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The evaluation of mechanical properties of animal tendons after corticosteroid therapy.

Author(s): Grazyna Olchowik | Elzbieta Siek | Monika Tomaszewska | Marek Tomaszewski
Sonoelastography - a novel method for liver fibrosis evaluation in alcoholic injury - a pilot study

Author(s): Marcin Chmielewski | Liliana Łykowska-Szuber | Ewa Roszyk | Krzysztof Linke | Elżbieta Kaczmarek | Joanna Jagielska
Modeling Gasoline Demand with Structural Breaks: New Evidence from Nigeria

Author(s): Olusegun Akin Omisakin | Abimbola Mutiu Oyinlola | Oluwatosin Ademola Adeniyi
Direct Load Control Programs by using of Logarithmic Modeling in Electricity Markets

Author(s): Shoorangiz Shams Shamsabad Farahani | Hossain Tourang | Behrang Yousefpour | Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi | Seyed Ali Mohammad Javadian
Exponential Modeling Evaluation of Time-of-use Demand Response Programs in Restructured Power Markets

Author(s): Shoorangiz Shams Shamsabad Farahani | Hossain Tourang | Behrang Yousefpour | Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi | Seyed Ali Mohammad Javadian

Author(s): Balázs BENCSIK | Zsolt KOVÁCS | Levente DÉNES
Multiscale expansion and numerical approximation for surface defects⋆

Author(s): Bonnaillie-Noël V. | Brancherie D. | Dambrine M. | Hérau F. | Tordeux S. | Vial G.
Optimum Research of Hot-Pressing Technology of the Composite Board with Waste Wood and Paper

Author(s): Hui CHEN | Zhigao LIU | Juncheng CHEN | Qiuhui ZHANG
The influence of dietary zinc content on mechanical properties of chicken tibiotarsal bone

Author(s): Štofaníková Jana | Šály J. | Molnár L. | Sesztáková Edina | Bílek J.
Analysis of the shoulder joint mobility in overhead sports before and after experimental treatment

Author(s): Kaćanski Ivana | Protić-Gava Branka | Soldatović Srđan
Thermal shock resistance of ceramic fibre composites characterized by non-destructive methods

Author(s): M. Dimitrijević | M. Pošarac | R. Jančić-Heinemman | J. Majstorović | T. Volkov-Husović | B. Matović
Getaran Batang Subsoiler Akibat Gangguan Alami dari Variasi Gaya Potong Tanah

Author(s): Soeharsono Soeharsono | Radite P. A. Setiawan | Tineke Mandang
Komposit Laminate Rami Epoksi Sebagai Bahan Alternatif Socket Prosthesis

Author(s): Agustinus P. Irawan | Tresna P. Soemardi | Widjajalaksmi K. Widjajalaksmi K. | Agus H.S. Reksoprodjo
Effect of alkaline solutions on the tensile properties of glass-polyester pipes

Author(s): Putić Slaviša S. | Stamenović Marina R. | Petrović Jelena M. | Rakin Marko P. | Međo Bojan I.
Intra-family time allocation to housework - French evidence

Author(s): Dominique Anxo | Paul Carlin
Is There Rent Sharing in Italy? Evidence from Employer-Employee Data

Author(s): Alessia Matano | Paolo Naticchioni
Application of Probabilistic Analysis in Finite Element Modeling of Prestressed Inverted T-Beam with Web Openings

Author(s): Tie Ming | Cheng Hock Tian | Zahrizan bin Zakaria | Ideris bin Zakaria
Estimation of the dynamic elastic properties of wood from Copaifera langsdorffii Desf using resonance analysis

Author(s): Edson Rubens da Silva Leite | Paulo Ricardo Gherardi Hein | Tomé Moreira de Souza | MSc in Agricultural Engineering – Departamento de Engenharia – Universidade Federal de Lavras/UFLA – Campus Universitário – Cx. P. 3037 – 37200-000 – Lavras, MG, Brasil –
Economic Analysis of Wheat Forecasting Analysis and Price Shocks in Wheat Market in Pakistan: A Survey

