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Excavatoids E and F: Discovery of Two New Briaranes from the Cultured Octocoral Briareum excavatum

Author(s): Ping-Jyun Sung | Bo-Yuan Chen | Mei-Ru Lin | Tsong-Long Hwang | Wei-Hsien Wang | Jyh-Horng Sheu | Yang-Chang Wu
Discovery of New Eunicellins from an Indonesian Octocoral Cladiella sp.

Author(s): Yung-Husan Chen | Chia-Ying Tai | Yin-Di Su | Yu-Chia Chang | Mei-Chin Lu | Ching-Feng Weng | Jui-Hsin Su | Tsong-Long Hwang | Yang-Chang Wu | Ping-Jyun Sung
Z α-1 antitrypsin deficiency and the endoplasmic reticulum stress response

Author(s): Catherine M Greene | Noel G McElvaney
Pancreatic function, quality of life and costs at long-term follow-up after acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Bodil Andersson, Marie-Louise Pendse. Roland Andersson
The role of collagenase in emphysema

Author(s): Foronjy Robert | D'Armiento Jeanine
Acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Al Mofleh Ibrahim
The effect of tiotropium therapy on markers of elastin degradation in COPD

Author(s): Ma Shuren | Lin Yong | Tartell Lori | Turino Gerard
Expression of the leukemic prognostic marker CD7 is linked to epigenetic modifications in chronic myeloid leukemia

Author(s): Rogers Sally | Zhao Yun | Jiang Xiaoyan | Eaves Connie | Mager Dixie | Rouhi Arefeh
AIP56: A Novel Bacterial Apoptogenic Toxin

Author(s): Manuel T. Silva | Nuno M. S. dos Santos | Ana do Vale
Optimization of total protein and activity assays for the detection of MMP-12 in induced human sputum

Author(s): LaPan Peter | Brady Jeff | Grierson Christal | Fleming Margaret | Miller Doug | Sypek Joe | Fu Bin
Cladielloides A and B: New Eunicellin-Type Diterpenoids from an Indonesian Octocoral Cladiella sp.

Author(s): Yung-Husan Chen | Chia-Ying Tai | Tsong-Long Hwang | Ching-Feng Weng | Jan-Jung Li | Lee-Shing Fang | Wei-Hsien Wang | Yang-Chang Wu | Ping-Jyun Sung
Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Components from Hygroryza aristata

Author(s): Yu-Ming Chung | Yu-Hsuan Lan | Tsong-Long Hwang | Yann-Lii Leu
Assessment of Elastase-Induced Murine Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Comparison of Ultrasound Imaging with In Situ Video Microscopy

Author(s): Junya Azuma | Lars Maegdefessel | Toshiro Kitagawa | Ronald L. Dalman | Michael V. McConnell | Philip S. Tsao
Exposure to Chlorinated Biphenyls Causes Polymorphonucleocytes to Induce Progenitor Cell Toxicity in Culture

Author(s): Dwayne A. Hill | Carroll T. Reese | Dwane Clarke | Tanika V. Martin
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency: A Case of a Two-year Old Boy with Inherited Disease

Author(s): Aleksandar Petlichkovski | Sonja Peova | Dejan Trajkov | Todor Arsov | Ana Strezova | Slavica Hristomanova | Eli Djulejic | Jordan Petrov | Mirko Spiroski
2-Amino- and 2-Alkylthio-4H-3,1-benzothiazin-4-ones: Synthesis, Interconversion and Enzyme Inhibitory Activities

Author(s): Hans-Georg Häcker | Florian Grundmann | Friederike Lohr | Philipp A. Ottersbach | Jing Zhou | Gregor Schnakenburg | Michael Gütschow
Exercise intolerance and systemic manifestations of pulmonary emphysema in a mouse model

Author(s): Lüthje Lars | Raupach Tobias | Michels Hellmuth | Unsöld Bernhard | Hasenfuss Gerd | Kögler Harald | Andreas Stefan
Macrorheology of cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease & normal sputum

Author(s): Serisier David | Carroll Mary | Shute Janis | Young Simon
Anti-collagenase, anti-elastase and anti-oxidant activities of extracts from 21 plants

Author(s): Thring Tamsyn | Hili Pauline | Naughton Declan
Prevention of elastase-induced emphysema in placenta growth factor knock-out mice

Author(s): Cheng Shih | Wang Hao | Yu Chong | Tsao Po | Carmeliet Peter | Cheng Shi | Yang Pan
Indigenous enzymes and leukocyte in sheep milk are markers of health status and physiology of the mammary gland

