vitellogenin genes

Author(s): Chen Song | Armistead Jennifer | Provost-Javier Katie | Sakamoto Joyce | Rasgon Jason
A gene expression signature of RAS pathway dependence predicts response to PI3K and RAS pathway inhibitors and expands the population of RAS pathway activated tumors

Author(s): Loboda Andrey | Nebozhyn Michael | Klinghoffer Rich | Frazier Jason | Chastain Michael | Arthur William | Roberts Brian | Zhang Theresa | Chenard Melissa | Haines Brian | Andersen Jannik | Nagashima Kumiko | Paweletz Cloud | Lynch Bethany | Feldman Igor | Dai Hongyue | Huang Pearl | Watters James
Deletion of Irs2 causes reduced kidney size in mice: role for inhibition of GSK3β?

Author(s): Carew Rosemarie | Sadagurski Marianna | Goldschmeding Roel | Martin Finian | White Morris | Brazil Derek
Molecular evolution and the role of oxidative stress in the expansion and functional diversification of cytosolic glutathione transferases

Author(s): da Fonseca Rute | Johnson Warren | O'Brien Stephen | Vasconcelos Vítor | Antunes Agostinho
Heterogeneous gene expression changes in colorectal cancer cells share the WNT pathway in response to growth suppression by APHS-mediated COX-2 inhibition

Author(s): Bostjan Humar | Les McNoe | Anita Dunbier | Rosemary Heathcott | Antony W Braithwaite | Anthony E Reeve
Genetic constraints for thermal coadaptation in Drosophila subobscura

Author(s): Dolgova Olga | Rego Carla | Calabria Gemma | Balanyà Joan | Pascual Marta | Rezende Enrico | Santos Mauro
Identification of Bacillus anthracis specific chromosomal sequences by suppressive subtractive hybridization

Author(s): Dwyer Kathleen | Lamonica Janine | Schumacher Jennifer | Williams Leanne | Bishara Joanne | Lewandowski Anna | Redkar Rajendra | Patra Guy | DelVecchio Vito
BMP Receptor Signaling Is Required for Postnatal Maintenance of Articular Cartilage

Author(s): Rountree Ryan B | Schoor Michael | Chen Hao | Marks Melissa E | Harley Vincent | Mishina Yuji | Kingsley David M
Upregulated Genes In Sporadic, Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Author(s): Edgar Alasdair | Chacón Matilde | Bishop Anne | Yacoub Magdi | Polak Julia
A Mathematical Model for Suppression Subtractive Hybridization

Author(s): Chetan Gadgil | Anette Rink | Craig Beattie | Wei-Shou Hu
Inferring causal genomic alterations in breast cancer using gene expression data

Author(s): Tran Linh | Zhang Bin | Zhang Zhan | Zhang Chunsheng | Xie Tao | Lamb John | Dai Hongyue | Schadt Eric | Zhu Jun
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