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Comparison of Nutritional Parameters among Adult and Elderly Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Gülperi Çelik, Bahar Oc, Inci Kara, Mümtaz Yılmaz, Ali Yuceaktas, Seza Apiliogullari
Malignant Melanoma in the Elderly: Different Regional Disease and Poorer Prognosis

Author(s): James B. Macdonald, Amylou C. Dueck, Richard J. Gray, Nabil Wasif, David L. Swanson, Aleksandar Sekulic, Barbara A. Pockaj
Restoration of bowel continuity after low anterior rectal cancer resection with a transverse coloplasty pouch: initial clinical findings

Author(s): Bartłomiej Szynglarewicz | Rafał Matkowski | Józef Forgacz | Marek Pudełko | Jan Kornafel
Effects of Dao De Xin Xi Exercise on Balance and Quality of Life in Thai Elderly Women

Author(s): Patrawut Intarakamhang | Pantipa Chintanaprawasee
Definitory characteristics validation of the caregiver role fatigue diagnosis in Primary Care

Author(s): Beatriz Álvarez Embarba | Alicia Quintano Pintado | Pilar Rabadán Carrasco

Author(s): Kulkarni S. D. | Pawar S. P. | Bakliwal S. R. | Rane B. R. | Gujrathi N. A.
Incidence of sleep disorders in patients with Alzheimer disease

Author(s): Einstein Francisco Camargos | Marcela Basso Pandolfi | Marco Polo DiasFreitas | Juliana Lima Quintas | Renato Maia Guimarães | Otávio de Toledo Nóbrega
Vertigo and dizziness in elderly patients with neurological disorders

Author(s): Pedro Luiz Mangabeira Albernaz | Flávia Silveira dos Santos Cabral
Risk factors for post-acute myocardial infarction depression in elderly

Author(s): Cristina Moşuţan | Raluca E. Diaconu | Maria L. Rădulescu | Adela M. Şerban | Caius R. Duncea

Author(s): Virginia Concepción González | Humberto L. Ramos González
Effects of Dao De Xin Xi Exercise on Balance and Quality of Life in Thai Elderly Women

Author(s): Patrawut Intarakamhang | Pantipa Chintanaprawasee
The effect of age on distribution and symptomatology of craniomandibular dysfunction

Author(s): Marković Dubravka | Jeremić-Knežević Milica | Milekić Bojana | Đurović-Koprivica Daniela
Coronary artery bypass surgery in young and elderly patients – results of 15 years study

Author(s): Radosław Zwoliński | Rene M.H.J. Brouwer | Luc Noyez
Solitary Pancreatic Metastasis from Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report from India with a Review of Literature

Author(s): Pankaj Bhalla | Guruprasad Shetty | Chandralekha S Tampi | Prasad K Wagle
Mild hyperkalemia and low eGFR a tedious recipe for cardiac disaster in the elderly: an unusual reversible cause of syncope and heart block

Author(s): Emad F. Aziz | Fahad Javed | Aleksandr Korniyenko | Balaji Pratap | Juan Pablo Cordova | Carlos L. Alviar | Eyal Herzog
Prevalence of renal insufficiency in individuals with obesity

Author(s): Ležaić Višnja | Zlatić Nataša | Zogović Jovana | Žarković Boris | Živković Bojana | Žakula Dejan | Živadinović Nenad | Zuković Milica | Vasiljević Nađa
Dose administration aids: Pharmacists’ role in improving patient care

Author(s): Haywood A | Llewelyn V | Robertson S | Mylrea M | Glass B

Author(s): Emilia Patraşcanu | Lidia Ionescu | R. Dănila | Gabriela Savin | R.Iorgulescu | Cr. Dragomir

Author(s): Saxena Vaibhav | Khinchi Mahaveer Pr | Gupta M.K. | Agarwal Dilip | Sharma Natasha
The Effects of a 10-Week Water Aerobic Exercise on the Resting Blood Pressure in Patients with Essential Hypertension

Author(s): Ali Vasheghani Farahani | Mohammad-Ali Mansournia | Hossein Asheri | Akbar Fotouhi | Masud Yunesian | Mohsen Jamali | Vahid Ziaee
Radial keratotomy associated endothelial degeneration