Author(s): Marzia Albenzio | Francesca D’Angelo | Alessandra Marzano | Laura Schena | Agostino Sevi
Neutrophil elastase downmodulates native G-CSFR expression and granulocyte-macrophage colony formation

Author(s): Piper Melissa | Massullo Pam | Loveland Megan | Druhan Lawrence | Kindwall-Keller Tamila | Ai Jing | Copelan Alexander | Avalos Belinda
Total hip and knee replacement surgery results in changes in leukocyte and endothelial markers

Author(s): Hughes Stephen | Hendricks Beverly | Edwards David | Maclean Kirsty | Bastawrous Salah | Middleton Jim
Increase in markers of airway inflammation after ozone exposure can be observed also in stable treated asthmatics with minimal functional response to ozone

Author(s): Vagaggini Barbara | Bartoli Maria | Cianchetti Silvana | Costa Francesco | Bacci Elena | Dente Federico | Di Franco Antonella | Malagrinò Laura | Paggiaro Pierluigi
Elastase Activity in Aspergillus fumigatus Can Arise by Random, Spontaneous Mutations

Author(s): Sergio Álvarez-Pérez | Jose L. Blanco | Victoria López-Rodas | Antonio Flores-Moya | Eduardo Costas | Marta E. García
Rosiglitazone reverses endothelial dysfunction but not remodeling of femoral artery in Zucker diabetic fatty rats

Author(s): Lu Xiao | Guo Xiaomei | Karathanasis Sotirios | Zimmerman Karen | Onyia Jude | Peterson Richard | Kassab Ghassan
Carijoside A, a Bioactive Sterol Glycoside from an Octocoral Carijoa sp. (Clavulariidae)

Author(s): Chih-Yang Liu | Tsong-Long Hwang | Mei-Ru Lin | Yung-Husan Chen | Yu-Chia Chang | Lee-Shing Fang | Wei-Hsien Wang | Yang-Chang Wu | Ping-Jyun Sung
Dual Effect of Neutrophils on pIgR/Secretory Component in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells: Role of TGF-β

Author(s): Céline Ratajczak | Amélie Guisset | Bruno Detry | Yves Sibille | Charles Pilette
Keratinolytic Activity of Some Newly Isolated Bacillus Species

Author(s): Md. Mozammel Hoq | Khandaker Al Zaid Siddiquee | Hiroko Kawasaki | Tatsuji Seki
Characterization of trypsin-like enzymes from the midgut of Morimus funereus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) larvae

Author(s): Lončar N. | Božić Nataša | Nenadović Vera | Ivanović Jelisaveta | Vujčić Z.
Characterization of endopeptidases from the midgut of Morimus funereus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) larvae

Author(s): Božić Nataša | Dojnov Biljana | Milovanović Aleksandra | Nenadović Vera | Ivanović Jelisaveta | Vujčić Z.
Prevalence of S and Z alpha 1-antitrypsin mutations in patients with pancreatic diseases in Serbian population

Author(s): Nikolić Aleksandra | Divac Aleksandra | Stanković Marija | Dinić Jelena | Lukić Snežana | Anđelić-Jelić Marina | Popović Dragan | Radojković Dragica
Effect of neutrophil elastase and its inhibitor EPI-hNE4 on transepithelial sodium transport across normal and cystic fibrosis human nasal epithelial cells

Author(s): Prulière-Escabasse Virginie | Clerici Christine | Vuagniaux Grégoire | Coste Andre | Escudier Estelle | Planès Carole
Structural and antimicrobial properties of human pre-elafin/trappin-2 and derived peptides against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Author(s): Bellemare Audrey | Vernoux Nathalie | Morin Sébastien | Gagné Stéphane | Bourbonnais Yves
Quercetin prevents progression of disease in elastase/LPS-exposed mice by negatively regulating MMP expression

Author(s): Ganesan Shyamala | Faris Andrea | Comstock Adam | Chattoraj Sangbrita | Chattoraj Asamanja | Burgess John | Curtis Jeffrey | Martinez Fernando | Zick Suzanna | Hershenson Marc | Sajjan Uma
The role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of pulmonary emphysema

Author(s): Vučević Danijela | Radosavljević Tatjana | Žunić Snežana | Đorđević-Denić Gordana | Pešić Branislav Č. | Radak Đorđe

Author(s): Laura Riccardi1, Papaleo Elena2 *
Effects of Moxifloxacin on Human Neutrophil and T-Lymphocyte Functions in Vitro

