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Una aproximación al análisis de Redes egocéntricas de colaboración interinstitucional.

Author(s): Ovalle-Perandones, M Antonia | Olmeda-Gómez, Carlos | Perianes-Rodríguez, Antonio
Perceptual Perspective Taking and Action Recognition

Author(s): Matthew Johnson | Yiannis Demiris
Condom use and migration in a sample of Mexican migrants: potential for HIV/STI transmission

Author(s): Fosados Raquel | Caballero-Hoyos Ramiro | Torres-López Teresa | Valente Thomas W.

Author(s): Fatih TEPEBAŞILI
Deletion of PEA-15 in mice is associated with specific impairments of spatial learning abilities

Author(s): Ramos Joe | Townsend David | Piarulli Dawn | Kolata Stefan | Light Kenneth | Hale Gregory | Matzel Louis
Being and responsibility

Author(s): Laušević Savo
Moral judgment of alcohol addicts

Author(s): Mladenović Ivica | Dimitrijević Ivan | Lečić-Toševski Dušica
The parenting attitudes and the stress of mothers predict the asthmatic severity of their children: a prospective study

Author(s): Nagano Jun | Kakuta Chikage | Motomura Chikako | Odajima Hiroshi | Sudo Nobuyuki | Nishima Sankei | Kubo Chiharu
La estructura en las redes personales.

Author(s): McCarty, Christopher
The transfer from survey (map-like) to route representations into Virtual Reality Mazes: effect of age and cerebral lesion

Author(s): Carelli Laura | Rusconi Maria | Scarabelli Chiara | Stampatori Chiara | Mattioli Flavia | Riva Giuseppe
Perceptual constancy in judgments of egocentric distance: prevailing binocular information

Author(s): Matsushima Elton H. | Douchkin Igor O. | Ribeiro Filho Nilton P. | Da Silva José Aparecido
Early visual evoked potentials are modulated by eye position in humans induced by whole body rotations

Author(s): Andersson Frédéric | Etard Olivier | Denise Pierre | Petit Laurent
Perception, Action, and Roelofs Effect: A Mere Illusion of Dissociation

Author(s): Dassonville Paul | Bala Jagdeep Kaur
Australian chiropractic sports medicine: half way there or living on a prayer?

Author(s): Pollard Henry | Hoskins Wayne | McHardy Andrew | Bonello Rod | Garbutt Peter | Swain Mike | Dragasevic George | Pribicevic Mario | Vitiello Andrew
Age-disparity, sexual connectedness and HIV infection in disadvantaged communities around Cape Town, South Africa: a study protocol

Author(s): Delva Wim | Beauclair Roxanne | Welte Alex | Vansteelandt Stijn | Hens Niel | Aerts Marc | du Toit Elizabeth | Beyers Nulda | Temmerman Marleen
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