Author(s): Moshirfar M | Ollerton A | Semnani RT | Hsu M
Dealing with daily emotions—supportive activities for the elderly in a municipal care setting

Author(s): Margaretha Norell | Kristina Ziegert | Annica Kihlgren
The Effectiveness of Nutritional Screening in Hospital and Primary Care Settings: a Systematic Review

Author(s): A Rashidian | V Mazarello Paes | S Murray | J Browne | R Southon | C Sharpin
Inpatients Hospital Care for Older People

Author(s): R Fadayevatan | SG Parker | T Warnes
Methods for Detecting and Measuring Adverse Hospital Events

Author(s): A Baba-Akbari Sari | TA Sheldon
The Role of Intermittent Chemotherapy in the Survival of Patients with Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Mozaffar Aznab | Bahram Samadzadeh | Assad Moradi | Abdol Rosol Bardideh | Jamal Hoseini | Kazhal Kaviani Moghadam
Study on the Dynamics of Cortisol Secretions in Hypertensive Elderly Patients

Author(s): Doina Carstea | Diana-Maria Trasca | A. P. Carstea | E. T. Trasca
Effect of Bacopa monnieri on Cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Author(s): Shishir Goswami | Anand Saoji | Navneet Kumar | Vijay Thawani | Meenal Tiwari | Manasi Thawani
Effect of Bacopa monnieri on Cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Author(s): Shishir Goswami | Anand Saoji | Navneet Kumar | Vijay Thawani | Meenal Tiwari | Manasi Thawani

Author(s): Francesco D'Alò | Luana Fianchi | Emiliano Fabiani | Marianna Criscuolo | Mariangela Greco | Francesco Guidi | Livio Pagano | Giuseppe Leone | Maria Teresa Voso
The Association Between High Blood Pressure and Cognitive Impairment in Elderly: A Brief Report

Author(s): Mahmudi MJ | Hedayat M | Sharifi F | Edalat B | Mirarefin M | Ghaderpanahi M | Fakhrzadeh H
e-Health technologies for adult hearing screening

Author(s): S. Stenfelt | T. Janssen | V. Schirkonyer | F. Grandori
Transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt in the elderly: Palliation for complications of portal hypertension

Author(s): Mubin I Syed | Hetal Karsan | Hector Ferral | Azim Shaikh | Uzma Waheed | Talal Akhter | Alan Gabbard | Kamal Morar | Robert Tyrrell
Delayed postural control during self-generated perturbations in the frail older adults

Author(s): Kubicki A | Bonnetblanc F | Petrement G | Ballay Y | Mourey F
Role of Genetic Changes in the Progression of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): S. A. Sheweita | H. Baghdadi | A. R. Allam
Epidemilogical Profile of Speech and Language Disorder in North Central Nigeria

Author(s): Shuaib K. Aremu | Olushola A. Afolabi | Biodun S. Alabi | Isiah O. Elemunkan
The Relationship of Cognitive Impairment to Hypnotic Susceptibility in a Sample of Elderly: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Erica Swicegood | A. Scott Winter | James R. Hall | Melissa Pennington
Prediction and rate of infections in diabetes mellitus patients with diabetes ketoacidosis in Penang, Malaysia

Author(s): Shameni Sundram | Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman | Syed Wasif Gillani
Vibrio vulnificus septicemia and necrotizing fasciitis in the patients with liver cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Miyuki Isonishi | Hiroko Nawata | Shojiro Kato | Masaki Fujita | Akane Shibayama | Hiroyuki Ito | Shinichi Antoku | Mariko Abe
Prediction and rate of infections in diabetes mellitus patients with diabetes ketoacidosis in Penang, Malaysia

Author(s): Shameni Sundram | Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman | Syed Wasif Gillani
Vibrio vulnificus septicemia and necrotizing fasciitis in the patients with liver cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Miyuki Isonishi | Hiroko Nawata | Shojiro Kato | Masaki Fujita | Akane Shibayama | Hiroyuki Ito | Shinichi Antoku | Mariko Abe
The association between primary open-angle glaucoma and fall: an observational study