Author(s): Moliehi Potjo | Riana Cockeran | Annette J Theron | Charles Feldman | Ronald Anderson
Gene targeted therapeutics for liver disease in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Author(s): Caitriona McLean | Catherine M Greene | Noel G McElvaney
A gender difference in circulating neutrophils in malnourished patients with COPD

Author(s): Sven Larsson | Anita Nordenson | Pernilla Glader | et al
Anti-hyaluronidase, Anti-elastase Activity of Garcinia indica

Author(s): Abhijit Sahasrabudhe | Manjushree Deodhar
Fecal pancreatic elastase-1 levels in older individuals without known gastrointestinal diseases or diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Herzig Karl-Heinz | Purhonen Anna-Kaisa | Räsänen Kati | Idziak Joanna | Juvonen Petri | Phillps Ryszard | Walkowiak Jaroslaw
Elevated serum neutrophil elastase is related to prehypertension and airflow limitation in obese women

Author(s): El-Eshmawy Mervat | El-Adawy Eman | Mousa Amany | Zeidan Amany | El-Baiomy Azza | Abdel-Samie Elham | Saleh Omayma
Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency: a clinical-genetic overview

Author(s): Abboud RT | Nelson TN | Jung B | Mattman A
Pancreatic function testing: Here to stay for the 21st century

Author(s): John G Lieb II, Peter V Draganov
Does an association exist between chronic pancreatitis and liver cirrhosis in alcoholic subjects?

Author(s): Luis Aparisi, Luis Sabater, Juan Del-Olmo, Juan Sastre, Miguel-Angel Serra, Ricardo Campello, Daniel Bautista, Abdalla Wassel, José-Manuel Rodrigo
Proteases (caseinase and elastase), hemolysins, adhesion and susceptibility to antimicrobials of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolates obtained from clinical specimens

Author(s): Garcia Doroti de Oliveira | Timenetsky Jorge | Martinez Marina Baquerizo | Francisco Waldemar | Sinto Sumiko I. | Yanaguita Roberto Mitio
Fibroblasts and monocyte macrophages contract and degrade three-dimensional collagen gels in extended co-culture

Author(s): Zhu Yunkui | Sköld C | Liu Xiangde | Wang Hangjun | Kohyama Tadashi | Wen Fu-Qiang | Ertl Ronald | Rennard Stephen
Collaborative interactions between neutrophil elastase and metalloproteinases in extracellular matrix degradation in three-dimensional collagen gels

Author(s): Zhu Yunkui | Liu Xiangde | Sköld C | Wang Hangjun | Kohyama Tadashi | Wen Fu-Qiang | Ertl Ronald | Rennard Stephen
In vivo models of lung neutrophil activation. Comparison of mice and hamsters

Author(s): Corteling Randolph | Wyss Daniel | Trifilieff Alexandre
Myosin heavy chain and physiological adaptation of the rat diaphragm in elastase-induced emphysema

Author(s): Kim Dong | Zhu Jianliang | Kozyak Benjamin | Burkman James | Rubinstein Neal | Lankford Edward | Stedman Hansell | Nguyen Taitan | Levine Sanford | Shrager Joseph
Prolastin, a pharmaceutical preparation of purified human α1-antitrypsin, blocks endotoxin-mediated cytokine release

Author(s): Nita Izabela | Hollander Camilla | Westin Ulla | Janciauskiene Sabina-Marija
PKC translocation and ERK1/2 activation in compensated right ventricular hypertrophy secondary to chronic emphysema.

Author(s): Avelar Erick | Jalili Thunder | Dong Li | Arvizo Joel | Hu Ping | Litwin Sheldon | Mattson John
Short-term variability of biomarkers of proteinase activity in patients with emphysema associated with type Z alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency

Author(s): Stolk Jan | Veldhuisen Barbara | Annovazzi Laura | Zanone Chiara | Versteeg Elly | van Kuppevelt Toine | Nieuwenhuizen Willem | Iadarola Paolo | Luisetti Maurizio
Overexpression of cathepsin f, matrix metalloproteinases 11 and 12 in cervical cancer

Author(s): Vazquez-Ortiz Guelaguetza | Pina-Sanchez Patricia | Vazquez Karla | Duenas Alfonso | Taja Lucia | Mendoza Patricia | Garcia José | Salcedo Mauricio
Is neutrophil elastase the missing link between emphysema and fibrosis? Evidence from two mouse models