Author(s): Abdul Latif | Nadeem Bhatti | Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo | Muhammad Suhail Nazar | Faiz Muhammad Shaikh
Comparison of the Fleece Characteristics of Karakas and Norduz Sheep (Local Ewes in Turkey)

Author(s): Kadir Karakus | Selcuk Seckin Tuncer | Serhat Arslan
Influence of Alginates on Tube Nerve Grafts of Different Elasticity - Preliminary in Vivo Study

Author(s): Krzysztof Marycz | Pawel Tabakow | Janusz Mierzwa | Zdzislaw Wozniak | Jadwiga Laska | Dariusz Szarek | Stanislaw Blazewicz | Wlodzimierz Jarmundowicz
Stress Concentrations for Slotted Plates in Bi-Axial Stress

Author(s): Bahai, S. Taylor | D. W. A. Rees
Stress Concentrations for Slotted Plates in Bi-Axial Stress

Author(s): Bahai, S. Taylor | D. W. A. Rees
Design of Control Circuit for Torsion Bar Testing Machine

Author(s): P.Maran | E.Madhankumar | P.Mathivanan
Preparation and mechanical properties of graphite filled HDPE nanocomposites

Author(s): M. Sarikanat | K. Sever | E. Erbay | F. Güner | I. Tavman | A. Turgut | Y. Seki | Özdemir
Elasticity Variation under Rest State Environment In Case of Internet Traffic Sharing in Computer Network

Author(s): Diwakar Shukla | Sharad Gangele | Kapil Verma | Manish Trivedi
Evaluation of stiffness of structural glulam beams bonded by polyurethane resin

Author(s): Alexsandro Bayestorff da Cunha | Jorge Luis Monteiro de Matos
Arterial stiffness, central hemodynamics, and cardiovascular risk in hypertension

Author(s): Palatini P | Casiglia E | Gąsowski J | Głuszek J | Jankowski P | Narkiewicz K | Saladini F | Stolarz-Skrzypek K | Tikhonoff V | Van Bortel L | Wojciechowska W | Kawecka-Jaszcz K
On the Biomimetic Design of Agile-Robot Legs

Author(s): Elena Garcia | Juan Carlos Arevalo | Gustavo Muñoz | Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos
New vision on the Relationship between Income and Water Withdrawal in Industry Sector

Author(s): Abdolnaser Hemati | Mohsen Mehrara | Ali Sayehmiri
Modeling Influence of Product Quality and Grower Reputation on Prices in Dutch Flower Auctions

Author(s): Gregory Yom Din | Alexander Slutsky | Yehiel Steinmetz
Estimating the Effect of Carbon Tax on CO2 Emissions of Coal in China

Author(s): Kezhong Zhang | Juan Wang | Yongming Huang
Flow Rate through a Blood Vessel Deformed Due To a Uniform Pressure

Author(s): Amy Cypher | J Mohamed B. Elgindi | Hatem Kouriachi | David Peschman | Reba Shotwell
Acrylic antibiotic-loaded bone cement: a basic study

Author(s): Hossein Farahini | Mehdi Ghorbani | Ehsan Akbarian
The Big Drink Debate: perceptions of the impact of price on alcohol consumption from a large scale cross-sectional convenience survey in north west England

Author(s): Cook Penny | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Morleo Michela | Harkins Corinne | Briant Linford | Bellis Mark
Reduced thoracolumbar fascia shear strain in human chronic low back pain

Author(s): Langevin Helene | Fox James | Koptiuch Cathryn | Badger Gary | Greenan- Naumann Ann | Bouffard Nicole | Konofagou Elisa | Lee Wei-Ning | Triano John | Henry Sharon
Regularity of Parabolic Hemivariational Inequalities with Boundary Conditions