Author(s): Tanabe S | Yuki K | Ozeki N | Shiba D | Tsubota K
The remaining challenges of pneumococcal disease in adults

Author(s): E. Ludwig | P. Bonanni | G. Rohde | A. Sayiner | A. Torres
Relations between cognitive status and medication adherence in patients treated for memory disorders

Author(s): Raymond L. Ownby | Christopher Hertzog | Sara J. Czaja
Strategy to differentiate autoimmune pancreatitis from pancreas cancer

Author(s): Kensuke Takuma | Terumi Kamisawa | Rajesh Gopalakrishna | Seiichi Hara | Taku Tabata | Yoshihiko Inaba | Naoto Egawa | Yoshinori Igarashi
Risk Factor Analysis in Operated Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patients

Author(s): Orhan Fındık | Ali Fedakar | İbrahim Kara | Özgür Kocamaz | Cantürk Çakalağaoğlu | Cengiz Köksal | Hasan Sunar

Author(s): Se-Hong Kim | Minjeong Kim | Yu-Bae Ahn | Hyun-Kook Lim | Sung-Goo Kang | Jung-hyoun Cho | Seo-Jin Park | Sang-Wook Song

Author(s): Singhal Rohit | Ahmed Khaleel | Santani DD

Nutritional deficits in elderly smokers with respiratory symptoms that do not fulfill the criteria for COPD

Author(s): Obase Y | Mouri K | Shimizu H | Ohue Y | Kobashi Y | Kawahara K | Oka M
Root Caries - A Problem of Growing Age

Author(s): Vikram Bansal | Ramandeep Kaur Sohi | Veeresha K L | Adarsh kumar | Ramandeep Singh Gambhir | Shelly Bansal
Overactive bladder syndrome in the ageing population

Author(s): Steven Mark Finney | Ian Eardley
Assessment of a Chief Complaint–Based Curriculum for Resident Education in Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Author(s): Michael C Wadman | William L Lyons | Lance H Hoffman | Robert L Muelleman
Laparoscopy in elderly women

Author(s): Paweł Pawłowicz | Agata Kamińska | Agnieszka Sadowska | Grzegorz Jakiel
Evaluation of Unstimulated Salivary Flow Rate and Oral Symptoms in Menopausal Women

Author(s): K. Borhan Mojabi | M. Esfahani | H. Jahani Hashemi
Evaluation of 364 Cases with Non-Variceal Gastrointestinal System Bleeding

Author(s): Zikret Köseoğlu | Banu Kara | Mustafa Salih Akın | Abdullah Canataroğlu | Ayça Açıkalın | İlker Ünal
Activity of Ingavirin (6-[2-(1H-Imidazol-4-yl)ethylamino]-5-oxo-hexanoic Acid) Against Human Respiratory Viruses in in Vivo Experiments

Author(s): Vladimir V. Zarubaev | Angelica V. Garshinina | Nelly A. Kalinina | Anna A. Shtro | Svetlana V. Belyaevskaya | Alexander V. Slita | Vladimir E. Nebolsin | Oleg I. Kiselev
Clinical Presentation and Outcome in Patients of over 75 Years Old with Malignant Lymphoma—Clinical Presentation and Outcome in Elderly Lymphoma Patients

Author(s): Noriyasu Fukushima | Fukushima Itamura | Chisako Urata | Mariko Tanaka | Takashi Hisatomi | Yasushi Kubota | Eisaburo Sueoka | Shinya Kimura
Gender Effects on Acute Heart Failure

Author(s): Arnon Blum | Rizak Sirchan | Lital Keinan-Boker
Inner Speech, Active Part of Working Memory Phonological Loop, Inactive in Dementia

Author(s): Maryam Atabati | Nader Jahangiri | Naghmeh Mokhber
The Clinical Investigation of Pemetrexed Plus Carboplatin as an Active and Tolerable Treatment Plan in Chinese Elderly Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Yu-Quan Wu | Jun Yang | Xi-Jian Zhou | Peng Li | Xiao-Qiang Fan | Guang-Zhou Lu | Yan-Juan Pan | Xiang-Yong Li | Fu-Lin Yan
Elderly and Prostate Cancer Screening