Author(s): Lucattelli Monica | Bartalesi Barbara | Cavarra Eleonora | Fineschi Silvia | Lunghi Benedetta | Martorana Piero | Lungarella Giuseppe
CD8+ T lymphocytes in lung tissue from patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Author(s): Daniil Zoe | Kitsanta Panagiota | Kapotsis George | Mathioudaki Maria | Kollintza Androniki | Karatza Marilena | Milic-Emili Joseph | Roussos Charis | Papiris Spyros
Role of matrix metalloproteinases in the development of airway inflammation and remodeling

Author(s): Lagente V. | Manoury B. | Nénan S. | Le Quément C. | Martin-Chouly C. | Boichot E.
SP-A binds alpha1-antitrypsin in vitro and reduces the association rate constant for neutrophil elastase

Author(s): Gorrini Marina | Lupi Anna | Iadarola Paolo | Santos Conceição | Rognoni Paola | Dalzoppo Daniele | Carrabino Natalia | Pozzi Ernesto | Baritussio Aldo | Luisetti Maurizio
Effect of needle puncture and electro-acupuncture on mucociliary clearance in anesthetized quails

Author(s): Tai Shusheng | Wang Jiulin | Sun Feng | Xutian Stevenson | Wang Tianshan | King Malcolm
Investigation of Midtrimester Amniotic Fluid Factors as Potential Predictors of Term and Preterm Deliveries

Author(s): Nikolaos Vrachnis | Evi Samoli | Stavroula Baka | George Alexandrakis | Karl-Philipp Puchner | Zoe Iliodromiti | Demetrios Hassiakos
Identification of novel functional sequence variants in the gene for peptidase inhibitor 3

Author(s): Chowdhury Mahboob | Kuivaniemi Helena | Romero Roberto | Edwin Samuel | Chaiworapongsa Tinnakorn | Tromp Gerard
Periodontal disease and spontaneous preterm birth: a case control study

Author(s): Wood Stephen | Frydman Albert | Cox Stephen | Brant Rollin | Needoba Sheilia | Eley Barry | Sauve Reg
Characterisation of a transgenic mouse expressing R122H human cationic trypsinogen

Author(s): Selig Lena | Sack Ulrich | Gaiser Sebastian | Klöppel Günter | Savkovic Vuk | Mössner Joachim | Keim Volker | Bödeker Hans
Proteases in Periodontal Disease

Author(s): Ana Rita Sokolonski ANTON | Daniele Coelho DOURADO | Ianderlei Andrade SOUZA | Roberto Paulo Correia de ARAÚJO
Amfizemli Hastalarda α1-Proteinaz İnhibitörü Aktivitesi ve Fenotiplerinin Belirlenmesi

Author(s): Özden Tacal, | Nilgün Sümer | Lütfi Çöplü
Differential epithelial expression of the putative innate immune molecule SPLUNC1 in Cystic Fibrosis

Author(s): Bingle Lynne | Barnes Frances | Cross Simon | Rassl Doris | Wallace William | Campos Michael | Bingle Colin
Proteome of monocyte priming by lipopolysaccharide, including changes in interleukin-1beta and leukocyte elastase inhibitor

Author(s): Pabst Michael | Pabst Karen | Handsman David | Beranova-Giorgianni Sarka | Giorgianni Francesco
Ekspresja elastazy neutrofilów w chorobowo zmienionej skórze nie różni się u chorych na opryszczkowate zapalenie skóry i pemfigoid pęcherzowy

Author(s): Monika Bowszyc-Dmochowska | Agnieszka Seraszek | Elżbieta Kaczmarek | Marian Dmochowski
Susceptibility of lung epithelium to neutrophil elastase: protection by native inhibitors

Author(s): L. Bingle | R. J. Richards | B. Fox | L. Masek | A. Guz | T. D. Tetley
Differential Modulation of Annexin I Binding Sites on Monocytes and Neutrophils

Author(s): H. S. Euzger | R. J. Flower | N. J. Goulding | M. Perretti
Terpenoids from the Octocorals Menella sp. (Plexauridae) and Lobophytum crassum (Alcyonacea)

Author(s): Cheng-Hung Lee | Chia-Ying Kao | Shih-Yao Kao | Chih-Han Chang | Jui-Hsin Su | Tsong-Long Hwang | Yueh-Hsiung Kuo | Zhi-Hong Wen | Ping-Jyun Sung
New and revisited species in Aspergillus section Nigri

