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Stability and Folding Behavior Analysis of Zinc-Finger Using Simple Models

Author(s): Shan Chang | Xiong Jiao | Jian-Ping Hu | Yan Chen | Xu-Hong Tian
Effect of Zinc on the Physical Properties of Tellurite Glass

Author(s): S. Rosmawati | H.A.A. Sidek | A.T. Zainal | H. Mohd Zobir
Stable Direct Adaptive Control as Nonlinear Hybrid Controller for Flexible Manipulator

Author(s): M. Naeimi | M. Teshnehlab | M. Aliyari Sh | M. Aliasghary
Aggregate of nanoparticles: rheological and mechanical properties

Author(s): Wang Yu | Wu Xiaojun | Yang Wei | Zhai Yuanming | Xie Banghu | Yang Mingbo
Real-Time Simulation of Robot Controlled Belt Grinding Processes of Sculptured Surfaces

Author(s): Xiang Zhang | Malik Cabaravdic | Klaus Kneupner | Bernd Kuhlenkoetter
Recursive regularization for inferring gene networks from time-course gene expression profiles

Author(s): Shimamura Teppei | Imoto Seiya | Yamaguchi Rui | Fujita André | Nagasaki Masao | Miyano Satoru
Modelling of mechanical properties of Al-Si-Cu cast alloys using the neural network

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | R. Maniara | J.H. Sokolowski | M. Krupiński
Integrated Proactive Admission Control Technique For both UDP And TCP Traffic Flows

Author(s): Lakshmanan Senthilkumar | Venkadachalam Sankaranarayanan
Thermomechanical analysis of Natural Rubber behaviour stressed at room temperature.

Author(s): Caborgan R. | Muracciole J.M. | Wattrisse B. | Chrysochoos A.
Buckle Driven Delamination in Thin Hard Film Compliant Substrate Systems

Author(s): Moody N. R. | Reedy E.D. | Corona E. | Adams D.P. | Kennedy M.S. | Cordill M.J. | Bahr D.F.
Hybrid Lattice Particle Modelling Approach for Polymeric Materials Subject to High Strain Rate Loads

Author(s): Ge Wang | Alexander H.-D. Cheng | Martin Ostoja-Starzewski | Ahmed Al-Ostaz | Peter Radziszewski
Vinculin Motion Modes Analysis with Elastic Network Model

Author(s): Xiong Jiao | Shan Chang | Lifeng Yang | Meiwen An | Weiyi Chen
Modelling structure and properties of amorphous silicon boron nitride ceramics

Author(s): Johann Christian Schön | Alexander Hannemann | Guneet Sethi | Ilya Vladimirovich Pentin | Martin Jansen
Structural Analysis of Borotellurite Glass

Author(s): M. K. Halimah | W. M. Daud | H. A.A. Sidek | A. S. Zainal | A. H. Zainul | H. Jumiah
Online Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Gaussian Based Classifier

Author(s): Manish Vyas | Prof Amit Singhal | Prof.Neetesh Gupta
Networking as a Service: a Cloud-based Network Architecture

Author(s): Tao Feng | Jun Bi | Hongyu Hu | Hui Cao
Inhibition of elastin and collagen networks degradation in human skin by gingival fibroblast. In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies.

Author(s): Bruno Gogly | Francois Come Ferré | Hafida Cherifi | Adrien Naveau | Benjamin Philippe Fournier
Intelligent Evaluation of Fabrics’ Elastic Properties from Simulated Drape Test

Author(s): Hassen Hedfi | Adel Ghith | Hédi Bel Hadj Salah
Real-Time Simulation of Robot Controlled Belt Grinding Processes of Sculptured Surfaces

Author(s): Xiang Zhang | Malik Cabaravdic | Klaus Kneupner | Bernd Kuhlenkoetter
An Experimental Comparison Between Demand Systems of Major Food Groups in Urban Economics

Author(s): Mahmoud D. Kakhki | Naser Shahnoushi | Fatemeh Rezapour
Creep Predicting Model in Masonry Structure Utilizing Dynamic Neural Network

Author(s): Mustafa M. Abed | A. El-Shafie | Siti Aminah Bt. Osman
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