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The Lunch Project

Author(s): Josie Floerchinger
The Food and Restaurant Project

Author(s): Vannessa Nacif
A Qualitative Study of Early Childhood Educators’ Beliefs about Key Preschool Classroom Experiences

Author(s): Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo | Allison Sidle Fuligni | Lindsay Daugherty | Carollee Howes | Lynn Karoly
Teachers’ view of educational support to children in need of special support

Author(s): Anette Sandberg | Martina Norling | Anne Lillvist
The School Bus Project

Author(s): Ruth Harkema
The Gift of Time: Enactments of Developmental Thought in Early Childhood Practice

Author(s): M. Elizabeth Graue | Janice Kroeger | Christopher Brown
How Do Children Tell Us about Their Childhoods?

Author(s): Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson
Parent Expectations of Young Children in Taiwan

Author(s): Troy E. Beckert | Paris S. Strom | Robert D. Strom | Cheng-Ta Yang | Nei-Yuh Huang | Yu-Wei Lin
Gender and teacher training in Early Childhood Education studies

Author(s): Alfonso Romero Díaz | Paco Abril Morales
Early Contingency Learning and Child and Teacher Concomitant Social–Emotional Behavior

Author(s): Melinda Raab | Carl J. Dunst | Linda L. Wilson | Cindy Parkey
Social-Emotional Environments: Teacher Practices in Two Toddler Classrooms

Author(s): Lissy (Phyllis) Gloeckler | Judith Niemeyer
Beyond Free Lunch: Which Family Background Measures Matter?

Author(s): Sarah Lubienski | Corinna Crawford Crane
Learning Stories and Children’s Powerful Mathematics

Author(s): Bob Perry | Sue Dockett | Elspeth Harley
Students Learn about Documentation throughout Their Teacher Education Program

Author(s): Carolyn Pope Edwards | Susan Churchill | Mary Gabriel | Ruth Heaton | Julie Jones-Branch | Christine Marvin | Michelle Rupiper
Determinants of Parental Involvement in Early Schooling: Evidence from Japan

Author(s): Susan D. Holloway | Yoko Yamamoto | Sawako Suzuki | Jessica D. Mindnich
Quality from a Toddler’s Perspective: A Bottom-Up Examination of Classroom Experiences

Author(s): Rena Hallam | Hillary Fouts | Kaitlin Bargreen | Lori Caudle
NURSERY SCHOOLS AND HEALTH EDUCATION / Materské školy a výchova k zdraviu

Author(s): Krištofova Erika | Boledovičová Mária | Nádaská Iveta

Author(s): Angela MASHFORD-SCOTT | Amelia CHURCH
Engineering Curricula in Early Education: Describing the Landscape of Open Resources

Author(s): Aikaterini Bagiati | So Yoon Yoon | Demetra Evangelou | Ida Ngambeki
Collaborative Course Development in Early Childhood Special Education through Distance Learning

Author(s): Ann Higgins Hains | Simone Conceição-Runlee | Patricia Caro | Mary Ann Marchel
Home-Community Visits during an Era of Reform (1870-1920)

Author(s): Navaz Peshotan Bhavnagri | Sue Krolikowski
Teaching and Learning when No One Is Expert: Children and Parents Explore Technology

Author(s): Marina U. Bers | Rebecca S. New | Laura Boudreau
Primary Literacy Achievement: A Collaborative Urban Partnership

Author(s): Vikki K. Collins | Barbara Carroll | Sallie Averitt Miller | H. Marguerite Yates | Denise Perryman | Sabrina Alexander | Tammy R. Caldwell
Percepciones del personal docente en educación inicial sobre su profesión en el papel que desempeñan en la sociedad / Perceptions of early education teachers about their profession in the role they play in society

Author(s): Marisol Álvarez Herrera | Andrey Arley Guevara | Andrea Gazel Gazel | Marcela González López | Katherine Gutiérrez Valverde | Alejandra Vargas Herrera
Critical viewpoint to early childhood education teachers’ well-being at work

Author(s): Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä | Satu Uusiautti | Kaarina Määttä

Author(s): Nabi Bux JUMANI | Fazalur RAHMAN | Saeedul Hasan CHISHTI | Samina MALIK
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