Author(s): J. Varga | J.C. Frisvad | S. Kocsube | B. Brankovics | B. Toth | G. Szigeti | R.A. Samson
Evaluation of epithelial mesenchymal transition in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Sohal Sukhwinder | Reid David | Soltani Amir | Ward Chris | Weston Steven | Muller H Konrad | Wood-Baker Richard | Walters E Haydn
Roflumilast attenuates allergen-induced inflammation in mild asthmatic subjects

Author(s): Gauvreau Gail | Boulet Louis-Philippe | Schmid-Wirlitsch Christine | Côté Johanne | Duong MyLinh | Killian Kieran | Milot Joanne | Deschesnes Francine | Strinich Tara | Watson Richard | Bredenbröker Dirk | O'Byrne Paul
Relationship between ELA2 gene mutations, clinical and laboratory parameters in severe congenital and cyclic neutropenia

Author(s): Farhoodi A | Ahangari Gh | Chavoshzadeh Z | Ramyar A | Movahedi M | Ghareghozlou M | Fazlolahi M | Heydarzadeh M | Bemanian M H | Mansori M | Zandieh F
Noninvasive In Vivo Quantification of Neutrophil Elastase Activity in Acute Experimental Mouse Lung Injury

Author(s): Sylvie Kossodo | Jun Zhang | Kevin Groves | Garry J. Cuneo | Emma Handy | Jeff Morin | Jeannine Delaney | Wael Yared | Milind Rajopadhye | Jeffrey D. Peterson
Evaluation of the plasma quality after filtration

Author(s): M Mahmoodian Shooshtari | K Mousavi Hosseini
Menelloides C and D, New Sesquiterpenoids from the Gorgonian Coral Menella sp.

Author(s): Shih-Yao Kao | Jui-Hsin Su | Tsong-Long Hwang | Jyh-Horng Sheu | Zhi-Hong Wen | Yang-Chang Wu | Ping-Jyun Sung
Matrix metalloproteinase-19 inhibits growth of endothelial cells by generating angiostatin-like fragments from plasminogen

Author(s): Brauer Rena | Beck Inken | Roderfeld Martin | Roeb Elke | Sedlacek Radislav
Role of α-Helical Structure in Organic Solvent-Activated Homodimer of Elastase Strain K

Author(s): Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. Rahman | Abu Bakar Salleh | Mahiran Basri | Chee Fah Wong
Characterization of a Novel Serine Protease Inhibitor Gene from a Marine Metagenome

Author(s): Cheng-Jian Jiang | Zhen-Yu Hao | Rong Zeng | Pei-Hong Shen | Jun-Fang Li | Bo Wu
Frajunolides L–O, Four New 8-Hydroxybriarane Diterpenoids from the Gorgonian Junceella fragilis

Author(s): Chia-Ching Liaw | Yao-Haur Kuo | Yun-Sheng Lin | Tsong-Long Hwang | Ya-Ching Shen
The Effect of Synovial Fluid Enzymes on the Biodegradability of Collagen and Fibrin Clots

Author(s): Matthew Palmer | Elizabeth Stanford | Martha M. Murray
Lobocrassins A–E: New Cembrane-Type Diterpenoids from the Soft Coral Lobophytum crassum

Author(s): Chia-Ying Kao | Jui-Hsin Su | Mei-Chin Lu | Tsong-Long Hwang | Wei-Hsien Wang | Jih-Jung Chen | Jyh-Horng Sheu | Yueh-Hsiung Kuo | Ching-Feng Weng | Lee-Shing Fang | Zhi-Hong Wen | Ping-Jyun Sung
Gut proteases target Yersinia invasin in vivo

Author(s): Trček Janja | Oellerich Marc | Niedung Katy | Ebel Frank | Freund Sandra | Trülzsch Konrad
Mucosal Progranulin expression is induced by H. pylori, but independent of Secretory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor (SLPI) expression

Author(s): Wex Thomas | Kuester Doerthe | Schönberg Cornelius | Schindele Daniel | Treiber Gerhard | Malfertheiner Peter
Congenital neutropenia: diagnosis, molecular bases and patient management

Author(s): Donadieu Jean | Fenneteau Odile | Beaupain Blandine | Mahlaoui Nizar | Chantelot Christine
Senescence of human vocal fold fibroblasts in primary culture

Author(s): George M. Adams | Chet C. Xu | Roger W. Chan
The value of elastase evaluation in comparison with amylase andlipase in prediction and diagnosis of post-ERCP pancreatitis

Author(s): . Kokozidis G, Kinigopoulou P., Kapetanos D., Paikos D., Papaioannou A., Progia E., Kitis G.
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