Author(s): Konstantinos N Stamatiou
Contemporary methods and mobile denture cleansers and theirs significance for older population

Author(s): Strajnić Ljiljana | Đokić Miodrag | Vučinić Predrag
Zaburzenia funkcji poznawczych po operacjach chirurgicznych

Author(s): Krzysztof Warwas | Krzysztof Szwed | Alina Borkowska
The frequency of post-stroke depression in an outpatient elderly population

Author(s): Azizeh Afkham Ebrahimi | A Elahi | H Yousefi | Sh Nohesara | A Aghebati
A 5-year evaluation and results of treatment of chronic locked dislocations of the shoulder joint

Author(s): Ali Akbar Khorsandi | Morteza Nakhaei Amroodi | Maziar Khorsandi | Syawash Mirsaid Ghazi
Arthroscopic repair of complete tear of rotator cuff

Author(s): Hamid Reza Aslani | Hamed Vahedi | Zohreh Zafarani
Recurrent locked knee caused by an impaction fracture following inferior patellar dislocation: a case report

Author(s): Barlow David | Foong Keen | Rhee Shin | Sutcliffe William | Griffin Stuart
Integrated postdischarge transitional care in a hospitalist system to improve discharge outcome: an experimental study

Author(s): Shu Chin-Chung | Hsu Nin-Chieh | Lin Yu-Feng | Wang Jann-Yuan | Lin Jou-Wei | Ko Wen-Je
Breast Gangrene

Author(s): Wani Imtiaz | Bakshi Iftikhar | Parray Fazl | Malik Ajaz | Wani Rauf | Shah Mubashir | Husasin Irfan | Malik Altaf | Wani Sajad | Syed Wahid
Rationale and methods of the multicenter randomised trial of a heart failure management programme among geriatric patients (HF-Geriatrics)

Author(s): Pascual Carlos | Galán Emilio | Guerrero Jose | Colino Rocio | Soler Pedro | Calvo Mercedes | Jaurieta Juan | Arambarri Jorge | Casado Jose | Rodríguez-Artalejo Fernando
Prolapsed sigmoid intussusception per anus in an elderly man: a case report

Author(s): Teyha Penn | Chandika Alphonce | Kotecha Vihar
Chikungunya triggers an autophagic process which promotes viral replication

Author(s): Krejbich-Trotot Pascale | Gay Bernard | Li-Pat-Yuen Ghislaine | Hoarau Jean-Jacques | Jaffar-Bandjee Marie-Christine | Briant Laurence | Gasque Philippe | Denizot Mélanie
Patterns of ambulatory medical care utilization in elderly patients with special reference to chronic diseases and multimorbidity - Results from a claims data based observational study in Germany

Author(s): van den Bussche Hendrik | Schön Gerhard | Kolonko Tina | Hansen Heike | Wegscheider Karl | Glaeske Gerd | Koller Daniela
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and related risk factors in Turkish elders

Author(s): Tekin Nil | Baskan Muammer | Yesilkayali Teoman | Karabay Ozalp
The impact of surgical outcome after pancreaticoduodenectomy in elderly patients

Author(s): Ito Yasuhiro | Kenmochi Takeshi | Irino Tomoyuki | Egawa Tomohisa | Hayashi Shinobu | Nagashima Atsushi | Kitagawa Yuko
Cardiac medication prescribing and adherence after acute myocardial infarction in Chinese and South Asian Canadian patients

Author(s): Lai Emily | Grubisic Maja | Palepu Anita | Quan Hude | King Kathryn | Khan Nadia
Proximal screws placement in intertrochanteric fractures treated with external fixation: comparison of two different techniques

Author(s): Vekris Marios | Lykissas Marios | Manoudis Gregory | Mavrodontidis Alexandros | Papageorgiou Christos | Korompilias Anastasios | Kostas-Agnantis Ioannis | Beris Alexandros
Plasma proteome changes associated with refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia

Author(s): Májek Pavel | Reicheltová Zuzana | Suttnar Jiří | Čermák Jaroslav | Dyr Jan
The integration of the treatment for common mental disorders in primary care: experiences of health care providers in the MANAS trial in Goa, India

Author(s): Pereira Bernadette | Andrew Gracy | Pednekar Sulochana | Kirkwood Betty | Patel Vikram
Case-based reported mortality associated with laboratory-confirmed influenza A(H1N1) 2009 virus infection in the Netherlands: the 2009-2010 pandemic season versus the 2010-2011 influenza season

Author(s): van Gageldonk-Lafeber Rianne | Riesmeijer Rob | Friesema Ingrid | Meijer Adam | Isken Leslie | Timen Aura | van der Sande Marianne
Efficacy of a hybrid assistive limb in post-stroke hemiplegic patients: a preliminary report

Author(s): Maeshima Shinichiro | Osawa Aiko | Nishio Daisuke | Hirano Yoshitake | Takeda Koji | Kigawa Hiroshi | Sankai Yoshiyuki
Plasma 24S-hydroxycholesterol levels in elderly subjects with late onset Alzheimer's disease or vascular dementia: a case-control study

Author(s): Zuliani Giovanni | Donnorso Michela | Bosi Cristina | Passaro Angelina | Nora Edoardo | Zurlo Amedeo | Bonetti Francesco | Mozzi Alessia | Cortese Claudio
Age, gender, insulin and blood glucose control status alter the risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke among elderly diabetic patients

Author(s): Hayashi Toshio | Kawashima Seinosuke | Nomura Hideki | Itoh Hideki | Watanabe Hiroshi | Ohrui Takashi | Yokote Koutaro | Sone Hirohito | Hattori Yoshiyuki | Yoshizumi Masao | Ina Koichiro | Kubota Kiyoshi
Immune risk phenotype is associated with nosocomial lung infections in elderly in-patients

Author(s): Plonquet A | Bastuji-Garin S | Tahmasebi F | Brisacier C | Ledudal K | Farcet JP | Paillaud E
Multi-professional clinical medication reviews in care homes for the elderly: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial with cost effectiveness analysis

Author(s): Desborough James | Houghton Julie | Wood John | Wright David | Holland Richard | Sach Tracey | Ashwell Sue | Shaw Val
Replication of LDL GWAs hits in PROSPER/PHASE as validation for future (pharmaco)genetic analyses

Author(s): Trompet Stella | de Craen Anton | Postmus Iris | Ford Ian | Sattar Naveed | Caslake Muriel | Stott David | Buckley Brendan | Sacks Frank | Devlin James | Slagboom P | Westendorp Rudi | Jukema J
Development of quality indicators for monitoring outcomes of frail elderly hospitalised in acute care health settings: Study Protocol

Author(s): Brand Caroline | Martin-Khan Melinda | Wright Olivia | Jones Richard | Morris John | Travers Catherine | Tropea Joannne | Gray Leonard
Successful implementation of new technologies in nursing care: a questionnaire survey of nurse-users

Author(s): de Veer Anke | Fleuren Margot | Bekkema Nienke | Francke Anneke
Severe sepsis caused by Aeromonas hydrophila in a patient using tocilizumab: a case report

Author(s): Okumura Kenji | Shoji Fumihiro | Yoshida Masaki | Mizuta Atsushi | Makino Ichiro | Higashi Hidefumi
Validity of instruments to measure physical activity may be questionable due to a lack of conceptual frameworks: a systematic review

Author(s): Gimeno-Santos Elena | Frei Anja | Dobbels Fabienne | Rüdell Katja | Puhan Milo | Garcia-Aymerich Judith
Medication quality and quality of life in the elderly, a cohort study

Author(s): Nordin Olsson Inger | Runnamo Rebecka | Engfeldt Peter
Current Status of Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Compression Fracture

Author(s): Lih-Hui Chen | Po-Liang Lai | Wen-Jer Chen
Fluoroquinolone-associated Tendinopathy

Author(s): Wen-Chung Tsai | Yun-Ming Yang

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