Author(s): Park Dong-Gun | Jeong Jin-Mun | Park SunHye
Some Inequalities for Modified Bessel Functions

Author(s): Laforgia Andrea | Natalini Pierpaolo
The impact of hospital revenue on the increase in Caesarean sections in Norway. A panel data analysis of hospitals 1976-2005

Author(s): Grytten Jostein | Monkerud Lars | Hagen Terje | Sørensen Rune | Eskild Anne | Skau Irene
Beamforming Scheme for 2D Displacement Estimation in Ultrasound Imaging

Author(s): Liebgott Hervé | Fromageau Jérémie | Wilhjelm Jens E | Vray Didier | Delachartre Philippe
Multi-Frontal Solver for Simulations of Linear Elasticity Coupled with Acoustics

Author(s): Maciej Paszyński | Tomasz Jurczyk | David Pardo
Estimation of Carotid Artery Pulse Wave Velocity by Doppler Ultrasonography

Author(s): Manijhe Mokhtari Dizaji | Mehdi Maerefat | Saeed Rahgozar
Relation of Reproductive Factors and Heel Quantitative Ultrasound Parameters in Normal Women of Tehran

Author(s): B Larijani | A Soltani | A Keshtkar | M Sedaghat | Z Hamidi | S Amiri-Moghaddam
What Radiologists Should Know About Elastography

Author(s): Shahram Akhlaghpoor
Effect of Perineal Massage during Second Phase of Labor on Episiotomy and Laceration Rates among Nulliparous women

Author(s): * M (MSc.) Attarha | * C (MSc.) Vacillian | * N (MSc.) Akbary Torkestany | * T (MSc.) Heydary | ** Y (B.Sc). Bayateyan
Entropy, Substitution and Sustainable Economic Growth

Author(s): Yanying Chen | Chunying Li
An econometrics method to estimate demand of sugar

Author(s): Negar Seyed Soleimany | Masoud Babakhani
How can cells sense the elasticity of a substrate? An analysis using a cell tensegrity model

Author(s): G De Santis | AB Lennon | F Boschetti | B Verhegghe | P Verdonck | PJ Prendergast
Mechanical properties of biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics

Author(s): Gordic M.V. | Babic B.M. | Stasic J.M. | Trtica M.S. | Volkov-Husovic T. | Posarac M.B. | Matovic B.Z.
The Effect of Wood Knot as a Defect on Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) and Damping Correlation

Author(s): Mohammad Ali HOSSEIN | Mahdi SHAHVERDI | Mehran ROOHNIA
An Assessment of Factors Affecting Population Growth of the Mountain Plover

Author(s): Stephen J. Dinsmore | Michael B. Wunder | Victoria J. Dreitz | Fritz L. Knopf
Fabricación y propiedades del carburo de silicio biomórfico: maderas cerámicas

Author(s): Varela Feria, F. M. | de Arellano López, A. R. | Martínez Fernández, J.
A thin two-phase foils deformed by an interfacial dislocation in anisotropic elasticity

Author(s): Madani, Salah | Brioua, Mourad | Outtas, Toufik | Adami, Lahbib | Bonnet, Roland
The Effect of Co-Monomer Content on the Swelling/Shrinking and Mechanical Behaviour of Individually Adsorbed PNIPAM Microgel Particles

Author(s): Anna Burmistrova | Marcel Richter | Michael Eisele | Cagri Üzüm | Regine von Klitzing
Possibility of soft-matter effects in solids

Author(s): H.V. Gomonay | I.G. Kornienko | V.M. Loktev
Japanese Household Fresh Fruits Demand Pattern

Author(s): Alias Abdullah | Hajime Kobayashi | Ichizen Matsumura | Arif Alam
Maier-Saupe nematogenic fluid: field theoretical approach

Author(s): M. Holovko | D. di Caprio | I. Kravtsiv
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